The Enemy Never Sleeps

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It is the first world war is it not when men did not do such a thing when the world was innocent honest and true and being a wife meant you are a woman. This is about a man who is a wife at the war. To be so naïve is to be usefully employed when he could not cook when the war had set marks on him where there was not much to think about all day long where is the man in him he was set aside all wife all love all woman until she did something she was bad with it she had done something so bad. You did nothing bad all your life and then you become worse wife ever you kill your husband. There it is out that mouth of mine it is there out at last. That we did not mean everything to each other that he did indeed save my life that indeed it was the worse day when I killed him but what of it? There is nobody to see my tears there is nothing I can do about it what is done is done and I cannot undo it. Life is like that you know throws things at you makes you gives you feelings which you cannot handle destroys you. Mark my words the reason is that he went with her and nothing more I needed somewhere to stay and the pension he saved was good and also the insurance. What else does one do about it?

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

When the clocks all dropped down and shattered into some sort of glass. The glass eye sees all hears all and we invented a new God. When the clocks made off and made again into a twirl, waltzing like they were mannequinns in some fancy dress ball. Arm in arm went along hobnobbing with the ghosts in chains. When the appetites whetted and made love in their owners plight. I made jokes the disaster struck and there was nothing anymore but the smashing of time and of the smashing time we all had. This smashing of the clocks and aiming fires.

Time never sleeps. This adds to the frowns one has, then we go along on the journeys. Adding to the marks which add to the furrows. Going along without one foot and unhappy that is what time is. Where time stands still the vampires come and take what they care to. Time is not making anyone happy. We are in love said they both we are in love. Content and almost fulfilled they fled like fledgings away out and then when it mattered they came back. Hi nice to see you nice eyes. It is one of the most important moments in our lives. When my mad eyes had began to frighten everyone they thought my eyes were lovely and they did not even notice that I am not nice anymore. In fact as I soon begin to realise we now have nothing in common. This is a couple because they are now a couple with the good society the veneer they see nothing. But what they want to and feel nothing but what they have. Nice eyes she has such lovely beautiful eyes and you seen her so many times so many times that they made you fall for the eyes?

Nice yes they were the nicest eyes until they went blind from looking. Love is what we do and live by. The thing is they went like apes, and did the things we all love to do played duets and did dancing. In musical terms they did music made magic happen. Charmed places they went to all had the marks of love on them. Beware when you do someone wrong.

Bewarned when the things are like flops and jets and little thinking left behind when all that it matters is you. It is all about me there is nothing more lovely than me and I can prove it I can improve my looks make it work better be the best I am the better person the better woman I do everything better. But what did she steal to get it?

Gold she stole gold?

She made gold?

She got gold?

No she married gold and became a gold digger.

You see it does not make sense here is I in this difficult place in the jungle trying to fight my way back to civilisation like anyone else and all my thoughts are going towards what I left behind the agony I left behind the things I went through before and these are the very thoughts which now keep me from ambush keep me warm at night and safe.

That we must all remember since we forgot and the fog lifts from me makes me happier than ever I have been.

“You are not behaving right.”

“I am not?”

“You are doing something wrong?”

“Like robbing the poor to pay the rich?”

“Like what?”

“Like creating an army?”


“That is what you have done with the money isn’t it?”

“No I deny it totally.”

Till time forgave me for such thoughts it is only thoughts it is not nice my thoughts but they are thinking left partly said.

“Look there is someone here for you to take you out of yourself.”

“Out of myself yes into myself or out of myself?”

“You know to make you happy.”

“That sounds not like myself.”

“But you were such a happy child.”

“I am now grown up.”

“Yes you are my child grown up.”

“It is not easy being in such a behaviour is it?”

“When did the images of the war began?”

“They began to seem more real to me than reality I do not know they seem to be a part of me they appal me they are myself and I do not want to care for these people but I see nothing else.”

“Are they in flashes?”

“They are sort of.”

“Then I suggest you write it down and think of it as some creative thing.”

“Do you mean for me to write a novel?”

“What you see.”

“Yes that is a good idea.”

“She appears to be more positive because we have given her something to be.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“Now take your meds and write away.”

The doctor has a cup of tea and then looks around and then he leaves. He is a nice family man he is okay. I am sure he is okay within his circle and then I go into my little room and start or try to scribble something.

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