Twisted Tokyo Trip

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I left him behind without even properly checking to see if he was alive. Even if I thought he was gone, I could have at least moved the beam off him. I could have left him behind respectfully. Rin Ishida is about to go on a class field trip to Tokyo, Japan, the place he was born and the place he left six years ago. His class is going there to explore the Japanese culture with Kousai high school; the same high school where his former best friend, Takuya Chiba, is attending. After Rin moved to New York due to an accident, Takuya has held bitter feelings for his ex-best friend, feelings that seem to be too broken to fix. But what happens when the two cross paths again? Will their friendship mend and become stronger or will grudges and secrets turn to lies and mishaps?

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My name is Rin Ishida. And before I tell you this story, I just want you to know that this is all true. None of this is made up, although you may think that once you finish reading this book. That’s okay if you don’t believe it. I’m using this as a documentation. A retelling of a major event that happened in my life. A memoir...

Before you continue, just know that there is a lot of violence in this story. There’s a bit of strong language, confusing occasions, and crazy people, but that’s just the truth. And it’s how everything played out.

This started as a story about mourning an old friendship that was doomed years ago, however, it turned into something more than that. Something much more. Lies were told. Truths were revealed. Blood and tears were shed...

And to think it all started off on this twisted Tokyo trip...

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