The Assassin

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"“He’s coming with us.” I gritted, aiming the gun at his head, “Or I can just kill you now and collect the 2.5 mil that the IRA placed on your head.” Diana Kingston is lives two lives. One as the CFO of a marketing company in Atlanta. The other as an assassin. She's good at both jobs. She always follows order and has never gone against one. She's always taken out the targets she's assigned. But that all changes with two targets. Two targets who have $2.5 million on both of their heads. Two targets who have multiple hits out for them. Two targets who she now has to protect instead of kill.

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

My name is Diana Kingston and I’m 30 years old. I work and live in two very different worlds. I have an assistant, Lucas, who helps me navigate between these two worlds and is sworn to secrecy on what goes on between one of them. In one world I am the CFO of a marketing company in Atlanta. In the other world I am a trained assassin. Each week, I work as the CFO every four days and then the other three I take care of targets I am assigned.

Because of my weird schedule I spend quite a lot of time away from the office so I get there at the ass crack of dawn. Everyone at this job assumes that I am meeting with clients so I just let them believe that. Lucas usually meets me in the office not long after myself when I arrive at 5am. He really helps me a lot with this life I live. He is the one that sorts these emails and prints out the files for targets I am expected to take care of. I trust him completely not to tell anyone. If he hasn’t told anyone that we sleep together, I don’t think he’s going to mention this to anyone.

“Diana, I have your files.” He said coming into my office and placed a small stack on my desk.

“Thank you,” I mumbled and handed him a crisp $100 bill, “will you please go get us some coffee and maybe some breakfast?” I asked smiling at the younger man standing in front of me.

He smiled back and nodded, “Yes I take you you’d like the usual?”

“Yes please,” I winked at him. He returned the wink and gave me a little smirk knowly. As he left I took a break from the computer screen and briefly glanced over the files I had just been given before placing them in my work back to look at my computer.

After another 6 hours of work I packed up and turned everything off then left the office for the night. Lucas had left an hour before I had because he mentioned he had a grocery order to pick up. I made my way to my beautiful black on black on black Range Rover. Black rims. Black body paint. Black interior. It was my baby. I ran my hands over the grooves of the steering wheel, before leaving the parking garage and made my way home.

After the hour drive I pulled up to my somewhat normal looking house and clicked the garage button, my stomach doing flips at the familiar vehicle that there. I quickly grabbed my bags hopped out, excitement bubbling all over me.

“Honey I’m home!” I smiled to myself kicking my heels off in the mud room. I could smell something delicious wafting through the house.

“In the kitchen!” The disembodied voice yelled. I tossed my bags on a chair and found my way to the kitchen, which was my favorite room in the house. It was made to look like a greenhouse, walls and ceiling only covered with glass. There has been the occasional night when I can’t sleep that i’ll lay on the floor and look at the stars.

Shaking my head of my thoughts I wrapped my arms around the waist of the man in front of me, who stood a good foot and a half taller than myself, “What are we having for dinner? It smells amazing.”

“I’ve just put Chicken Cacciatore in the oven.” He said with a grin in his voice. He turned around and handed me a glass of white wine, “Have you looked over your files yet?”

“Not yet, was gonna get to that after dinner.” I mumbled into my glass. My eyes slowly scanned the body in front of my. He had untucked his shirt and rolled his sleeves up. He had also loosened his tie so it was casually hanging on his neck. Just as he always does when he cooks, he had on an apron hanging off his neck. “Hey Lucas, chicken cacciatore is one of those meals that take awhile right?” I said biting my lip.

“Yes, I just put it in so it’ll take a little less than an hour.” He confirmed, hanging his apron back up.

“Good,” I said grabbing his tie and pulling face down to mine, locking my lips against his.

Within minutes of me kissing him we were in my room, I was naked, on my knees, a tie holding me in place while I was being face fucked. The relationship Lucas and I had was quite interesting. In every ways expect sexually I was superior to him. Sexually, he was incredibly more dominant. He could have my pussy dripping wet with just one look.

“You love my cock don’t you, baby. You love it when I’m fucking your face.” He growled out, continuing to hold me in place with just his tie. I looked up at him moaning out that yes in fact I did love it. I desperately wanted to touch my aching pussy but I knew the punishment for touching myself without permission.

“Your neighbor is watching us baby. Let give him a show why don’t we.” He said huskily, moving me by wrapping his hand around my throat,exerting just the right amount of pressure. He stood me up and walked be over to the chaise lounge I kept in the corner of the room, the corner that just happened to made completely out of glass. Lucas bent me over at the waist, pushing my face into the lounge, and spanked my ass hard making me jump. He gently rubbed my ass before spanking me even harder, making me jump.

“Fuck!” I moaned loudly and tried to push my ass closer to him.

“You’re such a greedy little girl. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me so hard I can’t walk.” I groaned trying to get him to touch me. Bastard always made me beg.

“What’s the magic word?” He said, a smirk clearly evident in his voice.

“Lucas! Just fuck me!” I screamed, already knowing it wouldn’t get me anything. In response I got another slap on my ass bringing a hiss to my mouth, “Please, please fuck me.” I groaned.

“Good girl,” He praised and lined his throbbing cock with my pussy before slamming into me, making me raise to my tip toes. He groaned holding himself in my for just a second before he dug his fingers into my hips and thrusted into. I moaned loudly and clenched my pussy around him.

“Oh fuck! Yes that feels so good!” I groaned out and arched my back and pushing my ass back to meet his pelvis. I looked over at my neighbor and saw him rubbing his crotch. I smirked and licked my lips for him. I felt a sharp sting on my ass and moaned loudly.

“You’re such a fucking slut. You love it when someone is watching me fuck you don’t you.” He pounded into me even harder, smacking my ass with every other word.

“Yes I love it!” I moaned. Lucas pulled me into a standing position and wrapped his hand around my throat and pushed me up against the window, my breasts squished up against it.

“I want you to look at him when you cum on my cock.” He breathed into my ear. He kept his hand around my neck but moved the hand that was squeezing onto my hips in between my legs. He slowly teased around my clit, making my legs shake before roughing rubbing the small bud, “Who do you belong to?” He growled into my ear. He rutted into my pussy and kept at his assault on my clit.

“You! I belong to you sir.” I moaned. My legs shook more as my orgasm neared but I knew I couldn’t cum until I was told so. He groaned against my neck, his thrusts becoming more erratic.

“Fuck, cum on my cock Diana. Do it now and look your neighbor in the eyes when you do it.” He ordered. I stared my neighbor in the eyes as I let loose, squirting down my leg. I moaned so loud I’m sure he could’ve heard me. Lucas slammed into me once more before moaning just as loud as he shot his cum into my pussy. My legs collapsed out from under me causing Lucas to pick me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he closed to curtains then carried me to the bed. He laid me on the bed and softly kissed me.

“You did very good. I’m gonna get something to clean you up.” He kisses my nose and went to my bathroom, coming out a minute or so later. He sat down beside me running the warm wash rag along my legs, cleaning up my juices, “Do you want me to clean the cum that’s leaked out or leave it?”

“Leave it. You rubbed me raw.” I laughed softly making Lucas smile.

“Sorry baby,” He said giving me another soft kiss. He got up going to the closet. He pulled on a pair of his sweatpants and helped me put on his shirt before laying down and pulling me to him, “Dinner should be ready soon. I’ll bring it to you and I’ll bring your files up. We can spend the rest of the night in bed.”

“Thank you,” I gave him a kiss and he was out of the room. I sat up in the bed and turned the tv on. He came back a few minutes later with two plates in one hand along with my papers under the plates and in the other he was carrying two cans of PBR.

“You know, if I weren’t a waiter before you came to work for you this would’ve taken multiple trips.” He chuckled as I took one of the plates and beer.

“And the fact that your hands are huge is definitely a bonus.” I took one of the beers and popped the tab. I took a sip of the cheap beer then smacked my lips, “Good stuff.” I said to myself.

“Baby I know how much you love my hands.” He winked. I smiled and started eating the delicious food and slowly started looking at the files on my targets, making a mental note of things I would need. I usually paid no attention to the names of the targets, only the pictures. Makes it less personal. I froze however as I got to the last target I was to take out. The price of the target, or targets as it was a pair, was $5 million, 2.5 million for each, and it showed that there were multiple hits for the pair. Assassins would be coming out of the wood works for the two and I couldn’t let that happen.

“We’re leaving in 90 minutes. Pack a bag of everything we’d need for Florida.” I said quickly getting out of the bed.

“What’s going on?” Lucas asked but did as I said.

“Look at the file!” I yelled as I ran to the basement to my vault, getting all different kinds of weapons.

“Holy shit!” I heard him and heard him speed up getting stuff together for the two of us. He always went on these “trips” with me to keep up the appearance that we were on business trips. I trained him a little bit in shooting the guns I had and hand to hand.

My hands were shaking as I thought about the targets that someone, a very wealthy and determined someone, wanted dead. I knew the pair better than I knew anyone. Jared and Eoin. My brother and ex-husband. Two idiots who thought it would be a fantastic idea to steal a shipment of drugs from the Irish Mafia.

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