How magic works?

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I hope you find this book interesting Magic's such an amazing word. It held so many secrets, mysterious, thrill,... Yet this world has so many kinds of magic. Every magic is another story, another life and another adventure

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Do you think that magic is interesting? They’re mysterious, creative and fun. A street magician always fool their audience by using that cheap equipment and their trick, bunny in the hat? Flooding girls? Coin behind ears? That’s can only fool those children who can’t even remember their way home. Real magician don’t pull a bunny out of their hat, they turn bunny into a hat, they could disappear and reappeared anytime they wanted, they could do any magic that out of your mind, that’s a real magician. They’re known as the wizard but let’s be honest, the wizard doesn’t exist, only real magician and their power

Magic could be beautiful and interesting at the same time but sometimes magic could lead to something far away from their original, dark magic. People around the word use dark magic to do whatever they wanted, normal magic have their own rules but dark magic? They don’t. The only rules that are they follow are killed or be killed and that’s why I’m locked in this cold, dark chains room

I’m Alicia Skylark and I’m a magician, dark magician. But not every dark magician’s bad, for me as an example, I only do magic for kids and trust me is just bunny in a hat. I’ll learn normal magic if I can but I can’t, dark magic runs in my blood for a generation, if I learn normal magic it will be insulted for my family if they still alive

You probably wonder why’d I got here right? Well is not easy for a dark magician to live in this words, kill or be killed is their rules and every single darks magician will be killed if they saw any darks magician wandering around their territory but in my case, I wasn’t even in their territory. I was on the other side of the world, I live like a normal person

Alicia was asking herself then suddenly the door open, there was a bunch of people wearing black suit comes toward her

“Boss wants to see you,” The man in front of her said, I wasn’t planning on doing something else and is not like I had another choice so I should go

Alicia gets up and going with them. Now that she’s out of there, we can see her beautiful face in the light, if she wasn’t a dark magician the guard probably gonna rape her, I mean who can resist that body and that manifestation face?

“I have eyes you know?” I snapped them back to reality then started walking with the guard. I’m not an easy opponent, I might let them captured me but that doesn’t mean I won’t let them do whatever they want if things get out of hand

*The hall is full of orange light and statute, the pictures hang on the wall are hand-drawn or hand-made by every single famous artist, the decorate was classic but feel so modern at some point, something tells Alicia that this person is not an easy opponent. 5 of them get in the elevator with Alicia them press the top floors

“So... Who are we going to see?” Alicia asked in curious

“The boss”

“I mean who’s your boss” Are they speaking English? If so they could have said their boss name instead letting me asked them again. She said to herself

Ding. Well is too late to answer now

Alicia gets out the elevator and continues walking. This was a skyscraper so Alicia could easily see the city lights through a glass window, it was beautiful but too bad it has a lot of drugs dealing, fighting till dead, gun battle, robbers, sometimes they would sneak inside the house to steal some money,... A lot of people died in one day but nobody seems to care much about it, this city used to knows as The Magician City for the amount of magician live here but now it just a city with a bunch of criminal and filthy thief. Luckily for Alicia, she was born on those glorious time so her life was happy for a few years. She wishes this city could go back the glorious time when everyone learns playing with cards, disappeared box,... Not stealing and killing for money and food. If she has the ability to go back in time she would just save this city but that’s just something ambiguous

“Only the girl,” The door guard said, he opened the door for Alicia to get in while other waiting outside

She gets inside and it was quite... Weird

The room was decorated like a magic room but more childish. What a strange taste this person has

“Ah, you are here. Please take a seat” A man voice break Alicia mind, it doesn’t take her long to know who’s she talking to. It was Deleano, the drug dealer, he was the biggest drug dealer in Spanish. He gave his business goes up every time he deals with dark magician drug, they paid him enough money to buy this trashy city so Alicia don’t surprise why he has to kidnap her when she was working on the other side of the world to come back here, he wanted to make a small ‘business’ with her

“Hola Deleano didn’t think that you would’ve come to this city. You’re a busy man after all” Alicia said with a smirk, she knows what he up to and what exactly he wanted but he’s not going to have it

“It was a vacation for me to visit such a wonderful city. Well, ‘used to’ be” Deleano sat down on a sofa then pour himself a drink. Chivas Regal 12, this man have such a wonderful taste at wine, no wonder he knows how to taste the drugs business just like how he knows how to taste wine, wonderful and successful

“Enough talking about me, let’s talk about Senhora Alicia right here shall we? I’ve known that your family has a tradition of dark magic, right?” Alicia nodded, is not something that she proud of but it the only she knows for living

“Well, I happened to have a customer who’s really into dark magic” Knew it, he wants me to deliver his package, well guess what? I’m not doing this shit, Alicia said in her mind

“That’s really nice Deleano but I don’t-”

“And of course you’ll get paid a really good price” Deleano try to make her blind by using the money, too bad that she’s into money. Growing up in a city where the population is criminal, money is the most dangerous things here, they’ll steal it by using force, killing,... Anything in that line

“What if I said no?” Deleano looked at her with a surprise face, no one has ever rejected the money. This is some weird girl we have here. He takes a shot to calm himself down, this is tough if money can’t buy her then what can? God? People? Blood?

“Looks. I’m just a businessman, I work with drugs and that customer is my everything, without them I’m just a sad old man with a bunch of drugs. The reason why I called you here because I just want you to do me a small favor, you know? Like a small exchange? Business with business?” Alicia stayed quiet, she doesn’t want to involved in drugs or anything like that, she just wanted a normal happy magician life but with the money she earned each month it will be lots difficult

“My severe are not cheap you know?” Alicia crossed her arms, Deleano seemed happy when she accepts his ‘business’. It just a small delivery, how hard could it be? She thinks

“Yes, we will pay you enough. Just name the price and after you finished your job we’ll send you the money” Alicia nodded. Maybe this one will be a quick, easy delivery, nothing will happen

“2 million dollars. If anything happens while I was doing my job you have to pay me more” Alicia gets up from the sofa, Deleano gets up too, he takes her hand then kiss it

“Pleasure doing business with you Senhora Alicia” She takes her hand back then leave the room

She was walking on the street, is December so it really cold outside but looks at the city make her feel warm somehow, the street light was beautiful and bright, the street was full of people but...

“HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!” An old lady screaming for help after a thief steals her bag, I wasn’t surprised to see this, it happened all the time and everyone around still pretend as nothing happened, some of them could stop him but none of them did. Well, I guess I have to do it again, she thinks

The thief bumps into her shoulder then keep running without looking back, he should check the brag first before running away with it. The old lady was crying non-stop, Alicia sighed then go towards her

“Ma’am what was in that brag?” The lady looks at Alicia with surprise, why would some stranger ask about this? Alicia still waiting for her answer, she wipes her tears then said

“My husband and my wallet” She continued crying after her sentenced

“Is this your wallet?” Alicia takes out an old white wallet in her pocket. When the thief pumped her she used her speed and skills to grabbed that wallet before the thief notice, it was an easy trick for a dark magician to do this trick. It was the first trick that they learn before the cards, hat, etc tricks

“OH, MY DEAREST STAR THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” She takes the wallet then cried in joy, seemed like that wallet had something that really important to her. She opened the wallet then take old, dusty pictures of a soldier standing with a gun in his hand smiling at the camera. No wonder why she said her husband in that waller

“Thank you so much, dear. You save this old lady fiancee, I don’t know how to thank you enough” She smiled at Alicia. This lady doesn’t deserve to be living in this city, she’s too kind and too naive and this city is too dirty for her

“Ma’am, why’d you wanted to visit here? You know this city’s full of criminal right? Is not safe to be here” Alicia said in worried, she used to live in the happy-jolly city but now that everything change she fears that it might turn out to be deadly-scary city instead. This lady seemed like she doesn’t belong here, she dressed to light, her necklace is too shiny, her perfume is too sweet, her bag is too big will get the thief attention. People here are wearing darker clothes, their perfume is much much much likely to a fish more than a human, they don’t want their also thing to get a steal so they don’t wear a bag. So that means she’s just the visitors

“Oh sweetie, I just wanted to spend the rest of my life in this magical city. I used to be a really famous magician you know? Kids used to love me but now they don’t. Well thank you my dear star for your amazing trick, you’ll a really famous magician one day” She smiled at Alicia one last time before she left. If she was a famous magician then why’d she still get pick-pocket by a noob magician? Alicia decided to walk past by that thought and continue walking. She put her hands in the pocket but then she realized there’s something in her pocket. It was a note shaped like a star, she reads the words inside it

Magic could restore object but it can not restore thing that is too deep. You’ll make the big change for our city my dear stela, I know it. Because you’re the sun for our city magic, I know it’

How? What? When did she put it? I remember that she didn’t even come near me? And what did this mean? Alicia asked herself in panic, so that lady didn’t lie to her after all, she WAS a magician

She getting more confusing after several times reading it but she decided to put it back. Is not something important anyway, she said

Alicia keeps walking, she doesn’t know whenever to stop or not. She doesn’t have a home here, her family died in a big magic trick, she doesn’t know where to go now. She’s in her own now, like a lonely magician bunny

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