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“Karma-” I heard a faint voice. I looked across the room. There he lay in a pool of his own blood, struggling to breathe. This wasn’t happening. Why him. I dialled the number and waited as it rang. On the forth ring he answered. "Hello?" His sickening voice rang through my ears. My hatred came rushing in and I was about to lose it but I needed to stay calm. "I managed to escape. I don't even need to say more you know who I am but I just wanted to inform you that I will avenge my family. They call me Karma because I'm the biggest bitch you'll ever meet." With that I hung up. Karma's a bitch, a lone wolf, the alpha to be exact. No one dares approach her, for they know who she's destined to become. Growing up in a gang works to your advantage, as you pick up on the skills and works of the leaders at a younger age. She is the soon to become leader of El Diablo. Seeking to avenge her family she looks upon their alliance gang Infìerno. As she soon meets the soon to be leader of Infìerno will it be all strict business? As the two come up with a few bumps on the road will Karma get the revenge she wants? What happens next if she does?

Action / Romance
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I heard moving and I was instantly on my feet. I looked over the the bed in the corner of the room, it’s Karma. She’s thrashing around the now messy bed as sweat trickles down her damp face. I shake her lightly.

“Karma, Karma. Wake up it’s Leo.” I spoke softly hoping not to scare her. I could tell she was having a horrible nightmare but I wasn’t sure what it was about. If she wanted to talk about it then she would. Suddenly she jolted up almost colliding our heads together. While reaching for a weapon before realizing it was me.

“I’m so sorry!” She panicked.

“Don’t worry about it, are you okay?” I asked half concerned, half confused.

“Erm.. Yeah I’m fine thanks, it’s good to know you’re so alert. Sorry if I woke you.” She sounded worried and somewhat embarrassed. Was she afraid I has seen something that she didn’t want me to? I could tell she wanted to change the subject so I asked, “You never really did tell me why you wanted revenge on this guy, so why do you want to get him so bad.”

“Let just say he’s the reason I don’t have a family anymore.” I could tell that was all she was going to give me.

Growing up in a gang I could only think about the things he could’ve done but no one would’ve left a survivor. Did Karma escape? How was she alive? It was all so confusing.

“I’m going to stay up, you should get some sleep. You can even have the bed if you want.” She snapped me out of my daze.

“Hm..? Oh no I’m gonna stay up too but keep the bed.”

She nodded and I couldn’t help but want to know more. She was mysterious and full of secrets, I just wish I wasn’t always guessing when I’m around her.

“What made you want to help me?” I looked at her puzzled and as if she sensed my confusion clarified,“it’s just I haven’t told you anything except that this man is the reason I don’t have a family but you don’t know anything.”

“Family is important our gangs and I know family important to you. Now I’m not sure what he did or how but if he took your family from you then I’m sure he deserves the things you want to do to him.” I answered truthfully. She’s all alone sure she has her gang but family, blood family, is something that when taken away from you you’re never the same.

“Thank you.” She responded timidly. Timid? Karma is anything but timid, this is a different side to her I don’t think anyone has ever seen.

“For what? I haven’t done anything.” Why was she thanking me? I didn’t do anything I haven’t even helped her catch this treacherous man yet.

“You don’t question me, I mean my men don’t question me because they respect me and I’m their leader but you have every right to want to know everything yet your here almost as a blind man being guided by me. So thanks you for trusting and helping me.” I never thought about it that way I just understood that this mad did horrid things but why did I trust her? I had no reason to but I just did. Karma was different. Soon to be a strong leaded of El Diablo gang.

“I don’t question you because you’re a strong leader that has her reasonings for everything she does and I feel as if it not my place to ask, if you wanted me to know then you’d tell me.” I answered with pure honesty evident in my voice.

“Thank you.” She replied and I was seeing this different side of her the fragile broken girl who lost her family but I do not make any comment of it for I don’t want her to think I see her as weak or that she has to keep her walls up around me.

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