Ninth world: Maia's Diary

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I was laying there, on the floor my blood all over the place as my wounds were too much for the body of a sixteen year old girl, I looked to the sky with tears on my eyes as I knew I would die. My name is Maia and you may think, what is this dying thing about, let's go to the beginning.

Action / Fantasy
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I heard the alarm coming from my phone, it was so annoying, at least today was Friday. I stood up, my hair all messed up and barely managing to keep myself from falling asleep on the floor. I slowly walked towards my bathroom door, my room was rather small and cramped with stuff and as usual I stepped on something but this time instead of just falling straight onto the floor I hit my head with the bathroom door, it hurt badly but at least I was completely awake now, I touched my forehead with the tip of my fingers to check how bad it was, I had a little bump and it hurt when I touched it but I didn’t gave it major importance. The water was cold, I hate cold water but the heater was broken so I could not complain about it. I walked out of the shower and looked at myself on the mirror, yesterday I had gone to the hairdressing saloon, after all I had to pay for my mistakes, some bullies challenged me, if I won they wouldn’t bother me ever again, I lost and the result was that I had to cut my hair as punishment, before my hair reached my waist now it’s barely touches my shoulder, but I must admit it’s not too bad.

I walked out of my room and went downstairs where my father was watching the news while eating breakfast, I gave him the usual good morning, he smiled and greeted me too, we ate and before leaving for work he kissed my forehead, it hurt a little but I didn’t pay attention to it, I was already sixteen years old but I didn’t cared that my father treated me as a kid, after all mother had died when I was three, killed by a werewolf, I am the only thing he has left and he is the only family I have. I wished him a good day while he closed the door and left, I finished getting ready for school and just in time.

As I walked through the hallways I felt anxious, after all I would get bullied daily, of course I told no one about it, but that only made it worst, I consider myself a pacifist, I don’t like causing harm to others, and when I think that people will get worried because of my problems I simply can’t bring myself to do it, to tell them about it. I was pushed towards the lockers as usual, they took my things and threw them on the floor and started kicking them as I was laying there without being able to do anything, of course I would not fight back, that would be like committing suicide, they were four and I was one, not to mention that a single one of them is stronger than me.

I slowly took my stuff, it wasn’t so bad after all, they would just come and kick my things or mess with my hair, but none of it was something I could not withstand. I walked towards my classroom for another horrible day of school, my grades were not the best and that was mainly because I had the bad habit of arguing with my teachers, normally they would teach us how to do something like for example mathematical process but I designed my own method and that is why I would always get failing grades, of course I made sure to pass everything, but it was hard. Today wasn’t that bad since it was Friday, on Fridays we leave earlier and we also have sports class which I like even though I am not the best at it. I was playing soccer and I felt great at it, I just had marked a goal and that placed a great smile on my face, huge mistake later on with the excuse that I was good at it, they kept on hitting me over and over again, making me fall, kicking me and even pushing me, they had to make sure that I was miserable, but I didn’t care, after all I was so used to it I couldn’t care, I kept repeating that to myself to try and keep calm, it usually worked and today it did too.

As I walked home I remembered everything that had happened and I felt furious with myself, why was I so weak? why I could not defend myself? I felt bad and to a certain point desperate and as I wiped the tears from my eyes I did what I usually would do at this times. I jumped over the fence, I had done it a lot of times before and I was getting good at it, finally I was at the other side, this area was restricted since monsters could spawn in this zone but I didn’t care and started walking, I knew where I was going, it was a place I had found some time ago, that time to tell the truth, I came here searching for death, I wanted a monster to kill me but nothing happened, I kept walking until I found it, it was nighttime and I looked up, the moon looked huge and so I sat there, I felt relaxed and forgot about my death wish, so every time I feel like that I come here.

I was sitting on the grass looking at the moon, a small chilly breeze was passing from time to time, and stayed there for a while, it was relaxing and I wish I could be there forever, this view and this feeling was what had kept me going because it made me feel like everything would improve, but this time nothing did. I stood up panicked, in front of me there was a monster and an extremely dangerous at that. I could not move, and it was coming closer, and before I knew it I was laying on the floor with my right arm and right rib cage shredded to pieces and worst of all with the monster on top of me, I closed my eyes, I knew I was going to die, but instead of feeling my head being torn from my body I heard a noise, I opened my eyes and it was no longer there, I could hear what sounded like a fight all around me, I wanted to look but I could not move at all and my vision was getting blurry, I teared up but didn’t made a noise, and as I was ready to let go a black figure was next to me looking, I tried to lift up my arm and with the few strength I had left I asked for help, it said something in response but I could not understand it, I didn’t wanted to die, so I begged for help as my consciousness faded onto what I was sure would be my death.

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