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Kiara Montgomery is the first female black wolf to ever be seen. Her entire pack is after her in hopes of becoming the strongest pack. She has to be brave and courageous to protect herself.

Action / Adventure
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I've been running for a month now, they're after me. They want to know how it happened, how I did it. They had assumed that I knew the answers. Assumed that I, their fellow species, their loyal pack member had secrets to uncover.

When I had shifted, everyone was in shock.I was confused, after all it was in our nature to shift when we are 16. My pack, who is suppose to protect me, became by my worst nightmare. They became my predators and I was their prey.

They experimented on me, sticking needles here and there, trying to figure out why I, Kiara Montgomery, a female wolf, was black.

I am the first ever female wolf who have been gifted with a pure black wolf that have ever been recorded in the history of Lycans. I am rare and they are after my blood.

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