Lamia's Fists

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Chapter 10: The Worst Match Up

Lea arrived back to the gym after visiting Julie's house. The gym was nearly quiet, except for the few boxers that were still practicing. Lea went inside and started to head towards her apartment, when Alonso called for her.

"Oye, chica, can you come to my office? There's something I need to talk with you," said Alonso with a serious voice. He was standing in the ring.

"Yeah, sure," answered Lea, who started to wonder if it was good or bad news.

"Then, follow me." Alonso started to head to the office and Lea started to follow him. They both get to the office's door and Alonso went in first, followed by Lea. Alfred was already in the office, sitting in one of the sofas. "Take a seat, Lea, we have to discuss about the upcoming tournament." Lea took a seat in one of the sofas.

Alonso's office was close to middle size. It had the desk to the left side of the door, with a cabinet in the corner to the left of the desk, covering almost half of the wall. The cabinet was filled with video tapes of old boxing matches and DVD discs about newer ones. On the opposite corner, there was a smaller cabinet, filled with documents, containing information on boxers, contracts, and so on. In the middle of the room, there were two sofas, one of them was been used by Lea. Between those two sofas was a coffee table. On the wall to the right of the door, there was a plasma TV on the wall, which was big enough to cover most of the wall.

Once everyone was comfortable, the air got tense, indicating the seriousness of the situation. Alonso was the one who started the discussion.

"Now, we've found out about your first opponent in the tournament."

"You have?" asked Lea, who started to wonder about her next opponent.

"Well, Alfred is the one who actually found out about her." Alfred took that as his call to start.

"Her name is Luisa Sanchez, a Mexican boxer with 2 victories by means of KO and 1 draw," said Alfred.

"That doesn't sound bad, she's almost like me," said Lea.

"That's what I thought at first, I was just planning on giving you more basic training as if it was any other boxer. All of that changed once I saw her matches," said Alonso, whose face started to get even more serious.

"Is she that good?" Lea didn't like where it was gong.

"It would be best that you see it for yourself." Alonso pulled out a TV remote and turned on the TV. Lea turned her head towards it and saw the start of a match. On one corner came a Lamia with moderate brown skin color, hair of the deepest brunette in a cropped hairstyle, and dark brown eyes. "That Lamia is your next opponent, Luisa." Alonso informed Lea as the mentioned boxer was shown on TV. Luisa was fighting an African-American Lamia, whose hair was in many small braided tails. The opponent was moving forward with a low stance, a sign of someone who is an in-fighter. Luisa didn't seem bothered and kept moving forward, while her opponent charged in. Luisa didn't put up a guard, but instead, lowered her stance, and put her arms to the sides. Her opponent knew the brawling stance, but didn't care. For Luisa's opponent, it was a good opportunity to attack Luisa, who had no guard. To start, Luisa's opponent threw a right jab, and Luisa responded by throwing a left punch. That made it into a simultaneous exchange, both punches landing on their targets. The one who actually came out as the winner of the exchange, was Luisa, while the opponent staggered. Luisa took the opportunity to rush in and threw a right punch at the opponent's face. The opponent slipped under the arm and landed a left hook on Luisa's liver. The opponent thought that she landed a great punch on Luisa and was ready to continue the attack, but things didn't go that way. Luisa didn't stagger or got stunned, she resisted the punch and threw a left hook at the opponent's head. The opponent wasn't prepared for it and took the hit. The punch turned the opponent's head to the side, and something went flying. Once the item landed outside of the ring, a person in the audience noticed it and let everyone know what it was. The item that was sent flying, was the opponent's mouthpiece. The opponent fell face down to the mat and the referee quickly got between them. The referee sent Luisa to a neutral corner and proceeded to check on the downed boxer. The referee took less than 2 seconds to announce the fight over and declared Luisa the winner.

The match didn't even last a full minute before it was over, leaving Lea speechless.

"I was just like that when I saw this match of hers. I couldn't believe that she resisted a punch like that, threw another punch, and with enough strength to KO a boxer," said Alonso.

"Is that why you are worried? I must admit, I'm surprised to see such a quick KO," answered Lea.

"That's not surprising to me. Most Mexican boxers prefer to slug it out. That's how many of us became famous. Take a look at this next one." Alonso grabbed another DVD and Alfred got up to grab it. Alfred took the other DVD out and put the new one in. Alonso played it and the TV showed another match with Luisa in it. At that time, she was fighting against a white Lamia with milk chocolate brown hair, who was another in-fighter. The same happened in that fight, Luisa moved out of her corner to set up her brawling stance, while her opponent charged in. The opponent was quicker than the previous one and more alert to the situation. The opponent tried things out with a jab, which Luisa ducked. The opponent threw another jab, but Luisa dodge it by moving her head to the left. Luisa threw a right punch, which the opponent dodged by moving the head to the left and countering with a right straight to Luisa's face. Luisa took the punch, and the opponent believed to have caused serious damage, just like Lea believed.

"This is bad. She's going to be in trouble," said Lea, who didn't know it, but she was far from the truth. Luisa didn't back away, nor did she falter, she simply thew a left hook at the opponent's liver. The opponent didn't expect that and took the punch. The punch caused tremendous pain to the opponent, who quickly fell to the mat. The referee got between them and ordered Luisa to a neutral corner. The referee checked on Luisa's opponent and didn't even take a moment, before he started to signal the end of the match.

Lea was more than speechless. She had a hard time believing that Luisa took a counter to the face and kept going.

"Good balance, insane punching power, and incredible toughness. She might be a brawler, the most brutal of the styles and slower ones, but she's damn good at what she does," said Alonso.

"B-but how can she take such punches and keep fighting like it was nothing? I know that brawlers are resilient, but this is just insane," said Lea, and she turned her head towards Alonso, who could see the incredulous look on Lea's face.

"It could be the tail and the muscles of the neck, which give her tremendous resilience and endurance."

"Wait, what about her draw? Maybe there are some clues on how to defeat her."

"Unfortunately, we didn't find the video of the match, but we found one thing about it. Luisa was fighting an out-boxer, who's the worst match up against her."

"What do you mean by 'match up'?"

"Well, in the boxing world, there's this triangle about boxing styles, kind of like rock-paper-scissor. Out-boxers beat brawlers, in-fighters beat out-boxers, and brawlers beat in-fighters."

"Brawlers beat in-fighters? So that means…" Lea started to drop her gaze to the table.

"Unfortunately, she's your worst match up. Since in-fighters need to be close, the brawler doesn't have to chase the opponent because the in-fighter is already doing them the favor. Also, brawlers have more amounts of toughness and punching power than in-fighters."

"Then, can I actually beat her?" Lea looked at Alonso and showed the worry in her eyes.

"That's just a belief. It does give her an advantage, but not the victory. The fact is that it takes skill and experience to win a victory. I hope you enjoyed your day off because tomorrow you're going to start training again." Lea's mood lifted after hearing that. Alonso got up and started to leave the office, but stopped at the door and turned towards Lea. "This fight might be your most difficult one. It is times like this that you might need to think of something to win. I can train you, but the rest will be up to you, are you ready for this?" Lea dropped her head and looked at the table again, but that time, she found the determination to face the challenge ahead.

"Yes, I won't lose. I can't lose at this point."

"Good, then rest up because you have a long day tomorrow."

"Yes, coach." After Lea said that, Alonso and Alfred took their leave. It didn't take long for Lea to get up from the sofa and turned the TV off. Then, she headed to her apartment to call it a night.

The light posts in the street were starting to light up, illuminating the dark streets of the neighborhood. A Lamia was parking her car in front of an apartment building. The Lamia got out of the car, put the alarm, and slid towards her home. Eventually, she reached her home, or to be more specific, her apartment, and entered. The apartment had a living room, with a sofa that could turn into a bed located in the middle. In front of the sofa was a TV on top of a cabinet, and to the left was a lamp table. On the left of the living room, was the kitchen, equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and a table with chairs. On the far left corner was a hallway. At the end of the hallway, was the bedroom. Inside the hallway, there was the bathroom located it to the right and a closet located to the left. It couldn't be helped because her work didn't pay enough for a two-bedroom apartment, but it was enough to make life manageable. Once inside the apartment, the Lamia was greeted by a Harpy.

Harpies were believed to be ugly monsters that were spawns from Hell itself, or monsters that would bring misfortune, or steal food. They were actually confused with sirens, who could hypnotize seamen with their songs. That was mostly a story, since Harpies couldn't do that. They were actually very human-looking, except for the wings instead of arms and the legs, which were bird legs. The bird part of the leg started from mid-thigh, while the bird part of the arm started from mid-bicep. Other than that, they didn't have anything else that would label them as "ugly monsters". They were actually praised because of their flying capabilities and their feathers. In ancient times, nobles captured them to acquire the feathers and use the Harpies as slaves. Since they were half-bird, they weren't very heavy. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to fly. The arm length was the same as a human, but the feathers made them look longer. Their feet had talons, so they were prohibited to use them as weapons because they were sharp enough to cut. The lack of hands didn't made their life that difficult. They had a kind of thumb that helped them grab certain things, like forks or other small things, but they would have trouble holding bigger things on each 'hand'. In modern times, they mostly work on areas where they are required to carry certain things and deliver them, since they could fly. They also hold other types of jobs, but they were more prominent in delivery.

"Oh, Luisa, your back," said the Harpy with a delighted smile. She was a young Harpy with orange hair in a small ponytail, olive skin, and brown eyes.

"Hey, Jacey, how did it go today?" Said Luisa, who returned Jacey's smile with a polite one.

"Everything went well. She just wanted to see you before going to sleep." Jacey considered it a little unfortunate, but at the very least, Luisa was back from work.

"Then it's a good thing that I'm off tomorrow, so we can spend the day together."

"I'm sure she'll love that." Jacey smiled with motherly affection, knowing that the girl would be happy about it. "Well, I got to go."

"Oh yeah, here's your pay for today." Luisa took out money to give it to Jacey.

"Thanks, call me if you need me to take care of her, is never a problem for me," said Jacey with sincerity in her voice.

"I know, have a good night." Luisa was glad that she found such a good babysitter.

"Good night." Jacey took her leave and went home, which was in the same apartment building as Luisa. Jacey was still too young to get a job, so to make some money, she decided to babysit. Luisa left her stuff in the closet and headed to the bedroom. She opened the door slowly, trying not to wake the girl up. Unfortunately, the girl woke up and lifted her little head from her pillow.

"Mommy?" Said the little girl half asleep while rubbing her eyes. She had long, flowing white hair, green with gray eyes, and fair white skin.

"Hola, mija," answered Luisa with a smile, and the little girl sat on her bed.

"Mommy, you came back," said the little girl with a bright smile, who was now awake, and Luisa went to sit on the bed with the child.

"Yeah, how was your day? Did you have fun at school?"

"Yup, we learned some math stuff that was kind of easy, and I played volleyball too."

"That's great. Did you have fun with Jacey?" Luisa could guess the answer because she knew that they got along very well.

"Oh yeah, I always have fun with Jacey, she even helped me with my homework." The little girl started to yawn as she finished saying that.

"I'm glad you had fun, but it's time to go to sleep." The little girl lied down on her bed and Luisa covered the little girl with the blankets. Once Luisa was sure that the girl was covered properly, Luisa got up and headed to the door.

"Are you working tomorrow?" The girl was barely awake.

"Yeah, but for a little bit. I'll be at your school to pick you up and we can spend the day together."

"Okay…good night, mommy." The girl closed her eyes and went to dream land.

"Good night, Milagros." Luisa got out of the room and closed the door.

Before going to sleep, Luisa took a shower and changed into a more comfortable change of clothing. She found something to eat in the fridge, which was something done by Jacey. Luisa had some 'skill' in cooking, which was at least edible. Fortunately, Jacey knew how to cook, so her food was much better than Luisa. Luisa grabbed it and put it in the microwave. Once it was done, she ate it, cleaned the dishes, brushed her teeth, and went to the couch. Luisa gave the bedroom to Milagros because Luisa wanted Milagros to be as comfortable as possible. Instead of lying down on the bed, she sat on it and just stayed there for a few moments. Then, she lifted her hands and put them on her face, trying to hold herself together. Unfortunately, she couldn't contain it any longer, and she started to cry, barely holding a sob.

"It hurts…it really hurts…how can you keep calling me 'mommy'? How can you keep looking at me as your mother? How can you love me? Your parents…if only you knew. It was me…if only you knew…it was me who killed them."

Before Luisa arrived to the US, she lived in her home country, Mexico. She didn't live there as a normal citizen, she was rich, but not because of family or hard work. Luisa belonged to a criminal organization that was well known throughout Mexico as the most dangerous in the country. She was the killer of the group, she would go and look for the targets that the boss of the organization gave her and kill them, but she didn't do it with weapons or 'accidents'. Instead, she preferred to do it with her bare hands, always saying that she enjoyed the feeling of crushed bones and spilled blood on her hands. Except for the organization, no one knew how she looked. The only thing that was known about Luisa, was that she was a Lamia because she left snake trails. No one knew how she looked because she disguised herself and never left witnesses alive. Luisa never knew her parents, she was abandoned at an orphanage, but she was treated poorly and escaped into the streets. It was a rough life, especially for someone who was only 6 years old, where the strong live and the weak were devoured. She lived a life full of battles for survival. At least she got something out of the orphanage. She learned the basics to survive, like reading and writing. At 12, she joined a gang on the streets that terrorized the city, but she never took drugs, saying that it would cloud her senses when she needed them. Her infamy increased and got the attention of a criminal group, she was 15 at the time. She joined the group and became their killer. After a while, she gained the infamous name of 'El Puño de Satanas', meaning 'The Fist of Satan'. Over the years, along with the organization, she kept killing and spilling a river of blood, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the country. So dangerous and infamous, that her bounty had become 'Dead or Alive' type, giving a reward of $1 Billion if caught alive, $800 Million if dead.

Luisa lived like that, until that fated night. She was ordered to kill an agent, who was getting too close in finding the boss of Luisa's organization. Also, she was ordered to kill the agent's family because Luisa's boss wanted to send a message. Luisa didn't question, she was waiting to feel blood again. Luisa always went alone, not wanting anyone to take away her fun. Whether it was from overconfidence or poor leadership, Luisa didn't find any kind of security around the house. Luisa went in without a problem and started searching for the targets, but it seemed that Luisa wasn't stealthy enough because she was found out by the agent. The boss didn't know the identity of the agent, but Luisa discovered who it was. He was a human agent, easy to see that he was someone with years of experience, which made that mission more fun for Luisa. They battled, the agent showing his abilities at fighting Lamias, but Luisa used a distraction to take him to the ground and started pounding him to death. Once she was done, she started to look for anyone else in the house, and they seemed to know how to hide. Tired of looking, she decided to set the house on fire, the cops wouldn't show up until it was too late. They were paid to do that after all. Luisa pulled out a Molotov cocktail that she was carrying with her and a lighter. She started the lighter, but before she ignited the Molotov, she noticed a door that she missed in her impatience. She wasn't given the chance to check because she was attacked by a screaming woman with a knife aimed at Luisa's gut. The woman missed and Luisa dropped the lighter to punch the woman in the face, making her fall to the floor. The woman looked at Luisa and turned out to be a Yuki-Onna, or a 'snow woman'.

Their name of origin was Yuki-Onna in Japan, but outside, they are simply called 'snow woman' because that was what basically meant. They were believed to be spirits of dead woman that were killed in snowstorms, making them evil or good nature spirits with the ability to turn into mist and freeze their victims. They had none of those abilities, but they did have the tremendous resistance against cold weathers, to the point of walking in the middle of a snowstorm and live. Their appearance was of a woman with white hair, pale blue skin, and blue eyes. Some believed the hair to be a type of camouflage for the environment, and the blue because of their natural resistance of cold temperatures. In truth, they were pretty normal people, some were nice, helping lost travelers get out of the cold storms, but others were more evil, who decided to have fun by killing them. Humanity had the tendency to remember more the bad than the good, so they didn't want to know anything about the Yuki-Onna. Not all humans decided to cut everything with them, some eventually found the Yuki-Onna's settlements and lived there. In modern times, they have spread out, but many preferred to be in cold places, since they aren't very resistant against the heat.

Luisa was now sliding to her next victim, but she got a surprise from the woman. Instead of trying to run away, the woman attacked by launching herself and slamming into Luisa. That made Luisa drop the Molotov, and she was pushed to the wall. The woman was pushed away easily, and she was punched in the face, which made her back away from Luisa. Luisa didn't stop, she punched the woman one more time, sending her to the floor. Then, Luisa got on top of the woman. Luisa's weight was difficult to lift, even for a Snow Woman, and Luisa took the chance to put an end to the woman. Luisa started to pound on the woman, each hit spilling her blood, which was surprisingly red, but the woman tried to fight back, sending a punch towards Luisa. It was futile, they barely had any strength in them and Luisa could easily resist it. It didn't take long for the woman's resistance to end, along with the woman's life. Luisa was having too much fun, so she didn't notice that her victim was already gone. Then, a voice stopped Luisa, a small little voice that was calling for someone.

"Mommy, daddy?" The voice belonged to a little girl, who was looking at the scene before her. Luisa had her right fist in the air, ready to strike again, with the left pulled an inch away from her victim's face. The agent was to Luisa's right, and on his back as a bloody mess. Both of the victims' blood spilling where they were. Luisa looked at the girl, who had hair as white as snow, the fairest white skin, and beautiful green with gray eyes. At that moment, Luisa understood why the woman fought Luisa. The woman was trying to protect the girl. Luisa started to realize that the woman was looking towards the direction of the child, which would mean that the woman was the child's mother and the agent was the father. Also, Luisa realized that the girl saw Luisa beat the life out of the mother. Luisa could see the shocked horror in the girl's face, tears started to well in the girl's eyes. Something inside Luisa reacted to that, something she hadn't felt as far as she could remember. Luisa started to feel emotions that she never thought she had. Looking at the bodies and looking at her bloodied hands, caused all the feelings and emotions to come out. Luisa felt horror for what she had done and for what she had become. She felt regret for the many lives that she had taken and the many families that she had broken. Then, she heard something and looked towards the direction of the girl. Luisa noticed that the girl collapsed and quickly slid towards her. Luisa picked the girl up and checked her to see if she was alright. Fortunately, Luisa saw the girl's chest rose, a sign that the girl was alive, which put Luisa at ease. Then, she noticed a smell in the air, and instantly discovered that it was smoke. The conflict with the mother caused the Molotov to fall on the ignited lighter, causing the house to start getting engulfed in flames. Luisa grabbed the child and looked for a way out. The front door was the first to be caught in flames. Luisa started to regret using a Molotov. With no other door, she decided to go out through the window. Luisa secured the child and jumped out through the window, while protecting the child.

Outside of the house, Luisa did the first thing that came to mind in that kind of situation, she slid away. She slid as fast as she could, escaping the scene of the crime and looked for a place to hide. Luisa eventually hid from the law and waited it out in one of the organization's hideouts. Luisa was now in a dangerous position, if she returned to the organization, they would kill the child to avoid any witnesses. If Luisa got caught by the authorities, they would kill the girl, since many in the police force had been bought by the organization. There was only one option left, Luisa had to leave the country with the girl. While thinking that, the girl stirred and woke up, getting the attention of Luisa. The first thing that the girl asked was about her location, which Luisa answered as her house. Then, the girl asked who Luisa was, which made Luisa curious. Luisa asked the girl for her name, and got a surprise: the girl didn't remember her name, which draw the conclusion that she got amnesia. The shock must have erased her memory of the murder, along with everything else. The girl started to ask questions about herself and Luisa, which Luisa tried to fill in, but not with the truth. Luisa couldn't say that she killed the girl's parents, so she decided to lie. Luisa said that the girl's parents died in an accident and left her in charge of the girl. The girl was saddened, but she said something that nearly made Luisa choke on sorrow and guilt.

"At least I have you with me." Responded the girl responded with a smile.

It was heavy. Luisa used all of her willpower to avoid letting a single tear fall. At that moment, she introduced herself properly and gave the girl a name, since Luisa didn't know the girl's real name. Luisa named the girl, Milagros. The girl liked the name, and with that, a new family was born. Luisa started to act quickly, she went to get fake passports for the both of them, grabbed some money that she had, and left the country for good. She eventually reached the US, rented an apartment, and found a job at a construction company. Considering that she never got a degree on anything, she could only work at the lowest level. The pay was good enough to survive, which was lucky for Luisa because she had to use most of her saved money to pay for the apartment, the furniture, a car, and other necessities. Luisa found a babysitter in the apartment building, who was Jayce. Even though Luisa found a babysitter, she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Milagros, so she found another way to get money, which was through boxing. Since then, she had been training and became a boxer. With this new source of income, Luisa didn't needed to work too much in construction and she could spend more time with Milagros.

6 months have passed since that fateful night. Over time, Milagros started to consider Luisa as her mother, which pained Luisa too much. She knew that Milagros will never see her real parents again.

"I could never tell you the truth, I don't know if I could handle it. I don't know if I could handle losing the only one making my life worth living. I don't know if I can even redeem myself for what I have done to you. I know that my actions are unforgivable, and my soul will forever be condemned to the fires of hell itself. It won't redeem me, but I'll do all that I can so that you can enjoy your childhood. A childhood that I nearly destroyed. No matter who I face, I won't fall. I won't lose, for you and for your happiness," thought Luisa. With a goal set and a heart ready to fight to the end, all Luisa needed to do, was to prepare her body for the upcoming match. "Specter, 2 wins by means of KO. I'm sorry, but your streak ends with me." Luisa had training tomorrow, so she decided to go to sleep.

The next morning, back at Alonso's gym, Lea was doing more of her usual routine, which was working in the morning. So far, Lea hadn't been called to do any training, which was a first. Alonso usually had some training ready for Lea to prepare her for the next match. It made Lea worried, and she started to wonder if Alonso didn't know what to do for the next match. The day went all the way to midday, but it happened. Alonso called for Lea, who was relieved for that, and she quickly slid towards Alonso, which surprised him.

"You called me, coach? Do you have some special training ready for me? Is this going to help me defeat Luisa?" asked Lea, who was so excited, that she asked those questions really fast.

"Yes, yes, and I don't know," answered Alonso, who hoped that it was temporary.

"I'm sure that it will work out, right?" Lea started to worry.

"To be honest, it's the best I can do for this match. You're going to have to think of something that can actually hurt Luisa."

"You mean, like a technique?"

"Well, to be precise, any ideas that can help you defeat her."

"Like what?" Lea hoped that Alonso could give her some clues.

"Anything, but let's not waste time thinking, let's start with something that might give you an advantage." Alonso thought that moving would help with thinking.

"What are we doing?" They moved towards some weights.

"You're going to strengthen your tail. Adding strength to it will not only make you faster, but it will help absorb more damage than normal."

"Sounds great." Lea felt better after knowing that there was some hope left.

"It does, but it won't be easy. You have to train the tail all the way to the tip."

"Do you think it will be enough?"

"Like I said, it's the best I can come up with. You have to enter the danger zone to land a hit, so you must be fast enough to avoid the danger."

"I'm still not sure about this, but I trust you." Those words made Alonso feel a little touched, but he didn't show it.

"Glad to hear that, chica. Remember, the most powerful punches, start from the legs, or tail in your case."

"Got it, coach."

"Now, start training your tail."

"Okay." Lea did as she was told, while Alonso left her to it. Once gone, Fergus took the chance to talk with Alonso.

"Are you sure about this, sir? There must be some way to make it easier for her," said Fergus, who didn't like that all Alonso could come up with was just training the tail.

"Not much we can do right now. For now, we'll prioritize the tail and train in the basics."

"I hope it's enough."

"The match will tell if it was enough or not, but one thing is for certain, we're going to win this tournament." Alonso certainly wasn't going to let it end in the first round of the tournament. Fergus accepted the answer and left to help other boxers in the gym.

Lea was exercising as Alonso asked her, but something got stuck in Lea's mind. Alonso's words ringed in Lea's head, the words were: "The most powerful punches, start from the legs, or tail in your case."

"Why did those words stayed in my head? Is it a clue, or am I getting somewhere? Maybe I'm missing something?" Thought Lea. After a while, she thought that it will come on its own, so she will focus on training her tail as much as she could. That kept going for a whole month, Lea kept strengthening the tail, but she was unable to come up with anything special. Alonso wanted to test out the results of the training, so he put her against Hilda.

"Okay, chica. Today, you're going to go against Hilda, since she's the only one who uses a brawler style."

"Hilda?! She's a heavyweight. She could knock me down with one punch," said Lea while Hilda got in the ring.

"Oh yeah, this brings back memories, which was mostly me knocking you out. Now then, are you ready?" Said Hilda, who was looking forward to the fight.

"Will she be able to pull some punches?" Thought Lea, and far as she could see, Hilda won't do it.

"Listen, I need to know that the training is giving some results, so you need to fight to find out," said Alonso, who didn't leave space for an argument. Lea didn't see any way out of it, so she simply accepted her fate and got in the ring with her equipment.

"Please don't kill me." Begged Lea as she got in the ring.

"Well…I'll try," said Hilda, which was the best that she could promise. The bell ringed and they start the spar.

Lea put her usual Peek-a-boo guard and started to head towards Hilda, who also moved forward. They quickly reached punching range, but none of them launched a single punch. Hilda may be a brawler, but she tended to look for opportunities, instead of just throwing punches and hoping for one of them to land. To start, Hilda threw a left jab at Lea, who dodged by moving the head to the left. Lea attacked with a left jab to Hilda's head, but Hilda used her right arm to block it. Again, they keep distance from each other, but Lea started to rush in to get into her preferred distance. Hilda noticed it and quickly tried to intercept Lea with a left hook. To Hilda's surprise, Lea moved at a surprising speed. Hilda continued to throw her left hook, but Lea quickly moved to Hilda's right and punched Hilda's liver with the left hand. After that, Lea quickly moved away from Hilda. Everyone watching the sparring session was surprised, knowing that Lea had increased her speed.

"It seems that the training has paid off," said Alonso, who was glad for it, but he kept a serious face.

"With that kind of speed, Lea can get in, land some punches, and move out of range," said Alinda, who was amazed by Lea's new speed.

"That sounds like a good idea, considering that Luisa prefers a more stationary position."

"Then again, Lea is always going to be facing Luisa from the front. What if she can anticipate the movement?" asked Salena.

"Maybe she could combine feints and wait for Luisa to attack," answered Alinda.

"There are too many unknowns in this match. We can only hope that this will be enough to defeat her," said Alonso, who wished that he could do more. After that, the three of them kept watching the spar between Hilda and Lea. Then, Alonso looked at Alinda and Salena in surprise. "Wait a minute, when did you two get here?" As far as Alonso knew, he left them training before starting the spar.

"We've been here since the beginning," answered Salena as if it was no big deal.

"Oh, okay…Now go back to your training."

"Come on, coach. This is too interesting to just leave it," said Alinda.

"More like you don't have enough to keep you entertained. Now go and do your training, or I might have to add more since you seem to be bored," said Alonso.

"Uh, that won't be necessary, we were just leaving, right?" Alinda looked at Salena.

"I was actually going to keep watching," said Salena, who didn't get the hint, making Alinda start pulling on Salena's ear. "Ow ow, hey, cut it out!"

"We're leaving. We need to do our training." Alinda kept pulling Salena away.

"Okay, okay, just let go of my ear." They left to do their training, leaving Alonso alone. Instead of feeling relief, Alonso got in deep thought.

"They had a point, this is a good tactic, but I can see one flaw in it," thought Alonso, and it didn't take long to show itself.

Hilda had been trying to keep up with Lea, but Lea was too quick to catch with big swings. No seeing anyway to catch up, Hilda decided on another approach. Lea charged in and threw a right uppercut to Hilda's chin. Hilda carefully matched up the timing of the punch that was launched and threw a left hook at Lea's head. Both punches landed and made it a simultaneous exchange. They both have tremendous punching power, but Hilda was in the heavyweight division, which meant that she could endure the punch. Lea was in the middleweight division, so she lost the exchange and it made her back away from Hilda.

"We still have the problem of lower toughness, so Luisa might try to make exchanges." After Alonso thought that, he ended the spar. "Okay, you two, that's enough for today." Both boxers end the spar and start to get out of the ring.

"That was some good speed, lass. It would be hard to keep up, even for someone like Luisa," said Hilda.

"I think so too, but I don't think it would be enough to bring her down. If I'm lucky, I could win by points, but I don't think it would come to that," said Lea, who sounded serious about it.

"Then you better think of some big technique against her, something that even she couldn't resist."

"I have been thinking about it, but nothing comes up, and there's less than a month to think of something." Lea even started thinking before going to sleep.

"Oh well, don't worry too much. I'm sure something will come up, eventually."

"I hope you're right."

"Well, I'm thirsty. Alinda, can you pass me my water?" Hilda asked to Alinda because she was the one closest to Hilda's bag. Alinda went to Hilda's bag, found the bottle of water, and threw it to Hilda. "Nice throw." Hilda sat on a nearby bench to rest while drinking her water. Lea saw the throw and it stood out for her.

"This is getting weird, why are these kinds of things getting into my head?" Thought Lea, but she didn't have a lot of time to think about it, so she left to keep training.

Weeks have passed and the day for the weigh-in arrived. That would mean that Lea would meet face to face with Luisa. Lea arrived to the assigned room and found another Lamia inside. Lea could tell without a doubt, that it was none other than Luisa Sanchez. Luisa was taking her clothes off, leaving only her underwear, revealing solid muscles in her arms, abdomen, and back.

"Not a bad body, no wonder she was never taken down before," thought Alonso in amazement. "Then again, Lea isn't someone who lags behind." Luisa was called first and her weight passed without a problem. They call Lea next and she took her clothes off. No one could deny that Lea had a good body. Compared to Luisa, it might be almost the same because Luisa had a better built than Lea. Lea's weight passed without a problem. After that, Lea got off the scale, headed straight to Alonso, and started to put her clothes back. While doing so, someone started to move towards her. Lea turned around and noticed Luisa approaching, which made Lea feel nervous. Once Luisa was close, she politely introduced herself.

"Hello, my name is Luisa. Nice to meet you." Luisa offered her hand with a smile.

"Oh, yeah, I'm…Specter. Nice to meet you too," said Lea, who grabbed and shook the offered hand.

"Specter? Is there any reason why you chose that ring name?"

"It was an idea of my friends." After answering, they let go of their hands.

"That's nice of them." After Luisa said that, her coach called for her. "Well, sorry I have to leave like this. Let's do our best in the match."

"Uh, yeah, let's do our best." After that, Luisa left the room. Alonso called for Lea and they both left the room. "Luisa wasn't as scary as I thought she would be."

"Of course not, just wait until she gets in the ring, that's when you're going to see the difference," answered Alonso.

"Well, I'm not as nervous as before. I think I'm ready to start at any time," said Lea.

"I hope you can keep this up by the time the match start. Just don't go easy on her just because she was friendly to you."

"Oh, yeah, don't worry, I understand at least that much."

"Good, but are you truly ready for this match? Did you come up with anything that could give you an edge in this match?" Alonso hoped that she did.

"To be honest, I couldn't come up with anything, but like Hilda said, it might come on its own." Lea still remembered the different things that stayed in her mind: Alonso's words about tail power and the bottle of water been thrown to Hilda.

"I see. In that case, all we can do is rely on your skills and training to win the match. I can actually give you one piece of advice."

"What's that?"

"Remember what you fight for. If is truly special to you, it might save you from the worst situations."

"Okay, but don't worry, I always remember. I don't think I could ever forget."

"Good, then we are as ready as we can be."

They all know that it will be a very difficult match. A match that could even result in severe injuries, or in the worst case scenario, one of them could die. Either way, they both know the dangers of it and keep moving in the path of a boxer. No matter how broken they get and no matter how bloody they get, Lea and Luisa were determined to fight to the very end.

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