Lamia's Fists

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Chapter 16: Time for the Test

It was the day of the match. Lea, Alonso, and Fergus were heading to the venue where the weigh-in would take place. They arrive to the building, head to the designated room, and enter. Lea's group found that Tania, along with her coach, was already inside. They could see that she was already dressing back into her street clothes, which made Lea believe that they were late.

"Are we late?" whispered Lea.

"No, we are in good time. They may have come here earlier than normal. For what reason, I don't know, but we're here, so let's get this done," answered Alonso with a straight face.

"All right." Lea started to take off her clothing, only leaving her underwear, and slid to the scale. Lea passed the weigh-in and started to dress, not noticing the gaze of her opponent. Tania was paying close attention to Lea's height and arm reach, without anyone noticing, except for her own coach. Tania quickly noticed that Lea was taller by a few inches, which was strange to Tania. As far as she had studied, in-fighters were shorter, but Lea was too tall for it. However, in-fighters also had shorter reach than the average boxer, and Tania quickly found out that Lea's arms were a little short. Eventually, Lea got the feeling that someone was watching her, so she turned around, and found Tania staring at Lea. At that moment, Lea was done changing, but that didn't bother Tania because she wasn't interested in Lea's looks. Lea was wondering why Tania was still staring at Lea.

"Hey, Tania, are you done taking measurements?" asked Aaron in a whisper because he didn't want Lea to find out what Tania was doing.

"Yes, I'm done, but it's different measuring at a distance, not the same as feeling it, not reliable until I have seen a punch, felt a punch firsthand," answered Tania with a straight face.

"If you're done, then why not greet her? You might not see her after the match."

"You're right, I should watch my manners, and my mother always wanted me to show proper manners." Tania started to slid towards Lea. Lea noticed Tania approaching and didn't know what to do, not even when Tania stood right in front of Lea. At that moment, Lea did the first thing that came to mind.

"H-hello, Tania, nice to meet you," said Lea. She offered her hand, which Tania looked at and quickly shook.

"Hello, Specter, if that is your name, quite an interesting ring name, why did you pick that one? Then again, is none of my business, is yours only, not mine." Responded Tania. Lea barely caught any of Tania's words, and after Tania said that, they let go of their hands.

"Uh, yeah, but it wasn't me who picked it. Anyways, I wish you good luck in our upcoming match." Lea gave Tania a timid smile.

"Oh yes, thank you very much, the same goes to you, but it would have been best if you haven't come to the weigh-in, maybe after me or before me. Either way, it wasn't a good idea." Informed Tania, which confused both Lea and Alonso.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Alonso in suspicion.

"I could tell the strength of Specter, strong muscles, strong grip, could cause serious damage to me, but I have gathered better measurements through the handshake, I have a better idea of how far she can reach with each punch, she won't be able to reach me now," answered Tania, and Alonso didn't miss any of it because he was paying close attention.

"We'll see in the match. Let's go, chica." Alonso started to leave the room, followed by Fergus and Lea.

Lea, Alonso, and Fergus were outside of the building, and heading back to the gym.

"Do you think Tania was right? Maybe I shouldn't have shaken hands with her," said Lea.

"Just because she's your opponent it doesn't mean you have to forget your manners. Even if she did gathered information, it's not the same thing when you're facing your opponent in the ring. Besides, I took a good look at her body," answered Alonso, who started to calm down.

"What do you think? I wasn't paying attention."

"She's fit, and seems to have trained to have a better punching power, but it didn't look like she could take a punch."

"In other words…"

"A good punch to the body or the head could stop her in her tracks. Either way, she won't be able to trade blows against you. I'm pretty sure she knows this, so she will try to attack you from a distance or with extreme precaution."

"Then, I'll have to force her to fight me head on." Lea felt confident that she would win at a close range.

"Easier said than done, that's why I added training for the neck, so that you can keep going and take punishment if necessary."

"I hope that's enough."

"It will be. Now go home and rest. Tonight is going to be busy." After Alonso said that, they all continued on their way to the gym to prepare for the upcoming match against a mathematical genius.

That night, Lea, her friends, and her seconds headed to the venue where Lea's match would take place. Just like always, Lea's friends went to take their seats, while Lea waited in the locker room for the call of the staff. Lea was warming up, working in her combinations, shadow boxing, trying to tell how to attack Tania, and how to respond to her attacks. Lea tried to spar with some of the members who were out-boxers. Alinda was one of them, but it wasn't the same as dealing with the real person. In another locker room, Tania was warming up, just like any other boxer, but her mind was elsewhere. Tania was making calculations, battle plans, finding probabilities on how Lea would react, and how far Lea could reach. Most importantly, Tania was calculating her probabilities of avoiding and dodging all of Lea's attacks.

"You look more nervous than before," said Aaron, and he didn't like it one bit.

"Not nervous, simply thinking, calculating, I know I can win this match, but have to be careful, not reckless, must avoid every single punch, or I might lose and quickly," answered Tania.

"Good point, and I saw Lea's body. Let me tell you, she can take punishment, especially in the head."

"Yes, she's strong, and really tough, but there's something that I want to take down, something that can help me win by knock out." By the time Tania was done talking, a staff member entered her locker room to inform her that her match was about to begin.

"Well, whatever it is that you have planned, it better work against Specter, or this is going to be a long fight." After Aaron said that, they both leave the locker room and head to the arena. Lea was already informed of her match and started to head to the arena with her seconds. Both Lea and Tania entered the arena and started heading to the ring. Lea was hoping to bring Tania down with pressure, while Tania will use a secret weapon that she hadn't mentioned to Aaron. Both boxers arrive at the ring and slide into it. Among the audience, Lea's friends started a conversation about Tania.

"So, what do you think about Tania?" Hilda asked to Alinda.

"She looks ready, sharp. She won't attack in the first rounds. The fight might go all the way to the last round," answered Alinda, who was carefully watching Tania.

"She might try to end it early, since Lea could take her down easily," said Salena. She didn't believe that Tania could take that much damage.

"If she can land a punch," answered Alinda.

"Let's just hope that Lea can come out on top from this." Added Hilda, and they all decide to give their best wishes to Lea.

Both boxers were waiting on their corners with their seconds.

"Remember, Lea, put the pressure on Tania and take whatever chance you get to land a body blow," said Alonso.

"Yeah." Responded Lea. On the other corner, Tania was also receiving advice.

"You got to avoid Specter's attacks at any cost. Taking one of those blows from her could be bad news for you," said Aaron.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, there's something that I can use if things get too difficult," answered Tania. The announcer ordered the seconds to leave the ring and both boxers waited for the bell. Meanwhile, the audience was waiting to see whether the genius or the fighter would come out victorious. The audience didn't have to wait for long because the bell ringed.

To start things off, Lea dashed towards Tania's corner in an attempt to trap Tania in her corner as soon as possible. Tania barely escaped from the corner by moving to the right side and attacked with jabs, which Lea blocked with her usual Peek-a-boo style. Tania used a very common stance, which many would call "a textbook stance", but it was still effective. Lea continued to pursue Tania, but Lea didn't throw any attacks because she needed to trap Tania or find a chance first. Tania moved around and kept throwing jabs at Lea, who easily blocked them. Lea kept chasing Tania in an attempt to put pressure on her. Unfortunately, Lea noticed that Tania was still calm. She didn't show signs of suffering any type of pressure. Since chasing didn't seem to be working at all, Lea decided to throw some jabs to make things more difficult for Tania. Lea threw a left jab at Tania, who dodged it by leaning back. Tania fought back with a left jab, which Lea ducked. Then, she tried to rush in, but Tania slid back with a left jab, which Lea blocked. Lea attempted to throw another jab, but Tania avoided the punch, not by leaning back, but simply by moving back. Lea moved forward and attempted to hit with a left jab, but it was blocked. It didn't hit Tania, but it seemed to have surprised her, if only a little.

In Tania's corner, Aaron noticed the surprise on Tania's face, which surprised him.

"Was it really that strong of a jab? I know that Specter have an insane punching power, but wasn't expecting Tania to be surprised by it. Either way, it won't matter if none of those punches land cleanly. It would be just a matter of time before Tania gets complete knowledge of her opponent," thought Aaron. On Lea's corner, even if Lea hadn't landed anything, none of the seconds looked worried.

"Not a bad start, chica. Now, Tania knows of your destructive punching power, the knowledge of having to avoid every single punch would be a good mental strain for Tania. Don't let up, we're just getting started," thought Alonso in confidence.

"That was a strong jab, stronger than anticipated, must be careful, I can't let even a jab hit me," thought Tania to herself and proceeded to throw more jabs at Lea, which Lea blocked. Lea was still having some problems in catching Tania because she only moved around and threw jabs at Lea. Fortunately, Lea could feel with her block that Tania didn't have a destructive punching power. With that in mind, Lea was going to try a simultaneous exchange in the next jab. Tania threw a left jab at Lea, and Lea took the opportunity to throw a left jab. Lea was expecting to make it into a simultaneous exchange, but it didn't happen. Instead, she was punched in the face, and didn't feel anything on her fist. Fortunately, it didn't cause as much damage as she thought. She felt some pain, but it didn't seem to be serious.

"Good thing my neck is tough, but it doesn't make me feel that much better. I thought my fist would land, what happened?" Thought Lea. While she was wondering about that, Tania took the chance to attack with a right to Lea's face, which Lea barely ducked. "It doesn't matter, if making exchanges is not an option, then I'll stick close to her and attack the body." Lea dashed forward in an attempt to reach Tania's body, but Tania seemed to be moving fast enough and kept Lea at punching range. Jabs hit Lea's guard, making it difficult for Lea to rush in, but she wasn't willing to let it go like that and kept pressing forward. Unfortunately, Lea couldn't close in on Tania, but Tania was throwing jabs at Lea that were easy to block. However, it only meant that Tania was in control of the match, which meant that the judges would give the match to Tania. Lea didn't care about that because she planned to end it with a KO. The problem was to actually land a punch on Tania, who seemed to be doing a good job at avoiding Lea's punches. Suddenly, Tania decided to stop sliding away and rushed in. Lea didn't know why Tania would do that, but Lea took that as an opportunity to attack with some hooks and uppercuts. To start things out, Lea attempted a left hook, which Tania dodged by moving with the punch. Then, Lea attempted with a right hook, but again, Tania dodged by moving with the punch. That frustrated Lea and threw a left uppercut at Tania's body, but was blocked with the right arm.

One minute into the fight, and it didn't look like Lea was doing as well as people thought. Even though out-boxers tend to have problems with in-fighters, it seemed that Tania was getting control of the match. Lea attempted to attack with hooks and uppercuts. Unfortunately, Tania had gotten the speed and timing, which made it easy to dodge Lea's punches. Tania was also getting the speed of Lea's punch recovery. After dodging a right hook, Tania slid to Lea's right side and attempted to throw a right at Lea's temple, but Lea barely ducked in time. Lea saw that as her opportunity to try to attack with a left uppercut to Tania's body. Unfortunately, Tania dodged the attack by moving back and countered with a left jab to Lea's face. Again, the punch wasn't very damaging, even if it was a counter. However, Lea knew that taking too many punches was never good, so she needed to put pressure. With that mentality, Lea moved forward under a barrage of left jabs, but couldn't catch Tania.

"Damn it, I can't close in, she just keeps moving away from me while keeping the right distance to attack. Still, I can't let that discourage me. I have to keep moving forward, I have to trap her in the corner somehow," thought Lea. She chased after Tania, but that time, Lea was aiming for any corner. Considering that none of those punches was hurting, Lea started to push forward, making sure that Tania headed straight to one of the nearest corners. Tania was still punching with left jabs, but wasn't paying attention on where she was headed. Lea made sure to keep Tania heading straight to a corner. Eventually, the plan paid off and Tania ended up in one of the neutral corners.

"So this is where you were leading me to, I thought you would be just a straight-forward boxer, but I may have miscalculated that. No matter, I can think of someway to escape," thought Tania. Of course, Tania had to think quickly because Lea wasn't going to let Tania get away.

In the audience, Alinda, Salena, and Hilda, were in their seats watching the match.

"Way to go! Tania is going to feel the pain in no time," said Salena.

"I wonder, out-boxers like me tend to know how to escape from the corner. Considering how smart Tania is, she's going to find a quick way out of this predicament." Responded Alinda with a serious face.

"I agree with Alinda. I mean, just look at Tania's face, she doesn't look disturbed about it. It looks like Tania was expecting this move from Lea," said Hilda, who was looking as serious as Alinda.

"I'm sure Lea can manage even with that, I have complete faith that she's going to win," said Salena, and the other two agree with that, but they knew that it wouldn't be as easy as Salena thought.

Lea dashed forward in an attempt to make it into an in-fight, but Tania thought of something to get out of the corner. Lea threw a right hook at Tania's head, which Tania ducked, and escaped the ropes by slipping around Lea. Lea wasn't expecting Tania to get out of the corner so easily, but Lea simply chased after Tania. Tania kept her distance with left jabs, so Lea decided to weave and dodge the punches. That became a little problem for Tania because it was making it harder to actually hit Lea. However, Tania started to observe Lea's weaving and trying to memorize the rhythm of the weaving. It took over five seconds to memorize, and soon enough, Tania was able to hit Lea more often. Of course, that wouldn't discourage Lea one bit. She kept moving forward, while avoiding and parrying any punch that managed to hit her guard. Tania paid it no mind because she was confident that she would be able to avoid Lea with ease. Lea continued to chase after Tania, while Tania kept attacking with endless jabs at Lea, but unable to stop Lea's advance. Seeing that throwing jabs wouldn't be enough to take down the tougher Lea, Tania would have to bring Lea down with counters. However, if Tania kept going as such, she might avoid any type of damage and win by decision. Not wanting to take risks, Tania preferred to keep her rhythm and kept throwing jabs at Lea. Unable to reach Tania by avoiding and blocking the punches, Lea decided to force her way in. When Tania landed a left jab on Lea's face, Lea didn't stop there and simply forced her way through the punch. Lea's move paid off and reached Tania's body, taking the opportunity to throw a right uppercut to Tania's body. Tania managed to slid back and counter with a right straight to Lea's face.

On the second minute of the first round, Tania's counter didn't seem to make serious damage, but Lea felt it. The fact that Tania knew where the punch would land, and have the ability to counter, made Lea wonder if Tania could read minds.

"How did she knew that? Was my movement too obvious? Was it too slow? I shouldn't worry about it. I can't stop just because I took that counter. I have to keep pushing forward," thought Lea. She continued to move forward, which surprised Tania, but only a little bit.

"Still moving forward? I hit her with a right counter, must have hurt, should have hurt, she should be feeling the damage to the head. Her vision should be more hazy. If not, Specter is tougher than expected, very resilient, must keep moving, I can't afford to take a hit from her," thought Tania. She was starting to feel mental pressure, and didn't notice that she moved too far for her punches to reach Lea. Lea took the chance to move forward, while Tania recovered one of her punches. The only thing that saved Tania from getting into Lea's punching range, was the fact that she kept moving away from Lea. That didn't stop Lea and she kept moving as if the counter didn't even happened, even though she actually felt something. The only reason why she could absorb it to such an extent was because of the neck training. Unfortunately, she knew that it could turn dangerous if the fight continued that way. Then again, Lea had no other plan to fight Tania, unless Lea used her Sunday punch, the Spear Strike. The only thing preventing Lea from using it was the fact that Tania could counter the attack and cause serious damage.

"I have no choice. This might be enough to put tremendous pressure on her." With that in mind, Lea pulled her tail forward, put it into a tight zigzag form, and prepared herself to launch her attack. Lea had learned the distance that her attack could reach, but she couldn't move too fast while her tail was in that form, and Tania noticed that.

"This is what I was waiting, throw it if you can, it would be the end of the match." Tania slowly moved forward, knowing that the attack moved fast, so she needed to be ready to dodge or block it. Once Tania was in Lea's range, Lea launched herself with a right straight, which was going faster than Tania expected. Tania knew that she wouldn't be able to move away in time, so she decided to block it and memorize the timing. The Spear Strike was barely blocked, but it was so strong, so powerful, that it pushed her all the way to the ropes.

Tania's corner was alarmed by what just happened. They weren't expecting Tania to be pushed back, especially after blocking the punch.

"Holy mother of god, that's out of this world, I'm surprised that Tania's arms weren't torn apart!" Thought Aaron, who was obviously agitated. "Well, no matter, since Tania managed to block it on time, but I'm surprised that she would slide right into range of that crazy attack." On Lea's corner, they were suspicious of Tania because they could see that she voluntarily slid into the attack's range.

"Is that part of her research? Tania must be insane to do something like that, but if she is as smart as everyone say, then she will learn everything she needs. It would be better if the chica refrained from using it," thought Alonso.

When Tania revealed her face, everyone could see that there was blood coming out from her nose. That surprised Lea, but the one that was more surprised than her, was Tania herself. Seeing that as a good sign, Lea dashed forward, and tried to trap Tania on the ropes. Tania pulled herself together and started throwing jabs at Lea, trying to keep her away and escape from the ropes. It was useless because Lea kept moving forward, even if it hit her. Lea reached Tania and threw a left hook at Tania's body. Tania avoided the attack by pushing the ropes behind her, which created enough space to make the hook miss. Then, Tania retaliated with another jab to Lea's face. Lea attacked with a right uppercut to Tania's body, but it was parried to the side. Tania didn't waste any time to use that opportunity to escape from the ropes. Once she was out, she attacked with a left jab to Lea's head, but Lea blocked it with a shoulder. Tania decided to create distance and started to attack with more left jabs to Lea's head. The chasing went on again, but seeing that the Spear Strike actually touched Tania, Lea prepared to use it again. Tania noticed that and prepared herself to see the attack again. It wasn't to counter it, but because she wanted to find something curious about the attack. Once Tania was in range, Lea attacked with another Spear Strike. Tania blocked and slid back to reduce the force of the punch thrown at her. By the time Lea recovered her punch, the bell ringed and the referee got between them. Then, he ordered the boxers to return to their corners, and Lea did as told, just like Tania.

Lea reached her corner, and her seconds started to work on her. Lea didn't seem to have any serious injuries on her, not even a little swelling on her face.

"Did you notice?" asked Alonso.

"Notice what?" Responded Lea in confusion.

"You didn't, huh? At the beginning of the previous round, she has been doing research on you."

"Research? So the first exchange…" Lea didn't want to finish because she wouldn't like to hear it.

"She landed the punch because she knew that your range was shorter than her and used that to counter you. Just like the other counters, she knows how far and how fast you can swing, but there's nothing to worry about. She's starting to feel pressure, remember when one of her punches missed you?"

"Wasn't because I was weaving? I noticed that it became more difficult to hit me."

"No, she actually moved too far back, making the distance between the two of you too far for her lefts. This shows that the pressure is getting to her, keep it up and she will start to panic."

"Maybe I should use the Spear Strike more often, she seems to realize how dangerous it is to block it, and maybe she won't try to counter that."

"That might be too risky. If she learns the speed and timings, then she will be able to counter, which could mean trouble for you. First, stop her movement, and then you can use it on her. Hopefully, you won't need it at all, since Tania doesn't seem to have a lot of punching power and you would win any exchanges."

"All right." Lea took the rest of the interval to rest up, while the seconds prepared her for the next round. On the other corner, Tania's seconds were working on the bleeding nose, trying to clean it up to make it easier to breath for Tania.

"Was that your plan?! Countering the Spear Strike?! That's just too risky, if you get hit with that insane attack, it would take you down with one hit! We don't have the luxury to take even a single one, just play it safe and we can win in the later rounds!" Said Aaron, who was nearly begging Tania to take the safe way.

"Playing it safe would mean giving Lea more time to close in, too risky both ways, must find a way to end the match quickly, can't let it go on for long. Countering the Spear Strike is the fastest way, won't bring her down, but will leave her weakened, good chance to knock her down," answered Tania, not showing any signs of fear, and Aaron could see that she won't change her mind.

"Specter might be tough, but you got the brains, you already got her speed and distance. Just counter her, not even she can keep going if she keeps accumulating damage."

"Do not worry, I'll counter, keep countering, and attacking. Gaining points, getting judges at my side, I simply want to secure my victory in both ways."

"All right, be careful either way, the last thing we need is you ending in the hospital."

"Understood, will be careful, take opportunity when is safe to do." Tania didn't want to say it, but she was actually scared of the Spear Strike. Even with the calculations, she wasn't fast enough to move out of the way, her body wasn't fast enough to avoid it. Every time she thought about it, it made her wish to play it safe. "I wonder why she didn't use it in her previous matches so much. It has tremendous power, good acceleration, and good speed." Fortunately, she discovered something useful, and the next time that Lea threw the Spear Strike, she was going to counter it. Knowing the problem with the attack, she regained some confidence in her plan and decided to use it in the next round. "If my data is correct, and my conclusions, then the next round might turn to my favor. It will be all or nothing." After that, Tania let her seconds treat her nose, which might be broken or cut from the inside, but they managed to clean it up, which made it easier for Tania to breath. Once the minute was over, the seconds were order out of the ring. The seconds leave and the ring of the bell announced the beginning of the second round.

Again, Lea dashed out of her corner and chased after Tania. Everything was going the same, until Tania moved to the ropes. At that moment, Lea took the opportunity to launch her Sunday punch, the Spear Strike. Unfortunately, Tania was baiting Lea into throwing the Spear Strike. Tania ducked the Spear Strike and countered with a right straight to Lea's body. It hurt Lea, but that didn't stop her from fighting back. The fact that Lea managed to endure a counter against her best punch, caused tremendous mental pressure on Tania. After that, Tania slid away from Lea, who started to chase after Tania. Then, Lea decided to attack to put more pressure on Tania. Unfortunately, Tania had little trouble in countering all of Lea's attacks, but that didn't stop Lea. She didn't notice it, but Tania was starting to get disturbed because she could see that Lea wasn't stopping, even after taking those counters. Eventually, Lea managed to trap Tania in the corner, but Tania managed to escape by using a clinch. After the referee separated them, the seconds could see that Tania was scared. Tania's fear intensified when she saw the determination in Lea's eyes. After the referee let the match continue, Lea dashed towards Tania, who started to throw inadequate punches because of her fear. Tania was so distracted, that she didn't pay attention to her surroundings, which caused her to get trapped on the ropes. After ducking a right straight, Lea rushed in, and managed to knock Tania down with a left hook to her body. That wasn't enough to take Tania down because she managed to stand up at the ninth count. Once the match continued again, Lea took the opportunity to use her Spear Strike. Unfortunately, Tania managed to counter with a right straight to Lea's face because she turned sideways and made her reach longer. The counter stunned Lea and Tania tried to take the opportunity to attack, but the damage to her body caused her to lose balance. Lea took that time to recover and attacked Tania, who managed to regain her balance. After a fierce in-fight, Lea managed to land a left hook on Tania's head. Tania was about to fall, but she managed to grabbed the ropes and pull herself up. Lea was about to end the match, but the referee stopped Lea at the same time that the bell ringed. After that, the referee ordered both boxers to head to their corners and they do as told. Lea slid without much trouble, but Tania seemed to be having some difficulties.

Lea reached her corner and sat on the stool, but it got the seconds attention. It wasn't as if Lea sat down, it was more like she let herself drop on the stool. Both seconds took a look at her face, and they could see that her face swelled in certain areas.

"I can't believe that you would use the same type of punch on her, you should have known that she would counter it," said Alonso.

"Y-yeah, I thought…I thought I could get her…but she dodged it," said Lea, who tried to get air into her lungs.

"She simply ducked…Now that I think about it, you always aim the head, which would make it easy to predict." Responded Alonso in a thoughtful way.

"I-I'm sorry, I should have…paid attention."

"You should, but don't worry, you finally landed a punch to her body. Your determination and persistence got to her and made her panic, she won't be able to recover in just one minute."

"Lea isn't exactly that well either, especially after taking that many punches to her head," said Fergus.

"True, that's why I made her train her neck, for occasions like this. Listen, chica, you can actually end the match with one more punch, but it's going to be risky," said Alonso.

"Y-Yeah? What is it?" asked Lea. She didn't like the sound of it, but she was willing to take the risk.

"Use the Spear Strike two more times," answered Alonso.

"That's suicide! We don't know if she can take two more counters like those ones, it could send her to the mat in no time." Protested Fergus.

"Yes, but Tania might recover enough to move faster. It would give her a chance to get a better grip on Lea's range. Don't worry, I have a plan."

"What is it?" asked Lea, who hoped for something better.

"On the third Spear Strike, I want you to lower your body and aim at Tania's body. I also want you to lean forward, it will make your reach get longer. However, it will leave you in an unbalanced position, so you will only have one shot at this, got it?" Said Alonso. He knew that Lea would take tremendous damage, but if her body and spirit was strong enough, then she would endure. If it got too dangerous for Lea, then Alonso would throw the towel if necessary.

"I'll do it, I'll win." Lea understood the dangers, but giving a genius time to recover, was the same as giving her time to plan her victory.

On the other corner, things weren't as good as everyone thought.

"Tania, can you hear me?!" Asked Aaron. He didn't believe that Tania was alright after taking a body blow and a hook to the head.

"Yes, no broken bones, but tremendous pain and damage, I'll use this interval and the third round to rest, I'll end it in the fourth round," answered Tania while keeping a straight face.

"Glad to hear that you aren't seriously injured, but how do you feel? And I don't mean physically." Tania, for the first time in a long time, maybe in her entire life, stayed silent. "I know you're scared. Fighting against someone who simply keeps coming at you no matter how much you punch them is terrifying. I can imagine that, but she's just as hurt as you are, you still have a chance to win this. Just do as you said, and plan in the last interval for the victory."

"Okay." Tania's voice sounded a little shaky.

"If things turn for the worse, then I will throw the towel, you hear me? As your second, I'm going to make sure you come back in one piece, so don't take it against me if I throw the towel, understand?"


"Don't worry, Tania. I'll make sure to keep you safe, while you focus on winning the match."

"I'm scared, very scared, but I have to calm down, panicking under pressure is never good when taking a test, I need to calm down, gather myself, get my calculations, plan my actions, and win." Tania started to calm down, and Lea rested as much as possible. Lea knew that she would be risking a lot in that next move, but it was all or nothing. Both boxers knew that, they both knew that the next round could be the last one. The announcer ordered the seconds to leave the ring, which they do without a problem, and both boxers stood up. The referee got in the middle of the ring and wasted no time to start the third round.

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