Saving The Last Hybrid

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He throws me on the bed and takes off his shirt, I try to sit up and touch his chest but he pushes me back on the bed then puts his hand on my neck with a little squeeze. "You're mine." he growls. Paulina has been protected her whole life because the power that everyone is either trying to steal or get rid of all together. With their struggles of having more attacks, her parents search for more people to protect. What she never expected was, one of her protectors was future alpha and also her mate. Problem. She doesn't do 'mates' because she think they just want her power. Giovanni doesn't sleep around a lot, in fact he doesn't talk to people much, but girls don't care because he's good looking. He finds out that he needs to protect a special girl, this special girl is his mate. Just like Paulina, he doesn't want one, but maybe their opinions will change over time. Will him saving the last hybrid bring them closer and accept the mate bond, or will it be a heartless save?

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2 years ago

This is it. After our attack that happened 2 and a half weeks ago, my parents needed more help. The attacks were getting more ruthless, more surprising. We have so many wolves with the pack doctors. My parents thought it would be great to ‘go get help from our rival pack’ which I don’t understand why, I mean, we still have 3 other packs here in Spain to help us out. But whatever, so yeah, we’re moving to New York. Yay fun! (note the sarcasm). Did I mention I absolutely HATE packing. Ugh. Well I’m almost finish anyways since music is the reason why I packed pretty fast.

“PAULINA ARE YOU READY?!” My mom shouts from downstairs.


I roll the tape over the lids of the box three times. I finished packing, the worst part, I’m only bringing two boxes of what I absolutely need. The rest will be brought when the pack gets there. So let me ask this (btw it’s rhetorical). Why did I have to pack ALL my stuff, when all of it except 2 are staying here until my pack picks it up? Why couldn’t THEY pack the rest of the stuff? Ugh I don’t know.

I call my dad to help with the boxes while I grab my bag that has some of my extra stuff in, jewelry, makeup, all that stuff. I run downstairs and see my parents waiting for me.

“PAU-” I cut my mom off from yelling.

“I’m here, I’m here relax woman.” I say walking downstairs.

“Ready?” My dad asks.

“I still don’t understand why we have to get help from them.” I roll my eyes.

“They’re the second strongest pack in the world.” He says putting a hand on my shoulder.

“After us of course.” I give a small smile.

“Yes paulina. After us.” He chuckles

“Let’s go we’re gonna be late.” My mom says walking towards the door with us behind her.

We drive to the airport and got to the plane. It took us at least 7 hours to get there, I slept most of the time, but do you ever get that feeling where when you sleep so much but you wake up even more tired than when you were before? Yeah that’s how I feel every time I had woken up from all my sleeps.

We finally made it to our BMW M3 2018. We drove for another 45 minutes. After grabbing food first of course. After a great needed sleep for the 100th time, I wake up to us pulling Into a driveway. It was really nice, and also near the woods so me and my dad can run.

If you haven’t noticed, my dad is a werewolf and my mom is a full witch but she’s very strong. So when they did dirty things and created me, I obviously inherited my dad’s wolf but with my mom’s strong power, I was born a very rare hybrid. So now I’m just ten times more powerful, the catch. If I used to much of my power, it’ll end up controlling me and it’s dangerous. It almost happened to me once, my mom saved me from becoming darkness itself.

“Ready to see it?” My mom asks while getting out the car.

I open the door and get out slowly, taking in all the new scenery, we may be near the woods but this is the city. I walk up the stone squares lead to the stairs to the backyard. I see a big pool that was has a jacuzzi attached to it. I keep walking until double glass sliding doors are in front of me. I walk through and see the kitchen. My safe heaven (cue drool). I quickly make my way upstairs finding my room. Two rooms later and I finally found my boxes. I look around and already love the way it looks.

On the left side, I have a little black and gold dresser with my bag of makeup and other things on top and a mirror on the wall. The little hallway leads to my walk-in closet. On the right side I have a full length mirror and a small table with my hair care on it and curler wand and lastly my straightener. On the left side of the mirror is a door to the bathroom.

It was a black and white marble bathroom. In the left corner there was a spacious shower with a small seat area, it was all black in and outside with gold handles. Next to it was a all black tub.

After 30 minutes of unpacking I go downstairs itching to take a run and let my wolf out after a long day. I spot my mom and dad getting comfy on the couch together and watching a movie. I honestly envy their bond, mostly because ever since word got out on how powerful I am, supernaturals have been trying anything and everything to get it for themselves or kill me all together so no one has it. My first boyfriend I thought I loved used me to get my power, that’s how I first almost lost control. My mother says once I find my mate things would be different but I don’t believe her, all these creatures are just after my power for themselves that’s why I’m not too happy about finding my mate someday. I admit though, I get kinda sad and jealous of their relationship I’ll probably never have as long as I’m so powerful.

“Mom, dad, ima go take a run and get to know my surrounding.” I tell them as I walk next to the couch.

“Ok, be safe sweetheart. Oh and don’t stay out too long, you start school tomorrow.” My mom looks up and smiles at me.

“Already?! I can’t have a week off from jet leg or something?” I pout.

“No paulina, you’re a big girl, you’ll get through it. Now go on.”

I roll my eyes and kiss their cheek before grabbing my shoes and walking out.

After changing and running for about 25 minutes I realize I’m pretty far from home, I change back to human form to help a dead flower, I have my hand up at the flower and focus on a living beautiful full flower. After a couple seconds later, a bloomed white flower is forming. I smile, before I can change back to wolf form and take off, I hear sticks breaking and bushes moving from a distance and coming closer. I quickly change into the shorts and loose shirt I had brought and started looking around.

After taking a breathe and turning to take off again, out of nowhere, I felt someone crash into with a groan. We both fall on the floor groaning from the pain. My eyes start glowing red to protect myself from the danger, I quickly get up with my canines and claws out ready to attack. Before I could I hear one last groan before the person who hit me speaks.

“Sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She apologized while getting up and dusting herself off. Vampire. I can already smell it.

“Sorry again, I’m Carly, kinda a klutz.” She nervously chuckles while rubbing her shoulder.

I slowly calm down and bring back the animal coming out, still with my guard up just in case, and give her a small smile.

“It’s fine, Im Paulina, I was a victim to a klutz.” I laugh

“CARLY!” I hear someone shout.

“That’s Josie, she was racing me. OVER HERE!” She shouts back to her friend.

“Fi- oh whats up, Im Josie, what happened here?” She starts lightly laughing.

“I accidentally ran into her. Literally.”

Josie started laughing harder and before we know it, we hear someone else coming from a distance.

“Guys not everyone has super speed you know. Ugh.”

“Elle you’re so dramatic.” Josie rolls her eyes.

“Whatever. Hello newbie.” She smiles when she sees me.

“Hey, Im paulina.” I smile back at them. In all honestly, they have this cozy friendly feeling. By the feeling and smell, I know Josie is a wolf and Elle is a witch.

“Are you New? Are you starting school with us?” Carly throws questions at me.

“Yes I am and I don’t know, depends what school you’re going to.”

“We go to South Bay High.” Elle says

“Oh that’s where I’m going.” I smile glad to know I’ll know people and not be a total loner.

“Awesome! You can hang out with us.” Carly says excitedly.

“Don’t mind her bubbly personality, she loves meeting new people.” Josie rolls her eyes with a smile.

“It’s fine.”

“Well, we should probably start heading out. It’s getting pretty late.” Elle speaks up looking at her phone for the time.

“Yeah, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Before I turn to leave Carly comes up and hugs me.

“See you later newbie.” She walks away with everyone else.


I start running in human form, back to the house thinking.

Maybe they’re gonna help protect me. Since my parents think that everyone needs to be saving the last hybrid.

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