Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 9

“Paulina, Cody, these are my kids Giovanni and Vera” Calvino introduced

“And our baby rebel” Vera said holding the most adorable pup

“I already know her from school” Giovanni said looking at me then Cody

“Well lets get started on what this meeting is for shall we?” Calvin says cutting the awkward tension

“Well we’re tryna get as much help to protect my daughter”

“Is she the princess or something?” Giovanni joked and rolled his eyes

“Giovanni” Calvin warned him

“No but she’s the last of her kind” my mom said

“She’s a black hybrid wolf”

Everyone looked surprised from what my dad said and looking at Giovanni’s face I just wanna laugh my ass off

“She’s half witch” my mom added

“Wow So she’s the last of ’em? I thought they all never existed after a long time” Sandra said coming closer to me

“There used to be more of them?” Vera asked with wide eyes

“Yes but a long time ago, every supernatural and hunters tried killing them for their own reasons, some wanted their power and some wanted them dead BECAUSE of their powers and how strong and powerful they are” Calvino explained staring at me

“So they’re hunting her?” Giovanni asked

“Yes and again we’re trying to get as much help as we can” my dad said

“Gio, your call” Calvino said looking at him

After a bit of thinking he finally answered

“Ok, we’ll help”

“Thank you so much” my mom said

After a few minutes of more talking we were back at home

“I’m tired I’m gonna go to bed” I said already walking to to the stairs

“Ok hon goodnight”

“Goodnight mija”

I grab Cody’s hand and walk to my room, I close my door the put my hands on the door and focus on soundproofing it

“This has been the longest day of my damn life” I roll my eyes and sit on his lap straddling him while his hands were on my thighs

“Don’t be so dramatic gorgeous” he chuckles

“I’m not being dramatic I’m being frustrated” I say while wrapping my arms around his neck

“Oh really?” He smirks

“Mhm” I hum leaning in and kissing him

I bite his lip and tug on it a little while tugging his hair making him groan in pleasure

He turns us and lays me down without breaking the kiss

I wrap my legs around him being him closer while he slowly grinds against me and I moan against his lips

*****SEXUAL SCENE*******

He grabs on my boob over the dress while kissing and biting my neck making me moan

Before I can even process what happened I hear a rip and my dress on the floor

“Ugh that was a cute dress”

“I’ll buy you another one baby”

He goes back to kissing down to one of my nipples and lightly biting making me moan louder and grabbing his hair

His hand slips inside my panties and Rubs my clit for a little then sticks his middle finger in pumping in and out at a medium pace

“Cody” I moan

He hums and lightly bites the other nipple causing me to moan again

He stops pumping and starts taking off his pants and shirt then goes back down hovering over me, his forearm beside my head and his other arm positioning himself inside me

One hard thrust making me moan and one hand in his hair and the other on his back my nails getting ready to claw his back

He kisses my neck and thrusts himself over and over again and me moaning uncontrollably

I flip us over using my wolf strength and slowly move my hips with him still inside me

“Still tight as ever” he says then groans with my movement

My moans and his grunts go in sync, I start moving a little faster

My sexual emotions getting the best of me gets my eyes growing red

He grabs my hips and guides me to move up and down fast

He switches us again but pulls out making me pout and feel annoyed


“Shh just get on knees and hold on the bed frame”

I do as told feeling his hands on my hips and before I know it I feel a fast and hard thrust in me making me moan

Thrusting more and more while my bed moves he grabs my hair with one hand pulling back and the other still on my hip with fast thrust and my uncontrollable moans and his grunts filling the room along with the bed pounding on the wall

“Oh shit Ima cum” I moan

“Me too baby”

A few more thrust later and we came at the same time

I turn around and lay down while he does the same next to me out of breath

“Oh man I missed this” he says out of breath

“Me too”

******SEXUAL SCENE OVER*******

I pull the sheet over our slightly sweaty bodies and wrap my arm around his torso and intertwine our legs and let relaxing sleep take over me

Next morning

“Beautiful wake up” I felt someone shake me a little

I groan

“Few more minutes” I say turning around and putting the pillow over my head

I heard a chuckle and before I knew it, the pillow hit me on the head making me groan again

“Come On you have school and you needa take a shower”

“Ugh fine” I rub my tired eyes and start getting up

“Come clean me up I’m too tired” I say turning to him

“Ok beautiful” he says and gets up

20 minute shower later

“Hmm what am I gonna wear?” I tap my chin with my finger

“You’ll look amazing in anything Pauli” he says behind me and kisses my cheek

“Hmm maybe” I go through my closet and pick out the perfect outfit

“Definitely feeling this outfit” I say looking at myself in the mirror

I go to the bathroom and put mascara and chapstick on and walk out

“Alright ima go, I’ll see you later” I say and kiss his cheek

“Ok I’ll see you after school gorgeous” he kisses my cheek and then I walk out and to the kitchen

“Morning” I say when I see my parents in the kitchen

“Goodmorning Hunny” my mom says

“Morning princesa”

“I’m leaving for school, bye love you”

“Bye” they say at the same time

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