Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 10


I walk out of class and go on my phone to text the girls and before I can hit send someone grabbed my arm and covered my mouth and drags me to a empty classroom

When they let my arm go to close the door I bring my claws out and dig it in their skin then twist their arm behind their back

I grab their soft hair and bring it on the desk


The familiar voice yells

I give a confusing look and look at their face

“GIOVANNI?” I yell and let him go

“Damn you’ve got moves, explain why you need protection then?” He asks rubbing his head

“I honestly don’t know, my parents Can be a little dramatic but I can’t really blame ’em I’d probably be like that too” I chuckle

“Sorry about your head”

“It’s ok, just don’t tell anyone I got beaten up by a girl” he chuckles

“Oh I’ll rub it in people’s faces don’t worry” I smile

He rolls his eyes but with a small smile that I can’t help but stare at

“By the way, i don’t know if your parents told you but, our parents are gonna be discussing ‘important stuff’ so either I go to your house or you go to mine”

“Uhm I’ll go to yours, mostly to see that cute,adorable puppy of yours”

He rolls his eyes again with a grin

“Is your head ok?” I say stepping closer

“Eh kinda hurts since you have a tight grip” he chuckles

“Sorry again” I say putting my hand in his hair and slowly massage it a little

I feel him staring at me with his gorgeous blue eyes and I turn my gaze from his head to his eyes

I slowly bring my hand to his face feeling electricity then feeling my mask sent that keeps me hidden from people feeling and sensing how powerful I am, the electric feeling starts feeling a little stronger

Before I can tell what was happening, I see myself smashing my lips on his and me on the desk while his grip is on my waist and he’s positioned between my legs

My hands are on each side of his face bringing him close, I feel him bite my lip causing me to moan

When we pull away out of breath the feeling I never wanted to feel for anyone was being felt and next thing I know the door was swung open but I didn’t even notice cause the only thing I payed attention to was what came out of Giovanni’s mouth

“Mate” he growled

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