Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 11

“What did he just say?!” I heard Josie exclaim

I could care less that our friends heard cause I was just staring at him with disbelief

I don’t think he meant to say it either because he just stared back at me with the same expression

I was too busy focusing on him I didn’t realize his hand went on my knee until a surge of sparks spreads through me, just like me, he didn’t notice what he was doing and quickly took his hand off when he noticed

I start freaking out and push him and run out the room and into the nearest bathroom, my breath is quick mostly because of panic from something I never wanted to happen, I heard them outside and quickly hide my scent

“I swear I thought I smelled her here” Carly says

“Let’s keep looking” Lorenzo says

I hear all their footsteps walking away I take a small quiet peek out the door, when I see no one I run out

Before I can get anywhere someone quickly tackled me to the ground

I look up and see Carly smiling

“You can’t run from this young lady and don’t worry we told the guys to go to class and make an excuse for us”

“What’s up? You ok?” I hear Elle ask

“I have. A. Mate” I say tryna take it in

“Look I know why you’re freaking out but you should’ve known it would happen at some point...wait how’d y’all find out anyways? Your scent was masked” Josie said

I pause and try not to make eye contact with her so I would’ve have to tell her

“Paulina” she stares lasers at me

“We went to go talk to the alpha from Dark Moon pack for the extra security and I seen Giovanni and flipped out inside-”

“Wait you didn’t know he was the next alpha of the pack” Carly cut me off and told me something like it was the most obvious thing


“Oops” I heard Josie mumble

“Oops?!” I was the one staring at her this time

“Just keep going” Elle says impatiently

I sigh and continue “he grabbed me and dragged me to the classroom and, my defense kicked in and kicked his ass. I felt bad and kinda rubbed his head and yea, you know the rest”

I was looking down the whole time I was telling the whole thing, but when I looked at them I quickly regretted it, these bitches just stared at me with smirks on their bitch smug faces that I wanna slap off -_- stupid love able friends -cue eye roll-

“Mates huh?” Elle wiggles her eyebrows still with a smirk on her stupid good looking face

“Don’t. You guys know I don’t do that stupid mate sh¡t”

“Oh c’mon you can’t seriously believe those stupid things you imagine about mates do you?” Carly asks

“Well looks like they’re more alike than they realize. Giovanni doesn’t do ‘settling down’ either so” Josie shrugs

“See. He doesn’t want things like that either” I shrug

“Can we go to class now, we missed a lot” Carly says nervously

“Goody-two-shoes” the three of us mumble

“Hey!” She scowls at us

When we walk into class all eyes were on us, but at the moment, only one pair of eyes I couldn’t look away from. Even though I masked my scent, I can still feel the most annoying yet comforting pull towards him that I couldn’t shake off

“Why were you late?” The teacher asks us

“If i answer that I can’t promise it won’t be a smart ass answer” I say to her

“Watch your language Ms. Flores” she glares at me

I roll my eyes and next to Giovanni not making any contact with him, but I can feel his eyes burning my skin

“What?” I whisper without looking at him

“Nothing” he whispers back

“Then stop staring, you’re burning holes In my damn skin”

“I’m trying”

I roll my eyes and try to pay attention to the teacher but it was impossible feeling the warmth coming from Giovanni and for some reason I was feeling kinda cold

Before I can understand what I’m doing, my hand grabs his under the table and holds it. My heart beats so fast it felt like it might jump out my damn chest when he grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers

I think he heard how loud my heart was beating, Hell im sure the whole damn class heard it, he slowly rubbed the back of my hand making it slow down at a steady pace and making me squeeze his hand a little as a thank you

On the side of my eye I seen him smirk a little which caused me to roll my eyes

30 minutes later

After class I quickly let go of his hand that I was hold the whole time In class and bolted out of school not know what the hell was wrong with me

10 minutes later I make it home closing the door and being greeted by my parents on the couch cuddled together, Ive always admired my parents and their relationship, their bond, it was things that half of me wanted deep down and looking at my parents happily in love made me want what they have. Of course the other powerful part of myself thought it was a bad idea because of the power I carry.

“Paulina?” My mom brings me back to reality


“You ok sweetie?” My dad asks

“Fine” I smile “I gonna go for a run ok?”

“Ok stay safe” they say at the same time and going back to their movie

I run upstairs and put down all my stuff and hop out the window and run into the forest

After a couples hours of running I feel like I’m being watch and making feel uncomfortable

I slowly make it behind a big bush and shift then change into clothes, I slowly start looking around

You feel that too right?

Destiny: yeah, I sense at least 4 guys maybe

I sniff the air and catch enemy smell, my eyes already changing color and claws coming out, I look all around me

I hear something flying towards me and before it hits me I grab it with my hand, I sniff the arrow, wolfsbane, I thought, I snap the arrow and run towards where it came from. Getting closer I hear arrows whistling past me as I dodge them

***WARNING! : kinda gruesome***

I finally see one and go in attack, I jump and wrap my legs around his head bending backwards to bring us down, on the ground I catch another arrow and throw it at the girl who aimed it at me and went through her leg and hearing her scream

I get up and go to attack another hunter, I jump and do a flip sensing the arrow that’s coming at me, and grab it and stab his eye then grab his neck from behind and break it and flip his limp body over me

I hear three arrows coming my way and also sense a couple rogues coming our way which pisses me off more because I didn’t wanna deal with this, I used my magic on the flying arrows and before I could throw them back I heard gun shots

I look down and seen two bullet holes In me, specifically silver laced with wolfsbane bullets, I start feeling the wolfsbane run through my blood and poisoning it so I quickly shoot back the arrows and face towards the rogues coming at me in their wolf form

I quickly grab one and in one swift motion I broke his neck in the air, before he can land on me, I quickly push my feet up on his stomach and switch us so that I land on his limp body

With my head down from landing I put my arm under my hair and flip it back, the other rogue looking angry at me and growling, he makes a run towards me I turn and run towards a tree, with the wolf hot behind my heals I run up the tree and flip over so that I was now behind him I run towards one of the surviving hunters and then knowing the very pissed off wolf was behind me I ran to a trunk from a tree laying down and with one foot I kick myself up and doing a backflip, taking my hands on his shoulder and landing from my flip with me and him back to back

I duck, the wolf grabs the hunter instead and rips his head off then turns to me, before he comes at me I see at the corner of my eye that the last hunter surviving is holding up his gun I let the wolf jump on me then hold his neck while the hunter shoots missing me and shooting the rogue

I push the limp body off me then get up with the last hunter’s gun pointed at me, I breathe heavy from all the fighting and because I might die at this moment, when I close my eyes for a second I hear a click but no shot, I shoot my eyes open and see he ran out of bullets. I snap his neck with with a snap of my fingers

After taking a few breathes I hear howling, rogues, of course

“Can’t I now just have a break” I look up saying then roll my eyes

I finally realize I ran out and into rogue territory, aka wasn’t owned by anyone so rogues took it, I start running to god knows where

After running, FAST as hell might I add, for about 5 minutes I finally know where I am and run towards to Dark Moon territory but before I make it, of course, I get attacked and pushed roughly towards a tree causing the pain from the bullets make me weak again and I groan from the pain

I just need a little whine or something noisy for the pack to hear what’s happening

I think to myself while looking at three wolves looking at me with killer eyes, with some strength I have left I launch towards a wolf and all three of them launch towards me at once

One of them push me rough towards a tree and I fly towards the furthest tree, which is right next to the territory I pretended I passed out and try and slow my breathing, I hear them come near me, once I feel one close enough I bring my claws out and stick them in the stomach of the one closest to me, he whines out in pain and I dig deeper making him whine louder, I push him to the other three and start running again

Every step in the territory I feel myself getting a little more weak, after getting near the house I hear people running towards me, along with rogues behind me, dumbasses, I thought because they stepped into territory, one of the wolves jump on me, I turn around and push him off with whatever energy I have to fight and brake his paw making him whine

Me and the wolf further away from me stare at each other he growls and starts running towards me, I feel my claws out and run towards him too, before we make it In the middle he jumps mid air and I slide under, I flip my hair back from in front of my face then charge at him quick, I hop on his back and grab his neck, I dig my claws in his neck further and further until I snap it and it goes limp

Out of breath I get up, I look up and see I have an audience, that’s including my group of friends

“You assholes gonna stand there and stare or help me?” after that I black out

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