Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 12

Giovanni’s POV

I was so mesmerized by how she took down the rogue, she was hurt but still pushed herself to keep defense on herself, she was gorgeous, beautiful, strong, confident, a fighter. At the time I was enjoying how she killed the rogue with her bare hands that I didn’t notice the bullet wounds on her stomach until she collapsed but before she did I seen her eyes flutter and ran towards her before she fainted and fell in my arms

I told some people that were there to run and get the medic ready to check her, that was a couple hours ago, now we’re waiting to see if she’s ok

I can’t believe she’s my mate, yea I don’t like this pathetic mate bond thing but, she was strong and has a lot of power in her that I can’t help but admire, everything about her has me going crazy. After the most amazing kiss I shared with her I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I couldn’t stop feeling her lips pressed against mine. When we were in class I don’t know why I couldn’t just stop staring at her, and then when she grabbed my hand I heard her heart beat quicken when I grabbed back, but for some reason, the electric feeling wasn’t as strong as when we were kissing because I know my wolf didn’t make a mistake. My thoughts were cut off when the doctor stepped out with info about her

“We got the bullets out and treated her wound, she should be fine tomorrow, also by the looks of it she seems to be healing fairly fast for a normal wolf so that’s also good.”

“So she’s perfectly fine?” Carly asks

“Yup” he pops the ‘P’

We all sigh in relief “can we check on her?” Elle asks

“Yes of course” he leads us to her room

We all walk in and the first thing we see is her standing up and her hand on the table for balance as she puts on her shoes

“What the heck are you doing?! You’re suppose to be resting you haven’t fully healed yet!” Carly exclaims

“Relax I’m fine” she rolls her eyes but you can see her slightly wince

Josie walks up to her and pokes her stomach hard making Paulina hiss in pain and grab Josie’s wrist, it kinda angered me that Josie caused Paulina pain but I pushed the feeling back

“The fuck was that for?!” She exclaimed

“See. You’re not fully healed and ‘ok’” she says with an innocent smile

Paulina huffed then put her hair in a ponytail with hairs sticking out messily but still framing her beautiful face

“Well I don’t care, I’m going home and I’ll rest there” she makes her way to the door

“I already told your parents you’re sleeping at my house” Elle says stopping Paulina in her tracks

She turns around and glares at her then rolls her eyes with another huff of annoyance

“Whatever I need a drink” she walks out

After showing her where our bar/game room was 20 minutes later and she’s buzzed, talking and laughing with Jordan and gives me a feeling I couldn’t explain and never felt before

“How are you so buzzed? I thought since you heal so quick you wouldn’t be so buzzed” he chuckles

“It’s because it’s a special drink” she giggles

“Can I have some of that special drink” he winks

“Mhm” she smirks then takes a shot of the rest of her drink

I didn’t know why but what she did next cracked a little bit of me and made me kinda angry wanting to punch him in the face

She drank the shot and straddled him then had a full on make out session I can even see her sticking her tongue down his god damn throat and hearing him groan grabbing her ass pulling her closer to him

She starts slowly grinding on him and gripping his hair causing him to groan again but this time she moans with him, picking up the pace of grinding on him, I don’t even have to see to know he has a hard on

Getting more and more angry for him putting his hands on her I think of an excuse to rip them apart

“Jordan wanna play Halo with me?” I ask without looking at them and starting the game

“Uh ye-yeah gimme a second” he says nervously

I hear some mumbling and took the chance to hear what’s happening

“What the hell am I gonna do with this?!” He whispers

She giggles “I don’t know babe, that’s for you to figure out”

‘Babe’ she called him ‘babe’ Jesus what the hell is wrong with me? I seriously need to get laid

“Hey!” Jordan snaps his fingers in my face from behind “Ima use the restroom real quick ok?”

“Sure” I say tryna sound calm

20 minutes later

It’s been 20 minutes, 20 fucking minutes, It shouldn’t take him this damn long to jerk off. I groan and look around, something caught my eyes that is making me suspicious. Jordan is still gone and Paulina is no where to be seen

I walk towards Lorenzo, the girls, and Dominic

“Have you seen Paulina?”

“She said she had to use the bathroom, why you miss her already?” Lorenzo smirks

“Shut up” I mumble and walk away

“Go get your Girl baby!” Lorenzo shouts and I hear the girls giggle and the guys chuckle

I roll my eyes and head towards the bathroom till I hear a little noise coming from one of the rooms. I walk a little closer and the noise gets louder

“Jordan” someone moan

I put my ear on the door and listen to who was moan

“Ah just like that baby” I hear Paulina moan

I hear him groan while she moans, I crack the door a little and see his face in her pussy moving up and down while she grips his hair and moans his name and telling him to ‘keep going’ and ‘right there’ I was sitting there listening to everything I didn’t notice my claws were out and my eyes turned red, I was beyond pissed, I didn’t care who he was I just wanted to rip him to shreds and kiss Paulina and growl that she’s mine and mine only

I didn’t hear anyone next to me while I’m tryna keep my anger on check till someone’s hand was on my arm

I grab their wrist with one and and the other hand on their neck pushing them to the wall

“Relax it’s just me Mr.Hulk” Josie giggles a little

I let her go and mumble an apology

“It’s all good, I heard them before I touched your arm, you ok?” Her eyes were soft and just staring into mine

“Yeah why would I be?”

She rolls her eyes “I got you don’t worry” she smirks and winks before heading into the room

“Mm jor-”

“JORDAN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MOLESTING MY BESTFRIEND” Josie yells and I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head

I peek inside and see Jordan look around for his shirt and Paulina just stands up from the bed in just her Victoria secret lacy blue panties and bra, I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing and sexy body, Jesus, what I’d do to that body when I get my hands on it. I was so caught up in her body I looked up and see Josie yelling at Jordan in the corner of the room and Paulina standing there, hands on her hips, smirking and looking at me

“You’re drooling, love” she says with amusement

I put my hand on my mouth and notice she’s just messing with me making her laugh from her accomplishment, hearing her angelic and music to my ears laugh makes me smile a bit and shake my head

She walks to me and my heart beats faster, when she’s right in front of me she smiles

“Excuse me” she bends down and picks up her shirt, when she gets back up she winks and walks out with Josie still yelling at Jordan about molesting her friend causing me to chuckle once more before I leave seeing Paulina’s ass in full display swaying, going down the hallway and making her way to the game room

“You should probably cover up darling”

“I should. I’ll wait till I get to the room, thanks for the suggestion though” she winks and keeps walking ahead of me

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