Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 13

Paulina’s POV

It’s been two days since I was at Giovanni’s house, I’m currently on my way to my 2nd class. I’ve been kinda dodging everyone today mostly because my mom says I have to go home straight away after school and that’s all she said, Ive been ignoring them because my mind has just been on what she is gonna tell me after school.

“PAULINA!” I hear someone shout from behind me, getting me out of my thought.

I look back and see Elle, Carly, and Dominic, walking my way and Elle looks like she’s gonna be sick which makes me wanna laugh.


“Finally I see someone, these two won’t shut the hell up with their flirting and they also keep eye raping each other” she pouts

I couldn’t help but laugh which earns a mean glare from Elle until Dominic and Carly start bursting out laughing with me and Elle just rolls her eyes and pouts again.

“Sorry, that’s just funny” I say between laughs and starting to contain it with deep breaths

“I’m glad I can entertain you assholes” she rolls her eyes once again and turns to walk away

“Wait” I catch up to her and link our arms together

“So why have you been out of it today?” She finally asks after a moment of silence

“My mom called me and just told me to come straight home after school then hung up, I’m kinda worried on what it’s about” I bite my lip

“I’m sure everything is fine, probably some pick stuff and other import BS like that ” she assured me

“Yeah you’re right” I give a small smile

After school

when I drive up to the house I see another car that doesn’t look very familiar, I get out the car and quickly walk in the house throwing my keys in a glass bowl with the other.

“Mama” I yell

“In the kitchen!” she yells back sounding kinda excited

“is every thing o-” I stop in my tracks looking at the person I didn’t think I’d see again in a long time.

“Talia!” I scream and jump on her giving her a big hug

“damn you almost knocked me down with your fat ass” she laughs

“language” my mom says while cutting veggies for dinner

“Sorry mama” she laughs

“What the heck are you doing here?!” I exclaim

“I finished early so I came back”

“Oh ‘early’ only took you 2 and a half years” I roll my eyes with a smile

She laughs then puts her arm around my shoulders.

“As much as I love this reunion, I don’t wanna sit around so let’s do something” she says walking us to the stairs

“Uh-uh what about dinner?” My mom asks before we walk up the steps

“Mama we’ll come back and eat before we go to bed” I say with pleading eyes and a pout

“Fine” she sighs and rolls her eyes

Me and Talia squeal in excitement and run up the stairs to my room and to my walk in closet

“I know a club we could go to, I’ll text my friends to meet us there” I tell her while looking through my clothes

“Friends? You have those?” She says trying not to laugh

“Ha ha so funny” I roll my eyes then see the perfect outfit

“Ima take a shower and get ready” I tell her walking out the closet


After a 10 minute shower I wrap one towel around my body and the other around my head. I turn on my flat iron and get my makeup out then walk out the room grabbing my clothes and putting my panties and bra on them put on the outfit I had

“Ready” I ask Talia after an hour and a half of getting ready

“Yup” she pops the ‘P’

we grab our purses, I grab my keys and we make our way downstairs to find our way to my parents finishing up dinner

“mom we’re leaving” I say when I step in the kitchen

“alright, stay safe and text if you need anything”

“bye mama, bye dad” Talia says walking next to me

“bye, stay safe you guys” my dad says

we make our way to my 2018 matte black Ford Mustang and drive the 20 minute drive to the club, when we finally make it there, in the corner of my eye I see Talia sniffing out.

“you ok?” I ask her getting more suspicious

“huh? oh, yeah i’m good” she says with a smile

“uhm, alright lets head in now”


we go in the front of the line and the guy lets us in quick without me saying anything.

“are you a regular or something?” she laughs

“no we’ve been here before and my friend Carly compelled him to remember us”

“lucky asses” she playfully shakes her head

we make our way in and Talia guides me to the bar right when we walk past the door and ordering 6 shots of tequila, when the bartender hands us the shots I quickly add some magic to be strong enough for us.

“hey!” I hear Josie yell over the music to us

“hey! this is my sister Talia” I yell back

“hey what’s up” Talia yells

“where are the guys?” I ask them

“missing your boyfriend already”Elle jokes

“boyfriend?!” Talia exclaims

“I don’t have a boyfriend” I roll my eyes

“true you just have a mate” Carly laughs

“Ha! good luck with getting her to believe in that stuff” Talia laughs

“oh trust us, we know” Josie rolls her eyes

before anyone can say anything else, Dominic grabs Carly from behind and hugs her, I raise a brow at them and wait for answers.

“remember when you were avoiding everyone? well Domi here finally grew some and asked out Carly” Josie answers

“yup thats why they were eye raping each other” Elle says with annoyance while The newly couple laugh at her

I was gonna laugh until I heard something surprising and looked at Talia to say it again so I know I wasn’t hearing things, this time she growled it.

“Mate” she growled

I look up and see Jordan, Lorenzo, and Giovanni, wondering which two fuckboy is gonna have my sister’s heart, when I look at them both I only one of them staring at Talia like she was a meal ready to be eaten.

“uh oh” was the only thing that came out of my mouth

the next thing everyone sees is Talia attacking by jumping and hugging him with her legs wrapped around his waist and he hugs back with the same excitement.

“Jordan’s her mate” Elle says with sadness laced in her tone

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