Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 14

Paulina’s POV

I think I just had deja vu except instead of me and Giovanni, its my sister and Jordan. I inwardly cringe because just a couple days ago I was giving head to Jordan and he was giving me head, until we were interrupted of course. Me and everyone just stood there, mouths hung open and eyes so wide they might pop out our heads and on the floor. The difference between us and Elle, is that we look at the newly mates and at her with sympathy, she looks so hurt and betrayed, not at Jordan but at the Moon Goddess for giving him a mate that isn’t her. it was different with me because I was drunk, horny, and trying to get over the fact that I have a mate I never wanted, she knew what kind of person Jordan was but they had a big connection than with anyone else they would see.

“Mine” Jordan growls walking toward Talia

“yours” her eyes change color and she runs towards him jumping in his arms

They start having a very heated makeup session which is our cue to look away, I walk up to Elle seeing her tears in her eyes begging to spill but she holds back, already knowing the answer people would ask her I decide to not let her think about it and help get her mind away.

“want a drink” I give her a sad smile

she looks at me and just nods with hurt filling her eyes. I lock our arms together and walk us to another part of the bar and put my hand up to get a bartender’s attention. I take a good look at the bartenders and one of them catches my attention that I plan on catching for Elle. I lift my hand up and make sure he is the one to catch my attention, when I see him looking at me I give a flirtatious smile, he was towards us and u give a light bump to Elle and she looks up to see him.

“what can I get you gorgeous ladies?” he asks with a sexy smile that’s even making panties damp

“your strongest drink for us and also your name and number for my beautiful friend here” I smile at him

" alright and how ’bout a little kiss for me too” he smirks

“when’s your break?” Elle asks with a smile

“Kevin! im on break, cover for me” he yells at the other bartender

he looks up at us, laughs while shaking his head, then just smirks at him.

“foresure, go have fun Bryce” he winks

Bryce slides across the counter making his way to us grabbing both our waists and kissing both our cheeks

“oh, hey Kevin get us a couple song ones” he yells for the bartender

“on it!” he yells back grabbing a couple glass cups and pours the drinks

“thanks” I wink at him before Bryce drags us away

we walk towards the group and I see my sister sitting on Jordan’s lap giggling while he whispers in her ear and kisses her neck, when I walk towards the group and I hear a low growl from Giovanni because of Bryce’s arm wrapped around me.

“we’re gonna go drink and stuff we’ll be back” I tell them all

Josie looks at Elle with sympathy for a couple seconds but the looks at m and smirks but before she can say anything Lorenzo smirks at all three of us.

“threesome” he smirks and winks

“maybe, wanna watch?” I smirk back and also hear another low growl from Giovanni, I guess Lorenzo cause he smiled

“how can I pass up on two girls making out?” I puts his hand on his heart as if I hurt him for asking

“c’mon then” I wink

“Don’t” Giovanni growls at Lorenzo

“chill man of course not” he chuckles for the reaction he was hoping for

Giovanni rolls his eyes and downs the rest of his drink and just looks at me with warning about leaving with Elle and Bryce but I just looked at him and blew him a kiss then walked away with them.

Me and Elle sit on either side of Bryce laughing and talking and one thing led to another, before I realized, me, Elle, and Bryce were having a three way make out. after a few minutes of it, I start to get sort of uncomfortable because I feel someone staring burning daggers at me with so much anger. I turn around and see Giovanni just glaring at me and I just raise my eyebrow at him. He grabs the closest brunette and shoved his tongue down her throat dominating her. As much as I hate but would never admit is that it actually brought jealousy out of me and made me wanna rip her away from him by the hair and show him to never put his hand on any other girl ever again, but I ignored the anger building up and noticed he was looking at me so I just smirked and winked not giving him the satisfaction to show any other emotion that my wolf wants to show.

“im gonna go grab a drink” I tell the newly fuckbuddies that are sucking faces like no tomorrow

Elle just gives me a thumbs up and I just chuckle walking away to the bar getting a drink to calm me and my wolf

“something strong” I tell Kevin the bartender

“coming up beautiful” he winks and grabs pours me a drink “there you are” he smiles

“thanks handsome” I grab behind his neck and pull him to me to kiss his cheek then walk away

I dance for a few minutes, grinding on guys, and just moving my hips to the music. I start getting buzz a little and tired from dancing, I also feel like I need to use the bathroom, I walk to the bathroom and do my business. after I wash my hands and walk out I felt one hand on my throat and another on my waist. I breathe heavy from the sudden attack then I hear the person sniffing my neck.

“I don’t like what you did back there” he growls

“oh really? I haven’t noticed” I roll my eyes

“you’re really pushing your luck not getting what you deserve for talking back to me”

“what is it that I deserve?” I smirk at him looking in his lustful eyes that are staring at my lips

“I’d say to punish you but I think I have a feeling you’re into that type of thing” he smirks back

“why don’t you find out?” I bite my lip staring at him innocently making him groan with pleasure

“I am” he throws me over his shoulder and starts walking upstairs to the private areas.

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