Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 15

He throws me on the bed and takes off his shirt, I try to sit up and touch his chest but he pushes me back on the bed then puts his hand on my neck with a little squeeze.

“You’re mine” he growls

“I don’t remember agreeing to that” I smirk

“I’ll make sure everyone knows” he smirks squeezing a bit more on my neck

“Can’t wait” I wink, running my hand down his chest and over his delicious six pack I can’t wait to lick

He smirks and takes his hand off my neck and puts it under my shirt on my right boob and grabbing while attacking my neck, feeling him get so close to my marking area makes my breathing hitch and wrap my legs around his torso. His hand moves to the other boob and grabbing while he finally makes it to my marking spot and causing me to moan and my head moving to give him room, my legs tighten around his torso and feeling his hard on.

“You bring me any closer and I’ll mark you baby” he says smirking against my neck then licks the spot making my eyes roll back

“Then do It” I bite my lip

“As you wish darling” he kisses the spot

Before I can change my mind I feel his canines on the spot and I moan. He kisses it one last time before digging his fangs in it. My nails dig in his back and i scream in pain, a tear rolled down my cheek from the pain and after a couple second the pain turned to pleasure and my eyes close from the amazing feeling running through my blood. He pulls his teeth out and licks the mark, before I realized what I did, I flipped us and my hands going up and down his chest to his abs while I was finding his spot. After nibbling a couple spot I finally found a spot making him groan and his hands find their way to my ass and grabbing it. I slowly lick the spot and feeling his head move in enjoyment and give me more space, I quickly dig my canines in the spot and his hands grip harder on my ass probably leaving a bruise Im not worried about. I pull my teeth out and lick it just like he did, his hands leave my ass and go to my face smashing his lips on mine roughly but passionately.

“Now you’re officially mine” he smiles

“We’ll see” I smile and wink

He quickly pulls off my shirt then flips us once again. He kisses My newly mark and starts making way down to my stomach but comes back up and takes off my bra swiftly then goes back down till he reaches my pants. He rips the button and pulling my pants down while my hands are in his hair just brushing it and biting my lip feeling the wetness more and more.

*********SEXUAL CONTENT**********

He looks up at me smirking while sliding a finger down my slit over the panties making me sigh in pleasure, with my fingers still in his hair, I push his head slightly making him chuckle.

“Patients baby” he winks

“Keep teasing and I’ll lose more of my patients” I roll my eyes

He chuckles once again then looks up at me putting his head closer to my now soaked panties and licking it making me moan and grab his hair slightly tight telling him to keep going. He pushes his tongue more this time.

“You taste so delicious” he moans and licks again

I quietly moan, he pushes the panties to the side then kisses around my pussy making me start to get frustrated.

“Giovanni” I pout

“Yes baby?” He smirks knowing what he’s doing. Fucking twat.

“Stop teasing” I groan

“What’s the magic word princess?”

“Giovanni” i complain rolling my eyes

“I think you missed a word before that” he says still smirking. I’m gonna fucking rip his dick off.

“Please Gio” I ask innocently and seductively

He groans in pleasure and then opens the slits and blows on it a little making me moan then bite my lip. He sucks on the clit and I moan a little louder with my hands back in his hair, and my eyes rolled back.

“Look at me princess” he demands

I look at him biting my lip “good girl” he says before sucking again

I moan gripping his hair more. He starts flicking my clit with his tongue then sucking again, I moan loud and uncontrollably. He pushes to fingers in and groans causing it to vibrate on my clit making me moan and I roll my eyes back again and pushing his head in more. He stops and i groan.

“Keep your eyes on me” he demands again

I nod and he goes back but sucks hard, my breathing and moans are all over the place while his fingers curl inside me. When he hits my G-spot, I close my thighs and he takes his hand out while still sucking and softly biting my clit and spreads my legs and holds them there.

“I-I’m gonna..” I moan

Right when I was about to let go, he stops once again and gets up.

“Again. Seriously?” I groan and roll my eyes

“You Aren’t cumming without me baby” he winks and pulls down his boxers and pants down

He positions himself and oh my moon goddess he’s BIG. Bigger than Cody. He teases me once again by rubbing his cock on my slit and smirks, I softly moan and slightly arch my back.

“Giovanni, please” I beg

“Anything for you princess” he comes down and kisses me

He distracted me in the kiss that I didn’t notice him position himself again. He sticks it in fast that i gasp in the kiss, he rests his forearms beside both sides of my head and thrust himself inside slowly. I moan in pain for a few seconds from adjusting to his bigger size, he starts picking up the pace knowing I’ve started to adjust and I moan loud putting my hands on his back and lifting my hips a little so he can go deeper. His thrust go fast that you can hear the skin on skin contact from the pounding, our moans and grunts are mixed in with it.

“Holy shit, you’re tight” he groans

“Giovanni” i scream

“Fuck, say it again baby” he groans again

“Gio” i moan loud

“Cum with me baby” he says out of breathe

I bite his shoulder and moan, before I can even say anything, the warm feeling in my stomach lets go and I feel it mix with his own cum that’s now feeling me up making me moan his name loud one last time before he slowly pulls out and collapsed next to me, our breath fast and our hearts racing.

************SEXUAL END************

“You owe me new pants” I say after our breathes are almost back to normal

“I will buy you more” he chuckles

“Mhm, now I can’t button them genius. I gotta walk out with my underwear slightly showing” I look at him with an eyebrow raised

“I’ll carry you out don’t worry gorgeous” he cups my face and kisses me

“I’m enjoy this new loving affection” I joke and wink at him

“It’s my wolf” he rolls his eyes

“I’m sure that’s it” I laugh

“It is” he mumbles


“It is” he gets on top of me and starts tickling me

“Gi-Gio” I scream and laugh

“Say you’re mine” he stops tickling

“When I’m dead i will” i laugh

“As you wish baby” he tickles me again

“AH ST-STOP” I laugh hard

“Say it”


“Then I won’t stop”

“Please” I laugh

“Say it”

“Ok!” I yell trying to breathe



He stops still on top of me and just waiting for me to say it. I smile and, using my wolf strength, I push him off and run towards the door forgetting that I don’t have clothes on but not caring. Before I can full open the door, he grabs from behind and shuts the door with his foot then walks over to the bed and throws me on it. I roll so I’m now laying on my back trying to back up, he grabs my ankles and pulls my down to him. Before he can say anything I sit up and slide my hands around his neck until my arms are wrapped around then bring him down so our lips are barely touching.

“I’m all yours” I whisper against his lips before slam them together

He immediately kisses back passionately but before things get heated again, my phone rings from my bag. I give him one last peck on the lips before getting up and answering it.


“I’ll be down right now” I say before hanging up

“We gotta go” I say grabbing my clothes

We quickly get dressed and walk towards the door, before I open it, Giovanni grabs my hand that’s on the handle and spins me around giving me one last long kiss that I immediately returned.

“All mine” he says with our foreheads pressed together

“All yours” I kiss his cheek and open the door walking out

“FINALLY” Josie yells when she spots us outside

“You’re being dramatic J” I roll my eyes while smiling

“Your lips look very swollen. Mind telling me why” she smirks looking at both of us and getting everyone’s attention

“Shut up Josie” I walk to the car

“Finally, took you guys long enough” Carly says rolling her eyes

“You guys are obsessed it’s getting scary” I laugh

“We Just know how freakin perfect you guys are” Carly shrugs
After everyone talking about me and Giovanni finally getting together, we go to his house exhausted. Josie and Lorenzo went to get it on, my sister and Jordan went to sleep, Carly and Dominic went to take a walk, me and Giovanni are in the kitchen making sandwiches before we go to bed.

“My sandwich looks way better than yours darling” Gio says smiling

“If you’re willing to have a competition on who’s sandwich is better than I’ll start over and show you the best sandwich you’ll ever see and eat” I say taking a bite out of the sandwich

“Nothing Can beat the most delicious thing between your legs” he winks

“Smooth” I laugh

He wraps his arm around my waist and and pulls me to his chest kissing my neck and the mark while I eat my sandwich.

“Sleeping with me tonight?” He asks against my neck

“Actually I wanted you to sleep on the couch”

“What? Why?!” He looks at me frowning

“I may be yours but I don’t wanna sleep with you tonight” I shrug and start walking off

“Oh” he says sounding kinda hurt

I smile and walk back to him, grabbing him and his sandwich and pulling him towards the stairs.

“I’m just kidding. Of course I’m sleeping with you” I look back at him

He shakes his head smiling then grabbing me from behind pulling me back so my back hits his chest and he kisses my neck, holding me tight.

“Your evil baby” he smiles then kisses my cheek

“Only sometimes” I giggle and get out of his grip walking up the stairs to his room holding his hand

We make it to his room, he takes of his clothes and I take off mine then we both get in his bed. He pulls me back with my back pressed against his chest. He kisses My shoulder rubbing my thigh, relaxing me.

“Goodnight baby” he whispers before wrapping his arm around me


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