Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 16

It’s been about two weeks and a half since me and Giovanni completed the mate bond, lately I’ve been feeling kinda moody but I think my period is on it’s way which sucks because a werewolf on its period is 5x worse than a human. Two weeks, a couple days after me and Giovanni spent time together, we found out that the whole school found out about us being official. I guess word travels fast as hell in this school. Sofía was not as happy as some kids were, in fact, she’s the reason the mood swings triggered.

We finally survived our classes and made it to lunch. Before I can make it to my locker, someone grabbed me from behind and lift me up the ground spinning.

“AH, Gio” I laugh trying to get out of his grip

“Yes baby?” he chuckles and sets me down but still holds me

“So affectionate” I roll my eyes giggling

“Would you like me to stop?”

“I never said that, but what I would like is to have lunch, I’m hungry”

“Me too baby, but I’m thinking of something different to eat” he smirks against my neck

“Get off me you perv” I giggle and finally escape

“Don’t fight it Amore mio (my love)” he smacks my ass before letting me proceed to my locker

I giggle and put my stuff away before walking hand in hand with him to the cafeteria where everyone is at. After a good 10 minutes of talking and having a good day, it of course had to end with Sofia whoring around giving a flirtatious smile walking until she’s next to Giovanni.


“I missed you babe” she sits on his lap and puts her arms around his neck getting comfy

“Sorry not interested”

“Oh babe” she laughs then goes to whisper in his ear “stop playing and come with me to have fun”

“Get off me” he says gritting his teeth

“Babe, you cant seriously be with this thing” she spits, putting her hand on his cheek

My wolf was itching to get out and rip her limb from limb, I Can feel my claws slowly crawl out. I was starting to calm down until I seen her hand slowly slide lower. I grab her wrist roughly and threw her off him then got up from my seat.

“Crazy bitch” she gets up and slaps me

My face snaps to the right, my wolf was on edge but I couldn’t let her out so I jumped on Sofia and started throwing punches, I guess I wasn’t the only one that heard a popping sound because next thing I felt was someone having a tight grip around me and pulling me away from Sofia.

“Baby stop you’re gonna kill her” I hear Giovanni whisper in my ear then starts kissing my neck

“She’s fucking crazy” Sofia exclaims making my blood boil again

I rip away from Giovanni’s grip and run outside, I hear people yelling my name but I completely ignore them and run until I’m far enough into the woods then rip my clothes and let my wolf take over.

The last thing I remember is letting her take over, I then wake up with blood all over my body still in the woods. I had made my way to my house and cleaned myself off. After that I’ve just been super moody and barely talking to anyone so I don’t rip their heads off. I also heard that no one has seen Sofia or her crew after I broke her nose. Oops.

Right now I’m on my bed with my guitar ready to play a song I’ve heard a few times.

“Some girls, feel best in their tiny dresses
Some girls, nothin’ but sweatpants, looking like a princess
Some girls, kiss new lips every single night, They’re stayin’ out late ’cause they just celebrating life
You know some days you feel so good in your own skin
But it’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in
’Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen
We’re all just playing a game in a way, trying to win at life
Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful
Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable
Most girls, our fight to make every day
No two are the same
I wanna be like, I wanna be like, most girls-” I cut of my singing hearing someone coming in the window

“Hey” Giovanni chuckles nervously rubbing the back of his neck

“Hi” I give a small smile

“Nice song” he sits next to me on my bed

“Thanks” I put my guitar on the floor next to my bed

“You’ve been avoiding us lately, why?” He sounded kinda hurt

“Sorry, I’ve just been moody lately” I give him a full smile and scoot closer to him

“More moody than you usually are?” He laughs and I roll my eyes

“Shut up” I playfully push his shoulder

“I’ve missed you” he kisses me

“Mm, me too” I push him down and straddle him

He grips my thighs while my hands are on his His face deepening this kiss. After a few more seconds of kissing I start grinding on his now hard member making him groan. I bite his lip pushing my core against his member, my moan and his groan move in sync.

“Oh I definitely missed you” he groans

Before I can answer I felt nauseous and my lunch was coming back up. I quickly jumped off him and ran to the bathroom, throwing up my insides while Giovanni runs in and holds my hair and rubbing my back.

“You ok?”

“I think so, this is the second time it’s happened”

After a couple more minutes of throwing up my insides I finally sit down next to the toilet. Giovanni gets up and starts the shower then hands me some mouthwash.

‘Something doesn’t feel right paulina’ my wolf says with concern

‘I know but I’m sure it’s gonna be fine’ I assure her

Giovanni flushes the toilet then leaves saying he’s gonna get me some clothes while I take my dirty ones off and hop in the shower.

After a 10 minute relaxing shower I get out and dry myself doing my routine of lotion and face cream. I step out and see Giovanni wearing boxers and laying in my bed with his arm covering his eyes. I quietly but quickly throw on my panties and throw on the shorts and lose oversized shirt he put out for me. I hop on bed straddling him, he smiles knowing it’s me with his arm still covering his eyes. I smile back and lay down on him, his other hand is rubbing my back with circles.

“Feel better?” He asks breaking the comfortable silence

“Much. Did you enjoy picking out my underwear?” I laugh

“Best thing I’ve ever seen”

“Perv” I smack his chest and he chuckles



“Yes, i couldn’t sleep without you babe” he lifts his arm a little and winks at me

“Cheesy” I giggle

I draw random shapes on his chest until he fell asleep and after a few more minutes of running my hand up and down his chest I finally fell asleep.

9:30 pm

I woke up to people whispering and flashes, I slowly open my eyes. Giovanni has his arms wrapped around me like I’ll get taken or run away in the middle of the night, one arm was under the pillow that’s under my head and the other is tightened around my waist with our and my head was slightly under his. I groan and dig my head deeper to his neck.

“Go away” I grumble

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I might melt” I hear Carly say

“Jump off a cliff and let us sleep” I grumble again

“Sorry, not an option”

After I heard Josie say that, I felt cold water being poured on us. Me and Giovanni jumped out of bed on each side of it. I glare at Lorenzo who I seen with the bucket, I growl and start walking towards him with my eyes glowing red.

“Uh oh” he mumbles and starts backing away

“You fucked up now man” Jordan says behind me

I honestly didn’t mean to get this angry but my mood is way out of control right now, stupid period, I thought. Before I can rip his head off, Giovanni grabbed me from behind and nibbles on my ear.

“Paulina?” Talia called from behind

My eyes slowly go back to normal and I take deep breaths calming my wolf.

“You ok baby?” He whispers even though everyone can hear


“You sure?”

“No stay there” I say grabbing his hands

“Sorry Pauli” Lorenzo kisses my forehead and earning a growl from Giovanni

“No it’s ok, my moods are just going crazy, probably just period month”

All the guys, except for Giovanni who loosened his grip but is still hugging me, backed up and keeping distance.

“I’ll buy the chocolate” Lorenzo announces

“I call ice cream” Dylan says

“I got chips and other junk food” Jordan lastly says

“You guys would never do that for us” Talia says rolling her eyes

“You aren’t as scary as your sister” Lorenzo tells her

“True” all the girls say and I lightly laugh

“Well, get out, it’s girls time” Josie says

“I like girl time” Lorenzo winks getting growls from Giovanni and Jordan

“Out” all the girls said except for Me, I just laughed

“We’re leaving, no need to let the claws out” Jordan says chuckling

Giovanni turns me around and showers me with kisses all over my face before finally making it to my lips and kisses me slow and passionately, I wrap my armed his neck and kiss him back in sync.

“Ew you guys, stop this is getting gross” Josie fake gags

Just to annoy her I mindlink Giovanni to grab my ass and deepen the kiss. He smiles in the kiss and does exactly that, I bite his lip making him groan and he puts his tongue in my mouth tasting everything then gives me one hard smack on my ass making me moan in pain and pleasure and finally coming out for air.

“You guys. Are sick” Josie shakes her head and all the girls laugh

“I’ll talk to you later baby” he gives me one more kiss on my forehead before walking out the room leaving me and the girls.

“Who needs a bottle to do the Kylie Jenner challenge when you can suck faces roughly” Elle comments looking at my lips

We all laugh, we walked to my bed and sat down.

“I brought vodka!” Elle says excitedly and taking out a bottle of peach flavored vodka

Elle got up grabbed one of my loose shirts from my closet then walked to my desk while holding up the shirt like she’s doing a magic trick.

“Ready?” She asks and we all laugh at how dumb she’s being

She whispers a spell and slightly moving her fingers. When she finished, she removed the shirt dramatically and bows.

“Thank you, thank you”

She pours the drink in each cup, the smell hitting my nose was making me kinda nauseous but I think it’s mostly because I haven’t ate anything yet. She handed everyone a cup and we did a cheers, before the burning yet tasty liquid can reach my mouth, whatever food or insides I had left started coming back up. I quickly ran to the bathroom and opened the toilet then I had let out whatever can come up.

“Paulina?!” Talia yelled worriedly before running in the bathroom with the rest of the girls

“Are you ok?”

“What happened?”

“Did you eat something bad?”

They all asked at once making me agitated but before I can really Decipher my emotions, I started crying from all the questions and just my emotions being overwhelming.

“Paulina what’s wrong?” Carly sits next to me brushing my hair

“I don’t know, so many questions and emotions I can’t process anything” I sob

Before anyone can ask something else, Giovanni barges in my room and into the bathroom looking angry.

“What the hell happened?” He says while sitting next to me and rubbing my back

“We don’t know, we were about to drink and talk but then she ran in here and started throwing up then she started crying” Carly answered

“You ok baby? Want something to drink or eat?”

My eyes instantly snap to him, my tears stop and a big smile is on my face at the mention of eating.


“Well 0-100 then back to 0 real quick” Jordan commented

I looked up from the toilet and glares at him making him shift uncomfortably but I keep glaring.

“Sorry” he mumbles looking at the floor

Giovanni chuckles then gets up, pulling me with him and walking to the counter putting toothpaste on my toothbrush and mouthwash in a cup while Carly flushes and closes the toilet seat. After brushing my teeth Giovanni insists I lay down while he makes dinner, the girls stay behind looking at me like they’re studying me and figuring something out.

“Ugh, What?!” I say having enough of the stares

“When’s your period suppose to start?” Elle asks with narrowed eyes

“Soon I guess, why?” I raise a brow

“Check specifically” Josie says with the same face as Elle, actually everyone’s face is the same as Elle’s

I groan and slowly sit up, grabbing my phone I unlock it and check the date. After looking at it for a minute, my eyes go wide and I realized I was suppose to start almost a week ago. Ok, don’t freak out, this is normal I mean everyone misses sometimes. Yup it’s normal.

’I feel weird though Pauli” my wolf says sounding worried

‘But you’d be able to feel it wouldn’t you?!’

‘I feel nauseous’

“Paulina?” Carly says bringing me out of my thoughts

I was so in thought I didn’t notice the tears sliding down my face and the girls were sitting next to me on the bed looking worried for me.

“It’s gonna be ok” Talia says on my left rubbing my back

“I’ve only missed a week, that could mean anything, it’s normal to miss your period sometimes” I say not knowing who I’m trying to convince

“I guess we’ll just have to be 100% sure about that” Elle says

“Yeah, we’ll take you to a doctor tomorrow” Carly comforts


What if I am pregnant? I’m only 17 gonna be 18 in a couple months. People are after me, What the hell am I gonna do with a baby when I can barely leave my house without worrying? I can’t be pregnant.

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