Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 17

It’s been a few days. I’ve been ignoring Giovanni and telling the girls to keep him away while I wrap the pregnancy in my head, well I don’t know if I actually am pregnant. That’s what I’m finding out today, I woke up early because I could barely sleep and I ended up throwing up once again because how nervous I am.

Right now I’m with Carly and she’s driving me to the pack doctor’s house so she can check on me. I’ve already told her to keep this a secret until I’m comfortable to tell anyone, if there even is something to tell people, and she understood.

“You ok?” Carly asks keeping her eyes on the road.

“Yeah” honestly, I don’t know how I’m feeling. It’s pretty overwhelming mostly because I’m being hunted by every creature and human out there.

“You look like you need to puke again.” She glances at me before putting her eyes back on the road

“Maybe, we’re 2 minutes there, I’ll be fine.” I take a deep breath.

“Everything will be ok, we’re all here for you. Always.” She assures me with a smile

“Thanks Carly.” I smile back

“We’re here. Let go take that test” she turns off the car and walks out waiting at the front of the car for me.

I take a deep breath calming my nerves before I step out and walk with her to the door. She wraps her arm with mine and knocks on the door with her other hand. After a few seconds, the door opens to a smiling gorgeous 28 year old woman, she had light brown straight healthy hair that reached her waist. Her Carmel skin tone that glowed, and her bright hazel eyes that can get any guy on his knees along with her smile. She was absolutely stunning and I envied her beauty.

“Paulina! It’s great to see you again.” She says hugging me

“It’s great to see you again too Lisa.” I hug her back

She pulls back with her hands on my shoulder giving them a squeeze and smiling happily before she looks at Carly, her smile never leaving her face.

“Ah Carly, it’s so great to see you too.” She pulls Carly in a hug

“I missed you too Lisa.” Carly smiles hugging her back

“Well, lets go get you checked up shall we?” She says moving to the side and letting us in.

“Will it take long?” I ask walking in the living room

“Not at all, just a few minutes, I just need you to pee in this cup and I’ll have it tested.” She says handing me a small plastic cup with a blue top.

I smile at her before walking to the bathroom and doing my business awkwardly in the cup trying not to pee on my hand. I finish and wash my hands and rinsing off the outside of the cup before walking out and handing it to her.

“Great. Just relax on the couch and I’ll have results in no time.” She says before walking off

Few minutes later

After a few minutes of panicking inside my head and Carly watching tv. I heard the doc walking towards us, I quickly sit up waiting for her. She walks in the room with a smile on her face.

“Well, I got your results.” She hands me the paper

“Well?” Carly asks impatiently


Giovanni’s POV

It’s been few days since I’ve talk much less seen Paulina. I’ve been stressed out and just wanting to pull her to me, but the girls keep making excuses and suspiciously trying to keep me away from her. Paulina hasn’t even came to school once this week, I’m getting really worried that I can’t even keep my wolf calm from his worry either.

‘I want mate’ he whines

‘Me too’

‘Where is she?’

‘I obviously don’t know dumbass.’

‘Well ask her friends that are keeping us away from our damn mate!’ he growls

‘Geez alright try not to go psycho on me.’ I mentally roll my eyes at him

After the bell rings, I quickly put my stuff in the bag and make my way outside looking for any of the girl. Seeing my luck happen, I see Josie walking after she reads something on her phone, her eyes were almost popping out her head and almost lost her color in her face.

“Josie!” I called out to her

“He-hey Gio” she looks at me nervously

“Everything ok?” I ask suspiciously

“Uh huh” she smiles still looking nervous

“Uh- ok. Have you seen Paulina?”

“Nope, I gotta go find Elle, bye!” She speed walks away

‘That was weird.’

‘I know.’

I continue walking, going to the cafeteria. When I spot the guys a make my way to them.

“Hey” I say sitting down

“What’s up?” Jordan says

“Have you notice the girls acting weird?” I ask them

“Yeah I barely talked to them.” Lorenzo says

“Uh- yeah I guess” Dominic says looking suspicious

Me and the rest of the guys look at each other before looking at Dominic with slightly narrowed eyes.

“Dom buddy, what do you know?” Jordan says roughly placing a hand on his shoulder.

“N-nothing, why?” He doesn’t look at us.

“Cause your a suspicious fool. Now tell us what’s up.” I glare more at him

“I-I do-”

“Don’t lie Dom, remember who I am.” I say before letting out a growl

“Paulinawentwithcarlytotheclinictogettestedforpegnancy” he says quickly

“Slower Dom” Jordan squeezed harder on his shoulder

“Paulina is ge-”

“Dominic! Ha. We found you, yeah we needa talk. Now.” Talia pops out of nowhere grabbing Dominic arm.

“Where’s Paulina T?” Jordan asks grabbing her hand

“She’s not feeling well. Don’t worry she’s fine, just a little cough.”

“I’ll go check on her with you.” I say getting up but get pushed back down.

“She doesn’t wanna see anyone right now. Sorry gotta go.” She quickly leaves with Dominic.

“We really gonna listen to her?” Lorenzo asks with a smirk.

“Yes.” Jordan says while I say “no”

Me and Lorenzo look at him like he grew a tail in public.

“Pussy” was the last thing Lorenzo before we walk out and go to our cars.

“No I’m not!” He calls behind us before we get in our cars and driving to Paulina’s house.

After a small drive we make it to her house, feeling the bond grow again let’s me know she’s here and safe.

‘She’s nervous, and nauseous.’ my wolf tells me

‘Yeah I feel it too.’

Feeling nervous myself because of Paulina I quickly make my way into the house. Fortunately, it was unlocked. I quickly go to room and push open the door hard making it slam against the wall. I look ahead and see my mates eyes wide along with all the girls and Dominic.

“Paulina are you ok?” I run up to her and engulf her into a big warm embrace, taking in her scent to calm me and my wolf from our worry.

“I’m fine baby, I’ve just been tired.” She hugs back.

“Why are you nervous?” I feel her stiff in my arms and I pull back to look at her.

She looks at me and then everyone in the room while biting her lip nervously.

“We’re gonna go get a drink for him.” Elle says dragging everyone out the room.

“You sure you’re ok?” I ask starting to get worried again.

“Yeah, I think, Giovanni I have to tell you something.” She says nervously and I hear her heart beating really fast.

“What is it?”

“Impregnant” She says fast but I still heard it nonetheless

I froze in my spot just staring at her and looking to see any lie.

‘Maybe she’s pranking me right now.’

‘I doubt it you idiot’ he says sarcastically


My thoughts were cut off when I felt a sudden pull towards something. A freeze once again when I hear another heart beat in the room.

‘She’s masking it’ he states


‘She’s powerful. How do you think.’

“Gio?” I didn’t realize I was in my head to long, when I looked at her I seen tears freely falling and she looks scared.

“I’m sorry I was just processing, don’t cry, we’ll get through this baby I promise. I’m gonna get all your favorite meals you love so much and spoil the fuck out of you with food and anything else you need. Ima get you through this pregnancy. Together.” I wrap my arms around her shoulders and hold her tight enough to not hurt the baby. I kiss her head and just keep her in my arms while she cries.

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m just happy you don’t hate me or anything.” She sobs out.

“It’s surprising, but I’d never leave you alone.” I promise her.

After a few more minutes of her crying slight, she stops and we just hold each other. I start feeling her going limp a little and notice how tired she’s getting now. I pick her up and set her down on her bed laying next to her. She puts her head in my chest and wraps herself around me while I run my fingers through her hair relaxing her and she draws circles on my chest.

I’m gonna be a father.

I’m gonna be a fucking. Father.

The love of my life is carrying my child.

“I love you Paulina.” I kiss her head before falling asleep with the love of my life and my growing baby inside her.

I go to sleep happy once again because of this beautiful girl.

My mate.

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