Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 1

2 years later/present time

“Morning my amazing, loving parents” I say with a innocent smile while my parents come down the stairs

They look at each other then back at me with a suspicious look “what now Paulina?” my mom asks

“Ouch, Can i Not welcome my parents without wanting something?” I ask sounding offended and a hand on my heart

They look at each other for a minute then start laughing

“Wow you guys are mean” I say playfully rolling my eyes smiling

“Now what is it?” My dad says making his way to the fridge

I roll my eyes “fine, me and the girls wanna go out tonight since it’s Friday”

My dad takes a minute to think then looks at my mom. “Fine but be home by 1 and if you aren’t call me” my mom says while pouring coffee in her mug

“YASS, gracias mamá, gracias papá” i say kissing them on the cheek and running upstairs, I close my door and go to my phone unlocking it and clicking on Josie’s contact to call her. After a few rings she picks up

“Hello?” She says groggy

“Did you just wake up?”


“Wake your lazy ass up, by the time I go get you guys we’ll be 20 minutes late, let’s not make it 30 Because of your lazy ass” I say rolling my eyes

“Fine” she groans

“Oh! By the way my parents said I could go out”

“YAAS” she yells excitedly that I jump and take my ear away from the phone for a second

“Well I let you get, see ya in a bit”

“Talk later” she says then hangs up

I make my way to the bathroom brushing my teeth then putting on some mascara and chapstick, then I brush my eyebrows in place. I grab my bag, phone along with the charger, my chapstick, and walk downstairs

“Bye mom, bye dad” I say walking towards the door

“Bye, love you” they say at the same time

10 minutes later

“So. Where we goi-” I was cut off by Josie

“OH MY GOSH, I forgot to tell you guys that my cousin is coming back”

They all look at each other then squeal with excitement making me give them a confused look then looking back at the road

“He’s coming back after two years?! Wait...are they ALL back?” Carly asks trying to hide her excitement

“Yes Carly, even Dom” Josie says laughing

“Eh your cousin annoys me” Elle says rolling her eyes

“Oh whatever, we all know you have a crush on my cousin”

“Not even close”

“What about Gio, he’ll be perfect for Pauli” Josie says with a smirk

“I don’t even know what you guys are talking about but too late because we’re here”

They all groan. We all get out the car and walk in school

“Well I’ll see you guys later, gotta prepare myself for the wrath of my math teacher” Elle says with a eye roll

“Bye girly, good luck” Josie says while Elle walks away

“I should go too, my dance teacher won’t be happy with me” Carly says starting to walk away

“BYE” me and Josie say

“Well, better slowly make our way toward history” Josie says locking our arms together


“Oh baby, mama missed you my lovelies” I say walking towards the food

“You” Josie says

“Are” Carly says

“Weird” Elle finishes

We all bust out laughing. After grabbing lunch we make our way to our table

“So when are they coming back?” Carly asks

“Well, they’re suppose to be here Sunday so Sunday or Monday”

“What’s with all the interest in them?”

“Other than my cousin, they’re fine as hell” Josie says

“We should just sleep over at Josie’s” Carly says

We all laugh then she rolls her eyes getting up to throw away her trash

“I’m sure he’s excited to see you too Carly” Josie says calming down from laughing

“I just wanna sleep over, that’s all” she says rolling her eyes

We all look at each other “Mhmm” we all hum at the same time. She rolls her eyes and the bell rings telling us to go to our next class, we all groan and start walking out the Cafeteria

“Well at least we all have English” Carly says with a smile


“Finally, i don’t know how much longer I could’ve taken in there” I say rolling my eyes making our way to the car

“Thank god it’s Friday too” Elle says getting in the back of the car

I drive to Josie’s house while listening to music when the song “How Long” by Charlie Puth came on and I turned up the radio

" I’ll admit” I sing

“I’ll admit” Elle sings the backup

“it’s my fault”

“my fault”

“but you gotta believe me

When I say it only happened once, mmh I tried”

“I tried”

“and I tried”

“I tried”

“but you’ll never see that

You’re the only I wanna love, oh, yeah”


We all sing together “How long has this been goin’ on?

You been creepin’ ’round on me

While you callin’ me “baby”

How long has this been goin’ on?

You been actin’ so shady

I’ve been feelin’ it lately, baby”

We pull up to her house and were greeted by her parents and go upstairs to her room after talking to her parents for a few minutes and grabbing something to drink

Josie closes her door then looks at us with a evil grin

“Who’s ready for a great night” she says walking to her walk in closet and opening it.


This is my first story I written, my writing has gotten so much better but I just wanna post this. Thanks for reading!

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