Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 19

shakily get up, my vision is kinda blurry but I can still see some shadows coming out the house. When my vision gets better I see Carly being thrown with magic, Josie and Jordan fighting off four wolves, Elle fighting off a couple vampires, Lorenzo unconscious on the floor, and Dominic coming to help before someone throws him before he reaches me.

I look up to see shadows, the four step out, only three of them were smiling. Of course it had to be them.

" Sofia.” I spit “a little surprised to see you savanna but the rest of you I seen it coming.”

“Should’ve never stole what’s ours. Should’ve never came here to begin with.” Lauren says

I raise my hand and push it up throwing them in the air. I get up with a now clear vision and feeling my strength. Lauren makes the first move of using vamp running and tackling me.

“You’re a vampire?!”

“Who knew there was a whole other world humans dumb enough not to notice.” She says getting up from me, she was about to kick my face before I rolled and swiftly got up.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, you were once those dumb ‘humans’ not too long ago.” I raise my hand again and slowly bring my hand in a fist magically choking her.

Next thing I felt was fangs in my neck harshly. I scream, me and my wolf getting angry, my eyes start changing color with the more anger I feel. I grab her arm, who I found out was Cassandra, and flipped her over my body. With her arm still in my hands I twist it and put my foot on her throat, putting pressure on it.

I was busy keeping Cassandra down and making sure Lauren stays down I didn’t notice Sofia coming at me from behind. Before she can reach me, Giovanni tackled her to the ground and rolling down the short small hill with her. I twisted Cassandra’s arm more, breaking it and hearing her scream.

Before I can turn to Savanna, I feel a sting in my neck. Wolfsbane. I turn around, vision slightly blurry and see savanna standing with a syringe in her hand.

“I’m sorry Paulina” she says with her head down.

I threw her in the air again making her away from me. I look around, everyone was getting tired from all the people more and more coming to fight.

We need help. Hurry.

I said through mindlink in my pack. Next thing I know, I was thrown in the air again. I look up and see someone I’ve never seen before but can feel their power, and it’s really strong, not like mine but still enough. The man looked at me with an evil smile walking up to me. I slowly back up using my arms. Before he got to me I finally had enough strength to get up, that’s exactly what I did, I quickly switch to my wolf form and ran into the woods not caring about my clothes.

After running for a minute I felt pain coming in my head.

’Paulina!” My wolf screamed in pain

‘It’s ok I got you’

I used a protection spell on my whole wolf with the help of her strength and we kept running as fast as we could, until Lauren used her super strength to push me into the tree.

‘this might be too much for our baby’ my wolf says worriedly

‘I know, but we have to fight.’

‘Paulina we can’t, it’s not just us anymore.’

‘I know’ I mentally sigh

“what do you want from me?” I ask him through a link I can make happen.

“what do you think princess?” he says walking out of the shadows.

“let my friends go then, asshole.”

“sad to say its too late for that love.” after he says that in see Sofia walk closer with blood all over her, I start panicking, remembering that she and Giovanni were fighting. Luckily I can still feel the bond, but I feel him really weak. which whats making me panicking.

“don’t worry, he’s not dead.” Sofia smiles with blood still staining her teeth, MY mates blood on Her teeth.

I lose it and let my wolf fully take over. She runs so fast towards Sofia, jumps and bites her shoulder almost digging her teeth in her bone. Sofia screams it hurts my ears enough to make me let go and shake my head. before she can came back at me with her hatred eyes, she was thrown to the tree. I look and see the unknown warlock have his hand out indicated that he was the one who thrown her.

“enough of this silly nonsense!” he yells

“Shift.” he commands

“no.” I glare at him and he looks at me calmly before an evil smirk starts creeping on his face.

“very well” he holds his hand out and I slowly start feeling my bones crack and change. I concentrate on his power and make mine stronger to fight his off.

his smirk slowly goes away seeing his plan isn’t going his way, mine starts forming knowing how strong I am.

‘Be careful Paulina, you know what happens if you let the power controls you’

‘I got it don’t worry’

feeling more and more of the power flow though me makes me feel alive, I start using his magic against him. his face drops when he feels his own bones slightly crunch. before I could get any further I hear a faint scream. Carly.

“Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good.” He smirks and just before I was gonna attack, I felt two injections go in my neck.

Already kicking in, I quickly tried to attack him before I go completely out of it, I jumped and was gonna rip off his head. He beat me to it and held up his hand and threw me to the tree hard enough to knock me out. Before I completely let sleep take over I heard him talk.

“You’re one special girl darling, you’re all mine now.”

I felt a spark run through my skin when he picks me up. The last thing I hear from my wolf would’ve surprised me if I hadn’t fallen asleep.


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