Saving The Last Hybrid

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Giovanni’s POV

5 months later

5 months.

5 months since the attack.

5 months since we took down the intruders.

5 months since I seen her gorgeous face.

Since I heard her voice and felt her touch.

They took her, and I wasn’t there to protect her. I hated myself. I can’t sleep, eat, have a clear head, nothing. I was lost, angry, sad, heartbroken. All of us had gotten a little beaten up, but we healed fine, not that it mattered if I did. I couldn’t save her so why should it matter what happens to me? It doesn’t. I’ve been searching nonstop and I don’t plan on taking a damn break until she’s in my arms, safe, protected. What’s worse, I know she’s hurting, I feel every pain. They’re hurting what’s mine, and it’s making me weaker. I sometimes can barely walk far without falling on my knees in pain.

My thoughts were cut off when a soft knock was at my door.

“What?!” I growled out.

The door slowly creeps open, revealing my sister with our dog, she looked so sad, I knew she felt what I was feeling by the look on my face. Hell, everyone knew, they felt it too since it’s their Luna.

“How are you feeling?” She asks quietly.

“Like my mate was ripped away from me and don’t need people to ask stupid questions.”

“Sor-” she begins but I cut her off feeling bad how I’m treating her and the rest of my family trying to help.

“No, I’m sorry, I’m just going crazy and I feel everything that she feels. It feels terrible.” I put my head in my hands.

She comes next to me and pulls my hands down then hugs me tight, I couldn’t much longer. Pain, stress, anger, guilt. It was all built up inside me and I needed to let it out. So I did, I cried in her arms. I didn’t know how long we sat there while I cried but I was feeling exhausted and I didn’t have many tears left to let flow.

“Get some rest, you need it, I’d say you look like that, but even shit would be insulted by how bad you look.” She smiles sadly trying to cheer me up.

“I can’t, you know that.”

“You cant go on like this Gio. Besides, maybe sleep will give you a clear head and you might focus better.” Well, she did have a point.

“Just for a fe-” she cuts me off grabbing my hand and pulling me to my room.

“Yeah, yeah, for a little while. Got it, now take a shower, sleep, and when you wake there will be food for you so you can concentrate.” She gives me another smile.

“Fine, not too long, remember.” I sigh

“Yes I know, now go, hurry.”

She pushes me inside my room and closes my door. I sigh making my way to my dresser and grabbing grey sweats, a white T-shirt, and throw them on. Before I make it to my bed. A wave of pain shoots through me.


She rejected me.

I fall to my knees, after a moment, I let out a howl. Empty. That’s all I felt. I couldn’t feel her anymore. I couldn’t feel anything anymore.

I couldn’t save my mate.

I couldn’t save the love of my life.

I couldn’t save my unborn baby.

I couldn’t save the last hybrid.

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