Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 2

1 hour later

After arguing for 10 minutes about where to go tonight we finally made it to “The Villa” club, by the looks of it, it looked pretty packed.

“Oh good it’s packed, easy for us to sneak in quick and easy” Elle says

“I don’t know guys” Carly says nervously fiddling her fingers

“It’s fine goody-two-shoes, we won’t get caught I promise” I say looking at Carly through the mirror putting on chapstick

“Yea we’ll be fine, but if you don’t feel comfortable we’ll drop you off back at my house” Josie tells her

“No!’s fine, we don’t have supernatural powers for nothing right?” She laughs nervously

“That’s my girl” I say looking back at her smiling

We get out the car in our outfits that we borrowed from Josie and slip near the front of the line

“Not gonna lie..they smell so good” Carly says standing next to a guy

We all laugh “see it’s not that bad” Elle tells her

“ID?” The big buff guy that look like he could snap me in half like a stick. That is of course if I wasn’t powerful

“Carly, wanna give a try?” I say

“Uh i don’t know Im kinda nervous, I-I might mess up”

“You got this” Elle says cheering her on

Carly takes a deep breath before looking at the guy in the eyes,concentrating

“We showed you our ID’s now you’re gonna let us pass” she says in a compelling tone

After a minute “enjoy your night” he says sternly then opens the door

We all looked at Carly then squeal walking quickly inside

“That was SO awesome Carly” Josie says

“I know, it felt good” Carly says with a big smile on her face

15 minutes later

“my feet hurt Ima get something to drink” I tell them while the all keep dancing

“I’ll come with” Elle says linking her arm with mine

“Two tequilas please” Elle says “actually make that four please”

“You read my mind” I say with a smirk

“Duhh” she says and we both laugh

10 minutes later

After taking...I honestly lost count of shots, we were gonna head back to the dance floor when I bumped into someone spilling their drink on them and the person made a annoying squeal and at that I already know who it was without even looking at them

“You dumbass! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!” She yells

I roll my eyes “I was you came out of no where, but yea it should be my fault for not smelling a dirty bitch near me” I snapped, my eyes narrowed

“Who allowed trash in this place anyway?!”

I let out a growl about to let my claws out when savanna came next to Sofia

“Relax sof, lets just go get you cleaned up” Savanna says innocently

In all honesty, I don’t really know why savanna was in her “group” she was so nice and innocent I’ve only seen her mad once and it wasn’t even that bad. Her dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, lightly tanned skin still more on the fair side, she was absolutely stunning and I was always jealous of her, her glowing skin and just everything

Sofía on the other hand was a bitter spoiled brat but even though I hate to admit it, she was beautiful dark long brown straight hair, tanned glowing skin, bright green eyes, perfect figure

“Ugh whatever, hurry up let’s go savi” she snaps at her

“Bye guys see you at school” she says smiling and waving

“Bye” me and Elle say at the same time

“Gosh she’s such a bitch to savanna” Elle says with an annoyed tone

“I know” I say rolling my eyes “let’s get back”

3:35 am

“Im gonna go pee then we’re gonna leave” I told the girls that are getting tipsy

Josie lifts her thumbs up and takes another shot

I laugh rolling my eyes and walking away

I walk out and bump into a what I thought was a wall landing on my ass

I groan “ow, fudge”

“My bad, are you ok?” A guy says giving his hand out for me to take

“Uh” I laugh awkwardly “yea I’m ok thanks” I grab his hand, he pulls me up into his chest

“No problem” he says smiling showing me his bright white teeth “I’m Jason”

“Paulina” I say backing up a little noticing how close we were

“Beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl, good” he says chuckling

But for some reason I didn’t feel very comfortable, felt like something bad was gonna happen

Elle’s P.O.V

“Guys Pauli has been gone for a bit” I say with my words slurring

“I think ima puke” Carly says

“Lightweight” Josie says slurring her words “let’s take her outside then look for P”


Paulina’s P.O.V

“I should probably head back to my friends now” I say to him still feeling majorly uncomfortable

“Oh the blondes and brunet right?” He says looking over me


“Oh I seen ’em walking outside, I think one of them got sick”

“What?” I say concerned looking behind me

“I’ll walk with you, I’m leaving anyways”


We walk outside and I start looking outside, I was about to yell for them but Jason stopped me

“I think I heard them over here”


We walk to the side of the building, I walk fast and end up in front of him and look around only seeing it dark and empty

“I thought you—”

I turn and feel a sting in my neck like a needle, I start feeling dizzy

“You supernaturals are stupid as hell” he says chuckling

I feel a bit dizzy but it starts fading away because how powerful I am, I pretend like it’s still working and I hear him talking to someone behind me

“Take her before she passed out”

The guy catches me before I fall but before he puts his hand under my legs to carry me I hear someone yell

“HEY! STAY AWAY FROM HER” I hear Elle yell

I take the chance to bring out my claws and dig them in his arm then grab him by the throat and throw him on the wall. Before Jason could grab me I see Carly vamp run to him and bite his neck cause him to groan

She pushes him then vamp runs with his throat in her hand, she bangs him on the wall her hand still on his throat

“You’re lucky Im too nice to kill someone no matter how much of a jerk he his” she says with her fangs still out

She throws him across the other side and he hits the wall and passes out. I do the same with the other guy and he passes out too

“We should head back home, it’s not safe out”

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