Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 3

Sunday 3:30 pm

“Can we do something fun? We’ve been watching tv for hours and I’m getting bored” Carly says with a bored tone

“Yea Ima getting kinda bored too, what you wanna do Carly?” I ask her

After we came home Saturday night we talked about what happened for about 20-30 minutes then we all fell asleep then we did pretty much nothin but sit around the house bored out of our minds. Right now we’re sitting on the couch watching tv that we’ve been doing for god knows how long

“Let’s go to my dance studio” she says with excitement

We all looked at each other then shrugged “sure why not” Josie said already getting up

We go to her walk-in closet and look through her clothes

When we got to the studio we did some stretches and started working

4 hours later

“You always blow my mind by how fast you Can choreograph in a few hours” Carly says after we finish our dance I put together

“Right! You thought of a dance in like 2 hours” Elle says in surprise

I laugh “it’s a skill” I say flipping one of my braids

“Oh great you guys boosted her ego” Josie says playfully rolling her eyes and giggling

“Alright lets start at the beginning” I say getting in position, me in the front and them in the back of me

“That was so freakin AWESOME” Carly squeals

“That WAS super fun” I say laughing lightly

Before Elle was gonna speak my phone went off. I looked and seen it’s already 9 pm and seen that my mom called


“Sweetheart I know you’re with friends but we need to talk”

“Uhm ok I’ll be there in a few”

“Ok love you and sorry to disturb”

“It’s ok mom, love you too”

I hang up and turn to my friends

“I gotta go, ima drop you guys off and head home, my mom wants to talk to me about something”

“Ok lets go” Josie says grabbing her bag

Josie’s P.O.V.

After Paulina drops us off she tells us she’ll tell us at school tomorrow and left. Right now we’re walking to my room and I have a weird feeling like someone uninvited is in my room. While the girls are talking about god knows what, I stop in my tracks and they bump into me

“WHA-” I stop Elle from talk by covering her mouth, I put my finger on my lip gesturing them to stay quiet

I slowly walk closer to my room then look at the girls before I walk in, my claws were already out and ready to attack

I barge through the doors looking around with my wolf eyes out so I can see in the dark, I look around and then I face the girls. My eyes wide when I see someone behind Carly but before I can tell her someone’s hand covers my mouth, then Carly’s, then Elle’s

We all scream and kick then all of a sudden we hear laughing and I get annoyed know one of the annoying laughs. The light turns on and I see the 3 Idiots letting go of us and busting out laughing, i turn to Elle and give her a ‘do it’ look and she smiles then whispers a quick spell then throws her hand up and all of them fling to the wall then falling face first on the ground

Me and the girls laugh while I see Giovanni standing by the switch

“At least one of you is smart enough not to creep on us” I say walking towards him

“Hey Gio” I say hugging him

“What’s up Piccolo cucciolo” (little puppy) he says with his strong Italian accent

“I told you to stop. Calling. Me. That” I growl and glare at him

“And i told you it’s never. Gonna. Happen. Piccolo cucciolo” Giovanni says with a small chuckle

I roll my eyes and look at the other boys getting up

“What’s up cuz” my cousin Jordan says walking towards me to give me a hug

“Hey Jordan” I say hugging him

I look at Carly getting nervous and lightly Bite her lip

“Hey Dom” she says nervously

“Hey Carly” Dominic says smiling at her with a sparkle in his eyes

“Aww so cute” Elle says

They both blush and Carly rolls her eyes “whatever” she says

Jordan leaves my side and walks behind Elle, before he could grab her butt she whispers a spell and with her own hand she makes him slap himself

“C’mon Jordan I know you’re not THAT stupid to try and touch something you’re not suppose to without me knowing” she says turning around facing him, her hand still up and controlling him

“And i know that YOU know that you like it” he winks at her

“Boy you stupid” I tell him

Next thing we see is him slapping himself again because of Elle and we all laugh. I jump when someone grabs my arm and faces me towards them

“Hey there principessa” (princess) Lorenzo says with his strong Italian accent and smiling showing his perfect white teeth

“Hi Lorenzo” I say rolling my eyes

“Aw whats wrong babe, I thought you’d be excited to see me” he says with a pout

“Aw hate to break your heart then but I was too distracted” I say innocently

“By who?”

“A new girl”

They all stare at me except for Giovanni interested in my next words

“New girl huh?” Jordan says “I’m sure Gio can scare her off” he says laughing

“Actually she’s pretty badass and she definitely doesn’t scare easily” Elle says

“I guess we’ll just have to find out ourselves then” Lorenzo says with a smirk

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