Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 4

Monday (Lunch)

Josie’s P.O.V.

Long story short someone attacked Paulina’s pack to try and find her but they’re fine. After she told us we went to class, we were waiting for the 4 dummies to hurry and get to school. By the time Jordan finally texted me that they’re here it was already lunch so I told the girls that I’ll meet them later

“So nice of you to finally join when school is almost over” I tell them rolling my eyes

“Alpha wanted to talk to us about things since we were gone for two years to handle business, he also said there’s a new pack to come and that they’re joining us to help some little wolf cause she’s powerful or something” Jordan tells me

I would tell them that the new girl that came from Spain is the girl that Alpha is talking about but I’ll let the idiots figure it out themselves

“Well let’s go meet this new piece of ass” Lorenzo says already walking inside

I roll my eyes and follow behind them, when we walked inside we heard music and we all looked at each other confused. When we got closer the music got louder and people were cheering, me and the guys walk passed everyone to see what’s happening and when we make it to the front I see the girls dancing/Performing for everyone in the cafeteria

“Damn” I hear Jordan and Lorenzo say behind me, I turn to see them practically drooling Giovanni on the other hand is just staring at Paulina. Although he think he’s hiding it I KNOW he finds her interesting which causes me to smile and look back.

After their performance, everyone cheers and the girls walk towards us breathing heavy and smiling

“That was so good, but thanks for leaving me out” I said pouting

“Sorry love, you were busy with them and I seen the opportunity” Paulina says with her strong attractive Spanish accent

“Mm, sexy accent, amazing body, sweet scent. Werewolf is my guess, I’m Jordan what’s your name sexy?” Jordan says licking his lips

“Paulina” she winks at him

“Cute name for a cute girl” he smiles

She laughs and gets close to him face to face, she gets her finger and traces his jawline, what he didn’t know was that her nails were out, being slick and making sure no human can see she puts her claws on his throat and smiles innocently

“Keep it in your pants handsome, it would be a shame if you didn’t have a baby maker anymore” she batted her eyelashes a couple times and lets go with her innocent smile still on her face

I seen Gio actually grin at that while the rest of us just laugh at how nervous he got after. He cleared his throat and tried to shake off his nervousness

“I’m Lorenzo” he said picking up her hand and giving it a kiss

“Nice to meet you”

“I’m Dominic” he shook her hand giving her a nice friendly smile

“Hey whats up”

Then her and Gio just looked at each other and she closed her eyes real quick then smiled

“Who are you?”

“Giovanni” he said sternly and simple

We all felt the tension and Elle cleared her throat

“Well the bells gonna ring we should start heading to class now” she said

We were gonna leave the cafeteria when I bumped into someone

“Watch it bitch”

I look up and see Sofia glaring at me in her cheer uniform and her “squad” with her, which was Lauren, savanna, and Cassandra

I roll my eyes “what do you want Sofia” I say glaring back

“Obviously not here for you, you tramp.”

“Aw Im so hurt I thought I was important enough for you” I said pouting.

“Whatever” she pushes me and all the girls except Savanna make their way towards the boys.

Little fact, Savanna doesn’t roll that way with guys if you know what I mean ;) lol.

“Hey Lorenzo” Lauren says with a smile and placing her hand on his arm.

I hear Josie growl and I grab her arm from stopping her let her wolf out, I then see Sofia go to Giovanni and put her hand on His chest.

“Long time no see baby” she says innocently.

He just looks at her then smirks and she pulls him down about to kiss him when I cut their moment short.

“Don’t you have a football team to screw for the 3rd time Sofia?” I say with an innocent smile.

“Shut up you stupid bitch” she says walking towards me getting in punching distance.

“Why don’t you go back to wherever the hell you came from.”

“I’d be more than happy to but I have friends here and things to do, besides, who else will annoy the hell out of you?” I say the last part innocently.

She groaned and pulled her hand back, i could’ve stopped her but what’s the fun in that? She slapped me hard in the face causing people to look towards us interested in what’s happening. I slowly turned back to her while the girls and guys look at us in shock (except for Giovanni he has like no expression).

I smile and then chuckle.

“I’ll let that be your warning, next time I won’t be so nice. You only get it because you did that on my good days” I say still smiling nicely.

“You think I’m scared of you?” She laughs.

“No....Not yet” I say with a serious face “keep pushing and I’ll make sure you’ll see how scary I can be” with that I leave and I hear the girls follow behind then a few seconds later the guys close behind.

I think Carly notice my wolf coming out so she pulled me aside with the girls, she put her finger under my chin, my mouth was open and breathing kinda heavy and my fangs out along with my claws and my eyes glowing a bright red, there was a scratch on my face that was kinda bleeding.

“You ok?” Carly asks.

I close my eyes and mouth taking a deep breath through my nose then I open my eyes, they were fading the red and going back to my regular eye color my fangs and claws go back to normal.

“I’m fine.”

“Hate to break the moment but we’re already 15 minutes late to class” Jordan says behind us.

With that we went to class and then when school ended we all went back to Josie’s, the guys went into Giovanni’s Red Truck and we went into Elle’s white 2015 mustang GT.

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