Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 5

When we got to Josie’s house the guys went into the game room while me and the girls went to a empty room that we started using a few months ago to practice dancing. Right now I was teaching them a dance that I finish coming up with an hour ago

“Are you sure you got it this time Josie?” I ask her, Carly didn’t wanna do this dance this time and there was one step that Josie just couldn’t get -cue annoyed eye roll-

“I think so” she says

Me and Elle look at each other then roll our eyes

“Fine we’ll do it with the music now”

Giovanni’s P.O.V.

Me and the guys go upstairs to grab drinks when we heard the girls upstairs probably doing their dances or whatever

“Not gonna lie, that new pup is fine as hell, and that ass” Jordan groaned “oh man what I would do to get my hands on that ass”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the idiot. She is cute and mean as hell which is kinda a turn on and when her small dimples show when she smiles, that gorgeous smile with her white teeth, her lightly tan skin and don’t even get me started on how much of a turn on her accent is. Something just pulls me and I don’t know what it is, my thoughts get cut off when I hear music and Lorenzo smacks my arm cocking his head towards upstairs so that I follow the guys that are going up

Her body just moves to the music perfectly

“Damn at least I know she knows how to move her body in all the right ways” Jordan says licking his lips watching her ass, I slap his arm

“Ow” he says glaring at me “don’t start a bitch fight with me” he says pretending he has long hair and putting it up I couldn’t help but laugh hard

Paulina’s P.O.V.

I stopped dancing when I heard someone laugh at the door and it just caught my attention pulling me towards the laughing that made my heart skip a beat and made butterflies in my stomach, the noise just filled my ears making me wanna hear it more

I walked toward the door that was slightly open and when I open it completely I seen the guys look at me with wide eyes knowing they got caught, but I didn’t care much about it I just wanted the source to the amazing sound

I looked at Giovanni who looks like he’s trying to calm down after a few seconds he calmed down and looked back at me, my stomach did flips from looking at his beautiful eyes then down to what looks like soft lips that Id love to enjoy trying out then to his neck that had amazing and breathtaking art on it. My thoughts got cut off when I heard him talk

“You Can really move, couldn’t help notice your ass moving well in there” Gio says

I roll my eyes “gee thanks Im glad I can entertain you with my ass”

“I’d like to see it more close up though” he winked at me

“Pig” with that I slammed the door and walked back to the girls

“What was that?” Josie said looking at me confused

“What do you mean?”

“You like. Stop dancing” she said lightly laughing

“Well I couldn’t keep going with distractions behind the door” I say rolling my eyes

3 hours later

After a few more hours of just dancing to music we all took showers and got dressed for bed

We walk downstairs in our sleepwear and go to the kitchen to get something to drink, I was trying to get a glass from the shelf when I felt hands on my waist lifting me up and I grab the cup and the person put me down, I turn around and my confused face becomes straight

“What do you want Jordan?”

“Just tryna help a beautiful girl out” he says flashing me a smile showing his white pearly white teeth

“Thank you then” I said starting to walk away but he grabbed my arm

“I like your PJ’s” he says staring at my Calvin Klein Pj’s but more staring at my boobs

“My eyes up here pendejo” (idiot) I roll my eyes “look I know you chemistry or whatever you call it with Elle so how ’bout you go and keep trying what you’ve been doing for a while with her” I say walking to the fridge

“Just because I have an interest In Elle doesn’t mean i can’t mess with other girls while she’s, shall I dare say, rejecting me” he says rolling his eyes at the last part

“That’s exactly what it means you dumbass” I face palmed at the stupidity “it’s showing that your interest is only on her, then maybe you’d stop getting rejected” with that I left and went to the living room where everyone was

30 minutes later

We all decided to watch movies until we fall asleep, everyone was downstairs in the living room blankets and pillows all over the place. Carly, Elle, Jordan, Josie were on the left side of me and Giovanni was on my right, the six of us on the L-shaped couch while Dominic and Lorenzo were on the floor and we were 20 minutes in the scary movie. I was getting bored and before I moved a muscle to get something to drink a scary part popped up and the girls and Jordan all scream

Me and Giovanni looked at him with a weird face because he screamed like a girl then we looked at each other and started laughing then started to call ourselves down

“Ima get something to drink be-”

“I’ll come with” he cuts me off

“Uhm, ok” i said getting up and walking to the kitchen

“Tell me why your friends with that weirdo” I said jokingly and laughing

He chuckles and looks at them sitting on the couch then back at me “I honestly have no idea”

We looked in each other’s eyes and I couldn’t help but melt into them and there was this pull but I didn’t know what it was and it kinda scared me a little. I was starting to freak out at how much I wanted him so I turned around and walked to the fridge pulling out the lemonade and pouring us some then before we had an awkward conversation Josie came up to us

“Hey there’s gonna be a little get together at Cameron’s place tomorrow”

“On a Tuesday?” I asked with a confused face

She shrugged and walked away. I looked at Giovanni then looked at my drink and walked back to living room

After a couple hours everyone was asleep except for me and Gio, but my eyes started to get heavy and not long after a peaceful darkness took over

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