Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 6


Giovanni’s P.O.V.

All day I’ve either been hit on or in class staring at Paulina and studying everything about her, her eyes, her lips, she lightly bites her lip and rubs the pencil between her thumb and pointer finger when she’s concentrating but I mostly stare at her lips and just think I should be the one biting it. Shit...what the hell is happening to me

Ryder/wolf: do you think she’s our mate?

No that’s impossible, we’d be able to smell her scent miles away

Ryder: maybe she masked it

It doesn’t matter, I don’t do that bull with mates and all that sappy shit

Ryder: you were just thinking about her lips but you don’t do that “sappy shit?”

Shut up

“Dude, are you THAT bored that you’re having a whole conversation with your wolf?” Lorenzo says laughing

I roll my eyes then go back to being bored to the lecture


I skipped my last period before lunch and grabbed a girl and took her to the janitors closet to get my mind off the stupid mate thing and Paulina, when the bell rang I told her to get out 5 minutes after me. After I left I went to find the group and I seen them going to the music room

“Where you guys going?”

“Get Paulina” Josie says

“She said she was here? Does she play something?”

“She didn’t say she was here but I know she is Because yes, she plays instruments and she’s a singer” Elle says

“Damn the look, singer, dancer, what can’t this girl do?” Jordan says

When we get to the music room I hear the piano playing and when we reach the door I hear the most amazing and angelic voice and I can’t help but get drawn in to the music


“123,123 drink 123,123 drink 123,123 drink throw em back till I lose count”

“Won’t look down won’t open my eyes, keep my glass full until morning light ’cause I’m just hold on for tonight help me, I’m holding on for dear life won’t look down won’t open my eyes, keep my glass full until morning light ’cause I’m just holding on for tonight, on for tonight”

“On for tonight, yeah I’m just holding on for tonight oh, I’m just hold on for tonight, on for tonight, on for tonight, yeah I’m just holding on for tonight, I’m just holding on for tonight oh, I’m just hold on for tonight, on for tonight, on for tonight”

I had been so drawn in that I didn’t realize I was behind her until I heard her speak

“Enjoy the show handsome?” She says giggling

“Oh Uhm, yea it was good I guess” I say trying not to sound nervous or embarrassed

She looks at me then smiles and walks pass me

“Who’s ready for lunch my lovely children?”

8pm/ Paulina’s P.O.V.

Me and the girls were finishing getting ready while I was finishing straightening my hair and putting on chapstick

“I’m ready” I told the girls

“We are too” Elle says pulling out strands of hair out her cute messy bun to shape her face

“Alright well we better hurry before the guys have heart attacks”

We quickly walk downstairs to meet the guys so we can go to the little get together some guy at our school is throwing, when we got downstairs the guys were just staring at us, I think I even saw Dominic drool over Carly

We decided to take my Land Rover since it let us all fit in it, it was me and Giovanni in the front then the three guys behind us and the girls in the back

When we got there it was kinda pack but since it was more of a chill thing, the music wasn’t blasting and there was a bonfire in the back. Me and the girls headed inside to find something to drink, after a little later I had lost the girls and went to get something to drink, after I got it I started walking and bumped into someone, more like they bumped into me but whatever doesn’t really matter

“Oh my bad” said the guy that bumped he was about 6ft blond hair and green eyes, he was a little on the pale side and kinda muscular and just pretty attractive

“It’s fine” I smile and walk away drinking what was in my cup

After 10 minutes of talking to people I thought I’d look for the girls, that was until I started feeling dizzy and kinda weak, I started to freak out a bit and went upstairs and into a random room because I felt myself changing. I look into the mirror and seen my eyes starting to glow red

“Oh no, what the hell is happening to me”

“Hey there angel” I heard behind me that sounded familiar

I tried getting my vision together and for a second it went normal and seen the guy that bumped into me

“I should’ve smelled bloodsucker a mile away”

“Oh you naive little mutt” he says with a evil grin

He vamp ran towards me, I was about to sink my claws when another vampire came up behind me and held my arms back

The blond one came closer and went to my neck then smelled it

“Mmm you smell..special, never seen a she-wolf with red eyes” he says with curiosity in his tone

“Get off!!” I yell hoping my girls or one of the guys heard

Before I can process I felt a sting in my neck and felt myself getting more weak, I kicked him where it hurts but I was too weak to run fast he grabbed my neck and vamp ran to the wall and held me there

“You just made a big mistake you little mutt” he said angrily

Before I knew it his hold on me left and all I heard was fighting but I couldn’t see cause I was still kinda dizzy on the floor with my hair in my face

After a bit more fighting I felt hands picking me up bridal style

“You ok?”

“Yeah. Thanks Dominic” I said weakly and then I passed out from the blood loss and wolfsbane that they spiked my drink with

Josie’s P.O.V.

After me and Lorenzo...did the dirty... I looked at my phone and seen a couple texts from Paulina and a few texts from Dominic and Carly and Elle


“What happened?”

“We gotta go, something happened to Paulina” after that I quickly got dressed and we ran out to go find them, after we came Giovanni came with a girl but he told her to leave and we hopped in the car

“Is she ok?” Carly asks

“Yea she just got blood taken out and-”

I cut him off “wolfsbane in her system” I say smelling it from the back I sigh “we should’ve been there” I say looking at the girls

“Don’t beat yourself up about it she’s perfectly fine” Dom tells us

“You won’t understand” I say under my breath

The car ride was silent, I texted Paulina’s parents saying that she’s staying at my house because she got too tired to drive home and they said it was fine they had pack stuff to deal with anyways

After a while of us in the living room watching Tv and Paulina upstairs sleeping we all ended up letting peaceful darkness take over.

*** REMINDER: THIS WAS MY FIRST BOOK I WROTE ON WATTPAD! Sorry about the terrible writing...XD***

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