Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 7

Paulina’s P.O.V.

I try opening my eyes but I felt too weak to do anything so I just kept pushing myself

After the 10th try and yelling at myself to open my damn eyes I finally cracked them open a little bit but close them fast because of the sun that was shining through, blinding me, I open them once again and blinking a few times to adjust to the bright sun shining through what I see isn’t my room

I start moving my legs to the edge of the bed and sit myself up looking around and seeing where I am and I sigh in relief noticing it was Josie’s room, I look down and seen someone had changed me into some sweats and a crop top hoodie. I try and get up with my hand on the bed frame, when I let go I almost fell from blood lost but I felt strong arms catch me

“Woah, you ok?”

I look up and see Giovanni

“Yea, thanks”

He sets me back on the bed and gives me some water then yells for Elle

“Yea what’s up? OH MY GOD. PAULINA ARE YOU OK?” She yells running to me and squeezing me tight I almost couldn’t breath

Before I could answer Carly had already vamp ran to me and hugged me tight, then Josie run upstairs jumping on us making us go backwards and lay on the bed

“Gu...guys...can’t...breathe” I try saying with the breath I have left

“Oops” Carly says then laughs nervously

I take a deep breath then start giggling

“Are you ok?” Josie asks with concern

“Yea just a little weak”

“I have JUST the thing actually” Elle says then runs downstairs, when she comes back she has a bottle with a green liquid and a cup of juice in the other hand

“I put a little vodka in it because this is gonna taste bitter and truly disgusting, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this”

I laugh “thanks, what’s it for?”

“Makes the process faster on taking out the wolfsbane and boost your energy” she says while Pouring it into the drink

At this point everyone was making disgust faces at the liquid and then look at me with sadness in their eyes because of the pity they had of me for having to drink it

“Alright just chug it as fast as you can” she says while everyone stares at me probably praying I don’t die because how awful it smells and probably tastes just as bad or maybe even worse

I look at everyone then bring the drink to my lips, almost gaging I chug the drink fast holding my breathe to avoid smelling it any more

When I finish I close my eyes and finish the last drink

“That was horrifying” I say and then they all start laughing

“Well I’m feeling better alre....” before I can finish I felt nauseous

“Did I mention that after you drink it you’re suppose to throw up whatever poison is in your system?” Elle says smiling innocently

Before I can get mad at her I ran to the bathroom and start throwing up my insides

After puking my insides, I had finally got the energy to get up and brush my teeth then walking out, everyone was downstairs, before I can say anything my phone rings

Looking at the caller ID I seen it was my mom

“Buenos días mamá”

“Hola bebe, I just wanted to tell you that you have a surprise after school”

“Ooo what kinda surprise?”

“You’ll have to wait and see”

“Ok bye love you”

“Love you too”

After I hang up I look at them

“You do know we have school right guys?” I ask with my eyebrow raised

“Well you see, the thing is, you’re really sick and I wouldn’t want you to faint or anything at school. Maybe we can watch you here, safe and protected” Jordan says trying to convince me

I look at him with a straight face, just blinking, then I look at the girls and other guys on the couch and then back to Jordan

“Hurry up and get dressed lazy ass” I say rolling my eyes and making my way to Josie’s room and hearing footsteps behind me knowing it was the girls

“What we gonna wear?” Carly asks as we walk inside Josie’s walk in closet

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