Saving The Last Hybrid

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C H A P T E R 8


Paulina’s P.O.V

“Class was boring as hell I don’t know how much longer I can take” I say while flicking my food around

“At least you don’t have Bitch Bryce sitting next to you” Elle says with an eye roll “literally bitched at almost everything I almost ripped his vocal cord out”

We all laugh even Giovanni had a little chuckle

“That IS why he’s called bitch Bryce, what did you expect?” Jordan says chuckling

All of a sudden they looked behind me, girls with smirks and the guys just looking, before I can turn around hands were covering my eyes


I take the hands off my eyes and turned around squealing

“CODYYY” I say hugging him tight

“I missed you angel” he chuckles then grabs my face and kisses me

I wrap my arms around his neck to bring him closer, before anything can get out of hand I hear someone clear their throat

“Oh Uhm.... my bad” I lightly laugh nervously

“This is my friend Cody, Cody this is Dominic, Lorenzo, Jordan and Giovanni” I say pointing at each one “and you already know the girls”

“Looks like more than a friend to me” Jordan says with a smirk

Ignoring Jordan’s irrelevant comment, Cody puts his arm around my waist and turns me to him, my chest pressed against his

“Don’t forget about today beautiful” he smiles

“How could I when I have you to remind me”

I put my arm around his neck and bring him closer then whisper in his ear

“I’ve been pretty sexually Frustrated, mind helping me out with that?” I move back and smirk

“Mind letting me borrow Pauli real quick?” He says still looking at me but doesn’t give them time to answer ’cause he’s already grabbing my hand and leading me out and then shouts “thanks” before we leave

We walk around tryna find a classroom that’s securely hidden off, when he finally finds one he wants he opens it and puts his hand out to let me go in first “gorgeous lady first” he says with his sexy smile that makes any girl knees weak

“Thanks” I wink before I walk in, i hear the door lock and before I can turn around I’m lifted on the desk with Cody’s lips smashed against mine

“Mmm i missed you so damn much beautiful” he says against my lips then bites my bottom lip making me moan

He makes his way down to my jaw then down attacking my neck and I let out another moan, grabbing his hair and lightly tugging making him groan against my neck


He comes back up smashing his lips against mine while sliding his hands on the button of my pants

He picks me up wrapping my legs around him and he walks to the teacher’s desk setting me down, I put my hands behind me onto the desk to hold me up and he unbuckles my pants bringing them down to my ankles and spreads my legs

He brings down my shirt and my strapless bra, he starts grabbing my boob with one hand and rubbing my pussy slowly over the lacy white panties

“Cody” I moan

“Yes gorgeous?”

“Stop messing, you know I don’t want it slow right now” I roll my eyes

He laughs then goes back to my neck, rubbing a little fast, I moan putting my head slightly back to give him more access

He moves my panties to the side sliding his pointer finger in pumping medium speed

My head whips back while I moan and with one hand I grab his hair, he moves his head down lower to one of my nipples and flicks and plays with it with his mouth making me moan louder

He slides his middle finger in with the other one pumping a little faster, I tug his hair a more making him groan

He curls his fingers a little

“Oh shit” I breath

All of a sudden he stops making me groan in frustration

“Are you serious right now Cody?” I glare at him

“You didn’t think I’d miss an opportunity to taste you did you?” He smirks kissing his way down

He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to the edge of the desk spreading my legs further and slowly flicks my clit making my hips lift

“Don’t start playing again babe” I roll my eyes

He starts sucking my clit putting his middle finger back in and pumping in and out

I moan loud taking one hand and putting it back in his hair looking at him pleasure me

My legs begin to shake from being on the edge to coming, my eyes roll back along with my head getting ready to burst


Right before I can explode I hear knocks at the door

“Are you fucking serious right now” I groan

“Hate to break the very intimate time but the bell is gonna ring in a couple minutes” i hear Josie say

I let out a growl and start fixing myself

“We’ll continues this later don’t worry gorgeous” he kisses my neck while I button my pants

“You leaving?” I ask while I turn to him

“Yeah, don’t miss me too much” he winks

We walk out and see everyone standing near the door waiting, everyone (except Giovanni) had smirks on their faces and staring at us

Before anyone can say anything the late bell rung and we all groan

“I’ll see you later gorgeous, have fun” he kisses my cheek and starts walking off

“Stop looking at me like that guys” I roll my eyes and start walking to class

10 minutes in class

“So who was that guy?” Giovanni ask sitting next to me

“Just a friend” I say texting Josie, Carly, and Elle in a groupchat about what happened

“So you do that with all your friends?” He smirks

I roll my eyes “only the people good enough for my time” I say looking back at my phone

“Ouch babe, I’m heartbroken” he pouts

His pout is so freakin adorable I just wanna kiss him

Wait what the

“Don’t call me babe, and if you’re waiting for me to care, I hope you brought some snacks to eat and forever to wait, ’cause it’s gonna be a REALLY long time”

“Oh man shots fired” he holds his hands on his heart and slowly leans back on his seat to show he got shot

I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit while shaking my head at his exaggeration

“Got you to smile and laugh a little” he winks

“Whatever” I roll my eyes looking at my phone again with a small smile creeping on my face

After school

I make it home after the guys drop me off and put all my stuff on the couch

“Mom, dad Im home” I shout

“Start getting ready princesa” my dad shouts back coming from the kitchen

“Why are we barely meeting them after a couple years later?” I ask my dad

“One, because their son is future alpha and needs to knows these things and he wasn’t here for until now and two, because he and I were busy with pack business. Which reminds me, the pack will finally be moving by next week”

I stare at him and a wide smile starts making its way on my face

“Please at least mute yourself before you-”

Before he could finish Im already screaming with excitement

After I stop screaming my mom and Cody come running in the kitchen

“What happened? Is everything ok? Is someone hurt?” My mom shoots questions

“I told her about the pack” my dad says

“Oh, Dios mío you scared the hell out of me”

“Sorry mamá”

“Hurry and get ready we’re leaving in a few minutes”

“I’ll help you” Cody says walking behind me

We walk into my room and he slams it shut then takes my face in his hands and smashes his lips on mine

“Mmm I have to get ready” I say against his lips

“I’ll help you get undressed then” he says lifting up my shirt

“My dad’s definitely gonna kill you” I say while he’s kissing my neck


“PAULINA HURRY UP” my mom yells from downstairs

I groan “why does everyone like interrupting” i pout

“Just hurry up beautiful” he chuckles

I open my walk in closet and walk in

I close my eyes and focus on a dress, a couple seconds later a dress drops on the floor from the hanger

“Perfect” I smile and walk out taking off my pants then taking off my bra

25 minute ride later

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