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Thrill Rider

By LongShot1225 All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Action


Have you ever dream of begin a superhero? Maybe a superhero such as the Unstoppable Superman; flying through the sky of Metropolis at unmatchable speed, hearing the cheers and thanks you the people you save. Or maybe you’d rather by a vigilante, like the Dark Knight himself; saving the life of innocent people while striking fear into the heart of the bad guys.

As a kid, I’d remember watching these amazing heroes embrace on unbelievable adventure; hero like the web-slinging hero himself, Spider-Man, and how he would swing through the street of New York, kicking butts and saving lives. Hero like the Invincible Iron Man, and how he would make crime-fighting look like one of the most awesome it that ever exist. Even hero like the Mighty God, Thor, and how he would defeat the bad guys while still holding strong to his belief.

Watching all of these heroes, and all their amazing adventures, made me want to become a hero of my own. In fact, it convinced me to become my hero. That’s way, in the second grade, I begun training. To become a hero worthy of the DC and Marvel universe name.

Starting in elementary school, I would spend every recesses climbing and running around, from second grade all the way to fifth grade. To my friends, family, and everyone else, I was just a small, energizer kid running around and climbing on things I shouldn’t be climbing on. I’ll admit, a few times I got in trouble for “trying to escape the school”, but by the end of the fifth grade, I could run around the whole school, practically leap over the metal fences, and still have enough breath to do the whole thing over again. That was stage 1 done to becoming a hero.

In the middle school, I would secretly spend my lunch period shadowing-boxing. Imagining myself in certain situations, like as if I was fighting two guys or if I was fighting three guys, I would try and think about what they would do. And how I wound counter it. Imagining anything and everything from a straight punch to a full roundhouse kick, I self-taught myself how to counter them all. By my 8th grade graduation, I had learned how to kick butts and bust jaws. That was stage 2 done to becoming a hero

During the summer after middle school but before high school, I work of my “hero suit”. Learning to sew may have been painful, with all the little, sharp needles and never really knowing where they all were, and a little hard to do in only to months, but nevertheless, I did it. By the end of the summer, I have success sewed myself a simple, black suit with a ski-mask to hide my identify. It may not be the greatest hero suit known to mankind, but it was my hero suit. And I was proud of it. Plus, I had ran out of sewing equipment and bandages to use so I was could of stuck with it. Stage 3 done to becoming a hero.

In high school, freshman year, I took a class in metal shop so I could have the materials needed to craft my weapon of choose; a pair of strong, sturdy, batons, kind of like Nightwing himself but without all the extra accessories like begin able to shoot off a piece of itself or begin able to shock some bad guys. I figure I'd add that stuffs later in life. Anyway, back to topic, after crafting my weapons, I also added some metal covers onto my suit, to act as protection. But also because I thought it look awesome. Stage 4 done to becoming a hero.

By my junior year, I decided that I was really. I was really to become my own hero. I has the hero suit. I has the skills. I even has the weapon of choice. On May 5, 2013, I declare myself a hero. A brave, new hero known only as Thrill Rider. A masked man who will risk his life to save the people from all sort of evil threats. Like bad guys, and.... other bad stuffs.. like evil dogs.....Yeah....evil dogs.....

Anyway, today is August 25, 2014. My name is Micheal Steven Peterson. I live in Los Angeles, California, with my dad, mom, and two little brother. I'm now a medium-height, dark hair, senior, attending Los Angeles High School. I'm been the mysterious Thrill Rider for a little over a year now; stop many crimes in progress, been in a lot of fight, have actually been chase by the cops before, and surprising, am having the best time of my life.

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