Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore, made the biggest sacrifice ever to save someone he didn't even like. Perhaps it was the angel in him, or perhaps the demon in him. Who knows, but all he knows he is trapped. Demon, that's what Xavier is, but he is so much more angel now than the demon that had been bread from his bloodstream. Though his greatest grandfather Alexander looks very much demon he looks barely anything like him and he has no idea why his heritage changed so quickly and why Lucifer wanted him as one of his blood slaves, though as he fights for his life and learns the way of Hell, he realizes it might be a lot harder to escape from Lucifer's welcoming black castle than he had originally planned.

Action / Scifi
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Xavier Zane Westmore,


I watched the Gates of Hell seal close, the fresh air from above disappearing almost instantly.

Looking over my shoulder Aaden nodded at me his hands in his pockets. "You should have told him." I nodded shifting my gaze back to the gates the large stone doors still having a slight golden glow coming from them as the grass around the doors the only reminder of what's on the other side. I tossed the broken key aside.

"Maybe, maybe not." I said turning away from it, "makes no difference now."

"Could always do an AfterImage." He suggested and I brushed past him a bone-crunching under my foot.

"I'm done with those, I told you that," I sighed and he nodded following after me his cloak fluttering in the hot wind. The hot wind I have to get accustomed to.

"You didn't have to do it," Aaden said his eyes flicking over the ashy plains before landing back on me. "you could've stolen the key and escaped, both of you. Why didn't you?"

"Because nor Laiken or I was in the position to fight hundreds of demons, it would have been useless, besides I have nothing left for me there anyway, it's best for me here. Besides, how bad can be a sworn blood oath to Lucifer himself?" I said sarcastically and Aaden shrugged.

"The man is pretty, I'll warn you, though you won't see him for a while," Aaden told me ignoring my gaze, I also ignored his since finding out he had to train me for, a 'Demon Army' as he put it.

Huffing as I stepped on the broken and cracked ground that broke and groaned under me giving me a sinking suspicion it was going to collapse, normally falling didn't bother me because I could fly. Now I would just look like a retarded helpless bird as I plummeted to my doom.

Though it shockingly held as I followed Aaden's march across the scorched ground, he barked order's at me on how to walk, hell, how to even breathe in these temperatures. He threw me a red sword that was black hilted and I caught it, it was suspiciously weighed perfectly and I gripped it so perfectly I thought it was made for me.

I sheathed it at my back and I saw the towering mansion above me, it stared down at me the silky material that it was made of seemed to be black quartz, Aaden pushed open the doors and I choked when I noticed it was actually beautiful inside, the large glass chandelier above gave the wooden walls a home feel with its soft yellow glow, the winding stairs in the center of the room spiraled up for miles and the four halls spread out throughout the room told me two lead to rooms and the other two were unknown to me.

Aaden lead me down one of the halls were doors were spaced out and he opened a door labeled 666 and I laughed at the irony and he spoke. "This is your quarters, one of the nicer ones, be happy, most newbies get the dungeons as their rooms. Yes, he did choose 666 for a reason, which? Unknown to me." He pushed me in and continued as he shut the door. "Change, you have twenty-five minutes, be ready for training then dinner."

All I did was a nod and he opened my door before slamming it leaving me in the large estate.

Walking into the bathroom I flicked on the light and the same comforting light filled the room, the white counter had a golden faucet and when I turned it on crystal clear water flooded out, my eyes widened and I swiped a glass cup off the counter and filled it up chugging it, then another, I continued until I was satisfied and I licked my dry, cracked lips.

Quickly I changed and did my best to ignore Yancy's dead body flashing through my brain, I wish I didn't see him hanging from that tree. I wish I didn't want to see Catherine one last time, that I just turned my back the moment those doors opened and walked away, but no I had to see her one last time, but I saw my dead friend as a punishment for my selfishness.

Splashing water on my face I washed some ash away and dipped my head over the faucet of the bathtub and turned it on, the freezing water ran through my overgrown locks and I quickly washed it running a towel through it as I made my way over to the closet.

I grabbed the jacket Aaden was wearing and the matching jeans along with the long-sleeved shirt he wore, I quickly changed, the clothes were tight but thick with straps for weapons and the denim jacket didn't hide my wings but also had slots for weapons, I opened another drawer and another wicked smile took up my lips as I saw the amount and different kinds, so I loaded up not caring that only one was visible through the top of my boots, so I changed it out quickly and all my 52 blades and daggers were unnoticeable to the naked eye.

A knock sounded from my door and I swung it open, Aaden stood there are light eyes sweeping over me.

"Good, now come on, we have a lot of basic training to teach you angel boy," Aaden said his cloak swishing as he walked the diamond earrings in his ear glinting in the soft light of the wooden halls.

As we wound through the halls many people glanced at my wings or stopped what they were doing and full-blown stared at me as I walked by, I just waved with my one wing.

"What is this army even for?" I asked fixing the red blade at my back and Aaden pushed open are large stone door as I walked into the more-than-likely training room.

"To kill the kurans of course." Aaden said with deadly calmness.

(Welcome welcome! One and all! This is Xavier's new life, tell me, do you think he will accept his new life or fight against his bound to Lucifer? I would love to hear your answers!)

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