Heir Of Death

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Aaden Delta Lucerne


Lucifer shoved himself into my room, kicking my sword out from the hallway and slamming the door closed. He dead bolted it, stormed over to the window shut them, shut the curtains, locked the balcony doors and then locked the windows, shut the curtains to said windows and then finally turned to me, his hood still over his head. No chances I see.

“Where the fuck is Xavier?!” Lucifer hissed his hand a white-knuckled grip on his sword.

“I don’t know!” I finally gave in throwing my hands up in exhaustion. “I don’t know, I thought you caged him because he was dangerous, not because he was a danger not because he was going to run away. One minute he was in my doorway the next he was gone.” I explained my hands shaking.

“Who else was there?” Lucifer pressed his sword glowing as his temper rose.

“Some girl, I don’t know, she had green eyes, brown hair, and oddly tan skin,” I explained to him, there is no point anymore, one word and he can force all the information out of me.

"Laine,” Lucifer hissed out his lavender eyes filling with rage. “That bitch found him, she really did it.” He chuckled rolling his eyes.

“What do you mean?” I said, my voice slowly losing emotions.

“Laine, Laine Swanson, I told her if she could get close to Xavier, she could keep him, and guess what, the moment he saw her in his vacant sanity state,” He snapped his fingers, “they vanished, that’s no accident.”

“So she’s with him?” I asked and Lucifer nodded.

“More than likely.” He agreed scratching his chin, I felt anger bubble up inside me. Not towards Lucifer, or even towards Xavier, but towards Laine. The scratches across his back, his raw neck and now he’s all alone with her, in a state of mind that could easily be taken advantage of.

Pain flared across my face and my head flew back, I connected with the wall as blood seeped from my nose, I choked grabbing my now broken nose.

“Stop that!” Lucifer nearly yelled. “I told you before you even knew his name not to get attached before I told you about having a client I told you not to get close to him. What did you do?!” Lucifer grabbed my neck and lifted me up.

“W-we both know that was your plan,” I choked out my vision doubling. “for me and Xavier to get close, so you can use him as a weapon against me.” Lucifer’s grip on my neck tightened, I began to see stars.

“Yes it was, and now your pain will help me find him.” He said, a dark smile creeping over his face, I felt my blood run cold. He didn’t.

The window shattered moments before I lost all oxygen to my lungs, Lucifer dropped me like a doll, and I coughed like a maniac, too scared to look up. Though even before my eyes landed on his frame, I knew who it was.

I rose to my feet listening to Lucifer’s choking noise, and I inhaled, shifting on my feet I stumbled over to him, I grabbed his bare shoulder and pulled, the sparks that darted up my arm instantly making my mind fuzz.

“Let him go,” I breathed out, as I asked, Xavier released Lucifer as I had demanded, Lucifer quickly pulled on his hood and fled, his sword swaying and the door slamming behind him.

A shadow fell over us, I turned my head to the broken window, Laine Swanson stood there her hands folded over her heart looking as innocent as the angelic blood that flooded her veins, but I saw those marks on his back, the hickeys on his neck. I pushed down my shaking rage.

“Get out,” I said to Laine, pointing towards the door. She swallowed her jade eyes moving to Xavier, my contained rage rose further, closer to the edge of my mask.

“Can I talk to you?” This time she was talking to me, I clenched my jaw, what does this bitch want to say to me?

“Five minutes,” I said, and pointed to the separate room connected to mine. Laine nodded and I glanced at Xavier, but he was too busy focused on the broken pieces of glass.

Keep sharp items away from him. I shoved Xavier into the bathroom picking the piece of glass out of his hand and locked the door.

I stepped into the side room and Laine was fidgeting, her hands moving to curl her hair around her finger. I kept my face blank and hands relaxed.

“What?” I asked my voice cold, I slipped my hands into the pockets of my gray sweatpants. I felt extremely vulnerable, one because I had no weapons, and two, I had no shirt.

“I wanted to ask about Xavier,” She breathed out, twisting her fingers together. “what happened to him? He’s like a wild animal, and not in a good way.” I clenched my jaw.

“That’s classified information,” I told her, she looked up her jade eyes meeting mine, tears shone in them like unshed tears of the devil. God, I hate her.

“I know that. I understand that, but will he be ok? He’s the only thing I have from Yancy, that night, it meant nothing for me, or for him, but that, that thing isn’t Xavier, but Xavier is in there, somewhere.” She said, wiping tears away from her eyes. I ignored the fact she told me her fling with Xavier meant nothing, because honestly? It made me feel a bit better.

“I don’t know what happened to him, Lucifer tortured him for months, perhaps he is just broken,” I said simply, she inhaled sharply, I knew I hit a nerve.

“Just try,” She said, “please try and fix him.” she took a step towards me and I got in a defensive position, she took notice and stopped moving, she knew I could snap her like a twig.

Pain flared through my arm, I gasped stumbling back, Laine frowned at me. I groaned the pain flooding up my arm, I knelt the pain flooding my head. Xavier. I thought it’s Xavier.

I was up in a moment and darting towards the bathroom, I threw it open and there he sat, covered in a pool of his own blood, a piece of glass in his hand. My arm was red, but no wound was there, no drop of blood. Damn you Lucifer. I thought yanking the glass from his grip. He gave me an angelic smile that made my heart sputter.

“Get up, now,” I said, Laine hovered in the door her face pale, I glared at her darkly. “You leave, I never want to see your face again,” She looked ready to vomit, so all she did was a nod and leave, locking the door behind her.

I shoved Xavier onto the counter and examined his wound, he had carved two new words into his flesh. Demon, Faker. He looked unnervingly joyous as he kicked his legs like a child high on sugar.

Anger boiled in my gut, not towards Xavier, sadly, I don’t think I could be mad at Xavier, but to Laine, for distracting me, to Lucifer for doing this to him. I began to clean out the wound his skin against mine like an electrical shock, a jolt of pleasure. Focusing is definitely going to be a struggle, isn’t it?

He shuddered when my hand brushed his jaw and I looked up to see him watching me with dark, half-lidded eyes. I swallowed finishing up and wrapped his arm.

I grabbed his hand gently the sparks starting to numb my common sense. I lead him to the extra bedroom, I made sure he couldn’t shatter the glass before releasing his hand. Mainly because another moment and I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

“Go to bed,” I said gently guiding him to the bed, he crawled into it his wings dropping off the side, he pulled the covers over his shoulder and curled up.

I went to stand and he yelped, I whirled my head around. His eyes were silver-gold, lavender in the other. I inhaled sharply. “Xavier?” I asked and he nodded, sparks shot up my back, muffling my brain.

Walking over to him I resisted the urge to touch him, to trace his defined muscles and calloused hands.

“Can I ask some questions?” I asked walking closer towards him, his jaw clenched.

“Ask while you can,” He said examining his hands, I took a deep breath knowing it was better not to pummel him with questions.

“Have you started assassinating?” I asked and he nodded his eyes filling with tears, he began to shake but I refrained from wrapping him in my arms.

“Yes, Isiceal, General of the Army, Salina, Leader of the Telepathic wing in the Nobility, and many more.” He said shaking, “I killed thirty-two people.” He said looking at me in horror.

“Who was next?” I asked, “Before you went insane.” This seemed to make his eyes break.

“Crisslia, they recruited her back into the army, she was the Major General before she met Alex, they know demons are planning something since I started killing higher-ups, they also re-appointed Rafael Eshmun as head of the Medical Department, he saved millions from unbelievable wounds," Xavier explained. He looked too shaken for more questions, his skin was also cracking with purple veins. "They are all legends, all they need now is Alex back to win."

Being a General myself every ounce of this information was important.

"And Cat's child, they were talking about her, how they found a cure for her disease. Something about the Mortal Sword." He said, his eyes were blazing now, blazing from silver-gold with lavender to deep royal purple.

"Calm down," I told Xavier, "You're stressing yourself out."

He nodded, "I don't have much control, but I have been getting more since I have been out of that prison, it's just a challenge." He told me and his eyes slowly faded back to royal purple. I knew I lost him.

"Shit," I cursed, the demon responded to the sound of my voice by perking up and smiling at me, I ignored my racing heart and walked out, slamming the door after me before locking it. I ran my fingers through my hair, if Lucifer wants these people dead they must be a big threat to his plan, and if I fail, anyone related to me dies, along with myself.

I collapsed onto my bed, yanking the covers over my shoulder and forcing my mind to shut down, I won't accomplish anything if I think while I am stressed.

So I very stressfully slept.

Aaden Delta Lucerne


"Shit, fuck, goddamn it, cunt." I spurted off when I realized I lost the papers Lucifer asked for, names of the rebels who tried killing Xavier.

"Want a coloring book for the colorful language?" A voice said behind me, I nearly jumped, thank you whoever for letting me keep my pride.

"How'd you open the door?" I asked looking back at Xavier, he held a bobby pin and a needle, I paled. "The fuck you'd get those?"

"They were in the wall," He said simply, and I realized, his eyes were silver-gold and lavender.

"Can we talk?" he asked kicking off the doorframe, I swallowed realizing how much I hated hearing those words from him, I massaged my temples and stood my cloak fluttering.

"Sure," I said turning around to face him as I crossed my arms and leaned against the desk. "about?" I asked.

"Not really talk, more like apologize," He said looking out the window, the unknown light danced across his skin lighting up his body and scars, his eyes were like undiscovered diamonds. He had gotten a tan since being here, he wasn't as pale, his skin was darker, but it was hard to tell how much in this light. "I'm sorry for earlier, in that room, I know you hate me but I don't know," He was shaking slightly, I noticed, "it felt right." He looked at the ground scratching his neck.

I swallowed, I knelt down and began picking up the mess I made. "I don't hate you, Xavier," I told him the truth, in fact, sometimes I felt the opposite, now it's time to lie. "Your just a soldier to me though, and I don't date soldier's, I don't want to be the reason you die on the battlefield, because when the time comes, we will both be on the field, the last thing we need is to worry about someone else." There was a lot of truth to that, but the lie hit him hard, he inhaled sharply and nodded, then he was gone slamming the door to the side bedroom behind him.

I sighed rubbing my temple as I stood, I did the right thing, I hope, it just feels so wrong

Walking out after I found the file to the throne room was stressful, even more so when Lucifer wasn't on his throne. I just slipped the papers under the secret compartment under his obsidian throne.

"How is he?" Lucifer's voice asked behind me, I jumped whirling around as I reached for my sword.

"He's fine," I said simply, Lucifer rolled his eyes.

"I don't mean with the demon, I meant with you, I kinda figured by your stance you rejected him." He said his eyes dancing their lavender color taunting.

"Reject isn't the right word?" I sighed rubbing my forehead with the palm of my hand.

"But is it?" He asked, "You told him you knew he liked you, and yet the relationship between you hasn't changed, I would call that a type of rejection." I glared at him "Why did you do it?"

"To protect him," I said simply, Lucifer caught on quickly. He once again rolled his eyes.

"Your not protecting him from his thoughts of you or dying in battle," He said strolling up to his throne and plopping down. "Your protecting your heart from him." With that he shoo'ed me off, I walked out in a daze.

Sadly, he was right.

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