Heir Of Death

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Kings and Queens

Xavier Zane Westmore


Saying I have never been rejected would be a lie because I have, I just haven’t been in a while, and that was what hurt. I forgot how to cope with it, and I never in my three hundred years of living would think I would be rejected by another guy, a hot guy, but still.

I sighed pulling on clothes and opening the door Aaden forgot to lock, I peeked into his room and realized he wasn’t there, I walked towards the exit but stopped. The demon taking over is quite spontaneous, but I can’t stay here any longer, not with his Evergreen scent everywhere.

So I flung open the door and shut it behind me, descending down the winding stairs I landed firmly on the main level. Most of Lucifer’s masked men don’t come down here, mainly because there are no laws and everything is hectic. Well, not no laws, they follow the few rules Lucifer has. Which is to never go past the main level, never speak to a Lucifer’s masked men if you don’t have authorization to. I don’t remember anything else.

Walking through the main lobby I saw a man stabbing a girl with a broken table leg, I only looked for a moment, almost how someone would nod at another person. Seeing someone get murdered openly is something I’ve gotten used to, something I’ve done myself.

“Nice clothes you got there bud,” A voice said behind me, I was currently wearing my Guardian jacket so it hid my wings, black joggers, combat boots and a vest that was loaded with weapons. A short sword hung from my hip as my red blade was strapped to my back, I instantly got in a defensive position. The man quickly took notice.

“Oh, are you part of the army?” He asked and I shook my head, I mean, I wasn’t part Aaden’s army. The man noticed my earring. “Blood Slave,” He cooed.

“What my position here is none of your business,” I told him. The man was obviously drunk, but I felt like letting my demon have some fun, to let it bite a little. Let someone feel its fangs. As I had that thought I felt something pulse under my forearm.

“Oh come on, just spill a secret, your pretty, not many pretty boys are good blood slaves besides Major Lucerne, but he’s a psycho and a socio.” The man said slurring his words.

“No,” I said, “though if you wish to know, ask someone who cares,” I said, no one but Aaden and Lucifer knew about my position, and Aaden figured out about my wings now, but I assume Lucifer has one more trick up his sleeve.

“Alright, want to go back to my place?” The man asked and I looked at him in disgust, I mean yeah sure, I too, am interested in a man. Just not this one.

“God no,” I said cringing.

“Haven’t you been occupying Major Lucerne’s bed?” He asked, confused, as he tilted his head. “A few servants from floor three said they saw you enter his quarters.”

Rage flooded my veins, just as a familiar voice shouted over the screaming and yelling of the main floor, I whirled my head to the voice. His ultramarine eyes were blazing, his jaw tight and sword drawn, he hadn’t noticed me, or probably knew I was down here, he was currently shoving his sword through a random girl’s eye. He whirled around gracefully decapitating the man with the broken table leg, then gutted a woman that tried to protect him.

He cleaned the crystal blade on his black jeans before sheathing it, the azure handle matching the dagger strapped to his bicep. The main floor silenced respect for Aaden obvious. His ultramarine eyes met mine and more rage flooded his eyes if that was possible.

“Xavier Zane Westmore,” He said, his voice no higher than his normal voice, but it seemed to echo. The demon stirred, and I lost feeling to my legs, I fell to a kneeling position.

Aaden moved smoothly over to me his cloak fluttering, he unsheathed his dagger and pressed it to my throat, I resisted the urge to swallow as blood leaked down my skin. Something in me snapped, it roared as it flooded my veins like dark adrenaline, it flooded my body like sin and I moved to shove Aaden to the floor ripping his dagger from his grip.

“Fuck,” Aaden said as he saw my eyes, my demon self fixed the dagger it wrestled away from Aaden into a better position.

There was a flash then pain flooded my chest, back, and neck. The demon screamed throwing itself from Aaden and I realized the short sword was gone from my hip, but it didn’t go far. It was now sticking out the front of my chest.

Aaden rolled to his feet a the demon threw the dagger, it whistled through the air and landed in the right side of Aaden’s chest. He stumbled back but otherwise seemed unaffected.

My vision blurred but my body continued on, though a voice stopped me, sending a shock through my body starting from my ear. My ear with the earring.

"Stop,” The voice said, a man descended the stair his face and hair hidden, the sword on his back hidden by a cloth and a Guardian jacket peeked out from under his heavy cloak. I knew who it was the moment Aaden’s earring began to glow and mine too, the glow visible from the corner of my eye.

Once again, Lucifer has left his throne room.

Though I too, was more shocked when he dropped his hood, revealing his structured face, blonde hair, and captivating lavender eyes. He pulled the silk off the hilt of the Mortal Sword, it wasn’t glowing, but anyone in this room with a slight knowledge of religion would recognize that blade.

It was so silent now, that even when people realized who really stood on the staircase, all they could do was gape.

"Bow,” Lucifer demanded his lavender eyes shining, I felt the muscles in my knee spazz, my legs shook but something deeper howled at the command, fought back. I was lowered down to one knee, just as Aaden was, but I was shaking much more violently, then I slowly began to rose, something whipping through my body.

I was standing to full height, shaking yes, but still. The force of the blood oath roared in my veins but my demon roared louder, and my demon didn’t take such an oath.

"I said bow!” His voice bellowed, it echoed over the main floor, through the halls, and over the floor.

"I bow to none.” My demon said, a full sentence, something it hasn’t accomplished yet. The shock of Lucifer’s face would have made me laugh if the Mortal Sword didn’t spring to life as he unsheathed it, it’s brilliant glow made some look away, more looked away as he shouldered off his Guardian jacket and his wings opened, shining with the light of the sun.

“Xavier,” Aaden choked out from his kneeling position, “stop, listen to him.” Though the demon didn’t respond to Aaden either. Sadly.

Before Lucifer lunged at me a breath-taking woman descended the stairs, she had flowing chestnut hair, her eyes a brilliant red, her skin was ivory, her teeth were perfect besides the elongated canines, except she had two canines, side by side, top row and bottom row. She was breathtaking, but the ring on her left-hand finger told me someone claimed her.

She turned to me, her face so familiar as if I had seen it before, or someone who looked like her. The absolute horror and shock on Lucifer’s face is what made me question her identity.

“Lucifer, give me the sword, you shall not hurt those who oppose you, especially the blood.” She said, her voice like honey, but some honey can kill if not treated right.

I was ninety-eight percent expecting Lucifer to cut her down and laugh at her for daring such a thing, but he shook as he lowered the hilt of the Mortal Sword into her grasp, even Aaden had a shocked expression.

The sword sang as she whirled it through the air, it’s glow dimming as Lucifer’s holy touch left it, though she still shouldn’t be able to wield it, it should burn her, from the inside out. Unless the sword considers her a friend.

“What are you doing here?” Lucifer asked, though didn’t meet her gaze, as if he were ashamed.

“I heard you were revealing yourself, and perhaps he finally deserves the truth, the person who started it all,” She said her eyes like fire, her soul wild. Standing up to Lucifer in front of so many people...

“Kala-” He began but her eyes narrowed and she swung the sword around cutting off Lucifer’s cloak, it fell with a flutter, the room was barely breathing. “Kalama, please,” He finished.

“That is Kalama Westmore, to you.” She said in a sneer her eyes turning to meet mine, I slowly began putting the pieces together, she turned to face the whole main floor, she shoved the Mortal Sword into the air as he voice boomed off the walls.

“I, people of Hell, am your Queen.”

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