Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore


My mind was buzzing, from everything, from seeing Aaden being frozen, slowly, watching his eyes grow cold, looking at his corpse.

I felt everything breaking, my heart, my mind, my soul. I pulled myself on to him clutching his cold arm. I couldn’t stop the tears that fell down my face, the sob that escaped my lips.

His skin began to warm but I chalked it up to my mind playing tricks on me, though I felt him shift and his arm fell across my hips, I lifted my head to see his ultramarine eyes still closed, skin slowly gaining color, I slipped off my guardian jacked with a fuss, pain flaring through my body from the broken ribs, then I took off through a window, clutching Aaden closely.

I landed and set him down, I need to make sure Fayre is ok, I need to get her out of there. So I released Aaden and whirled back around, he shouted something but the castle began to rumble as I broke through the front doors, I stumbled trying to turn around but the doors collapsed inwards. I staggered the other way as I watched pillars collapse onto themselves.

The ceiling began to rain down on me, and I cried out as heavy bits of marble pummeled me. I dove out of the way of a giant chunk. I heard something roar, and that just made it so much worse, the ceiling completely fell down, but in bigger and faster chunks. I screamed in agony as one slammed into me, stars dotted my vision but I kept treking on, I am not dying in a collapsing castle. Running up the stairs was a bad idea on my part.

They gave way under me, either from being weak over the hundreds of years they were here, or from the ceiling berating them, but either way, I fell my wings shooting open by instinct, though, that too, was a horrid idea.

Two large chunks connected with my wings and I screamed as pain flared through my back, up my neck to the point my back felt numb. I was now pinned to the ground chuck after chunk falling on me, and to add onto the agony, I had lost my ring. Before darkness took me under like a sedative wave, I saw a thing. Taller than the Empire State Building and features like Alpha Dragons, except much taller, feathers on its body but scales fading out to his front legs, tail, and head. Its eyes were completely black besides the tiny red dot, and I could have sworn it looked at me before I could no longer see.


Aaden Delta Lucerne


I felt the ground shake before he ran in, I told him to stop but I guess he didn’t hear me. I watched him try and turn around but the wall caved in.

At that moment, I have never been so scared, the moment that wall fell in what the most horrifying moment of my whole life.

I wasn’t stupid enough to run in there after him, mainly because there was no way to. Though it kept collapsing and falling in, and a horrified sound left my lips as I watched the top story fall down, taking all the other stories with it, and Xavier was at the bottom of it all.

The dust settled and I coughed, it felt like forever for that castle to fall. Lucifer hovered above it all, lavender eyes filled with undefinable rage.

“Get a clean-up crew!” He bellowed “Find any bodies and bring them straight to me!” I frowned when he said the last part, then I looked over at Kalama, who was sobbing against the rubble.

My heart was aching, he has to be ok, he has to be. There is no way he died just after being resurrected. No.

I wasn’t aware I was digging in the rubble until a hand fell over my shoulder, I looked up, it was Colby and Laine. The Swansons. “Where could he be?” Laine asked gently and I choked, tears were streaming down my face but I didn’t care, I need to get to him. They can see me as weak, they can laugh at me, just give him back, I thought tearing through the rubble. My hands began to bleed but I didn’t care, there was one too heavy to lift so I unsheathed Xavier’s blade and stuck it between the rock and other rocks, I grunted and the bolder moved. Nothing was underneath.

I continued this process, over and over again until I couldn’t stand until I couldn’t move my arms until my eyes were the only thing I could lift, and even that was a struggle.

“You did good,” I heard a familiar voice say as boots landed in front of me. My arms felt as if they were being pulled into the Earth, my whole body felt like that, I felt like I was swaying and everything was distant. Lucifer crouched in front of me. “We will find him.” He said, but I didn’t believe a word this angel spoke.

Finally, exhaustion won, and when I woke back up I wasn’t in my room, not that I had expected to be. Considering everything I cared about was taken down with it, and everyone. The last part had me choking up, he can’t actually be gone, he wouldn’t.

His smile flashed through my mind, his muscled body and sharp features, perfect posture, technique, personality, touch. Now it’s all gone, the last time I will see him is in a casket.

I ran my hands through my hair, my lungs closing off. I shouldn’t have pushed him away, I never should have. I should have embraced him, now I am feeling the pain of my mistakes.

“Major!” A voice shouted through the door, I knew that voice. Though I ignored it.

He walked in anyways, my head snapped to the doors, eyes narrowing. Colby made no face on how I looked, he just bowed his head and spoke. “I found something,” He walked over to me and opened his palm, a golden ring laid there, the Westmore symbol carved into its band. It was his ring.

I took it gently, the weight of it more than I expected. I slid it onto my finger, it was a little too big, but not enough I could easily lose it. “Thank you,” I said quietly, shock spread over his face. He bowed, then exited shutting the door behind him.

Plopping back down I curled up tears streaming back down my face, I had no motivation to get up. I let sleep pull me back under. I awoke to soft knocking on my door, I mumbled something in audible.

“We found him,” That made me rip the door open so hard I nearly broke the door frame. It was Colby. “Lestil, Main Hall.” Was all he had to say before I was running, running as fast as I could, I was still in my clothing from yesterday, everything but my weapons.

Lestil was a big city in Hell, Lucifer’s Castle was just a place, Lestil, if he’s in Lestil, he was found a while ago, and I am going to run the whole damn way if I must.

Though as soon as I exited the building I was staying in I saw Lucifer, on the back of one of his demons, horrid tuks jutted from its jaw, it bore no eyes but venom dripped from the empty sockets and it was mostly bone, little flesh still on it.

Ignoring my instinct I jumped on behind Lucifer, he snapped the reins and the thing made a horrid sound as it took off, its wings were uneven the whole time so we were at a good forty-degree angle the whole time, but I didn’t care. There was only one thing I cared about right now.

The demon thing dove and literally crashed into the ground, I leaped off and ran, letting my heart lead, and for once, it led me right.

Exploding through some white doors I saw him, instantly, and my heart seemed to bend more back. Nearly every joint in his body was bent at a horrid angle, blood so much dried blood. How did I feel none of this? We have a half bond, I should have felt some of it. I walked over to him, my legs and arms lose as if I was being gentle to the air.

The thing that broke my heart in two was the white cloth across his eyes and his unmoving chest. I set my palm across his chest to feel the cold response, the dull nothing of no beat.

He’s healed people from unbelievable wounds,” I remember Xavier saying clear as day.

I turned around and met Lucifer’s pained gaze, “Rafael,” I choked out, compressing my sobs. Lucifer frowned.

“Who?” Lucifer asked.

“Rafael Eshnum,” I repeated my vision blurry from my tears. Lucifer frowned.

“The healer? I’m sorry Aaden, but there is only one man I know that can resurrect the dead, and he doesn’t go by that name.” Lucifer said pity in his eyes.

“Please,” I begged, I lowered myself down onto the ground, both knees, I pressed my forehead to the floor. “Please, take everything, my title, my home, my clothes, my blade, but please.”

Lucifer closed those lavender eyes and uttered the words that reminded me, he too, was an angel. “I, Lucifer Clynt Westmore, release you, Xavier Zane Westmore, from the oath of blood you’ve sworn to me. Free you shall be.

The earring on Xavier’s ear shimmered out of existence, Lucifer snapped his fingers and a portal opened, the crisp air of Krystillia made me choke. I moved away from the portal.

“You will be separated from him, you understand that, right?” Lucifer asked, and I nodded, better than death.

He nodded and a man picked him up, I quickly stood and ran over to Xavier, I stood on my tip toes and pressed a kiss to his lips. I only felt a glimmer of hope when sparks shot through my face, not like before were it would make me doozy, but enough to remind me, he was still alive.

Then the man stepped through the portal and returned empty-handed, the portal closed off. I felt a hand close around the back of my collar, but I didn’t care, he was free, he was safe.

Free he shall be.

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