Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore

Tupia, Mapal.

I stared at the woman in shock. Natalie Lucerne. Though her face wasn't the one I was thinking about. His sister. The words echoed like a lost scripture, he has a sister?

She gave me a weak smile and took the hand of the man who tried to burn me alive, but he too looked far too familiar. Icy blue eyes, light skin, and pale hair. "James?" I croaked out, her other words ringing out in my head. Soon to be Heeko.

"Hey," He said with a ghost of a smile, I swallowed, how much have I missed? Eighteen years worth of memories, but you can't feel guilty if they're all dead, cut all their throats, you know you can, and get away with it, you learned how to, Lucifer taught you. Now use it.

I released Catherine taking a step back, the adrenaline in my veins but not from the burning building, but from the picture of murdering all who breathe in front of me.

"Wheres Crisslia?" I asked flexing my hands, trying to calm my racing heart. Rafael Eshmun shrugged wiping Fayre's blood off his hands, the look of the shiny liquid made my arms shake, restraint and hunger dominating my pores. Is this how Aaden felt after killing the woman? Hungry? Lustful for more? Unstoppable, a living machine built for nothing more than to just kill.

"No idea," Rafael said, "why?" He asked not to get into my business, just out of mere curiosity.

"Hunting," I said merely, I want blood, sure not animal blood, but that's the only blood I'm getting.

Rafael nodded and spoke, "The Council wants to see you first." He said, and I mentally cursed, I hate the council, I wish I was joking when I say someone might die.

I just nodded though, letting a mask slip over my face as four men on horses approached, a large brown wolf behind them, the Westmore blade strapped to it's back.

The horses fanned around us and the wolf shifted, bones snapping and cloth-appearing. It was Crisslia, in leather pants and a leather bra. She unclipped the sword and handed it over without a word, please don't give this to me, please. Though when I took the blade she didn't argue, even when I strapped it to my back and tightened the straps against my bare chest.

The four men on the horses dismounted, it was Yalke of the Empathy wing, Lynne of the Velocity wing, Prese of the Political wing and one more I didn't recognize.

Yalke walked up to me and held his hand out, not a handshake, but to feel how my emotions are. I grabbed it and shook it as if it were a handshake.

The man nodded and Prese stepped forward, "We would like to ask you a few questions if that's alright?" I swallowed and nodded, controlling that stupid demon within me.

"Take this fucking sword from me first," I panted out, they frowned reaching for their swords, one, the one I didn't know, unsheathed the dagger at his hip and I sprang, everything instinct, nothing, not an ounce of it controllable.

There was a flash, and his head hit the ground, blood exploding from his headless neck as the Westmore blade cut through tissue and bone, flashing with blood and metal as I dropped it in horror.

Though some part of me told me it was ok, it was just death, I killed hundreds in hell just because they were annoying, it'll be fine.

Reason hit me soon, and I realized, this isn't Hell, it's Krystillia, I killed a Nobel, and I will be punished.

The horror on everyone's faces made a sadistic smile creep onto my lips, a giggle escaped from them too. I covered my mouth with a blood-soaked hand.

I watched Alarick grab Cat's hand and yank her behind him, predatory red eyes on me. I swallowed, light teal eyes flashing through my mind, their golden ring shining as his tan skin soaked up the sun.

I just took a step back, away from the body, away from the sword, away from the people. Crisslia approached me though, no fear behind her amber eyes.

"Xavier," She said softly, "look at me, no one else, we didn't expect you to stay the same, to be completely fine. Sure, we don't know the horror's you faced in Hell, what just happened could have been completely natural to you now, your wild, I can see it, smell it. You might not bear the scales of a demon, but your heart no longer beats the rhythm of the angel you once were. It may never again, it just depends if you can learn to control that demon that's awoken."

My knees shook and I collapsed, against Crisslia, my new muscle mass and height nearly crushing her, I only knew this cause she grunted slightly.

She fixed my weight and I heard rustling, Rafael stood and Fayre shifted to her feet, I wanted to hug her, tell her I'm sorry, that I didn't mean it. So I released Crisslia, taking a deep breath to calm my spaghetti legs and wrapped my arms around her waist. She was much taller than Cat, by at least six inches, but not long ago I wasn't so tall either, everyone, thing, felt so tiny.

"Sorry," I croaked out and Rafael gently pulled me back, I frowned.

"It's best if you don't put pressure on the wound, the bandages are enough right now," He said, in an 'I'm a doctor' tone. Though something told me it wasn't his medical training that caused him to say that.

Right I said shifting my gaze back to the now three Nobel men. "Well," Prese said, "that answers one of our questions." I glared at him darkly. He shut up instantly.

Weirdly enough I felt lost here, not comfortable as if I miss Hell. Or someone in it. I clenched my bloodied hands and muttered, "I need to leave." Though Yalke stepped in front of me.

"No, you've proven you cannot trust yourself or your actions, we will summon someone to go with you, an Empath. You shall stay here until she arrives, even then, you will take her everywhere." Every word that left Yalke's mouth made my jaw tighten, my demon creep closer, and an animalistic growl rise in my throat. It escaped my lips once and he halted what he was saying. "Point proven."

Crisslia shook her head, I spun on my heel and marched back into the house, the part where James burned still smoking.

Bounding up the stairs I tossed the sheath of the Westmore blade on the ground. I plopped on the bed and winced as I sunk into it, the feeling of Aaden's spare bed was like rocks, I was used to that. So I rolled onto the ground and curled up, the air conditioning chilling me to my bones.

I awoke to a warm hand on my bicep, I jerked back before I saw who it was, reaching for a weapon that was nowhere in sight.

A blonde girl was crouched on the ground, she gave me a brilliant smile, her indigo eyes shining. Her skin was a dark golden tan as if she was in the sun longer than a normal girl as if she grew up in it. A small, white scar laid across the bridge of her nose while her hand reached out to me, I knew what she wanted.

Slowly I touched her hand, with just the tips of my fingers, that was enough. She nodded and stood, that beaming smile never faltering, she smiles too much.

"The floor more comfortable than this bed?" She asked with a small laugh, I just met her gaze and stood, slowly realizing just how tiny this empath is, and she too realized just how towering I was to her. Her indigo eyes widened and she took a full step back just so she could meet my gaze.

"Yes," I said simply, and she nodded, evident fear in her body and eyes. She swallowed and tore her gaze away.

"I'm Caoimhe, Caoimhe Yuuko." She said "Heir to the Empathy wing."

"Xavier, Xavier Westmore, last Heir of the Westmore's," I said mimicking her slightly, she swallowed, they expect this tiny and shy girl to stop me from decapitating another person? Then again, I underestimated Aaden. Now look how I am, the living weapon he trained me to be, honed me to be.

"I need to go shopping so you have to come with me." She said squaring her shoulders, "You're stuck with me." I lowered my face down to her and grabbed her jaw, tightly. I was letting her know who here could do the damage here.

"No," I growled pulled my upper lip back. "you're stuck with me."

She jerked back and grabbed my wrist, I cried out as my anger shifted to calmness, relaxed. I stumbled back as something else exploded through my veins, my demon. I choked grabbing my head as black veins flashed in my inner forearm.

Caoimhe seemed to realized she made it worse so when she took a step towards me she didn't seem surprised when the voice that left my lips wasn't mine. "Don't." "Aaden." The demon said, his control finally breaking through. He lunged for Caoimhe and she screamed but my hands locked around her neck, we crashed against the door and it exploded sending us tumbling down the marble stairs.

There was a flash of metal and pain flared between my ribs, the demon howled and stumbled back, a dagger wedged below my sternum, I stumbled before darkness took me under, before I could remind my self to breath, to control my heart rate so I didn't bleed out.

Aaden Delta Lucerne


I stood, hands behind my back, sword strapped to my waist, dagger on my bicep and Lucifer explaining how things have to change, but a slow, drawling pain formed below my sternum, I ignored it until it became unbearable. Even then, I stood straight and focused on the disregarded angel.

Until my legs gave out, of course, causing a choked cry to leave my lips, I finally looked down and saw blood leaking out of my shirt, I frowned, tasting blood on my lips. I reached up wiping my lips and pulled my sleeve back, it was now wet with blood.

Lucifer took notice of his line of men breaking, and one bleeding. I hunched over more blood spilling out of my shirt, it was dripping now.

I pulled my shirt up to see a deep gash just below my sternum, far too straight for it to just be a cut from falling, no, this was done by a blade.

"What is the meaning of this?" Lucifer asked, anger dancing off his tongue. Then he noticed, all of my weapons were sheathed, and the sheaths were clean. I didn't do it to myself, and he realized it. He grabbed my shoulder and met my eyes, worry deep inside his lavender ones. "Do you know if he's ok?" I shook my head and anger quickly filled his eyes.

"Then find out," Then his hand was at my temple and everything disappeared into the darkness.

The last thing I expected when I opened my eyes was a silver-gold, lavender bearing eyed demon standing before me. He wore no shirt, loose sweat pants, and an identical wound on his chest.

"Aaden?" He asked frowning, I stood in my old room, everything was still the same? Was this an AfterImage?

"Yeah, It's me," I said finally, my voice thick, I can't believe he did it, Rafael actually healed him, miracle worker indeed. Xavier took a step towards me but stopped, I took a step though, I threw my arms around him and I heard him inhale sharply.

His arms slipped around me and his head rested ontop mine. I clung to him wordlessly, because I couldn't form all I wanted to say.

"Don't go," He whispered and I looked up, giving a weak smile. I didn't know what he meant until I saw myself vanish, and awake in a room I didn't recognize.

Though I might not recognize the room, I recognized the eyes on the front of my mind, the eyes of an angel I made into a demon, my demon.

Xavier Zane Westmore

Tupia, Mapal.

I awoke with a start, my arms still tingling, my neck still burning, my heart still racing, my mind still mushy.

Shifting my gaze to the side I saw Caomhe, her indigo gaze narrowed at me, Rafael stood over me, his gloved hands inspecting my wounds. He picked out a piece of the dagger with metal prongs and I rested my head back, maybe that's why I couldn't heal, the dagger snapped off in my chest.

Though the thought of that angelic blade piercing my skin made me stiffen, the overwhelming heat was nothing compared to the chilliness of Krystillia, to the everyday death, cutting someone's throat just because you didn't like them, the scream of agony beneath your feet, every day of every hour.

I stared at the ceiling, remembering the last time I closed my eyes was in Hell, with Aaden, and I every time from here on out I will close them without him, the constant loneliness in my chest a gaping void in my emotions.

Finally, Rafael began to wrap my chest, telling me to lift my torso here and there.

I slowly began to rise and Caomhe walked over to me, and before I had a chance to react she pulled cuffs out from behind her and clipped my wrist to my belt buckle. I stared at her in shock, and she must have known what hand I used my blade because she clipped my dominant hand.

"What the fuck," I growled my fists clenching, she now looked at me with no fear, of course not, because she was probably armed, has both hands, some training, and she was looking after a demon with one hand and no weapons.

"It's the only way to contain you." She said simply, I stared down at her, very thankful I had no blade, cause she would be dead. "You will be staying with your father until we can get a room set up for you at my house, then you will have house arrest, your wings will be clipped."

I had enough, "Just put me in jail already," I snapped my jaw tight, she shook her head.

"We can't the whole reason you're like this now is because of what happened to you in Hell, which the Nobility will ask about in a different meeting. Now, we need to get you re-situated." She explained, but I was more scared than angry, well, no, I was pissed, they want me to stay with my father? The bastard they didn't arrest because there wasn't enough evidence pointing to him burning my mother and sister alive? They want me to stay with him in this state?

A few Guardians showed up and grabbed my arms, I stiffened, they are sure as Hell are treating me like a prisoner.

They loaded me into the back of a carriage and locked the door, I laughed, because deep down, I knew if I wanted too, or this demon wanted too, I could easily escape.

The carriage was completely black, no holes or nothing for light to escape into, I could barely hear the outside due to the cancelation metal of the carriage cell and it was uncomfortable as ever. Fucking bitches.

Finally, it stopped, and the door swung open the brilliant light of the sun burning my cornea's. They hauled me out and I saw two men with dual daggers. I knew what was about to happen.

"Open your wings." One demanded, I smirked when I noticed how close they were, did they think my wings were still so small? I suppose. So I shot open my wings, at fast speeds, purposefully, of course, sending the two men scrambling back so a black wing didn't bitch slap them.

They glared at me before walking behind my wings and began cutting the feathers, I stood still and calm as they did so, even though they acted as if my every breath was going to make me implode. They nodded and I folded my wings back, but predatory snarl broke through my lips as I felt them being clasped shut.

I tried opening them again but to no avail. The look I gave over my shoulder made the two guards slink back.

Yalke approached me and had two metal bars in his hands. I frowned, he pressed them to my forearms and I watched as they bent and formed, molded against my arm. I frowned at him, "They will suppress any powers you have." He said simply.

"I don't have any," I replied just as cool. "Just because a demon calls my heart home doesn't mean it flooded my veins with power." Yalke punched in a code to the cuffs, they weren't clipped together, just two cuffs on my forearms. Though I did feel like something left me, was pushed out of me and locked out, as if I now sat in a cold cell.

Two men took up my sides, swords in hands and finally, I looked at the towering home above me, the house of my nightmares. He lives in luxury while his wife and daughter sit six feet under.

I was forced through the doors, down the hall and Daniel sat on the overly plush couch sipping his precious wine. His eyes held a twinkle, the same one from the night before he killed them. I gave him a smirk, and I saw a hint of surprise curl onto his face.

"I'm going to rip your eyes from your head," I said low enough only he could hear, the hearing only a demon could manifest. "tongue from your mouth, dick from your balls and toes from your foot." His smirk never faltered, neither did that damn twinkle. I wasn't bluffing, and those were my own words, not that demons. I was going to rip this man apart.

The guards left me in the doorway of the hall and left, shutting the door after them. Daniel stood setting down his whiskey and walked over to me, arms open, finally, I let loose a sound I didn't dare around the Nobility.

A roar, of no Earthly creature, a deep gurgling sound from deep within my gut. No wolf could manage that even a full-blooded lycan.

Daniel stopped, "No hugs for the man that brought you life? Raised you, and took you in after becoming a murdering, law-breaking, man loving, useless son? Can't even protect his own Kuran properly, without having The Devil use him as a toy for years."

"Don't worry," I laughed, "at least I don't have to murder anyone because I can keep someone."

"At least I'm not a faggot." That hit me, at first, I wasn't listening to his belittlement of me, but that hit me far too hard. Not because of Aaden, no, nothing about him could ever be wrong, to me anyway, but because there is no way he should be able to know that. "Yeah, I have my ways."

I was silent, and he slapped me, then I pounced, hands around his neck, the fire of anger awakening inside me.

Daniel shoved me off and the cuff attached to my dominant hand snapped. He lunged for the dagger on the table before me, it curved upwards, swishing then impaling me in the ribs.

I laughed when no pain flared, not even when blood exploded over the dagger, all I felt was a tingle. That laugh is must of what made Daniel realize that I wasn't the same man he tried to break. I was broken by someone else and rebuilt into what he wanted.

This time, I coaxed the demon forward, asking for advice, begging for him to rip this man apart.

He did, it took the opening and lunged, black veins exploded under my forearm, dark and rippling, didn't flash, just pulsed like normal veins. I knew when the dark veil fell over my eyes, the demon was in control.

"You're a monster," Daniel whispered backing away from me, I saw my reflection as I walked by a mirror.

My teeth had elongated, dripping black with some type of liquid. The outline of something along my cheekbones and hands of something trying to break out of my skin, black lines fanned out around my lips, eyes, and up my neck. I did look like a monster, especially since my eyes were a brilliant red, my head throbbed as if something was trying to claw its way out of my skull.

I grabbed Daniel's throat and lifted him, one-handed, blood leaked down his neck and a voice escaped my lips, not mine, it was deep, scratchy and foggy. "I will love to rip you apart, but I will leave that to someone who would like to do it more. Maybe."

Letting him down he crunched as he hit, talons had now curled from my nails and I knew, letting my demon lash out like wasn't a good idea, finally I looked back in the mirror, tiny black horns had curled from my black hair, red-black scales appeared on my cheekbones, jaw, up my neck, my ears were sharp and curved under, they too had scales, my hand, non dominant, was completely reptilian, dragon-like.

Then I was gone, running up the stairs, and throwing open my bedroom door. I scrambled to close it, my hands fumbling with the lock, talons scraping on the gold.

I stumbled back, my leg numb, I pulled my pants leg back and made a choked sound when I saw black lines running down my calf, red-black scales in tow.

With my non-scaled arm, I touched my teeth, I touched the point and yelped as it instantly poked my finger, needle sharp.

The door swung open and I hung my head in shame, I've become the monster everyone thought the Westmores would become. Though the one in front of me wasn't the reason I got to my feet, my new dragon-like legs causing me to stumble.

"Shh, Shh." They said, putting a hand over my mouth, cape fluttering as he helped me down on the bed. Their touch made all fear leave my veins. The evergreen scent made my mind churn and I watched them work the blade out between my rib cage and he stowed it away in an empty sheath. They jerked their azure hilted blade from its sheath on their bicep and cut away bandages, lifting my shirt they lifted my shirt and wrapped the wound.

Soon teal eyes met mine, golden ring shining, dark hair void black, skin same as their kin, my ring on his left-hand ring finger.

"You shouldn't be here." I croaked, my forked tongue morphing back into one. Their smile made me stop talking, they pulled a large glove from their pocket and covered my hand, pulled my sleeve down and pulled a mask from their cape, then clipped it to the side of my face covered with scales.

"I'll come back to you," He said his arms around my neck, I inhaled sharply, though when I felt something warm, wet, and soft spread across my neck I couldn't stop the pressure that appeared in my gut. He chuckled.

"Aaden," I whispered softly, I grabbed his face and tilted it up to me. "may I?" I asked he answered, his lips captured mine, my back hit the mattress, my compressed wings sinking into the mattress, a moan left my lips when his hands slipped under my shirt and up my torso. "Shit." I cursed an uncontrollable shiver going down my back.

There was a flash and heat seared over my body, and I choked, the thick air wrapping around my lungs.

Aaden was up, I stood with him, my hand intertwining with his. "Go," I said to him. "trust me Aaden, you're a hell lot more dangerous here than there, and won't get as many chances as me." He nodded and jumped through, a quick smile over his shoulder. Then it was gone and I was back to breathing the crisp, thin, Krystillia air.

Then Yalke, Caomhe, and Stephen Coast walked in. One far calmer than the other two.

Stephen pushed his way into my room and spoke, not like he was scared of me, but as if I was a regular person. "Can you like, take off all those layers? We need to know what's happening."

So I did, I pulled off the gloves, mask, sleeves. Stephen nodded running a hand up the scales examined the talons on both my hands, though why did only one arm have scales while the other had talons?

"It's what we feared," I heard Yalke whisper to Caomhe, I narrowed my eyes at them.

"What? The truth? What we can really do? What you guys wanted bread out of us?" I snarled. Stephen said nothing, taking no sides.

Finally, he stepped in. "Enough, all of you, we won't tell anyone of this, Rafael has too much on his hands right now anyways. Don't need to scare the people either, Xavier, stay indoors as much as possible, and for the love of God, unchain the man, he wasn't this bad until you treated him like an animal. If you must leave though, hide it all, even that." He pointed to my eye.

I frowned and leaned down to my mirror, one of my eyes were completely black, nearly half the side of my face full of scales.

"What's happening to me?" I asked, my voice choking up, I was scared, I didn't want to become a demon, fall to something I have been fighting for years.

"You're becoming the predator, for once, not the prey." He said wirh a dark smile.

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