Heir Of Death

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Deeper Hunger

Xavier Zane Westmore,

Tupia, Mapal.

I watched the green blood fly everywhere, how I even got here just a bunch of blurry images, my hand was soaked with the demon’s blood.

The red light faded from the shadowy things eyes, I turned my head to see Rafael, choking, gagging on his own blood and it ran from the holes in his neck and from his mouth.

Fayre was no better, her arm was covered in green poison and the corner of her lips had a drop of the green goop sliding down her face.

I shifted my gaze to the window sill, the paint had been melted away, the wood of the sill itself had melted not burned, melted. I closed my normal eye and choked, my demon eye uncovering much more damage.

Blood, it was everywhere, lit up in light blue, the demon’s blood was red, it too, was everywhere. The scars on Fayre and Rafael’s arms where a dim glowing gray color. Rafael’s blood lit up a majestic purple.

That’s not what caught my attention though, it was the golden glowing prints on the sill of the melted wood, outlined in a shape of no creature I knew, nothing big enough anyway.

It was like a dragon’s paw, but much too small for an Alpha Dragon, and much too big for a Mini Dragon. Though it must have been here before I was, because I didn’t see it, and I would definitely remember seeing it.

So I approached the sill, normal eye still closed, when I got closer the demon eye became more active, the silver grass of Krystillia got a purple outline, the moon also got a light pink outline, the trunks of the silver trees got the same purple outline, while the color-changing leaves got no outline.

I touched my hand to the sill and bit back a horrified scream of agony. I jerked my hand back my taloned hand searing and burning, burning gold. Though it soon faded, the burn remained.

Finally, I opened my other eye, just in time for Daniel to grab my arm, I snarled, lurching back.

“Stop acting like an animal!” He barked, and my demon eye flared with pain, but I quickly realized why I couldn’t see out of it while my other one was open. I could, but both of the worlds were so disorienting that my mind focused on what I grew up in.

My demon eye everything was contrasted, switched, turned up to help, with something while my normal eye, well, everything was normal.

“I’m not,” I snarled back “I just hate every fiber of your existence.”

Just before Daniel and I went at each other’s throats Fayre broke in, her voice getting weaker, her eyes losing color. “How did you know I was in danger?”

I peeled up my shirt and showed her what Aaden had carved into my skin, no doubt warning me about Lucifer’s minion, he doesn’t like losing his prizes, and Fayre was his best catch. I didn’t have to say anything, she knew by the pained look in my eye who exactly warned me.

Then my newfound demon senses picked up on someone behind me, I should have put my shirt down, I should have smelled first. No, I was stupid and acted before thinking.

Natalie dropped her water bucket, staining the carpet. Her hand shot to her mouth and I instantly yanked my shirt down, but it was too late. “That was Aaden’s handwriting,”

I swallowed, how am I going to explain this? I can’t, we are half bonded, and half bonds are strong, not full bond strong, no, we cannot track each other from across the world from the bond, but still.

“Uh...” Was all I could say before Fayre let out a pained yelp and fell back, the doctor’s eyes got panicked as he fanned his hand over her. Over her wounds. I knew that smell before I even looked up.

“If you don’t heal her I will rip you apart with my magic!” Leo the Lion’s voice echoed through the room as he stomped in. He was a good half a foot taller than me. Even now.

I rolled my eyes and spoke “I doubt threating the man will heal her. Sure make him work faster, but will it really be good work?” Leo gave me the darkest look ever.

“What are you doing here, Westmore?” Leo fired back his midnight blue eyes narrowed as he spat my last name.

“Same as you entitled Zodiac bitch.” I returned with a wicked smile.

Leo raised his hand, it began to glow gold and ice shard pierced the air between us. Our gaze moved back to Fayre, her hand was misted over in ice as her irises were a silvery-white.

“S-stop.” She choked out. Her head falling back down.

“I don’t know how to heal this.” The doctor said that was working on Fayre. “I’m just a checkup doctor.”

“I know,” Rafael wheezed from the floor. “I know how to heal her.” He went to rise up but the wound in his neck made him lie back down.

“How!” Leo barked and then he finally reeled in his temper, knowing it would do nothing.

“Leo,” Rafael coughed out. “Preserve her, with your magic, just until you can get back to my office.” His words choked out, does this man know we need him too?

“Preserve the healer too.” I told Leo and he made a ‘no shit’ look at me and I shrugged. He rolled his eyes and his hands began to glow, he moved his hand in one simple circle and both of their bodies outlined in gold.

Fire heated in my gut, he can use magic so willy nilly, so easily. No punishment, he can decimate an entire empire alone and people will still love him, because he is a Zodiac, and humans think racism is a problem in their world.

He snapped his fingers and they disappeared. I clenched my jaw. Leo spun around and grabbed my jaw, I let the talons of my scaled had rest right above his heart.

“Kiss my boot,” Leo growled, something in me snapped, not like anger or jealousy, an emotion I have never felt before. I reached up and backhanded the entitled lion. He flew back and a howl filled the air, but not his. Mine.

A star had been burned into the back of my hand, while the cheek I backhanded on Leo was glowing with the same star. His skin hissing and melting. I snarled at him and Yalke jumped between us. Glaring at me mostly.

“That’s enough. Demon. Do not pick a fight with a Zodiac.” Yalke growled. So I shoved my way out of my room. My heart was racing as a voice whispered through my head, lighter than the touch of a soft breeze.

Should have killed him’ I clenched my jaw. I was changing. Not just in a physical sense, and I am sure Lucifer planned for it all.

I stomped down the stairs and walked down a path. Yes. I planned on walking, until a blur of black appeared in front of me. A moment later my eyes focused on the mass of black scales, red-orange eyes, and massive wings.

It raised its head, the horns upon its head catching the light and I knew I recognized this beast. Towering, deadly beast.

“Îtunríc?” I breathed out and the dragon almost seemed to smile before lowering his head to the ground. Exposing his bare neck to me. I swallowed and locked my hands around his horns and swung myself onto his back.

Then we were skyrocketing upwards. I let out a small scream of surprise as it felt my cheeks were being ripped from my face. My eyes stung like fire. Though in moments we were slowing down and I realized we were on the other side of Mapal.

A trip like that would have taken weeks on a normal mount, but Îtunríc didn’t seem surprised the slightest. He dove down to the ground slowly opening his wings more and more as we got closer and closer towards the ground and we landed with a thud and a bit of whiplash fled down my neck and back.

I slid off of Îtunríc and followed the winged beast to a house, not a normal house, well, not normal to Krystillia, it was small, not even a story. Though it was empty, so Îtunríc didn’t break everything.

He curled up in the empty, I assumed, living room and I walked through the halls, listening to the muffled voices, I opened one door and froze.

Leo was helping Rafael sit up, I could see the holes in his neck gush blood, the wound on his arm just as much. “The hell do you think your doing?!” I demanded and Leo glared at me.

“He’s the only one that can help Fayre,” Leo said and I stared at the dumbass in shock.

“Yeah, he’s the greatest healer of all time, but if he dies, guess how many other people will die.” I spat back, Leo flashed his canines at me, I opened my mouth and I could feel my demon teeth snap out of the slots they were hiding. Rafael and Leo flinched.

“He has a point,” Rafael wheezed out, his forest green eyes losing color. I looked down at Fayre and I could see ice outlining her wounds, Rafael saw too. “Fayre has built-in protection, Whittaker-” He took a shaky breath and continued, “My thoughts and mind are going off track, it would be stupid to try to heal her now, I could do something wrong and make it worse.”

“Fine!” Leo barked, “You walk us through healing you, then while you heal Fayre, I’ll call Westmore’s babysitter.” I glared at Leo and he smirked.

So that’s what happened, Rafael walked us through healing himself and we followed every order, and once he was stable on his feet he began working on Fayre, and minutes later Caoimhe walked in, I bared my teeth at Leo, he just smiled and waved.

Caoimhe's had locked around my forearm, I glared down at her, she glared back. "Your room is ready, now, let's go."

I followed her, tired of all the drama surrounding my arrival back to Krystillia. She walked up into a carriage and I followed. Though it was a small carriage, my head brushed the top Caoimhe sighed. "Listen, Xavier, I don't want this to be difficult, please, I am doing my best, just stop fighting us."

I looked down at her and intertwined my fingers. "I was in Hell for eighteen years, I was a blood slave for eighteen years forced to kill, torture and many other things against my will, and the things I did do by will I did to protect myself or others, I met people who were dead, people who don't deserve to be in Hell."

Caoimhe was focused on me intensely, so I continued, "Sure, it was hot, but I would rather be in an internal fire than be forced to do things against my will, do you know how that feels? The hopelessness you feel as you take someone's life, force them down into that internal Hell? Hearing the screams of the damned every second? Knowing your adding to those screams against your will, I went from being the protector to being the killer." I could see shock spread over her face. "So my bad for being a little different than the Xavier oh so long ago."

She said nothing, we sat in silence for the rest of the ride, my clamped wings banging against the back of the carriage. Finally, it slowed to a halt.

Caoimhe exited the carriage and I followed after her. She glanced over her shoulder her blonde hair moving in golden waves. Her indigo eyes morphed into teal-golden, her tan a little darker than golden went golden, her blonde hair shortened and darkened, in minutes Aaden was in front of my mind.

I shook my head violently, and Caoimhe was back in front of me. The moment in my room with Aaden flashing through my mind. I followed her into her two-story home and up the stairs, she opened a door for me and I walked in.

I expected her to slam the door but she walked in after me and shut the door. She pulled a key from her pocket and waved it over the cuffs on my wrists, they flashed and then fell from my wrists. I gasped as a small amount of warmth that flooded my veins.

She walked behind me and I heard metal on metal and I felt pressure release from one of my wing, then from the other. I laughed with joy and opened my wings, I heard them pop slightly as I stretched them to their full capacity. The tips of the cut feathers touched the walls beside me.

Caoimhe smiled and I blinked staring at her in shock, then I gave a weak smile back. I could feel my demon seeping back further, the demon scales on my right arm vanished back into my arm and the vision return to my other eye. Caoimhe smiled even more so when she saw me go back to normal.

"Want to go for a walk?" She asked and I smiled and laughed softly rubbing my sore wrists.

"I would love to," I followed her down the stairs and out the back door and through some brush, it opened to a dirt path and we started down it.

"So," She started the conversation, "There has been this rumor going around Krystillia about you, no one knows who started it but like..." She went silent.

"But like?" I continued, there are always rumors about me, it could be about some citizen that saw me looking like a demon, I'm not worried about it, people always thought we would morph back into our demon ways.

"I don't believe them, it doesn't make any sense." She said smiling up at me, I raised a brow obviously confused. She frowned, "You don't know?" She asked and I shook my head.

"People are saying your gay."

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