Heir Of Death

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Caoimhe Yuuko

Xavier Zane Westmore

Tupia, Mapal.

“You’re Stephan Coast’s wife?” I stuttered out, looking at Caoimhe, she nodded. “You said your last name is Yuuko.”

“It is, I kept my last name, I am the only one in my family with it, my father disappeared and I was first born, my mother’s next child had a different name, obviously,” Caoimhe said, oh, well that makes sense on why Stephen showed up to my house, he was probably going to tell me his wife was going to be my empath.

“Oh,” Fayre said, and I quickly she was still here, slightly distracted.

“Aren’t you the girl that has a crush on Rafael?” Caoimhe asked and I raised my brows, Fayre groaned and put her face in her hands, I take that as a yes.

“Don’t worry, we have all been there,” Caoimhe said and that just made Fayre astonished, yeah that’s probably weird for her.

“Oh my God.” She muttered, her ears beet red the rest of her face hidden by her hands.

“Worse than she’s going on a trip with him, who knows how long it will be,” I said teasing her and she threw her collection of ripped golden grass at me, I laughed stepping back. Caoimhe shook her head, golden hair flowing.

“Speak of the devil and he shall summon.” That made fear course through my veins, I saw Fayre snap to attention also her eyes lifting into the sky.

I saw Rafael descending from the sky on the back of a gray pegasus. Oh, she meant him, not Lucifer, fucking christ. Caoimhe noticed our reactions and quickly apologized. We both shrugged.

Rafael slid from his horse and frowned at the empty enclosure. “Where’s Îtunríc?” Rafael asked and Fayre pointed to the sky.

“Flew away.” She said simply and he looked taken aback.

“Are they looking for him?” Rafael asked and Fayre shrugged, Caoimhe and I shared a look. “Well, let’s go look for him!” Rafael said taking some flashlights from his bag and handing them to us, how long was he expecting us to be here looking for Îtunríc?

We shrugged, having nothing else to do, we followed Rafael into the dense woods.

Aaden Delta Lucerne


I was lying in bed, turning my hand in the soft light that strung through the curtains. the Westmore ring shining on my left middle finger. I groaned running my hands over my face, god damn do I miss him.

Sliding out of bed I slid into my uniform and buttoned my vest. My azure incrested dagger was strapped to my bicep as my sword was strapped to my hip. I looked in the mirror, I look awful.

The castle was being rebuilt but I was in shithole landia while that was happening.

Moving down the sidewalk to the arena where the new trainees waited, I thought back to him, how little I needed to train him with a sword, all I had to do was teach him to have a much higher pain tolerance, and fight dirty, no matter what people think of you and you survive, as long as you get the life out of your opponent, you are the winner.

Descending the stairs I froze when I saw Colby already here, he shouldn't be here, he is a much more skilled fighter than these newbies.

"Lucifer wishes to speak with you." Colby said his hands behind his back, "He has a mission for you." I rolled my eyes but headed back up the stairs and over to the three-story house Lucifer was currently staying in.

Climbing the stairs I made my way to the top living space, there he sat, one leg over the other his wings draped over the back of the couch he rested against. He wore no shirt just loose sweat pants, he stood setting down his whiskey and the Mortal Sword on the wall buzzed with a small amount of light.

He walked over to me his lavender eyes shining.

"Yes?" I asked sliding my hands into my jogger pockets. He looked behind him and snapped, the blinds pulled closed.

"I need you to do something," Lucifer said, I bit my tongue from saying something smart, so I just nodded.

"I need you to go to Krystillia, pose as one of my servants, you will take two weapons only, any more will give you away. I will give you as much breath training as I can, but you more than likely will still suffocate when you step into Krystillia." Lucifer said crossing his arms.

"Why?" I asked I knew Xavier was in Krystillia, I knew he probably had something to do with Lucifer's plans, but the man just came from Hell, they must have security around him twenty-four-seven to make sure he doesn't put someone in a casket.

"Because the spies I had up there have been compromised, Colby can no longer do it, and your one of my most trusted men, besides you have the scars of a beaten slave," Lucifer stated blankly, I felt the tips of my fingers brush across the scar on my neck, the scar that was given to me by Xavier, a scar I oddly cherish.

"Fine, what even am I supposed to be accomplishing? I have instincts I can no longer control, instincts worse than Xavier, Xavier can stop when he takes life, when he sees blood. We both know I am quite the opposite." I explained.

"I know," Lucifer huffed out, "You will act scared, foolish, and frail, no angel would attack a beaten, scared slave that escaped from Hell, they're far too soft."

"What about the earring?" I asked flicking it. Lucifer snapped and I felt it hiss, then the weight vanished from my ear. My jaw hung loose, I reached up feeling around my ear, not even a hole left. I can attack this man, go against every order he has ever given me, and he couldn't command me to stop.

As that thought crossed my mind I felt a surge of power, the surge I feel when I am in the human world, the powerful surge of hydrokinesis.

"Before you ask," Lucifer began, "yes I have a way to keep you in place, I have a way, to hurt Xavier. Anytime you try to veer from the mission, you will regret it." I clenched my jaw, this fucker.

He tossed a bag at me and I caught it. "Take off your cloak and gear, only take two blades."

"I'm leaving now?!" I said exasperated. Lucifer nodded and I clenched my jaw, I changed quickly leaving me in thin cotton pants that brushed my ankle. I stashed my azure sword and dagger in the clothes and pockets.

"There," I growled brushing off my hands, suddenly a brilliant flash caught my attention and cursed as the light of the Mortal Sword blinded me, the hell?

"I can't let you go without giving the people a reason to," Lucifer said as he lowered the blade down to my skin, I realized what was happening too late.

He placed the holy blade on my chest and my blood-curdling scream filled the air as the blade tried burning all evil from me.

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