Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore,

Tupia, Mapal.

I looked at Fayre as her eyes glowed with interest, she wants to know about Aaden, she is truly curious, not to get information to blackmail me, just simple, human curiosity.

"Well..." I began and she shifted her position, slouching, but smiling, she looked like Alarick like this, teasing smile, slouched posture.

"He's crazy." I started with, a fair warning. She shrugged as if to say, 'Aren't we all' "No literally, he ripped a girl apart limb from limb, eyes from sockets." Now she understood, she paled looking away as if to finally comprehend. Then she just shooed me on.

"Well, he is stupidly good at fighting, he could easily take out a large group of our soldier's, he was personally trained by Lucifer, protegee, I suppose, the weird part is that he is a Kuran," I said scratching my chin, She frowned, she doesn't know what a Kuran is I chuckled. "Kurans are complicated things, they can either born with or without powers, we guard them whether they have them or not because we never know if they will just sprout," I explain.

"Why do they need to be protected?" She asked, nose crunching up.

"Because, their powers stop working when they are attacked, so they don't get stolen, but it also leaves them vulnerable, and they are very weak-minded creatures, they don't like hurting people, "I said, watching her carefully, seeing her process this. She just nodded.

"So why does he kill people?" She continued, extremely confused.

"Because he was trained to, for how long is beyond me, but that's not the only reason, he likes it. He very different and he has used his magic whilst hurt, which is nearly impossible." I said, rubbing my jaw.

"Okay, besides being physco, what does he look like?" She asked and this time I felt myself drift off, imaging him.

"Hot," I said simply and she laughed, motioning for me to clarify. "Black hair, like colorless, it sucks up everything around it almost, these eyes, tealish in the sun, but ultramarine in Hell, unearthly pale in Hell but slightly more tan than Rafael, he's shorter than me, he stops at my mid-chest, but he could still beat my ass, he is, dangerous," I said simply, hiding something.

"You can tell me," she said gently, I cringed.

"It's groundbreaking. Like the Nobility would kill for the information." I said, eyes searching.

"I can be trusted." She smiled and I nodded, slowly.

"He's the leader of the demonic army, Lucifer's second in command to the blood army," I whispered, voice barely above auditable.

That's war information, that could literally turn the tides in something deadly, but she is a simple girl, a curious, but she still looked shook.

Aaden Delta Lucerne

Tupia, Mapal.

I couldn't breathe, it burned, stung, like mints in the cold. Suffocating and too thin. I gasped clawing at my chest as I coughed, ash and dust leaving my lungs.

I'm going to suffocate.

I heard shouting, but I couldn't reach for my weapons, too preoccupied with not dying. "Help." I wheezed my fingers turning purple, my head feeling ready to implode.

"I got you, I got you." I heard a distorted voice grunt as they lifted me, dragging me to the swaying, twisting spiral tower about thirty stories high. Everything fell into darkness before we reached it.

When I woke back up I had something over my mouth, but I could breathe, that was what was important. I sat up, chest flaming with pain.

"You're awake," A voice said from the door, it was a short girl, red plaid shirt, tight jeans with big brown eyes, black hair and dark skin. She smiled, I did my best under the mask.

Pretend, don't demand, be weak, be pathetic.

"Are you feeling okay?" She asked and I wanted to say yes, I had been through much worse, but I shook my head.

"No," I breathed out, chest in copious pain.

"Okay, it's going to be fine, I'm a healer." She rubbed my hair "I'm Jayde, you?" I thought I can't lie about my identity.

"Aaden," I whispered, "Lucerne." She pulled her hand back as if realizing who I was, do they already know? Do they know the murder I am?

"You're Natalie's brother, the one that fell into Hell?" She asked and I relaxed slightly, nodding, okay no, they don't know the real me.

"I'll call her." I grabbed her wrist, carefully, trying to act frail.

"No, I don't want her to see me like this," I said, my voice cracking, Jesus, it is really easy to suffocate.

"I need to call someone, I can't just leave you here." Jayde sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Xavier, call him, I was his and Lucifer's servant," I said resting my head back, she looked shocked but nodded, then walked off, what am I doing? I was supposed to be staying away from him.

I only closed my eyes for a second but I was being shaken away, I peeled my eyes open and was met with gold-silver and lavender eyes. I tensed, those eyes, that scar across his cheek. My dreams flashed before and I swallowed, my face heating as I felt suddenly shy.

"Hi..." He whispered, a small, shy smile on his face, there was no one else in the room. Just me and him.

"Hello," I responded, my smile unstoppable, he looks so good, so healthy, I owe my life to Rafael.

I felt his fingers brush over the back of my hand, his ears and cheeks beet red, I chuckled and catch his fingers in mine, lacing them together, his ring shining in the light on my hand. Xavier looked ready to explode with joy, I could see the pulse in his neck moving far too fast.

Before I could hug him there were two knocks on the door and he jumped away from me, taking his warmth with him. I shivered.

A girl poked her head in, she looked so familiar, not Natalie, Nat had black hair and the same colored eyes. This girl was quite tall, heterochromia eyes and a perfect smile. "Hey!" she says, a big smile on her face.

"I'm Fayre." She says walking over to me "We've met before, under more, unfortunate circumstances." Then I realized, it was the girl Lucifer chunked the Mortal Sword at, the one that nearly froze us to death under his control.

"Aaden, I remember now." I held my hand up, she shook it glancing at Xavier with a smirk, I frowned.

"She knows," Xavier clarified, and I raised my brows, too scared to remove the mask I just nodded, leaning back.

Xavier took my hand back in his as he set his head on my stomach, heat exploded through my veins and a fluttering feeling entered me, I gave a small laugh running my fingers through Xavier's hair. So soft.

Then I noticed the cuffs on his arms, neck, and biceps, the reflectance of cuffs on his wings too and any sense of pretending to be fragile left my body.

I am going to kill whoever did this to him.

(So I have a question and I will respond to any you guys have, but how do you guys like Aaden and Xavier? Because if I am being honest, I love them.)

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