Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore

Tupia, Mapal.

I truly could not believe he was here, he wasn't even acting like himself until the saw the cuff on me and he spat threats like he was nice and ready to throw himself into war.

That made a smile ghost across my face, but I did have to hold him down as he began to choke on Krystillia's air, his shoulder's where strong and muscular, enough to hold his own against most of the people in the army.

I stayed as long as possible, trying to touch him as much as possible, his hair, his face, him. God, I've missed him, so so much.

"Xavier," Fayre said, "We need to go."

I whimpered clutching onto Aaden as if he was going to vanish the moment I let go.

"I'll be fine," Aaden said, he pulled me closer taking a deep breath as he peeled off the mask and our lips crushed, fire, hotter than hell exploded throughout my body. I squeaked and Aaden pushed me back putting the mask back over his face.

Fayre pulled me down the stairs and she pulled herself back on Namir, legs, and arms shaking, she's probably unearthly tired. She took a few deep breaths when she got settled and I hopped on behind her, effortlessly and smooth, she glared at me.

I set my hands on her ribs and she leaned down and whispered, "Home." Before leaning back against me, she didn't mean it as lovey-dovey, just 'I'm too damn tired to hold myself up, thanks'

Namir's wings dipped, too far, and since we weren't saddled properly I heard a sound of a whip and I jumped, the memories of being whipped slamming the front of my brain, I gasped and the other strap broke and we slid off, it took a few seconds for Fayre to realize what was happening, then she screamed.

My wings slammed against their restraints and I screamed too as we plummeted, Namir roared trying to catch up, but everything falls at the same pace.

Ice shot from Fayre's fingers, but to nothing, in particular, she needs to stop fighting it.

Pain flared in my back as something hit me, I gasped but water got in my mouth, I choaked, Fayre cried out too. My vision blurred and I looked down, Natalie stood below us, water shooting from the ground and James flicking out fire so the water wasn't freezing.

Natalie set us down not so gently and I coughed up the water I inhaled my now wet clothes sticking to me, Fayre coughed horribly beside me and I saw her throw up water, and she shivered, James walked up next to her and lit a fire in her palm, she flinched.

She still isn't used to magic, she still finds it odd and unnatural. Even though she is one of the strongest in the world. James hovered it over her and she curled up, her clothes slowly drying, he walked over to me but I shooed him off.

In Hell, we never learned to grow accustomed to the cold, well, because it was never cold, but we were forced to have the information in our head. I closed my eyes and exhaled, thinking of the hottest place I've been to, Hell, of course, I clenched my teeth as the cold bit at me but I could feel my temperature rise.

Natalie inspected me for wounds but stepped back when she saw I was only scraped up and would definitely be bruised.

Namir decided to land, his saddle missing, and came up and sniffed Fayre, his eyes full of worry then when he realized she was fine, cold and sore sure, but fine he walked over to me. Sniffing and poking. Then he walked back, staying out of our way.

I felt my wings thrash in their bonds like a caged bird and Natalie looked at me with pain in her eyes. Fayre stood, pulling her coat around her, Namir purred in the darkness but she ignored it. She stomped off into the trees before I could say anything.

Give her a minute, I thought, she's probably shaken up. I looked back at James and he frowned, "You okay?" He asked and I nodded.

"Bruised, but will live," I said examining my sore arm and moving my pained back. "Thank you," I said looking at Natalie and she gave a soft smile.

"You took care of Aaden while he was in Hell, least I could do," Natalie said, her voice soft. I took care of him? Please, he was my baby sitter. I kept those words in though. Just nodding to what she said.

I heard a vicious growl before I saw the blur of silver and I was being tackled to the ground by a large wolf. I inhaled his scent, of wood and nature and realized it was Alarick. I cursed through the giant wolf off me, scrambling to my feet.

Alarick shifted back, silver hair pressed to his head, red eyes glowing. "Where is my daughter and my cat!" He looked ready to rip my heart out.

"Fayre went for a walk and Namir is arou-" Before I could finish I heard a roar and a gust of wind as Namir leaped over me. "-d here somewhere." I finished.

Namir leaned against Alarick as the werewolf ran his fingers over the tiger's silky coat, a dog and cat best friends, weird.

Fayre walked from the brush, still shivering, Catherine holding her arm, every time I see her it's so different. I watched her for seventeen years, and she was just a human girl, now she's fae married to a werewolf with a Zodiac child and an artificial spine. I spent more time away from her than I ever did protecting her. 18 years. That sentence still rattles me.

Eighteen years spent in Hell, getting a pain tolerance higher than Heaven, becoming more cold-blooded than ever, more demonic and insane than ever. Further and further from the man I used to be and closer to the descendant of Lucifer himself. I shivered, but not from the cold.

Is that why I was able to hold that holy blade because I'm a literal descendant of Lucifer? Can I hold the Mortal Sword if I try hard enough? Can I summon the Mortal Sword?

Pushing the thoughts back as Catherine walked up to me, her long blonde hair falling around her face, pointed ears poking out from their curtain, she is still beautiful, but not the way I used to look at her.

Natalie, James, and Alarick started talking as Fayre and Catherine started whispering so I went back to thinking.

What if these cuffs aren't suppressing powers within me? What if they are suppressing me from summoning the Mortal Sword, but how could they possibly know about that? I didn't even know about my own blood until I spent years with him, even then I had to be told. It was so obvious though, the tameness of our demon selves, the lavender eye every male and female Westmore has ever had. God, I'm so dumb.

I need that sword.

Everyone left, no one bothering to give me a ride back to the house but I was happy for it because now I could experiment. I went behind a tree and slammed my right cuff into a tree, pain flared in my wrist as it electrocuted me, but that pain was nothing new, I kept doing it, over and over, the shocks getting stronger and stronger, but nothing hurts more than having your own evil burned out of you.

The cuff's shock soon overrode its own system and it exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere, pain stung my face as they sunk into my cheeks and lips, I ignored it and rubbed my raw wrists before hovering my hand out face down.

Closing my eyes I dug deep inside me, that pull I feel, that pull that makes me terrified to fly, that pull to the ground, to get closer and closer, a part of the Blood Bond that never truly broke. My knees gave out but I didn't stop my body on fire, then the air crackled, I opened my eyes.

It happened again, golden sparks shooting from my fingertips like firecrackers. Joy jumped inside me, tears of blood rolling down my cheeks from the shrapnel and strain.

Then the Earth started breathing, up and down, steady, a warm yellow glow under the surface. Then it exploded pain and absolute misery flying through my body as my hand clutched onto something.

I screamed, involuntarily, painful and miserable scream. I looked down, black blood pooling from my hand as the hilt burned my palm, but I smiled, laughed even, spraying black blood from my lips, the brilliantly bright blade searing my cornea's but I couldn't look away, couldn't stop laughing.

Crazy was one way to describe me, insane another because I can summon the Mortal Sword.

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