Heir Of Death

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First Mission

Xavier Zane Westmore,


The training was so awful, and that's coming from someone who took extra classes in training for being a Guardian which was extra painful, but, this was something else entirely.

Aaden, no joke, dunked my head in lava, and then made me completely submerge myself in molten crystal for three days, and when I survived that he made me jump from the top of the castle. That made me end up with 203 broken bones.

I've finally healed thanks to some weird bone marrow stuff Aaden gave me but now, I wish I was still suffering with them because Aaden forced me to the ground binding my wrists and ankles in shackles as he pulled a long, wicked, jagged blade from the folds of his cloak.

A horrifying scream left my lips as he shoved the blade right through my chest, I could almost feel my heart split in two and my spine sever as he pushed the blade completely through me, then ripped it out.

You know why arrowheads are shaped so weirdly? It's so you can't pull them out, you have to push them through, I believe this blade was designed the same way because when he ripped the blade from my skin was dangling from it along with tissue and blood.

"Your first mission is tomorrow, after this session, I will train you, and considering you've been in bed the last three days you will not be sleeping tonight and your mission will allow only an hour of rest before it is completed. If you fail you shall be punished." Aaden explained once again stabbing me in the abdomen with the wretched sword.

My black feathered wing had somehow stuck with me through all of this but when Aaden pulled a long sword from the sheath at his back I felt my heart drop as he walked behind me, I know exactly what's about to happen.

This was confirmed when my blood-curdling scream filled the air as blood exploded along my back the wing falling to the ground now separated from my back, good, now I look even more retarded with two nubs on my back.

Gritting my bloodied teeth I looked over my shoulder to see the now lifeless wings twitching slightly before Aaden tossed it into the incinerator.

"You looked very retarded with one wing," He said sheathing his bloodied blade over his shoulder his cloak fluttering, as his teal-ultramarine eyes glittered with such wickedness that would defiantly have Lucia hanging off him so much he would be annoyed.

"You look retarded with a lip ring," I snapped out "but I didn't cut your lip off for it, now did I?"

I wish I never opened my mouth because he raised that stupid damned blade and drove it down, now, I would have screamed if it wasn't for the fact that he stabbed me through the throat.

He ripped me up from the floor, undoing the chains from my shackles, and he tossed me against the wall shoving the sword from my throat, I choked on my own blood and Aaden shoved me into the pool of molten crystal and I fought against the current as it pulled me under the weight of the shackles too strong for me to float back up, I cringed as I hit the bottom of the pool the unyielding pain of the molten crystal on my skin but once again I couldn't scream as my blood pooled around me in the crystal and I looked up to see Aaden waving at me before he walked away leaving me in the crystal.

The only good thing was I got a little bit of sleep before Aaden yanked me out of it the liquefied crystal rolling off me and I choked my wounds crusted over from the crystal and Aaden tossed me on the ground I saw a med-kit in his hand and he threw it down beside me.

He cut open my shirt and began scraping off the crusted crystal from my wounds, I just kept my gaze on him doing all my power not to reach for the dagger at his hip and drive it into his throat to see how he reacts to having a blade thrown into his esophagus.

Aaden jammed something into my forehead and I spazzed out my brainwaves moving out of control before everything got a dark hue and I rose to my feet but I couldn't control myself as I did and when I flexed my fingers in the shackles Aaden undid them and I lunged for the blade at his back but my body didn't move, whatever he did to me, it was working

"Yo, Xavier, you still in there?" He asked tossing away the shackles from my ankles I tried brutally to nod, to scream but the only thing my body did was the very tiniest, almost impossible to see movement of my head. Aaden gave a wicked smile. "You still in control?" I tried to punch him in the face but nothing happened, again that stupid smile grew and he stepped uncomfortably close as he rose slightly on his tiptoes his eyes gleaming the earrings in his ears shining as his lip ring seemed to buzz with his energy.

He stepped even closer, so close he had to tilt his head so our noses didn't crash together, finally, he stepped away from me and motioned with his hand to follow him, this was the first time my body moved on command, not my command, but a command.

Aaden armed me and then spoke, "Close your eyes," I wanted to spit at him as my body obeyed his command and my lids closed over my eyes.

When he told me to open them again we were inside a plane and it began to move, he shoved me down into a seat as he slipped down beside me clipping himself in, then he told me to and I obeyed, not my choice though, I am really going to beat the crap out of this kid.

More so because he sat directly beside me when there were plenty of open seats around the jet considering we were the only two here, there was no pilot.

I almost vomited when the plane jerked into the air so roughly I hit my head on the back of the jet, Aaden's snicker filled my left ear and the burning rage in my gut grew. The pilotless plane soared through the air, I felt extremely cramped and unsafe.

"Is a little angel scared of a plane?" Aaden cooed out in a playful baby tone. I gritted my teeth together surprised to find out I could, taking my chance I lunged forward the buckles that held me snapping from all the force I put into it.

Aaden cursed colorfully as I ripped him from his seat and threw him to the floor of the jet the dagger that was sheathed at his hip now resting peacefully in my palm.

I went to drive it down but he moved aside as the blade embedded itself into the ground, steam howled from broken metal and an alarm began to blare inside the plane, Aaden spat curses at me as he ran over to the empty pilot seats and began pressing buttons, but it was too late as flames began to spout from the ventilation system.

The jet spun as it began to descend towards a mountain, Aaden shot up from the seat and punched me dead in the face I cursed holding my now broke nose as Aaden slammed his fist against a button.

When he did this a side door on the jet open and I had to grab onto a railing so I didn't get sucked out, the black smoke had engulfed the plane completely now and I could barely see through. Aaden grabbed my arm and literally threw me out of the plane.

I screamed as I began to plummet to the ground the air slapping my face as I realized we were in the 'Human' world. Though still, free falling was a problem.

Trying to shift my weight was useless because I couldn't fly! Though I felt a hand grip the back of my neck and I snarled reaching for one of my blades that hadn't fallen out in the plane.

Aaden moved out of the way as I tried to stab him in the air, but he maneuvered and slapped it out of the way, I cringed glancing over my shoulder to see a large lake approaching, at this speeds it will be like hitting concrete.

"Stop fighting!" Aaden screamed grabbing my face in his hand in a crushing grip I drew back my teeth by instinct trying to bare my very small canines.

Then pain ruptured through my back, water filling my lungs and rushing over my skin as Aaden and I fell into the lake. I had prepared to choke on water but it all left my lungs as we sank into the pond, the water around Aaden began to glow slightly as it morphed around as, like a shield, it spun fast enough to make metal parts ricochet off it, the parts of the plane the fell into the water and hit the forcefield but it moved so fast it made a few pieces fly out of the water after hitting the forcefield made of water.

My memory reminded me these were called Waterfields, only can be formed by Hydrokinetic's...and Hydrokinetic's are...I slowly looked up to Aaden in shock. His jaw clenched as he looked away from me his nostrils flaring.

"You're a Kuran." I breathed out my eyes wide.

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