Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore,

Omaha, Nebraska.

We pulled ourselves from the water flaming bits from the plane crashing into the used-to-be crystal clear water. I shook my head violently causing water to fly everywhere. Aaden gave me a dark look and all the water seemed to vanish from him, I still could barely fathom him being a Kuran, I mean he is training people to kill them.

At least Catherine is no longer in danger, though it doesn’t matter now, she has enough protection being a Zodiac. Another thing I couldn’t fathom. Let’s not forget the fact Aaden knocked me out when I pointed out he was a Kuran. Though I didn’t pull Catherine into an AfterImage it was almost like we were drawn to each other, I didn’t mean to sound so cold when talking to her, I just have already gotten used to it.

Aaden grabbed the back of my neck and I snarled drawing back my lips, I had grabbed a shard from the plane as we left the water and I slashed the jagged metal across his face, he howled throwing his head back as blood-soaked his cheek, he ripped a dagger out of the sheath on his bicep and tackled me.

I snarled jamming the piece into his neck, almost unfazed he raised the crystal blade and tore open my throat, not enough to kill but enough to weaken. I shoved my knee into his stomach and hit him dead in the nose smearing blood across my knuckles.

He stumbled back dropping his dagger, I swept it up and aimed for his heart, but he ducked kicking out my legs. I fell flat on my back but quickly flipped back onto my feet, but as I stood his elbow connected with my eye, I choked and he drove the dagger between my shoulder blades causing me to stumble and he kicked the hilt of the blade, I connected with a tree and collapsed onto my chest the blade causing excruciating pain throughout my body, and I could feel the hilt that he kicked into my back. I could feel my heartbeat from my wounds.

How the hell is he so strong? I thought numbly and I cried out as he put a foot on the blade in my back and applied pressure.

“Listen Westmore, you might have demon blood but you fight like an angel, that’s why your Guardian friends will lose this war, they fight fair, we fight ugly.” He sneered into my ear and I coughed pain erupting through me.

I lost my will to fight and he ripped the blade from my back and glided it across my ear causing blood to drip down my neck and onto my clothes.

He jumped off me ripping the metal piece from his neck and tossing it aside with disgust I choked rising to my feet my legs wobbling and my headlight. Everything sounded distant but I knew it was just from the lack of blood.

Steading my feet Aaden looked over his shoulder before making a swirling motion with his hand and our weapons shot from the water, he caught my red sword easily. “Can I trust you with this?”

My only response was lowering my hands to my knees and trying to calm my heart to slow the blood flow and keep me alive, a technique, I hate to admit, Aaden taught me.

After a moment I nodded holding my hand out for it, I felt lost without it, it felt so perfect in my hand and when I moved it felt as if it cut through the air itself. No resistance and it cut through skin like paper, I got a few hits on Aaden with it.

Hesitantly he handed it over with its ruby sheathe and I strapped it to my back tightening it. Aaden handed me a few more weapons and I strapped them appropriately, “At least I don’t have to teach you from scratch,” He muttered and I rolled my eyes.

“So what are you in this army? A general, lieutenant?” I asked as we began to walk across the valley we crashed into, we stepped around flaming parts of the plane and I swooped up the dagger that was embedded in it from before.

“Major General,” He said and I stared at him shocked, that’s a higher rank than Isiceal, way higher. "I make the big bucks," He chuckled giving me a dark eye.

I bit my tongue so I didn't tick him off as we strode down a hill and I stuffed my hand in my pockets. "I suppose you aren't allowed to use your powers so Lucifer doesn't know?" I said glancing at him. He looked a lot tanner in the golden sun, his ultramarine eyes seemed to shine teal and gold, his red lip ring nearly blinding me as he turned to look at me.

"He knows, he just forbade me from going to the human world, the water in Hell I cannot control because my powers are weakened there, this was a mistake, we use jets as transportation but they only work here. You managed to hit the only weak spot they had, that is the third crash since they were made." He said his teal eyes narrowing at me.

"How's he going to take this news, General?" I purred and I saw his hand tighten on the hilt of his lapis blade, the crystals on the hilt, I realized, matched his eye color, gold, and teal.

He ignored my question and put a hand on his brow as he gazed up at the sun, making his eyes nearly glow. "First we need to find a place to stay. The sun will set soon and we don't have a key to open the gate, we'll have to do it the old fashioned way." He muttered ducking away from the shade of a tree.

I took in his heavy breathing and spoke, "Don't like this air?" No answer. Though I knew what it was, the atmosphere in Hell is a lot heavier and denser due to the constant fires, blood, and lack of water. This air was much crisper, I would probably have a harder time breathing in Krystillia now. This air was like chewing mint gum then walking outside in the cold, but I definitely wasn't struggling as much as Aaden was.

We came upon an IHop and he eyed it in dismay, but his stomach spoke volumes. "We grab something small, but first we need to drop the weapons and clean up," I nodded and pointed to a homeless shelter and his disgusted look grew more so. "I hate my life..." He muttered storming off to it, I couldn't help but snicker.

Dumping the weapons behind an abandoned McDonalds trashcan we made our way to the shelter, we look homeless with how grimy we are but Aaden had to dump his azure incrusted cloak. Which somehow made his face even sourer.

Marching into the homeless shelter Aaden agreed to let me do the talking mostly because he could barely breathe.

"Hello ma'am," I said approaching the counter and she smiled up at me but I could see I intimidated her. "can you point us to the showers?" I asked and she nodded leaning around the corner and pointing a white door.

"We just had a donor buy us new ones, go through that door and supplies should be on the right." I smiled at her and nodded walking towards it, Aaden followed keeping his head low.

I grabbed some soap and shampoo handing him some and I didn't even notice he had a backpack until he set it under the bench and covered it with detergent. Then we walked into the shower room and I expected it to only have curtains to cover us but no. Doors dotted the side of the walls and numbers labeled them, a red light was on some of them and I heard water from them, the green ones were silent. So I hesitantly opened a green-lighted one and was even more shocked by the nice shower head and a waterproof hamper to put your clothes in.

Stepping in I shut and locked the door before stepping out of my clothes and tossing them in the hamper, I turned the water on as hot as it could go but after being in Hell I was still shivering.

Turning it off I took a white towel out of the clear clipboard inside the medium-sized shower and began drying off after I did I fixed it around my waist.

Poking my head out I saw a pile of clothes on the stand outside the door, I quickly grabbed them and closed the door again, I pulled on the clothes and noticed the thin black cotton shirt matched the joggers and the scaley black jacket was a little tight on my biceps but the scales weren't rough like human animals, no, these were dragon scales.

I shoved my feet into the combat boots and laced them up before tossing the towel in the hamper with my clothes, I hope we leave those behind, I don't like them.

Stepping out of the shower and back into the main lobby I saw Aaden standing there glancing around anxiously and his head snapped to the door as I walked out. "About time," He hissed and I winked.

"Beauty takes time, not that you would know," I said and he rolled his teal-golden eyes and left, I hurried after him the sun beating down on us, but I didn't feel it, even in this thick jacket.

We strode to IHop, as Aaden pushed open the door I could see the anxiety flood his face as he saw the number of people. He stumbled back nearly crashing into me. The guy can lead a demon army but falters at an IHop, lovely.

"Major General, defeated by a group of humans," I muttered and he jammed his elbow into my gut, I choked and doubled over.

He stormed up to the worker behind the podium thing and said as sweetly as he could, "Table for two." I hadn't even expected him to say please, so I didn't know why I scowled at him when he didn't.

The woman nodded and I frowned when she instantly lead us off, she was writing something down on her menu's while she lead us and when Aaden and I sat down she set the paper in front of me. I smirked as I looked down at it, it was her number.

"Can we have phones in Hell?" I asked looking behind me nonchalantly staring at her bum as she walked away.

Aaden glared at me and yanked the paper from my hands and ripped it apart. I raised a lazy brow and he gave a glare in my direction and I smiled in return, he muttered something in Greek. Stubborn douche bag.

"Why, thank you!" I responded in Greek and his face went beet red, he chunked his menu at me. I ducked and it hit the window behind me, we both watch it fall it back onto the table. He snatched it up and opened it hiding behind it.

I couldn't stop the laughter that burst from my lips, he lowered the menu enough to glare at me over it. "Y-Your like a possessive girlfriend!" I roared out and his nostrils flared as he used the menu to block himself again.

"I am surprised you know what that is, considering Catherine threw you away like trash," He muttered and my laughter came to a screeching halt.

Yanking the menu from his grip I met his striking teal eyes the golden rim shining with mischief and I said in a low and dark tone. "You know nothing about what happened between us, so zip it and keep shoving those dicks down your throat." He made no facial reactions to my gay comment. Perhaps he wasn't, just wasn't good at relationship type things.

He yanked his menu back and began scanning it, my stomach told me to do the same thing. So I did.

The waitress walked back, said gleefully, "Can I get you guys anything to drink?" We both nodded,

"Water," Aaden said then they both looked at me.

"Water also, please." She nodded and I stared once again as she walked away. She's got a nice walk.

"Are you listening?" Aaden breathed out.

"Nope," I said smoothly. Then I shifted my gaze back to his, he rolled his eyes and repeated what he was saying.

"We are going to rent two rooms at the hotel next door if you think about leaving Ill-" Aaden began but I cut him off.

"Yeah yeah, you'll kill me," I said and I looked up as the waitress came back with our drinks.

"Do you know what you want?" She asked pulling out her notepad and pen.

"Yeah, I'll take a double burger with a second plate of fries," I said and Aaden handed over his menu as I did.

"A chicken grilled burger with steamed vegetables." He said and she nodded, but as she walked away I followed after her. Aaden hissed something at me, I ignored it.

"Hey!" I said grabbing her elbow, she jumped slightly and smiled up at me.

"I'm getting a room in the hotel across the street, my friend tore up your number, he's an ass, anyways, can I get it again?" I asked and she smiled up at me nodding and she pulled a sharpie from one of her many pockets and wrote it on my hand.

"There now he can't tear it up," Then she walked away before I said Trust me, he will try.

I plopped in the seat holding up the back of my hand a victorious smirk on my lips. He just glared at me. "You're just mad that I'm getting laid," I cooed and his nostrils flared.

"I wouldn't want to do it with a human anyway, no telling what they've got in there." He said staring at the empty seat across from us.

"Called using a condom, idiot," I said sitting back and crossing my arms. The look in his eye told me I should memorize the number while I still have skin on my hand. So I did just that until she brought out our food.

I looked up and I saw Aaden's head on the table supported by his arm, I thought I saw ink sticking out from the top of his sleeve.

Before I could reach up and pull his sleeve back he awoke with a start his hand reaching for the blade hidden under his shirt, when I saw the gleam of the metal my hand instantly went to the one tucked behind my shirt, the girls brushed her hand over my shoulder but I kept my gaze steady on Aaden, both of us realizing that the weapons we stashed weren't to protect ourselves from somebody else, but to protect ourselves from each other.

We released the hilts at the same time and the gleam in his eye wasn't human, it was predatory, thinking, analyzing. Far from something I have ever accomplished. I could also see a bit of pain hidden deep in their golden rim.

"Quit staring, your freaking me out." He muttered.

"Stop staring at me," I responded and his jaw clenched.

"I wasn't!" He barked.

"In order for you to know I was staring at you, you would have to of been looking at me for a selective amount of time," I told him stating facts, I leaned forward onto my hand my elbow supporting my head, I gave a quick wink. "Gotcha,"

I decided to stop bothering him when he kicked me hard enough in the shin I heard a crack. Though it was only a little pinch of pain I felt.

After eating and paying I winked at the waitress as we left and I saw blush dot her cheeks.

We walked back to the McDonalds and grabbed our supplies, the relief on Aaden's face when he saw his cloak almost made me laugh but the only thing I could think about was getting that distraction later tonight.

"I swear to God if you don't listen to me I will kill her," He growled locking his weapons in place. I followed what he did and finally looked up to meet his gaze.

"What were you saying?" I asked annoyed.

"I said," He growled setting a hand on his azure hilted blade. "We are leaving early so don't whore around too late."

"I thought about picking up another tonight," I said sarcastically tapping my chin.

"Go ahead, but I am waking you up when I do, and if your chick is still ass naked then it's your fault." He finished and he walked off his book crunching on the gravel.

I rolled my eyes following after him fixing my red sword, I kept at least a few feet behind him, I don't know why.

His broad shoulders seemed to be brought out by his cloak and the azure diamonds shined brightly and it swished as he walked, he kept a protective hand on his sword, his earring was also azure, what's with him and azures? His hair wasn't raven black, no, ravens have a reflection to their feathers, his hair sucked up everything. His hair was the definition of darkness.

Aaden tilted his head to the side and the moonlight reflected off his skin, he didn't seem as tan anymore, nor ghastly pale like in Hell. It was a mixture of the middle, and his eyes were an undefinable color. Almost like a teal-silver, his eyes were an uninvented color and I was transfixed by them. His lip ring was a crimson color, his lips moved and they shaped words I couldn't make out and my ears seemed to deafen as I watched his lips move and I felt my tongue instinctively swipe over my own lips.

I was broken by my staring as he stormed over to me punching his finger into my chest, I frowned down at him confused. "That's it! I'm killing her!" His eyes blazed and his jaw was tightened. What the Hell did I do wrong this time? He wasn't even talking!

My mind flashed back to his lips moving as I watched him almost like I was trapped by his beatu-looks, he looked weird in the moon, never seen him in it before.

"Fourth times a charm?" I asked but the look in his eyes told me I ran out of chances. He pointed to the hotel and I grumbled under my breath and he stormed back to the IHop.

I walked into the Hilton Hotel and asked for two rooms, I smirked when I noticed the woman checking me out, but I had already killed one person tonight, not trying to make Aaden a serial killer his first day back. Actually, it could be his first day ever, no because-never mind, I am going into too much thought.

"If a man in a stupid cape walks in, he could be in fake blood, he is a cosplayer, just tell him our room numbers." She nodded and I passed the elevators taking the stairs, I hate elevators.

Shoving open my door I stripped out of my clothes and tossed them aside deciding to leave my boxer-briefs on and pull the blanket over my body, it was tough but I had a life of luxury in Hell. Ironically.

I was about to doze off when Aaden's room's door slammed closed, I jumped slightly reaching for the dagger under my bed, I groaned when he banged on the door connecting our room woke me up completely.

"What do you want?!" I yelled in anger burying my face in my pillow.

"Clothes!" He replied and I huffed rolling out of bed, literally, my body hit the floor and I rose to my feet pulling on my joggers and unlocked the white door and swung it open to see a blood-covered Aaden.

"You really killed her?" I asked a pang going through me.

"Yes, take the damn clothes." He growled and I snatched the clothes and slammed the door in his face before locking it.

I tossed them on the table and crawled back into bed, I finally fell asleep when I heard the shower in Aaden's room turn off.

"Wake up!" Aaden hissed and I snapped up throwing a dagger in reflex, he didn't even blink as the dagger whistled past him and embedded itself into the wall.

"What? The sun isn't even up!" I hissed glancing out the window.

"I told you we were waking up early." He said yanking my covers back and I thanked God I kept my boxers on. He threw my clothes at me and I growled, he shrugged.

Tugging them on Aaden handed me my weapons and I strapped them on I accidentally stepped on the remote and the T.V. flickered to life.

It was on the news channel, I watched in boredom, but it turned to horror quickly, a disembodied woman lay inside the abandoned McDonalds her organs and limbs scattered throughout the restaurant and her head hung from a meat hook in the freezer. I continued to watch not even bothering to look at Aaden.

Her eyes were gouged out and her mouth was stuffed with her toes. Her light grey eyes were forced into the unused camera lens. He shut off the T.V. and turned away from me. "We need to go, let's go."

"Your a psychopathic, sociopath," I said in almost a whisper and he looked over his shoulder, a dark glare in his eyes.

"We are leaving let's go. Now." With that, he walked out and I decided to follow. We descended the stairs to see the FBI scouring the area, I grabbed Aaden's elbow and yanked him against my chest he made a strangled sound and I listened closely to their whispered conversation.

"We found what looked to be a fingerprint, may we check with your guest to see if it matches or if they knowing of anything that happened? We have the girls number too, see if the guests have it."

This time Aaden grabbed my arm and we darted from the fire escape door, I know from plenty of close calls that these don't have alarms built into them. We tore down the street his cloak fluttering behind him, we stopped behind a shady building and he ripped his crystal dagger from the sheath on his bicep.

He grabbed my wrist and sliced the skin cleanly off the back of my hand, I blinked expecting pain but nothing happened besides a buzzing feeling, I scanned over the area and I pulled Aaden down as an FBI van passed slowly.

"Wow, congrats man, one day here and you've got the feds on our back," I muttered as the van rolled by. He shrugged simply as if he was used to it.

"I lead a demon army when I kill someone I will be gruesome." He said, also in a dead tone.

I muttered glancing around the corner before I motioned for him to follow me and he did, I stuck to the shadow's like I was taught training to become a Guardian, I allowed the shadows to attach to me, I didn't force myself into the darkness, I allowed them to engulf me like a hug.

Aaden stuck out like a sore thumb next to me, I huffed and motioned for him to come closer, he did and I clipped a hidden helix I kept with me at all times to his wrist. I punched in the code and his outline got blurry as the light turned green, there, now I don't have to worry about the Major General of a demon army.

"We are in Omaha?" I asked eyeing the sign with dismay, Aaden just nodded and glared at my back. "I think I know a place we can lie low. He once again just nodded.

"Where are we going?" He hissed as I began climbing the two-story house.

"A friends house!" I whispered and pushed open the window, she was never one to lock things, that front door is probably still unlocked. I lowered myself into the bathroom and Aaden grumbled curses but climbed up after me. I shut the window tightly.

"Aren't they living here?!" He growled.

"No, she should be in Krystillia in the house the Nobility provided for her," I said quietly shifting my weight hoping the burning fires of Hell disguised my scent from her fae nose. "I don't think she's home," I said in my normal voice taking a deep breath, everything contained her scent but didn't seem strong enough, but then again I was still getting used to this atmosphere again.

I descended the stairs and Aaden made his ways through the rooms, I flew back up the stairs when I heard a piercing scream and some crashing.

Bursting through the room I heard the noises from, I nearly laughed at the sight in front of me.

Aaden had pinned Lucia to the wall with four daggers his longsword of crystal and azure level with steely assurance at her throat. Her eyes met mine and confusion replaced her fear and pain.

"X-Xavier?" She stuttered and I nodded keeping my gaze on Aaden, all the humanity was stripped from his eyes and posture. Everything about him now was on instinct, animalistic eyes transfixed on Lucia, they were hungry, but not lustful, hungry for more bloodshed. We need to get him back to Hell.

"Aaden," I said calmly approaching him my hand on the hilt of my red sword. I knew better not to touch him, everything right now was like a cheetah ready to pounce, one wrong move and everything is dead. No human gesture would wake him from this, and he was getting hungrier.

I slowly unlatched the dagger at my hip and sliced a deep cut into his bicep, he shook his head widely and his animalistic teal-gold eyes held murder in them. They slowly lowered to the gash on his bicep that was gushing blood. He slowly rose and I went into a defensive position, but all he did was walk out, his steps not thought about, but instinctive.

Sheathing my dagger I fixed my gaze back to the heavily breathing Lucia with four daggers in her body, two in her shoulders and two in her thighs. I quickly yanked them out and her agonizing cries reminded me that just because Aaden doesn't feel pain doesn't mean she did not.

I didn't bother to help her up but I rushed downstairs to find Aaden before he committed another murder.

Relief flooded my veins as I saw him on the couch his hands intertwined over his mouth and his predatory eyes sliding over every little thing. I sat in front of him and his eyes snapped to mine.

"Sit over here," He said patting the cushion beside him, I tilted my head and stared into his predatory teal-gold eyes.

"Will your murder me?" I asked simply but the look in his eye wasn't a question, it was simply the Major General telling one of his soldiers what to do, and that was what I was, I was just a soldier to him, a training one. That thought sent a horrible pang through me.

I stood and sat next to him inhaling his Evergreen scent, it had a thick burnt scent over it but that was no doubt from Hell.

Lucia limped down the stairs a moment later in wraps, and she had the skimpiest gown I had ever seen, I didn't notice it before but she must have been asleep. Of course, she was, it's like five.

"Explain, now." She said sitting in the armchair I was in moments ago, I was surprised she didn't instantly put on her Nobility clothes, she loves flaunting it.

"This is my bud Aaden, he saved me in Hell, well, kept me alive. We just crashed here on our way somewhere." I said simply making sure not to give away too much information, she's in the Nobility after all.

"Why are you here?" She pressed and I looked at Aaden for this one, he just leaned back staring out the window, he was sealed tighter than his heart.

"He's not good with people," I said simply and he gave me a dark look.

"He's human, and smells like ash, both of you." She said sniffing.

"Well duh, we were both in Hell," I said sarcastically and she rolled her teal eyes, they almost matched Aaden's but his golden tint made them more spectacular then Lucia's would ever be.

"A minute Xavier," Lucia said motioning me to follow her, I went to stand but Aaden grabbed the back of my shirt.

"We need to talk first," He told me in Greek, I looked at Lucia and decided I should speak with the General first.

"I'll be over there in a second," I told Lucia. She glared at Aaden but nodded and limped off her blood seeping through the bandages.

She wobbled up the stairs and I turned to Aaden, "Don't give her any information but don't give anything to her to allow her to keep our presence here a secret. If she tries blackmail, I'll kill her."

"Do you just want to kill someone?" I asked glaring at him, and he shrugged, then after a moment, he nodded.

"The first kill was therapeutic, anyway, you get it." I stared at him as he finished, leave it to him to say murder was therapeutic. "Before you ask, I imaged it being you." That sentence hit me, I wish I knew why but it did.

'Remember, your just a soldier,' My self concious told me.

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