Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore,

Omaha, Nebraska.

Climbing up the stairs I entered her bedroom and when I entered I allowed her to drink me in. It was nice having someone look at me, but it was Lucia, she just wanted some fun.

She stood, unfolding her long legs, and strode over to me, she glided her hand across my stomach, I bit my tongue knowing she wanted something, but I wouldn’t cave. She purred pressing her chest against my body and I swallowed, she grabbed my hand gently and pulled me closer to the bed, I allowed her to and she pulled me down on top of her. I placed my hands beside her head and she nibbled her lip.

Her hands slid across my elbows and she pulled me closer towards her, last second I pressed a blade to her throat, she instantly paled. “Wha-”

“Tell me what you want,” I growled clenching my jaw, my new instincts roared to slit her throat while I had the chance but the other part demanded to hear her out.

“You, they’ve left me, ever since Laiken got back Alari-Ramachandra and Vanessia are so enhanced with each other, but I have to give them credit, having the sanity to bring a child into this world right now. Let’s not forget the engagement.” She muttered and her last sentence hit me, hard.

“So you’re jealous?” I snickered rising from her.

“No I’m scared the Nobility is ripping itself apart, the demons are leaking into this world and they are much stronger than they were with the last leader, we suspect they have a new General. I was hoping you would know who it was, you would be a king if you told us that kind of information, we could kill him in his sleep! Let’s not forget you’re the last man with the Westmore name, you also must have a child soon or the Westmore name dies with you.” She pummeled me her teal eyes narrowing.

I clenched my jaw my mind swirling. “I don’t know who the new general is, they keep me in a cell until they need me. I also can’t have a child in Hell.”

“Then don’t, your here now, don’t go back, if that guy is here to make you follow him, just kill him, you’re a guardian.” She breathed grabbing my hands, my mind swirled.

“Why does it matter? We are demons, most of the Nobility didn’t want demons protecting Kurans anyways. Letting us die away would relieve them.” I muttered leaning against the wall.

“I will give you critical information, but you must swear you cannot say it was from me if they find out,” She said her teal eyes blazing, my mind trailed back to Aaden who was sitting just downstairs.

“Tell me,” I said sitting up, is Aaden in danger?

“Westmore’s don’t die of age. The Nobility poisons them, they give them Neplis which is deadly to your brain. We give it to your guys because it fades after the brain dies, there is no trace. That’s what happened to Alexander, but they realized that he grew close to the public so they would have to be much more discrete than giving them a complimentary meal.” Lucia explained and I was a burning mass of rage, Alexander was an amazing person who looked scary, sure he was violent, but he was a protector. And they killed him.

I didn’t know I was moving until Lucia grabbed my elbow, “I understand you’re mad, but it just solidifies to the point you need a child, or you need to stay in Hell for the rest of eternity.”

“I’ve been in Hell for months, there is no way I can have a child here, I’ll find someone in Hell,” I muttered massaging my temples, Aaden and I need to get back, and fast.

As if on cue Aaden burst into the room, “It’s time to move,” he said and I nodded standing.

“Wait,” Lucia said grabbing my elbow. “we still need to talk.” She was right, we did.

“We do, can we stay a bit longer?” I asked but the bang downstairs told me we couldn’t. I looked down at Lucia and said, “Come with us,” Aaden narrowed his eyes at me.

“I-” she began but I continued.

“I don’t mean to Hell, just far enough when you are also off the radar,” I told her and she swallowed but nodded when she saw the real meaning behind my eyes.

Aaden leaped from the window and I swept up Lucia in my arms and jumped after him, she suppressed her squeal burying her face in my neck her nails digging into my shoulders.

Her blue wings fluttered behind her as I set her down and we sprinted down the path, she stumbled but kept her pace and I took the lead sprinting through the trees and diving into a pound, I swam down and exploded through an underwater cave.

Lucia emerged behind me her silver hair shining and she crawled over to me shivering horribly and Aaden broke through the air bubble a moment later, his void black hair laid flat on his head and his teal eyes seemed that same teal-silver, wild and alive, his skin was pale again and water rolled from his perfect skin and down the bridge of his nose and dribbled from the end of it.

Above I heard heavy footprints stomping by, and Aaden sat back on his heels his azure hilted blade shining in the dim, glowing crystals that dotted the cave. He rose to my feet and I followed, Lucia pushed herself to her feet her purple wings folding against her back.

She folded her arms and hand across my arm and bicep, I could feel her racing heart against my skin as she pressed her breasts against my arm. I moved my eyes away from the General and looked around to find the cave had two different sections.

“Lucia and I will check out one, do you mind checking out the other?” I asked Aaden and he shook his head pushing his hair from his eyes and stepped into one of the tunnels and I dragged Lucia after me our hands intertwined, when we emerged into the small space I realized it couldn’t be bigger than a bedroom.

Lucia clung closer and I swallowed as her hand looped around my belt. I looked down at her the glowing crystals illuminating her teal-purple eyes.

She grabbed the sides of my dragon scaled coat and pulled me down to her and our lips connected. I was taken aback for a second but leaned into it and a small squeak came from lips, I backed her up against the cave wall and nibbled her bottom lip. She moaned and parted her lips, I slipped my tongue into her mouth her fangs grazing across the skin.

Her back arched and I slipped my hand under her nightgown and the sound she made was very much fae, it was a giggly moan and it caused me to shutter slightly. I moved my hands across her skin and she moved away from my lips her breathing heavy and I moved my lips against her neck as I sucked on her skin.

-Mature Content-

She tackled me and a few of my weapons slid from their sheathe and I slipped out of my coat and she tugged off my shirt, I shivered as the cold wind slapped me, her warm hands moved over my torso and she whispered in a giggly voice. “Your abs are more defined.” With that, she gently ran her fake nails over my stomach, she leaned her head down and nibbled my stomach and I bit my lips.

Slipping my hands back under her silky gown I unclipped her bra and she shuttered, I moved my hands over her skin and down across her breasts.

She sank her fangs into the thick patch of skin on my shoulder and a husky moan left my lips. Lucia quickly undid my belt and slipped me out of my jeans. I groaned as she messed with the line of my boxers, she giggled against my shoulder and pulled them down. I jumped as the cold air blasted me but I pushed her down onto the rough ground and I slipped into her, she shrieked biting deeply into my skin, I shuttered as her nails ripped across my shoulder blades.

Arching my back I held her close digging my broken nails into her pale skin, she squeaked and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as I continued to move. Moving my hips again she couldn’t make her moan a squeak and she moaned something I dare not repeat. Her head rested back and she began panting as her nails fell from my back, as she tightened around me I felt the pressure in my stomach release and exhaustion washed over me.

I slipped out of her collapsed next to her pulling Lucia's body against mine and her breath fanned over my chest as she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.

-End of Mature Content-

“Your so warm,” She murmured curling against me and I ran my hands through her silky, wet hair.

“I’m actually freezing,” I told her truthfully and she giggled kissing my chest, I shuttered and the tip of her nails glided down my thigh. She ran it back up and cupped my shoulder blades in her palms as she wrapped her wings around us and licked my stomach, they were a violet shade, her wings, and I knew that means she’s extremely horny. I shook my head but laughed slightly.

“Yo Xavier, did you run off!” Aaden’s voice shouted from the main cave, Lucia’s head jerked up and as did mine, we quickly scrambled up and I yanked on my clothes and threw my shirt at Lucia, she slipped it over her body and it fell to her knees, which I almost laughed because it was longer than her nightgown.

I buttoned my dragon scaled jacket so it covered my now bare chest and quickly strapped my weapons back on, Lucia stared at me, “You look good in dragon scales, also, nice sword.” She winked telling me she didn’t just mean the red one at my back.

I rolled my eyes and fixed her knotted hair, she lifted herself up on her toes and did the same for me before pecking my cheek and walking back into the main cave.

“About time, there are three sections in there, this time you guys split up, the last thing I need is Xavier impregnating you,” Aaden said pointing to the system he walked into.

She walked up to him and when he reached for the hilt of his sword I nearly yanked her back but all she did was pat his cheek and say, “I think you’re jealous, your skins oddly soft by the way,” She said and then strode off into the tunnel Aaden had inspected.

“We will explore the tunnels together, I don’t trust you,” He said simply and followed after Lucia, I rolled my eyes but decided to follow him.

The tunnel we went through barely fit both of us, and I had to duck my head so it didn’t scrape across the top. It just got smaller, I was kneeling at one point and muttering curses.

“Stop complaining,” Aaden muttered, he was only a few inches shorter than me and we had about the same muscle, but he was still smaller, even if by a little.

“You’re like a female male, stupidly flex-able,” I said to his back and he gave me a look so dark I could see it from the Sun. The tunnel got tighter causing Aaden to shift under me, which made us both extremely uncomfortable.

He’s very warm though, perhaps it’s from constantly being in Hell or he just has a naturally warm temperature, his Evergreen scent made my mind swirl and my thoughts float to the trees in Krystillia and my mother pointing to the stars and talking about the Zodiacs. My sister trotted and sat next to us and then the ash scent that layered over his Evergreen scent, reminded me of the burning fire that took their lives, I jerked back the scent of burning flesh and hair flooding my mind as my mother’s screams told me not to run to my father, to tell the Nobility the truth.

My father’s dark smile broke my trust forever, he told me that it was an accident even though I saw him throw that match at the house.

“Xavier!” Aaden hissed shaking me so violently my neck popped. “What is wrong with you?!” He nearly yelled and I swallowed trying to cover my fear and hatred but I wasn’t nearly as emotionless as him.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Just stay away from me so I’m not tempted to smell you. Though I decided to leave that out. For obvious reasons.

“Then come on, you are slowing us down,” He muttered and continued, but the fear of getting close to him flooded my veins, the faraway voice of my mother’s screams and her burning flesh flashed like a faraway movie behind my eyes, I wish I wasn’t a kid when my father murdered them, they would have believed me, and now since I’ve been in Hell they wouldn’t believe me the slightest.

“Xavier Westmore, come on,” He growled and I shook my head violently pushing myself away from him. It felt as if spider venom had been injected into my heart, it twisted painfully when I remembered her painful look as she watched my sister curl up. “What is wrong with you?!” He barked and I flinched at his tone and curled up digging my nails into my skull as I shook.

“Help them,” I muttered remembering the searing, white-hot flames across my skin, how I thought I had scales across my skin where the flames touched me but that was defiantly my imagination. I shoved myself away from him as he drew closer and his Evergreen scent made my mind churn, with switching from the forest to the burning mansion. “Stay back!” I shouted shoving my hands out.

He frowned moving a hand to the hilt of his sword. “Listen, I don’t know your past, but you need to calm down before you hurt yourself.” Which he really meant, calm down before I hurt you.

Aaden reached out and grabbed my knee before I completely got from his view. “Breath, focus,” He told me his teal eyes gleaming, I took a deep breath but his Evergreen scent made my body revolt and shove itself back into the nightmare.

Though his scent of Evergreen overpowered and I curled up as I remembered the shining stars and I grabbed Aaden’s elbow and because of my actions he almost completely unsheathed his sword but went rigid as I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly inhaling his scent trying to remember the moment I tried to keep in my memory here, and the stars, but only a few scents trigger a few memories.

I clung to him trying to ignore the ash layer of his Evermore coating as I held him close to me, his arms hung uselessly by his side but though he didn’t hug me back, he didn’t decapitate me.

“You can let go any day,” He muttered but still hadn’t made a move to get free, and my grip wasn’t that strong. He growled but finally wrapped his arms around my body his head resting on my shoulder.

Then I released him quickly and pushed myself back, Aaden looked back to the cave and sighed and motioned for me to return back to the caves.

When we emerged Lucia was there looking concerned. “I was about to follow you, don’t trust that one.” She said pointing to Aaden.

“The feeling’s mutual.” He told her tilting his head to the side and eyeing me up.

“Let’s just go,” I muttered shoving my hands into my pockets, Lucia frowned at me and nodded before stepping between me and Aaden and folding her hands around my bicep.

Aaden marched ahead and I noticed his hair was still wet and as were his clothes, he probably didn’t want to use his powers in front of Lucia, understandable.

“Can I talk with Xavier for a moment?” Lucia asked and I frowned at her.

“Five minutes, only,” He growled and we disappeared back into our first cave.

“Where did you get that hole in your back, and where are your wings?!” She demanded and I rubbed my temples, I should have expected this.

“I had my wings ripped off by a demon, and I got in a fight with a warrior,” I told her, not exactly lying perse, I did get a wing ripped off by a demon and Aaden is a warrior, but he’s also a Major General.

“I don’t believe a single word that just left your mouth.” She growled setting her hands on her hips.

“You’re going to have to,” I said and moved past her back into the main cave, but she yanked me back into our conversation, quite literally.

“That mark in your back is the length as your buddies blade, you even have azure bruises on your back, please, is he hurting you? I can help you.” She begged taking her hands in mine.

I unsheathed the dagger on my chest and laid it across her throat, she jumped and I said in a cold voice. “You even think about it and I’ll make these stones taste your blood.” The fear in her eyes made the adrenaline pump through my veins and two trains of thoughts ran in my head, protect Aaden and why am I threatening her, she’s my friend.

“Ok,” She choked out, “I won’t tell a soul,” I pulled the blade from her throat and she rubbed the thin line I made on her neck, her touch made her blood smear across her skin.

I stormed out of the cave jamming the dagger back in its sheath and I glanced over my shoulder to see the nastiest glare ever directed in Aaden’s direction.

Aaden ignored it and jumped back into the water, I followed after him not bothering to look back for Lucia, I pulled myself from the water and Aaden was shaking it from his hair, his earrings shined in the Sun’s light and he messed with his lip ring for a second, his pale skin bringing out his teal-gold eyes.

Lucia broke from its surface a moment later. She glanced back at her house. “I’m going to get some clothes, with that I saw her wings open and she took off into the air. Something about how fast she flew off I knew she wasn’t coming back.

Aaden flipped open his watch, “You put a tracker on her?” He asked and I nodded. “Smart.”

“Easy,” I finished and we marched through the forest the sun cascading over us.

“You don’t trust her,” He pointed out and I once again nodded, I didn’t. “Why?”

“She’s in the Nobility,” I said simply and Aaden whirled his head back to me.

“She’s in the what?!” He roared his back straightening. I stiffened realizing what I just said, his face twisted in fury and he began to storm back to her house. Though she landed back in front of us a few minutes later.

Aaden quickly drew his sword in surprise. She stumbled back throwing her arms up in defense, she was scared, that was obvious, but she knew I wouldn’t protect her.

“You are not to leave our sides, got that?” Aaden told her positioning his sword over her throat, she nodded her eyes wide.

“Yeah,” She stammered her teal eyes darting between us, then a click filled our ears and I cried out as sparked flooded through my veins.

“Kill her,” He said, the device in my temple whirred to life and his command struck home, my body moved on its own accord and I drew the red sword at my back. She screamed and she took off into the air, but before she could get out of my reach I severed her wing from her body causing her to crash back into the ground.

Raising the sword above my head she pleaded and screamed for me to stop her wing's nub gushing blood. Her fae ears caught the light as her icy blue wing showed how scared she really was.

The severed wing faded to gray and stopped twitching on the dead leaves and I drove the blade down, I would be lying if I said I tried to fight it, in fact, I might have put a bit of force behind it.

It pierced through her skin and her agonizing cry hit me deep, she met my gaze and choked out. “A-Alexander and Yan-ncy are...” but her voice trailed off as her head lolled to the side and her blood trickled to a stop.

A click from Aaden’s direction let my body morph back to my own control, I expected to scream, to shout, but all I felt was a dull, and cold sensation flooding my veins like cold adrenaline. I turned to Aaden and he had already drawn his crystal-azure blade and gotten in a defensive position.

“Why?” I asked my voice hoarse.

“Because I didn’t want to kill her myself,” He said simply eyeing me in amusement.

“No,” I corrected myself pointing to her body with my bloody red sword. “why did you force me to do it? Why didn’t you just ask me?” That’s when I finally got an extremely surprised reaction and he stood eyeing me with so much curiosity I thought he might touch me.

“Come here,” He said stabbing his sword into the ground and motioning me over to him, I sighed and stabbed mine into the ground too and strode over to him.

He eyed me up and continued, “Why should I trust a single word you just said? Eh? Your extremely smart, I figured that out the hard way, how do I know you’re not just trying to get on my good side, we are all good at faces.” He demanded crossing his arms over his chest and I saw the swirling ink under his sleeve again, I tried to make out what it could be just from the bit, but the snap in my face snapped my attention back on track.

“Please tell me you heard all that,” He growled his teal-gold eyes narrowing.

“Yeah, I heard it, just thinking,” I said meeting his gaze, it felt as if this was the first time we really looked at each other, but then he just rolled his eyes and walked away.

“I can’t trust you Westmore, though I would like to know what happened in that cave system back there,” He said taking his sword from the soil and sheathing it, he looked at me over his shoulder and I took a shuttering breath.

“I can’t trust you with that information Galion,” I sneered back and he raised an eyebrow at me.

“You remembered,” He purred his teal-gold eyes gleaming, “I lied anyway, it’s not Galion, it’s Lucerne." He said and I snorted at the irony.

"Doesn't that mean, light, or water of light?" I asked still laughing at the irony.

"Yes, but I cannot help my name, can't be any worse than Xavier Westmore. Your mother must have hated you." He chuckled obviously meaning it of a joke, but jokes about my mother were too close to home.

I tackled him leveling my blade at his throat and digging it deep drawing blood. "Watch what your tongue says before I cut it out." I snarled drawing my teeth back.

He acted quickly and launched up drawing his sword but I was faster and swept open his throat, he choked stumbling back clutching his neck, and I realized I cut too deep.

Crashing against a tree he dropped his crystal-azure blade and I raced up.

I don't know why I took off my coat and pressed it against his wound, I don't know why I ripped apart Lucia's clothes to also help stop the bleeding, it was almost instinctive, but when I kill someone a danger to me I don't try to heal them, I didn't try to help Lucia and she was my friend. Kinda.

Aaden choked blood rolling from his lips, it rolled through his lip ring and over the corner of his lips.

His teal-gold eyes began to fade and I nearly whimpered and continued ripping apart her clothes shoving his head to look down, I applied more pressure, I broke off the tip of one of my blades and tied string I got from Lucia's clothes to it, I wove it around the gaping hole and forced it back together, but there wasn't enough skin.

So taking a deep breath I used the chipped dagger to cut a chunk from my skin and I pressed it to his skin and began sowing it on.

He should have been dead, but when I leaned down and heard his beating heart I felt my muscles collapse and I laid my head on his chest memorizing his slow breaths and equally slow heartbeats.

After hiding Lucia's body and cleaning up all the blood I lifted Aaden gently in my arms and was surprised by his weight, he was a bit heavier than he looked, but I also looked at him like he was a girl. His muscles, bone structure, and a bit of stubble across his jaw reminded me he was a man, even if he was socially awkward and small, well, a little bit smaller man.

Trudging through the woods I saw a little motel and set Aaden outside on a bench and walked in with a small wad of cash, I set it on the counter and her eyes widened. "How many nights?" I asked. She blinked at the wad of hundreds.

"At least a month and a half." She said in awe and I nodded meeting her gaze.

"I want the best room," I told her and she agreed instantly pulling a key from a drawer and handing it to me, I took it eyeing the number for a second before walking out and picking Aaden back up and walking towards the room.

Setting him down for a moment I unlocked the door and then swooped him back up, setting him on the musty smelling bed and taking his cloak off along with all of his weapons, most of them, I didn't want to dig for anywhere I didn't want to.

I wrapped his azure sword and dagger in his cloak and set it beside him on the bed, making sure they were properly sheathed of course, before taking off my own weapons, and setting them on the old dresser and curling up in my clothes, well, pants, I tossed the jacket aside.

Waking up to running water was confusing, I looked over to see Aaden's bed empty, I bit back a groan as I stretched and my muscles popped, I patted over to the bathroom to see some 'Last Air Bender' type ish.

The water from the faucet and shower had morphed and bent around Aaden who sat on the counter content as the water caressed over his skin, it moved over the wound but it didn't instantly heal it like he was Percy Jackson, no, they undid my stitches and did their own, they made my skin fit better against his neck, they also made it his skin tone due to me being still pale even after Hell.

He opened his teal-gold eyes and they skimmed over me as the water moved through his hair and over his skin, "Hello," He said simply, I just waved grabbing an extra toothbrush and pulling it out of the plastic, I held it up to Aaden, he sighed and splashed it with water.

I pulled toothpaste from the drawer and quickly brushed my teeth after I set down the toothpaste and toothbrush Aaden picked them up and began to sanitize them, I guess it was if the police tracked us down they wouldn't have my D.N.A, smart thinking.

It was an hour later did Aaden finally emerged from the bathroom completely dry, I was pulling on my jacket already and a few of my weapons as he quickly tugged on his cloak and sword. Along with the other blades that didn't seem to match anything else.

"Are we ready?" He asked and I nodded,

"Where are we going?" I asked following after him and tossing the key in a bin.

"An abandoned hospital, that should have the most activity, we are going to summon are way back to Hell." He said simply fixing his cloak so it didn't touch his neck.

"I'm sorry," I said guilt washing through my veins as I saw the stitches of water.

"It's whatever, deeds done, I should have protected myself." He said simply eyeing my blades in dismay.

I unclipped all my daggers and the three other swords besides my red one, he reached for his azure one by instinct but frowned when I handed him all my disarmed weapons.

The look he gave me was a mixture of confusion, pain, and what seemed to be a bit of awe.

"That angel part of you is what kills you," He growled but snatched my weapons and clipped them to his own person as he turned his back.

"But it's the part that will earn your trust," I said simply.

(Well, Lucia's gone, and Xavier is changing, if only slightly, I want you guys to define the Good side and the Bad Side, and how you know which is which, I would love to hear your thoughts.)

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