Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore,

Omaha, Nebraska.

We walked to an abandoned hospital and the sun beat through the windows, it was just above the treeline and we climbed the decaying stairs to the middle floor and he leaned against the railing as he looked over Omaha.

Once again I took in his golden tan, teal-gold eyes, and void black hair. His lids fluttered closed and he leaned back as much as he could, the sun didn’t hit him, it wove around him, moving across his skin almost like the water did but in a mist-like form.

The urge to touch him was overwhelming, like a repeating message in the front of my mind, flashing through my body like some type of adrenaline.

I walked beside him, close enough that our shoulders brushed and I allowed the sun to wash over me. I gasped violently when his hand clutched mine.

“What the fu-” I began to ask, not because he grabbed my hand, quite opposite, it was the fear in his eyes.

“Shh,” He slowly looked behind him, I followed and saw a dark blob curled up in the corner mumbling and shaking, it looked up and I couldn’t stop my grip from tightening on his hand as the thing looked up.

It drooled blood, it’s face if you could call it that, contained no eyes and strings dangled from its sockets, its fingers were broken and bent at every angle.

The thing smiled showing it’s razor-sharp teeth, Aaden refused to look at it and I decided to do the same thing.

Then it leaped its fingers snapping in place and large claws replacing it, it opened it’s mouth wide and I released Aaden and unsheathed my sword and brought it down, I remembered the weak part of demons from being a Guardian, their heart or spines.

It cut cleanly through the demon, it’s spine snapping as my blade connected with it’s back.

Aaden just blinked, “Alrighty,” He said simply and I justed stared at him. “let’s summon a demon.” My staring turned extremely dark.

“Didn’t I just kill one?” I barked narrowing my eyes and he patted my cheek.

“Yes, but a different one.” He said simply and unsheathed one of his daggers and pressed it against my chest and cut it clean open, I choked and he forced me down on my knee and dug two fingers into the gash. I bit back a scream and he began drawing with it, walking back to me and digging his fingers back in my chest when the blood on his fingers dried up.

When he was done with the outline and jammed the dagger into my chest and began ripping open my chest, he cut deep enough that I saw my sternum, I choked as he yanked me up and elbowed me in the back, my blood poured from my chest and began filling up the large circle

He threw me aside like trashed when the circle was filled and he began placing bones from the demon I slew in it. He is literally using my kill and blood to summon our way back to Hell.

My mind fuzzed and I gasped for breath but I couldn’t get a single one, then everything fell into darkness.

I awoke to extreme pain through out my chest and Aaden hovering over me with a needle and thread.

“Don’t move,” He said, he jammed a needle into his arms and fed a tube into my arm. After water tightened around the tube blood began to flood from his arm and into mine. I was too weak to even use my tongue but anger flooded my veins.

He fucking used me, like a goddamn animal, as if he could replace me if I died out. Like humans buy new items when one stops working.

I jerked away from him and he gasped, I ripped the tube from my arm and he growled his blood spilling onto the ground. He narrowed his eyes at me and I bit back a cry as pain flooded my chest.

“Sit back down. Your hurt, and need to eat.” He growled kicking a bag of Chick-Fil-A to me, I kept a keen eye on him as I nibbled at the food, still keeping an eye on his blades.

I squatted as I ate the food eyeing his weapons and with sinking realization I didn’t feel my sword against my back, my chest was covered in dried blood and I glared at Aaden in rage.

“Will you calm down, I could have let you die.” He sighed crossing his arms and I clenched my jaw.

“And I could summon a bunch of humans for your Social Anxiety.” I fired back and I swore he paled slightly.

I continued nibbling at the food and snatched his water and began drinking it, he narrowed his eyes at me. “What the hell?”

“You could have poisoned mine,” I said simply drinking his intently, he rolled his eyes and went back to the satanic circle.

When he turned his back I silently picked up a dagger and brought it to my temple, I bit back a scream as I began to pry the device from my temple, it popped off after it felt my temple was getting ripped apart, I caught it before it hit the ground. Setting it silently on the concrete along with the dagger I kept my eyes on Aaden’s back as I made my ways back to the stairs, and narrowed my eyes on his azure cloak until he was out of sight.

Then I sprinting shifting my weight so I was silent as I did and lept through a broken window and began making a break for the street, I looked back up at the window.

Aaden stared down at me his gaze void of any emotions, he leaned forward casually his gaze meeting mine and he mouthed “Your so dead.” I felt slightly scared but spun on my heel and kept sprinting.

Water exploded from the pond and nailed me in the chest, I cried out and it wrapped around me and I was thrown back to the window, I screamed in agony as I crashed to the concrete. My body felt limp and Aaden gave me a dark smirk, he walked smoothly over to me and tilted my head back with his dagger.

“Well, nice try scared me for a second, but you're stupid, running down the main road.” He cooed accusingly and ran the blade across my cheek, it was a gentle gesture and it made me shudder. I choked as he slipped the dagger into my mouth and I felt blood fill my mouth as he pressed the dagger against my tongue. “Perhaps I should take your advice, and cut out your tongue, you know, for trying to escape.”

“Or,” He purred taking the dagger from my mouth and sliding down my stomach, stopping right above my belt. “make you lose your ability to have children,” I stared at him hatred in bones as my muscles still cried in agony.

“Jesus,” A voice lighter than a feather said from the circle Aaden drew, “just make out already.”

Our heads whirled to her, she had flowing white hair and bright red eyes, her charred skin flaked off and moved across my glowing blood. She ran her cracked and charred fingers through it and licked her fingers in joy.

“Angelic blood, so...” She purred. “Delightful.” She finished and Aaden chuckled.

“You can have the rest of him,” He said gesturing to me with his dagger. She eyed me with interest.

“No, I would love to, but I will leave him for you,” She said simply, she smirked showing her yellow teeth. Aaden narrowed his eyes.

“You love messing around, and we have no choice but to believe if your lying or not, Detector of Sins.” He said simply and she gave another lopsided grin her eyes scanning over us.

“Oh Aaden darling, you know precisely if I am lying or not, now what is it you summoned me for? In this human place of all, actually, better question, what are you doing here?” She pressed folding her hands together as she stood in my blood, it lapped around her black heels.

“Long story,” He said waving his hand in the air dismissively, “We need to get back to Hell, Mad'am, what is your request for this gift?” He asked it felt as if he were speaking in riddles.

“Is he a virgin?” The woman asked eyeing me up and I heard Aaden suppress a laugh.

“No, in fact, he’s the biggest man whore ever,” Aaden said, and I couldn’t exactly disagree with him, God so much had changed since Cat and I broke up. No, I wasn’t a virgin liking her either, I just felt different.

“Pity,” She purred and her eyes drifted back to Aaden, who asked another question.

“Why is it you wanted to know, interested?” He asked tilting his head to the side to examine me, her cackling laugh sent a horrified shiver down my back.

“No, but I do have daughters, and he does look like quite the specimen,” She said and Aaden just shrugged, how did we get so far off topic in just thirty seconds?

“Well, I wasn’t given the name ‘Detector of Sins’ for no reason,” She said and a wicked smile took up her lips as Aaden paled, like back to ghastly pale.

“B-But Mad’am, please, anything else!” He begged I expected him to get on his knees and beg like a dog but all the woman did was swish her hand in dismissal. “Can I at least knock him out?” He asked, and she looked thoughtful.

“Very well, I suppose, as long as the deed is done.” She said and Aaden exhaled in relief before storming over to me and bringing the hilt of his dagger on my temple, once again darkness took me under.

I was back in my bedroom in Hell when I awoke, my head pounded and a nurse with flowing golden hair and sky blue eyes tended to the wounds on my chest, I groaned and she jumped her eyes meeting mine.

“S-Sorry Sir. Westmore, I didn’t mean to wake you, Major General Lucerne said to let you sleep," She began bowing over and over and I caught her shoulder.

"It's fine, can I get some water?" I reassured and she nodded darting out of the room, I huffed and collapsed back on the bed, my body was numb and weak, I felt useless.

The door opened and I expected the nurse but all I saw was Aaden, my fist clenched in anger. "Come to rid me of the rest of my blood? Go ahead, you never bothered to care for anyone but yourself anyway."

He walked up beside my bed and raised a lazy brow, his eyes were back to ultramarine and his skin was ghastly pale. Though I still remembered him vividly in the back of my mind. "Jesus you're high," He said examing my eyes.

I had a tube attached to my arm and it fed blood into my body, I wished I would starve already.

"Focus dipshit," He growled and I shifted my gaze to him, he rolled his ultramarine eyes and crossed his arms. "When you're healed you start training again, and it will make you extremely uncomfortable."

"Is the nurse single?" I asked just to get on his nerves, his gaze narrowed and he slapped me across the face, I gasped my vision blurring for a second as my face stung. "What the hell?!" I barked and he grabbed a fistful of my shirt and yanked me up, I cried out as I felt some of my stitches tear.

"Do you ever think with your head besides what's between your legs?" He barked, I smirked up at him trying to ignore the pain in my chest.

"I don't know why I shouldn't, it's gone well so far," I said cockily. His face twisted with rage.

"Well, then, get your ex back that's now married with a child." He sneered venom dripping from his tongue, I punched him directly in the nose. He tackled me pinning my shoulders down, he went to reach for his sword but the nurse walked in, she nearly dropping my food and water.

"Major!" She shrieked bowing, her eyes glided over us and her face reddened, "I-I can come back I didn't know you, men, w-were busy!" With that, she slammed the door closed.

"Great," We both muttered and Aaden lept off of me sheathing his sword.

He walked over to the door and I couldn't help but say, "I'm sorry," He huffed, as if annoyed, and walked out slamming the door closed.

After a day of drugs and bedrest, I had my blood back and the stitches removed. The nurse was currently giving me my last dose of medication when Aaden burst into the room causing her to jump so high water spilled over the rim of the glass. I just looked at the fuming General casually.

"I need to take Xavier, is that fine?" Aaden asked and she nodded handing me my medicine and then sprinting out, literally, she dropped my medicine in my hand and ran.

Downing the medicine I slipped from the bed and tugged my shirt on, I went to pick up my sword and Aaden shook his head, and I realized he too, had no weapons. He only wore casual clothes and his cloak. "Not this time," He said and walked out, I hurried after him.

We stopped at a towering black gate, demons, burning bodies, and other, um, inappropriate themes were carved perfectly into its black furnishing.

Aaden knocked twice and they swung open instantly and there was just a quick blur and icy cold wind slapped us like suddenly falling on the top of a mountain.

"So," A deep voice growled from the shadows, I tried squinting but to no avail, I could not even see the outline of the man the voice came from. "you went to The Land, and used your powers, let's not forget severely damaging the prodigy." He rattled it off as if Aaden was being sentenced to prison.

The man stepped out of the shadows and into the red light that dangled from above, it seemed to be held by a severed dragon head.

His face was covered by a black hood, void black horns shot from the top of it and for a moment I thought it was the metal winged man from the Arctic Plague until I saw his mask was completely black, like Jason's mask from Friday the Thirteenth, except black, and no holes beside the eyes. I had no idea what his skin color was due to every inch of his body being covered besides his eyes, but it was too dark to see his skin color.

"I think your action should be defined," The man said and I paled when I saw a whip emerge in his grip. I've never seen Aaden without a shirt but by the look on his face, I didn't want to.

Rage, it was overwhelming and powerful, it made my mind blurry and my emotions mix together, common sense left and I blurted out. "It was my fault!" Aaden looked at me as did the hooded man, Aaden shook his head violently, his eyes pleading for me to shut up.

"I made the jet crash," I continued, "He saved my life, the whole reason he hurt me was in self-defense, I gave him permission to use my blood for the circle because he was seriously injured," I said gesturing to his still healing throat, "Don't hurt him, I need to get used to Hell's custom's anyways, it was all my mistake," I told the masked man, he eyed me with interest.

"Do you know what this is?" The man asked the whip coiling around him like a python. "It's the Whip of Reflection, any pain you've done to another person, or the person you love or loved will be put into the whips." He explained and I took a shuttering breath.

"I don't care." I choked out and Aaden made a squeaking sound that might have been a protest, or a relieved sound. Deep down I wish it were a protest but my brain said it was a relieved sound.

"Cuff him," The man said and I resisted the urge to fight back, he forced me to the ground and chained my cuffs to what looked like a metal tree stump.

Pain, if you could call it that, exploded through my body and I cried in agony as it flooded through my body, almost as if it were going into my bones. I felt my body spazz and I choked on my saliva, I could hear a distant cry, but the voice was blurry and unrecognizable.

Another stuck and I arched my back, that's only two, I thought numbly. I felt something creep into my head and settle down, it wove through my cells and attacked the weakest points, Neplis, I realized, this was Neplis. I was feeling Alexander's death.

Ripping, that's how my chest felt after the third whip, I screamed and it felt like it was bleeding, the nub on my back ached and I quickly knew this was Lucia's pain, the pain I caused her.

Pain flooded my throat, neck, and many other places, I jerked against the chains as the pain began to get overbearing, "Oh," The masked man said, "With that reaction, you must be feeling the emotions of the one you love." He finished with a purr.

More whips followed and every single one brought a question, questions I had been trying to ignore. Why did I do this for a guy that hates me? Why did I bother to save his life when he doesn't care about mine? I'm just a soldier, right? He's just a friend to me? He's not just a friend. That deeper part of my body finished, I gasped when it filled my head and I shook my head violently. He's just a friend, he's just a friend, he's just a friend. I repeated over and over as if the more I said it the more it would be true, but I knew I was lying to myself.

"I think you've learned your lesson," The man said and whipped me at least three more times before someone undid my cuffs, I was too weak to stand so I just collapsed onto my side my back gushing blood.

There was someone whispering, or shouting, my buzzing ears, and racing heart wouldn't let decipher who it belonged to or the volume of the voice. Even with my numb body, I could feel the warm touch of hands on my arm and bicep, and more speaking.

I heard a deep growl and with the blurry vision, I saw the man move his gloved hand as if shooing us off. I was lifted up and I groaned trying to shift my weight on my feet as I leaned on the person helping me up.

The black doors opened and the blazing air wrapped around us, I choked stumbling but my helper clung to me tightly. They kicked open my door, or what I suspected was my door and tossed me down on the bed, I cried out my whip marks burning.

"Shh," A voice cooed and poured something on my wounds, I screamed in agony my body thrashing, the voice said something and pushed me down, the person swiped something over my wounds, their cool hands moved over my back and I felt them tightened bandages around me. They tilted my head to the side and poured something down my throat.

It felt like I only blinked but when my gaze focused I saw a black room lit by a breathtaking blue light, I groaned lifting my head the silky black covers laid over me, my shirt was missing and my entire torso was covered with tight bandages, I shifted my gaze around the room and realized this wasn't my room.

Grunting I lifted myself up on my elbows, my gaze shifted to the chair beside the bed, Aaden was in the chair his arms crossed over his chest and his head hung low, his cloak was missing and it hung up on the door, he was still unarmed and his sword leaned against the dresser that was pushed against the far wall, the door was on the opposite wall and his large bed was pushed into the center of the back wall. A large bay glass window looked over the training arena and the heavy black sun shone over the burning landscape.

"You're awake," Aaden's raspy voice said and I jumped, then hissed as pain flooded my back, he stood with smooth grace and pushed my shoulder down, "Careful soldier," He said and I winced, not in physical, though I had a lot of that, it was because he called me soldier. I knew he meant to calm me but it just sent a wave of anxiety and pain through me.

"I think I'm ready to train," I coughed out sarcastically, this time he smiled, a ghost of a smile, but it made my heart skip like a stone on water. It was gone a moment later.

"If you can walk, we can train," He said simply stepping away from the bed.

I bit back a cry as I twist my body around and stood, too fast, I realized, I stood too fast.

Collapsing against the ground Aaden frowned at me, tilting his head to the side. He extended his hand down to me and I once again saw the swirling ink on his left arm, well from his perspective, right arm. I took his hand and he helped me up, I collapsed against the bed.

"I think I trained enough," I said breathlessly, I was still trying to get another smile from him. Though all he did was a nod.

I was about to nod off again when a large bang sounded from the door, Aaden was back in his chair and also nodding off, but jumped as I did too when it filled the room.

Two figures burst into the room and Aaden shot up unsheathing his sword, but he stopped his defensive gesture when he took them in, they wore the same outfit the man with the whip wore and Aaden paled, more so, again, when he saw this. "What are you doing here?"

"We are here to take it, it is now under extensive care and will no longer need your assistance in training or killing." One man said his dark eyes shifting under his mask. "We will need all the information you have on it. If you refuse to hand over information over the thing you will be killed and be replaced by it, am I understood General?"

"Who's orders are these?" Aaden demanded to point his sword at the floor as if a mother points at a mess a child made only mere moments ago.

"Well, they are Lucifer's of course,"

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