Heir Of Death

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Lucifer's Assassin

Xavier Zane Westmore,


The guards escorted me my arms bound behind me and my legs shackled, so they actually dragged me instead of escorting.

Moving around halls and doors they kicked open a golden door and I choked on how beautiful it was, but the temperature was blazing, and I mean scorching. Makes before seems like ice water hot.

Though the room was beautiful, it was made for a king, that was for sure, and I was confused when I saw a golden-haired man sitting upon a throne of bones, his lavender eyes glided over me in interest, he had high and defined cheekbones, his skin was a bit darker than golden and when he moved the silk coat fell from his shoulder. Gigantic, I mean huge, glowing white wings sprouted from his back. Even when he folded his wings they glowed, they looked like bright blobs on his back.

He circled me, he wore black joggers and a tight vest the was buckled at his ribs, he bore no weapons but I could tell he could use the lace of his black combat boots to kill me.

"Who are you?" I choked out, he smirked a perfect one.

"Lucifer," He said smoothly, his voice was soft, but alluring, as if it was silk he spoke and not words, and I knew the more he spoke the more I would become transfixed. God damn no wonder people say sin is beautiful. "what where you expecting?" He asked raising a golden brow.

"Red horns, red pitchfork, a dragon tail," I said simply and he roared with laughter. "the golden hair and white angel wings are definitely a shocker," I told him.

"Aaden said the same thing," He cooed in a teasing manner, I tensed. "He's definitely something special, being so in control with his emotions while leading, ignoring his hormones, almost completely forgetting what they feel like in general." He said brushing a hand over my shoulder, I remembered what the Bible said about him. He knows all the right words, when to say them and can deceive your mind to see anything. It rang out. I took a deep breath, I won't fail.

"You know, if he wasn't so busy, I would see how that lip ring taste," He purred in my ear and I bit my tongue, hard. "Why are you fighting it? Sure he might not be good with expressing feelings, but you are, is it because in Krystillia you'd be a fag? Hm? That it? Well, Xavier, we are no longer there, if it's against the law anywhere, its worshipped here." He said, encouraging me, what is he aiming for?

"What do you want?" I barked shaking my head violently, trying to force the thoughts from my head.

"Well, I have what I want now, a weakness, I was scared when you first arrived, you hurt everyone, I was scared your only weakness was your ex but I thought that was stupid, loving her, so I watched closely while you were in The Land. How you looked at him, that wasn't a buddy looking at a buddy Xavier, in fact, did you look at Catherine once like that? Let's not forget, you got whipped by The Whip of Reflection for him, if I am right, and I think I am, I would say your falling in love with him." I glared daggers at him, full-blown swords.

"That's what I wanted, your weakness, to exploit it, to encourage you to do my bidding. So now is where the fun begins." He said making his way back to his throne, he pulled on the silk coat and continued. "You shall be my assassin, I will train you, I won't force it upon you, it is much easier to teach a willing participant than a robot one. If you try to veer off, to go and run off. I will break Aaden, from the inside out, and I will be sure you see it." He leaned forward in his throne.

"Your missions will be in The Land when your done, and I won't be using the bond to force my bids upon you, I don't want a robot killer, I like seeing suffering, so, if you don't abide, I will torture Aaden until he is just nothing, am I clear?" Lucifer barked and I choked, then nodded, I fought off tears as the guards undid my shackles. He threatened me with something I wasn't even ready to admit to myself, had I really been that obvious about it?

"Perhaps you're jealous," Lucia's voice rang through my head as the guards pushed me into a cell, it was old and musty, there was an old cot on the floor and bones in the other corner. I guess this is where I stay now.

I pushed myself to my feet biting back a cry as my whip marks stung. Lucifer appeared at the front of the cell. He watched me with curiosity. "All the injuries I give you I will make Aaden heal." He said, now, you might think this might make me feel better, but I knew it was to tease me, show me something I can have, something I have to protect, but it can't stay long enough for me to love.

"I hate you," I choked out and he gave me a wicked smile, he snapped and then walked from view.

I curled up on a mattress and I heard the cell opened, my heart yearned as Aaden walked in smoothly. He held a pack in his hand and he pushed me down on my chest, I allowed him to take off my bandages and he dug back into his pack. He flattened his cool palm across my back and thoroughly cleaned out each wound, it stung but I allowed myself to take in his touch.

It made insides burn and my skin tingle, the only thing that corrupted my brain was him, his skin, his looks, his style. Everything, dreams of touching him, moving my hands through his hair.

At this point, he was leaning over me to clean some of them and I buried my face in my arm and suppressed a moan as his warmth flooded over me and he worked on my shoulder.

"Thank you," Aaden said so quietly I almost didn't hear him, but I felt as if he coughed in Asia that I would hear it, or I would want to hear it.

I looked over my shoulder and met his gaze, it took all my control to not touch him as I said, "Yeah, your welcome."

He helped me sit up and worked on the wound he gave me, I leaned my head back fighting my hormones. I need to go back to denying my feelings, a lot easier than accepting them.

Watching him work was relaxing and adorable at the same time when he concentrated he messed with his lip ring, and he looked so confused. He gave me a glass of foggy water and I downed it.

"Good," He said "you should be healthy now," I nodded and I swore he took me in before leaving. The medicine began kicking in and I stumbled around my mind swirling, Lucifer walked in and grabbed my elbow, I was too doped up to fight him as he dragged me through the halls.

He tossed me into a large room a canopy bed in the center of the back wall and said, "Happy Birthday, I was feeling generous." Then slammed the door in my face. At least I saw Aaden, I thought numbly.

I climbed into the comfy bed and nearly screamed when a girl leaped from the covers, I grabbed the dagger from the bedside table and pointed it at her.

"Who the hell are you?!" She shrieked pushing herself against the door, her nails clawing at the oak.

"I'm Xavier, Lucifer put me in here, who the fuck are you?!" I fired back and she swallowed her eyes darting about.

"I'm Delilah! Lucifer keeps me here as a toy for male guests," She whimpered curling up in the corner her fearful eyes on me. I swallowed my heart dropping as I remembered what she said.

Setting the blade down I moved over towards her and she began shaking putting her hands over her head. "P-Please be careful with me, the last man hurt me." She whimpered, I felt sorry for her, though no interest in her curvy body. I just wanted to make sure she was alright.

"How did he hurt you?" I asked gently crouching in front of her a good distance back.

"He hit me, beat me, cut me, if my sounds didn't satisfy him he would really hurt me, he choked me with his hand and other things. I thought he would kill me. Until this one man came in and slaughtered him." She cried into her palms and I resisted the urge to touch her, that would just scare her. "Every time he got me undressed I would never have time to adjust to him, he would move and penetrate. It hurt, I screamed, every time. Though he never stopped."

"So he raped you?" I asked and she nodded, then cried, it took me a slow minute to realize this girl was human, very much so, and what raped her, multiple times I assume, was probably the furthest from her. "Listen, I won't do anything you don't want," I told her, which was true, but I was hoping for a distraction, as sadistic as it sounds.

"I want to sleep, but I have PTSD." She whimpered her hands folded over her biceps. I gently held a hand out to her.

"I can stay with you if you like," I meant it was a friendly gesture and somehow she knew that because she just nodded and took my hand. She crawled into bed curling up on the very end, I curled up on the opposite end, she stretched out her hand towards me and I engulfed her palm in mine. We closed our eyes and a certain blue-eyed general filled my dreams.

"Wake up asshole!" Lucifer yelled as he burst into the room, Delilah screamed and dove under the bed, I sat up groggily shaking my head.

I crawled out of bed and he tossed armor at me, it was made of light metal and covered in red dragon scales, the undershirt had scales sowed into the black fabric of the biceps and that was it, the black jeans were thicker than Cat's ego after she found out she was a Kuran.

I tugged them on and Lucifer helped me put on the armor, the helmet consisted of a blank mask that when you put on you can see through invisible eye holes. Horns jutted from the forehead and ram-like ones curled up from the jaw.

"How am I supposed to eat in it?" I asked it modified my voice and I pulled the black hood over my head the horns stopping it from falling into my eyes. I pulled on the black gloves that had metal talons attached to the top of my fingers. Pulling on the boots and lacing them up I pulled the buckle over them and strapped small daggers in them. I stood and the cloak fluttered around me, the top of the cloak disappeared into the metal dragon-scaled chest piece.

"You aren't," He told me, I eyed him in dismay. "Take this," He said, I glared at him through the mask, but I knew he couldn't see it.

"What is it?" I asked, taking it my red talon scraping across the glass.

"It will give you your wings back, maybe not perfectly, but they will be fireproof and stronger, probably completely black." He told me, I glared at him but lifted up the mask and downed it. If I die he loses his assassin.

I knew they wouldn't appear instantly but I was disappointed when they didn't. "They should be fully grown in two weeks. You tell no living creature about getting your wings back, the armor will hide them, so this is now your uniform," He told me eyeing me to make sure I understood.

"What about the mask?" I asked and he sighed.

"You may only take off the mask around Aaden and people that wear my mask, completely black." He told me crossing his arms his bright wings folding behind him. "Let's go."

"What about Delilah?" I asked pointing to the bed.

"Who?" He asked his brows drawing together.

"The girl that was in here..." I said slowly, "Delilah."

"For a man liking another man, you shouldn't be dreaming of a random woman," Lucifer said teasingly, but I was too confused to buy into it. There was a woman here, right? Jesus Christ, I'm already losing my shit.

I decided to drop it and followed him out but not before giving one last glance in the room before leaving.

When we began training I realized Aaden was being gentle in our training, the only chance Lucifer gave me to stand is when he was getting ready with his next attack, and I had to use my angel speed because he had it too.

After thousands of attempts I finally stood, then he knocked me down again, at least I stood. "You're pathetic," Lucifer chuckled. "What if I bring your little boyfriend in here, give him a bit of pain, see if that helps you fight." I cried out forcing myself up. "That's the spirit."

I stumbled to my feet shifting my weight off my broken ankle, I moved my sword in front of me my burning rage towards the devil, his threat just fueling it. "Leave him alone," I spat.

"Make me," He purred raising his angelic blade, I was surprised when I saw he had the Mortal Sword, it glowed like the northern star in his palm, and discombobulated was one word that could describe my face when he said it was the sword God made for him, and it was fuckin' strong. When he was an angel he said he leveled mountains with it, then God dulled its powers and it can only slice titanium in half. Which is pretty fucking strong to me.

I lunged bringing my sword up but he deflected it like a leaf in the wind, "The more you fail the more I can hurt your boy toy," he chuckled.

Rage flooded my veins and I screamed throwing my sword like a lance, it whistled through the air words ringing in my ear. He isn't a toy! He's much more, and if you hurt him I'll murder you. I thought coldly, Lucifer moved, but he was too slow. The red blade pierced through his chest, he looked shocked, but there was no pain in his eyes.

"Wow," He said sounding genuinely impressed, "Nice job, nobody can hit me the first day. I think that deserves some free time, also, I'm bored. You can go in my garden."

I just huffed and limped off, I gasped at his garden, I thought it would horrifying. Quite the opposite, it was stunning. A dome had a projection of a blue sky and I could feel the warmth of the sun, birds chirped from trees, I sat down on a stone bench a good distance into the garden and took off my boot from my broken ankle and dipped it into crystal clear water.

Sighing with relief I slumped against the stone bench, then almost screamed as the water fixed my ankle snapping it in place and patched my skin together. It crawled up my skin and into my pants leg, I suppressed a shriek as it did but I felt it move over my wounds and piece them together.

Before thinking it was magical water I saw Aaden moving over to me, I did my best to hide my racing heart but being exhausted from training didn't help. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Aaden demanded his eyes blazing as he kept a hand on his azure hilted blade.

"I had my ass beat by Lucifer?" I asked not sure how to respond to that, he rolled his eyes and slapped me across the face. I stared at the ground in shock, my face blazing. Was he that mad about me losing to the devil?

"I know that, but why did you make a deal with him in the first place?! Why didn't you say no?!" He barked his eyes narrowing, I frowned, why was he so concerned? Because he can't beat you senseless anymore.

"I couldn't," I said simply trying to tap into my dead tone, focusing on the water healing me.

"He threatened you," Aaden said after a quick second, all I had to do was nod, and I saw his fist tighten. Even if it was for a second.

"With what?" He asked his gaze fixing back on me, his eyes were back to teal-gold as his skin shone its mesmerizing color in the garden, Hell makes him look so dull.

"I'd rather not say," I muttered crossing my fingers over my mouth as I examined the water trying my best not to think about Aaden healing me.

"What did you agree to?" He asked sitting beside me, as far as possible, but I took the small win.

"To become his assassin, and you'd think someone who had to hide to be a guardian it would be easy but..." I trailed off.

"You can't use a helix because you're killing those who can see through it." He finished for me leaning forward on his elbows and examine my still healing ankle.

"Precisely, and much more," I said leaning back against the stone and hissed slightly when it dug into my wounds. I reached under my chest piece and began removing my armor and setting it aside, I'm melting. "The style of training is so different, being a guardian you could fight openly and how you wanted because your charge couldn't see you. Only hear you if they knew you were there, but being an assassin, if you even step in the wrong direction you will be slaughtered." I leaned my head back letting the cold wind wash over me.

"Seems irritating, having to change your hole fighting style." He said ruffling his void black hair. "Though I did try to teach you a different one, you're just so fucking stubborn." He muttered his eyes glancing at me.

"I know, but hey, it's in my blood," I said examining the fake clouds and crossing my arms as the urge to touch him grew stronger.

"Where'd you get your gold eye?" He asked suddenly I frowned looking down at him, then raised a brow. After a moment I busted out laughing. His eyes flashed in anger and I thought I saw the blush on his face. He stood abruptly and I panicked.

"Wait!" I said grabbing his cloak, the look I got was withering. I quickly released it and he stormed off his nostrils flared. My heart dropped to my stomach and I stared at the water anxiety flooding my veins, is this how Cat felt when she was around people she liked? How did she act so calm? What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why does it matter, he doesn't like me back.

I rubbed my face before putting my armor back on and drying off my foot before putting my sock back on and stuffing my foot into my boot and lacing it up. I sat for another moment then stood and marched back into the throne room.

"You were so awkward, even I felt the cringe," Lucifer said from his throne as I stormed in.

"I would tell you to burn in Hell, but God already did, much better," I growled, now I realized I should have shut up.

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