Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore,


Lucifer lunged ripping the Mortal Sword from its sheath and slicing my armor clean open, I screamed in agony as I felt my chest rip open and my body collides with the floor, he began ripping apart my armor and skin with his blade his eyes blazing as he did.

I lay barely moving my body burning, though I knew he held back, "Next time, I won't be so gentle." He growled then walked away motioning with his hand. "Get this filth away from me,"

They dragged me across the floor and threw me into my room, I choked as I collided with the soft carpet my blood seeping into it.

Then Aaden burst into the room his eyes searching, saying frantically would only to boost my ego, but determined more like.

He knelt beside me and frowned, "How do I take off your armor," I cried out as I went to reach under my chest piece but he beat me to it and began taking off the layers and cutting open the undershirt.

Continuing his process, but this time dumping water on my chest to clean out the wounds but just as I thought he was going to use his powers I remembered him saying they don't work here, but they work in Lucifer's garden?

Pouring chemicals and other burning stuff into my wounds then he pieced them together with medical stitches and sat back on his heels to examine his work. "It will hold, don't train tomorrow unless you want to die."

"Seems like the best solution," I coughed, then groaned as my wounds ached.

His withering gaze told me if I died, he would kill me. "I'm not letting all my hard work die, so if you die, you'll regret it. Or better walk it off." I choked as I began coughing from the Avengers reference.

"Avengers?" I asked holding a hand over my chest, "Really?" He just shrugged and fixed up a deep cut on my cheek, he was focused intensely and how close he was to my face almost made me shudder, but I was able to contain myself.

"Now down to the legs," He said and cut off my jeans, and I thanked God he didn't cut open my boxers. Ironic, that I prayed to God when training to become an assassin for Lucifer.

He quickly worked on them and helped me to bed the cut on my face burning like a mother******.

"Thanks," I muttered and he nodded peeling off his latex gloves and stashing them away. Right before he left I said, "It was you," He froze in the doorway before looking over his shoulder raising a brow.

"What?" He asked confusion dancing in his eyes as he went through his bag muttered about sedatives and if he gave me any.

"Nothing," I finished, Aaden gave me an odd look before walking out his azure cloak fluttering. I choked on my own breath leaning my head back against the pillow, God I was about to do something stupid.

Even with my rising anxiety and restless brain, my body told me to shut the fuck up and darkness swept me under like a sedative wave.

I awoke to Lucifer barging in his lavender eyes blazing and his wings blinding.

"Whhaaaattt!" I complained shoving my face into my pillow, I heard an arrow sail through the air and embed itself into the wall but I ignored it. Funny how one can get used to flying arrows.

"You might not be training but you're still getting up, now get up!" He growled and I almost whined, I just spat a curse at him and he fired one back. Soon we were arguing like siblings.

Now I can confidently say I have literally cussed in the face of Evil.

Another arrow sailed through the air and I screamed when I realized it was aimed at me, I threw myself from the bed and heard it tear through the fabric of the bed seconds after leaping from the spot.

"What the Hell!" I heard Aaden shout behind him, I felt my heart skip a beat but I told it to shut up. I whirled my head around then screamed as the stitches on my cheek ripped clean open. "Move!" He demanded pushing past Lucifer and kneeling beside me, he huffed and took stitches from his pack and began working on my face. Again.

"You look like Frankenstein with all those stitches," Lucifer snickered from the doorway, he leaned against it the Mortal Sword strapped to his hip and a bow in his grip that was now also being leaned on.

"Why thank you," I growled sarcastically and he saluted me with two fingers. I rolled my eyes in response and before I could speak again Aaden slapped me, the other side of my face. I blinked staring at him.

"Shut up, for the love of God you talk too much." He huffed angrily, Lucifer bust out laughing, laughing so hard he doubled over dropping his bow.

When he finished I lazily stood and quietly strode into my closet anxiety flooding my veins, I pulled on a dark blue shirt and a black leather jacket, I blinked as it hid the numbs up on my back. It was a Guardian's jacket. The feeling made me numb, nostalgic actually.

After yanking on some jeans and pulling on my some converse I frowned when I saw something stashed in the corner, hesitantly I grabbed it slowly realizing it was a dagger. The hilt was bland and when I unsheathed it the golden blade exploded with blinding golden light.

The light snaked around the hilt showing hundreds, no, thousands of symbols. Each more different than the last, after a moment the symbols began to glow white and the crappy handle began to burn and melt away.

Soon a silver hilted dagger with teal symbols and a brilliant golden blade sat comfortably in my hand glowing nearly as bright as the Northern star. Quickly stashing it back in its sheath I jammed it between the line of my jeans and back pulling my shirt over it, I made sure there were no creases before exiting my closet and making my way over to Lucifer.

"You clean up nicely, that'll be a nasty scar though," He said gleefully his eyes dancing across my cheek.

I bit my tongue and asked, "Where are we going?" He shrugged kicking up his bow and strapping it to his back.

"Free day, I am teaching Aaden archery today. Have fun." With that he walked off, meanwhile, anger rose in my chest, he woke me up, shot an arrow at me, and embarrassed me just to tell me I had a free day?! Oh, I am going to kill him.

Marching out of the room I slipped out of the throne room slamming the door behind me. I marched through the red-carpeted halls slipping through other hallways and casino's until I found the main dining room, it was gigantic.

Four large chandeliers dangled from the four corners of the ceiling one larger one hanging in the middle, rows, and rows of silver tables with ruby chairs dotted the room the size of the Whitehouse and thousands of platters were set out with all kinds of foods.

My stomach growled gleefully and I was so hungry I filled two plates up with everything I could before plopping in a seat the furthest from the crowd. I figured that's where all the talkative people weren't, also the table is completely empty.

Halfway through my first plate a lady sat next to me, her green dress hugged her body tightly and her pale face reminded me of the Swanson blade. She could be considered cute but her lust-filled stare killed the mood, especially since I was lustfull for a whole cow right now.

"How are you not fat?" She asked and I finally met her pink-eyed gaze.

"I work out," I said simply and she leaned forward but I ignored her slurping up some spaghetti.

"You know there is a roomer about you-" She began slowly but four people took up chairs around me, my fight or flight began creeping up but I kept my face blank as I ate away.

"Yeah, people say you're going to be the new recruit, to help Aaden lead the armies." A boy with dark, curly brown hair said his brown eyes gliding over me.

"They're wrong," I told them picking up a boneless chicken and stuffing it into my mouth.

I continued eating and when I went to get my next plate I realized half the once empty table was now full. I glared at all of them with an equal amount of hatred.

"Then why won't they let you go? We all know you aren't dead. Your skin is much too warm for that. Your eyes are too bright also." The girl pressed her eyes gleaming.

"Personal assistant," I told them, not a complete lie honestly. I am assisting. Just not what they might be thinking.

Questions began pummeling me and I faintly heard a sword unsheathing then I was on my feet my fight kicking in, they began to crowd me and I realized the girl had a dagger.

That's when the table split in half moments before I unsheathed my hidden dagger.

"That is enough you pathetic bags of waste!" Aaden's voice boomed over the crowd that had moved around me, took me a second to realize nearly the whole room was crowding me.

I shifted my gaze to where his voice came from and saw him with a white-knuckled grip on his sword that was now jammed into the table. He ripped it out by its handle and stormed over to me, the people spreading like the Red Sea.

Though the girl took her shot while she still had the chance, I moved faster though, I ripped the blade from its sheath on my back and I watched as people wince away as it exploded in brilliance. She screamed as I brought the blade down, it's light melting her skin before cutting through the bone like silk.

In one swift movement, she was lying on the ground her head severed from her body. Aaden kept his face blank, his eyes cold as he moved towards me. People were screaming, some over dramatics crying. Actually, perhaps I was just being under dramatic, seeing someone decapitated by a blade that melts their skin might be horrifying to some people.

I followed my instincts as I met Aaden's gaze, I kept my grip tight his predatory eyes keeping on mine. The crowd whimpered slinking away but staying close enough to hear the drama.

The glowing sea-glass colored symbols poked through my fingers along with the glow of the silver. Though the golden blade shined brilliantly without my hand to dull it.

Aaden circled me and I followed his steps, just opposite, my instincts more alive than anything else. Right now he was just another predator, closer than enemy but not a lover.

"Drop the blade," He demanded his eyes shining with it, he expected me to obey, or perhaps by the way he stood he expected me to do just the opposite.

"Come and take it," I challenged letting a smirk dance across my lips. Aaden's eyes burned from my defiance and people began whispering around us.

Then he launched himself at speeds a Kuran should not be able to accomplish, I dug into my angel speed and soon we were a blur of gold and black. Literally ricocheting off walls.

I kicked him in the chest but he bounced back ripping that jagged blade from its sheath on his back, my mind flashed back to it piercing my chest and throat. I raised the golden blade but not to strike but to protect myself, that's all I thought about now.

Then moved on its own, singing as it sailed through the air. It connected with the jagged blade and time seemed to freeze, golden cracks began to spread across the blade and an explosion rang through the room instantly everything went white.

I awoke my wrists and biceps strapped to a black bed, I tried to kick just to find out my legs were also strapped.

"Bout time you woke up," Aaden growled from somewhere in the shadows. I groaned rolling my head to the side to see him emerging from the shadows his arm in a sling his eyes burning with unshed words.

"Nice sling," I chuckled and his jaw clenched his nostrils flaring.

"Listen, I understand you don't want to be here, I don't either, we are both under the same bond, but when I give you an order I expect you to obey, I may no longer be training you but I still have a higher title. So my orders will outdo yours. Am I understood?" He growled his hand resting on his sword, sadly his non-dominant hand wasn't hurt.

Pain flared in my chest when I remembered it was my fault he was in a sling, my fault he was also in one of these cots. I pushed off my thoughts and Aaden huffed walking over to me and jerking his blade from its sheath. He set the blade against my throat and my adrenaline began to race.

"Answer me!" He barked leaning down so his eyes were directly in front of mine, dark ultramarine still lined with dark gold, no, dark amber. Ultramarine and amber, pale skin and a livid temper. He raised the sword and I remembered he still wanted an answer, not me gawking at him.

"Yes!" I choked out fighting against my restraints, the tip of his sword stopped inches from my throat and I stared at him in shock, my fear probably showing.

"Next time I will not wait," He growled sheathing it, I glared at his back and he began undoing my bonds, once one side was done I jerked up pushing him back as I ripped the others from the bed, then undid them while backing away from him. The further I get from him the better, all I seem to do is hurt him.

"Dude what the-" He began I clenched my jaw feeling across my back for the dagger, all that was left was the sheath.

"Where is it?" I asked examining him, he huffed his eyes narrowing.

"Lucifer has it, he is examining it, said it was acting like the Mortal Sword, just not nearly as strong. Seeing why you haven't and weren't burned from the inside out." He explained putting his unslung hand into his pocket. I stopped myself from apologizing.

"Where is he?" I asked but I got no response, I stood marching over to him but he leveled his blade at my throat, again. Though I took a step forward, letting the top of it pierce my skin, surprise washed over his face.

"What are you doing?" He asked his grip tightening on the azure hilt.

"If you are going to slit my throat, do it, it'll happen anyways, how stupid do you think I am? I know Lucifer plans to kill me when I finish with his death list." I spat out, though the steadiness of his blade didn't falter, his face showed fear. Something that surprised me, a new emotion.

We stared at each other, faces showing our emotions clear as day, unidentifiable light streaking through the blinds. Our gazes didn't even break as his sword clattered to the ground and his arm fell limply to his side.

I pushed my luck and set a hand on his bicep, barely pulling him closer, but close enough to make him look up to me. His eyes and expression were full of shock, confusion, and fear. Some of the void black locks fell in front of his eyes and I resisted the urge to push it back as I tightened my grip lightly on his arm. "Where is he?" I asked gently my brows drawing together, what's going through his head?

"I-I-" He began to stutter his red lip ring shining, like an orange fire, I watched his lips ring press against his upper lip as he tried to form words, I watched as his unusually uncracked lips form words but he was stuttering too much. Seeing Aaden stutter was adorable, he was usually so put together, closed off and his masks were perfected. His eyes moved as if the Seven Seas themselves were created within his irises, and I was drowning.

I felt his hand rest on my chest and I knew he could feel my racing heart, even though my shirt my body was ignited, with sparks and fire. Starting from his hand and fading out, I need more, that touch, I need more. It's intoxicating, like a drug that I can't buy, like a drink I cannot sip.

Leaning my head down I saw him tilt his head back exposing his lips to me, I felt my eyes get heavy and I let my eyes drift down to his neck, the pale scar across his neck. A scar I gave him.

I gasped jerking away from him, I am going to hurt him, I can't love anything. I always hurt it. My mind pummeled me like a bomb.

He stared at me in shock, I set a hand on my chest that was now no longer buzzing, the fire in my veins had died and have been replaced with adrenaline and anxiety.

"Don't," Aaden choked out his once dark lapis eyes now back to ultramarine, the dark amber ring just amber.

"Don't what?" I managed to breath out my voice deeper than I would have liked.

"Don't touch me like that, ever again, do it and I will carve out your eyes and shove them down your throat." He said his eyes were guarded again and his face was blank. My heart sank to my ankles, everything went cold and I felt as if everything was breaking, I felt something crawl up my throat and he swooped up his sword and darted from the room not even bothering to sheath his sword.

I collapsed my knees giving in, I set my hand on my chest and dug my nails into the wounds, they screamed in agony but I just felt numb. I felt something fall from my eyes and water splashed to the ground, am I crying?!

Standing was dizzy and distracted, I felt distant from my own body as if I was buried in my suffocating anxiety and pain.

Moving was numb, I felt like a puppet, I put a mask on though, to hide the pain I was feeling. I felt ready to vomit while crying. To just curl up and die. I wanted to cause myself pain, for being so stupid.

I was entangled in emtoions I didn't understand.

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