Heir Of Death

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Xavier Zane Westmore


The rest of the day was a blur, I wondered the halls aimlessly even though the only thing I wanted to do was see how much my skin would sting if I stabbed myself, see how much blood I would lose before I passed out.

Perhaps Lucifer’s blade will find out, that blade was beautiful and it is hard to comprehend him actually being an angel. Though the light of the blade proves he is.

Making my way back to the throne room I saw a beautiful girl hiding in the shadows, I met her eyes and took in a sharp breath when I saw her, her jade eyes met my silver-gold and lavender eyes and she yelped disappearing behind a pillar giving me a look at her umber-caramel colored hair.

I chuckled lightly following after her, she glanced over her shoulder as I peeked around the corner, she laughed nervously waving at me. I laughed waving back. She nibbled her lip before disappearing down a hall, I frowned following after her, she began to jog her bare feet hitting the carpeted ground nearly silently, when she sprinted I realized she was much faster than I thought.

Taking off I chased her through the winding halls, she smiled at me over her shoulder and it took me a second to realize I was smiling back at her. I was inches from catching her when she took a sharp left, my legs tried following but like a retarded faun they caught on each other and my shoulder slammed into a wall. She halted, saw me on the floor and roared with laughter, so much so she had to squat.

Her laugh was contagious, it had to be because after a moment of being embarrassed I began laughing. She walked over to me holding a hand out to me, I stood to shake it.

"Laine," She said sweetly glancing at my earring. "you're a blood slave." This caused her to frown.

"Yeah, Xavier," I said touching my ear subconsciously.

"Most are rude, act like their mighty just because Lucifer asked them to join his Blood Army." She told me and I frowned at her, Blood Army?

"He forced me into it," I said simply as I released her tiny hand. "threatened me. Though he could always force me to do it, he said he didn't want a puppet."

Her jaw tightened and she shook her head, "Everyone begs to be in it, I did at one point too, but only for the title, the money and fame. Everyone wants the fame of Aaden but he's been here since the begging of it all, and you took him on, and nearly won." She lifted her jade eyes to mine and awe shined in them. I stared down at her in shock.

"I've nearly killed him," I said glancing off to an empty hall, "though someone compelled me to save him," I told her and the look on her face I couldn't make out.

"Your Lucifer's new recruit aren't you? There was a roomer that he had another, the last one he had was Aaden, then you mosy on in and get him to train you in a month, how'd you do it Westmore?"

"You know my name?" I asked taking a step forward, but she was unfazed, in fact, she got up on her tip-toes her eyes boring into mine.

"Yes, I do, Alexander's name reached down here too." She said and I felt my jaw drop. I knew Alexander was a legend, I just didn't think he was that much of a legend.

"Laine Swanson," She said sternly holding out her hand to me, my choked breath made her smile wickedly.

"Y-Your Yancy's unborn sister?" I asked breathlessly and she smiled nodding at me. "How?" I asked and she shrugged tucking her hand that I hadn't shaken again into her dress pocket.

"I remember the miscarriage even though I wasn't born, I remember Yancy crying even though he never met me, only the fetus I was, I only saw him for a moment, and I looked him in the eye, and I felt as if he saw me too, because he waved, then when I opened my eyes I was in Hell." She explained her eyes pricking with tears, and my heart flatlined when I remembered Yancy's body hanging lifelessly from the tree, the tears I shed for him behind closed door and the constant nightmares that it was my fault.

"Laine..." I breathed out, she would have been four years younger than Yancy, but there is a saying that Swanson's see those they wish to see. Even through the barrier of death. Perhaps it's true.

"Just tell me the truth, is he ok?" She pressed her voice choking as she set a hand on my chest, I looked down at her my voice failing.

"No," I told her and I saw everything in her collapse, her masks, and emotions, all fall away to show the broken girl. I caught her as her legs gave out and her golden skin went cold. She began to shake as tears slid down her face, shock etched into her body.

I swooped her up and she trembled in my arms. "Where is your room?" I asked and she shook her head, she didn't have one, I felt my jaw tighten as rage filled my gut. I allowed my legs to escort themselves to my old room, I twisted the handle surprised to find out it opened, I ducked into the room and set her on the bed.

She moved her body still cold and as I went to leave she caught my wrist. "Don't, please," I blinked at her "you were his best friend, a piece of him, I want to get to know him, please don't go, not tonight at least."

"Ok," I said sliding into the bed next to her, she curled up against me her body like ice. Slowly though I felt heat flood back into her skin. Your skin is much too warm, your eyes too bright. Laine feels so alive though, I could feel her beating heart and now warm skin, her breath fanning over my cheek and her flushed face.

I looked down at her and gasped when I saw her dimly glowing jade eyes, they inspected me with interest, unanswered questions burning in her eyes.

"What was he like?" She asked the tips of her fingers gliding across my cheekbone. It felt wrong but my body was dying for a break.

"Sarcastic as ever, cursed like a drunken sailor, a great swordsman, great guardian, and a player," I said smirking down at her, she gave a soft laugh.

"So he became a Guardian?" She asked and I nodded letting my arm fall limply around her waist. She manifested nicely, and if Yancy ever heard me say that, I would lose my balls.

"His last charge was James Heeko, quiet kid, but I have a feeling he will be a game-changer," I told her and she smiled laying her head on my bicep.

"Did he still have mom's hair?" She asked, "with dad's eyes?" I nodded spreading my hand across her back, feeling for wings.

"You're not going to find what you're looking for," She said her eyes glittering, I laughed and let my armrest back, smart gal. Though where are her wings? Both of her parents are angels. Grandparents too. "Lucifer demanded they be removed before they had a chance to grow." She explained, I felt my jaw tighten.

Her hand slipped under my shirt and I inhaled sharply, though her fingers traveled up the groove of my spine and she touched the nub of my wings gently. Her hands moved back down my body, gently tracing my whip marks.

''You must be so deprived," She softly laughed, "but how does it make you feel?" Goddamn, she is smart, it felt wrong but the gentle touch made me want more, it just didn't make me high from just a touch.

My tongue failed to work from the overload of wrongness but sex drive is strong, let me tell ya.

"I know you don't love me, but show me you can love someone, demon boy." She purred in my ear, and sadly, she won. I was on top of her and she giggled darkly. She ran a hand teasingly along my chest before tracing my lips with the softness of a feather.

I captured her lips in mine, trying to love the apple taste of her lips, trying to enjoy her umber-caramel hair wrapped around my fingers, trying to love the feel of her body against mine. I pulled back when I felt nothing. "That was shit," She said breathlessly, "don't love me, kiss me as if I were someone you love," She pulled me back onto her and my mind shifted to a different path.

I imagined it was Aaden's lips, I could almost imagine the metal against my lips, his evergreen scent cocooning me, his strong shoulders and defined muscles, his warm body against mine as I fell deeper into his trace, his scarred hands, and teal eyes. Angelic body with the demonic mind, perfect grace with ripped apart sanity. Something born to be protected is what people need to be protected from.

Pain flared across my back but I welcomed it, blending into it, I dug my nails into his body, begging for more. His hands moved across my body but didn't ignite me, didn't overdose me.

It's not Aaden, my heart, mind, and body remembered in unison.

Jerking back I took a deep breath of oxygen. Laine squeaked as I did and reached out to me. "Don't stop, worship me more." She breathed out.

I had ripped apart her dress and her neck was raw from my lips, her lips bruised from my harshness, my back stung from her nails and it took me a minute to realize I was inside of her. "Finish at least," She breathed out her heart beating wildly. So I finished what I had started, funny how strong the mind can be, but it was his touch, or lack thereof, that snapped me back to reality.

Once she was done she was a panting mess, that had no clothes to leave in.

"Aaden is very lucky," Her eyes danced with playfulness and exhaustion. I stared at her in shock. "You were worshiping him, wanted him so much you believed I was him for a moment." She smiled like a snake, a very smart snake.

"But damn!" She moved her legs to cross them and winced slightly. "That hurt!" I felt my face heat and I rolled onto the bed beside her.

"Sorry," I muttered throwing my arm over my face, she laughed gently setting her hand on my chest.

"I'm sorry for the girl who let you take her virginity." She said and I busted out laughing.

"When do you start training again?" She asked setting her head on my chest and tracing the giant gash that was healing on my cheek.

"Tomorrow," I told her and she whistled. I just shrugged, I mean, what else do I do?

"Have you kissed him yet?" She pressed and I groaned feeling my face heat again, she busted out into a fit of giggles, her body pressing against mine.

"No, I haven't but I almost have," I told her and her head perked up.

"Annndd?" She pressed twirling one of my overgrown locks around her finger.

"He threatened to cut out my eyes and shove them back down my throat," I told her simply and she inhaled sharply. Weird how I meet my best friend's dead sister, proceed to bed her, and then we talk about a guy. What a life.

"Don't give up on him, I think he is scared, his mind wasn't made for violence and then he ends up in Hell. He defines Psychopath, but you can handle him." She explained to me, then stood walking over to my closet and pulled on a shirt. "If you ever want a distraction, please to God, call me."

"Will do," I said and she smiled, planted a kiss on my chest, then left.

I awoke the next morning with Aaden kicking open my door, now it would've been lovely if he hadn't been screaming like a drill Sargent. Half of what he was saying was gibberish to my awakening mind.

One thing caught my mind though, "And of course, you were whoring around." I glared at him with tired eyes, my back stung and my neck throbbed, but what probably gave it away was the torn and ripped up dress and my clothes scattered about.

I groaned sitting up letting the blanket fall to my hips, I tilted my head to the side examining him for a second. He rolled his eyes and walked out, I sighed sliding out of bed and slipped into clothes.

Stepping out of my room I followed Aaden to the throne room and we gazed at the towering black gate, I turned to look at him, but he refused to meet my gaze. "He said he would go easy on you, but he seemed pretty pissed." With that, he spun on his heel and walked off his cloak swishing.

Taking a deep breath I cleared him from my head and pushed open the heavy doors

Aaden Delta Lucerne.


Seeing him tangled in those sheets with those marks across his back stung, especially when only a few hours before...I don't want to think about it. I was probably just another toy to him, and I am glad I drew the boundaries.

I knew I let my masks slip and now I am feeling the pain from it. This is why I am so closed up, I don't need to be focusing on relationships, I need to be focused on training troops.

So that's what I did, I trained troops, this went on for months, and I thought I was avoiding Xavier until a woman stopped me in the hall and I instinctively reached for my sword.

"Major Lucerne," She said gently her jade eyes filled with worry. "Is Xavier Westmore ok?" I kept my face blank but surprise-filled my veins, she knows Xavier?

"Yes," I said simply trying to step around her, but she stepped in front of me, rage-filled my chest. "What do you want?!" I barked my jaw tightening.

"Where is he, I am his friend, I need to talk to him," She pressed her umber-caramel hair curling around her elbows. I felt my jaw clench when I realized she had a duplicate of the dress in Xavier's room. I tilted my head back and rolled my eyes.

"Xavier doesn't fuck anyone twice," I told her skipping to the point, she rolled her eyes right back.

"I get that, that's not what I wanted to talk to him about," She huffed crossing her arms, so she did fuck him? Lovely. What's also lovely is that he seemed to vanish from the face of Hell.

"I'll tell him next time I see him," I said and she finally allowed me to push past her. I walked through the hall and pushed my way into the throne room I was summoned to.

Lucifer looked like a mess, in short, his brilliant wings were unfurled as if he was too weak to even close them, his lavender eyes shined with weariness and bags hung under his eyes, even the Mortal Sword itself was a dim light in his grip. I kept my face blank though.

"I messed up," Lucifer croaked out his face pale and he rose from his throne, he was shaking violently as he did. "I tried redoing his D.N.A I broke him. He has broken himself, I injected him with demon blood, he can't even work properly, he is a danger for himself, it was great in the beginning, but his sanity is broken." Lucifer said stumbling over to me, his eyes begging for help.

"What do you mean?" I asked but something told me I didn't need an answer, the flaming hatred in my gut made my hands shake.

"I challenged him to a death battle. If he won, he could keep the Holy Blade, but he didn't, he got distracted, and I burned him, with the Mortal Sword, and I lost my temper, I tortured him in my dungeon, after a month I injected him with the blood, he is just a shell." Lucifer explained, he was trembling, or I was trembling.

"Where is he?" I asked, my voice somehow still steady, Lucifer motioned for me to follow him. I did.

After winding halls, we slipped into a white door, and I was nearly blinded from all the white. White halls, keys, and our steps were silent. Lucifer pushed open the door and I inhaled sharply when I saw a crumpled black blob in the farthest corner of the room, but a glass window stood in between us.

The blob moved and I choked as I saw that he had words carved into his body, thousands were carved into his skin, and I could tell he did it himself, but he had his wings back too, he moved his eyes landing on mine, then he was moving, like a dark blur, moving around the room at untrackable speeds.

"You can go in there with him, he won't touch you, look at you, he's like a blind dog," Lucifer whispered, I whirled my head over to him.

"Let me in," I barked and Lucifer nodded, he set the Mortal Sword in a bucket and held his hand out to me.

"Give me your weapons, he will try to use them against himself," He explained and I quickly handed over my cloak, dagger, and sword. Lucifer stashed them away and turned back to me holding out his hand. "All of them," I growled and took a dagger out of my boot and the other one from my belt buckle. He stashed them away.

He pressed his hand against the glass and it opened, I stepped in quickly and the door disappeared behind me. He finally stopped becoming a blur as I stepped in and he was squatted in the corner his back to me.

Useless, murder, never good enough, anxiety, sociopath, sadist, psychopath-I couldn't read anymore because he moved into the other corner, behind me, I didn't turn, even when my instincts told me to not trust him. I stayed still, my back to him. I shifted my gaze to the ground.

I inhaled sharply when I felt a hand press to my back, warmth flooded between my shoulder blades and sparkes danced through me, I leaned my head back allowing the sparks to dance up through my neck, exploding across my chest. I had to resist the urge to lean into his grip but I opened my eyes staring at the ceiling.

The wind whipped around me and Xavier came into my view, both of his eyes were dark royal, no lavender, no silver-gold. Just straight dark royal purple. His wings were much larger than they were before, and also no gold.

He landed in front of me and I kept my face blank, his wings shot up and wrapped around me like a cocoon, I swallowed and his feather brushed against my skin gently, I shuddered.

He choked on air, his tongue moving but forming nothing, how long had he been in here? He looks like a test subject.

"Aaden!" Lucifer's voice boomed through the room, Xavier cried out cupping his ears his wings folding behind him, his dark purple eyes met mine and I swore I saw silver-gold for a moment, but he was curled up back in the corner. "I need to talk to you," Lucifer said, I glared at him through the window.

I went to leave but a snarl tore from Xavier, his eyes narrowed at me and he was instantly in front of me. I went to step around him but his wings shot out.

"I need to leave," I said, but he didn't seem to get that, I choked as he grabbed my face, I bit my tongue as my vision blurred and sparks made my brain mush, it melted me and I almost molded into him.

A piercing sound rang out and Xavier screamed clutching his head, he crumpled to the ground and before I could check on him Lucifer yanked me out of the room, I choked and I was slammed into the wall, the glass closing. Xavier leaped up slamming into the glass his fists pummeling it violently. He clawed at it but his nails had been dulled and they just slipped uselessly.

Lucifer pulled me out with the tray full of weapons and I gasped looking back at Xavier who was still begging to be let out. Then the door shut right in my face.

Lucifer pulled me into the throne room and I finally snapped, "What did you do to him! He's an animal! What have you done!" I screamed shoving his chest, he stumbled back his eyes void.

"Listen to me!" He fired back grabbing my shirt and I grunted kicking him in the gut, he coughed stumbling back.

"He needs a home!" He interjected "No one wants to take care of him because they can't fend him off! I wanted to ask you if you wanted to take care of him until I can find a cure!" He screamed at me his lavender eyes blazing, I stumbled back, from the emotional weight I suddenly felt.

"What?" I choked out.

"You heard me," he growled his eyes showing no sign of a joke. I swallowed. "I need an answer because we have to get your room prepared." He said his eyes heavy.

"Yeah," I said breathlessly, "sure." I knew I just willingly signed a deal with the Devil, but if I had another chance, I would do it again.

Lucifer nodded and disappeared into a side room, I took my weapons and cloak from the container being sure to be wary of the Mortal Sword, I clipped on my weapons and took a deep breath as I leaned my head back, rethinking my life altogether.

Standing there for what felt like hours Lucifer emerged from the door he vanished from and nodded. "Your room is done, its rearranged and keep sharp objects from him," Lucifer explained, and I nodded numbly.

After a moment Xavier emerged, his wings had been chained closed, his arms crossed over the other and chained, his legs shackled, even a tight chain was wrapped around his neck. He looked at me beggingly, and I inhaled sharply. "Let him go, he isn't a beast, don't cage him like so," I ordered, Lucifer glared at me darkly.

"Do as the man asks," Lucifer said waving his hand about, the black masked men nodded and began unshackling Xavier, once his last chain fell he disappeared. I choked when I felt his presence behind me.

Turning around slowly, I gazed up at him. He looked around and crossed his arms, almost how a scared child would. "Come on," I motioned and he nodded following after me. I led us through the halls glad we could make it through without anyone else spotting us, I opened the door to my room for him when a voice called out.

"Xavier!" Said the woman from before, Xavier inhaled sharply when he saw her. I met her jade gaze, then she disappeared, I frowned, turning to look back at Xavier I felt all heat drain from my body.

He's gone.

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