Heir Of Death

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Lanie Amber Swanson

Layture, Hell.

One minute I was waving at Xavier, next I saw soaring into the air, hundreds of feet in the air. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, right in his ear.

After a moment, I realized he probably wasn't going to drop me and I relaxed, only slightly, my nails were still digging into his back.

We landed and I blinked, for literally a millisecond, then we were inside a cave, Xavier set me down gently.

"What the hell?!" I shouted throwing my arms around, Lucifer is going to kill us when he finds out we were gone without his permission.

Though all Xavier did was circle me, his eyes like a predator trying to figure out if I was a threat or not. He touched my face gently and I swallowed when I saw his eyes. This isn't Xavier, it something using his body.

"It's me," I choked out hoping Xavier was still in there, deep down. "Laine, Laine Swanson."

"Laine," He repeated his brows drawing together, he massaged his temples slumping against the wall, his giant wings folding behind him. Mere months ago those were just nubs on his back. Last time I checked, wings don't grow back, even if your part demon. "Aaden, Lucifer, Catherine, Yancy, Crisslia, Lucia, Alexander-" He choked off curling into a ball and begging to shake violently.

"Xavier," I said crouching down and running my hand through his hair, it was still as soft as a cloud, but the words carved into his body made me shake with anger, what did Lucifer do to him? None of these were on his skin the night before he vanished. How could Aaden let this happen to him?

Xavier looked up and I could see a storm behind his now dark royal purple eyes, a sliver of silver-gold was peeking out from behind one royal eye.

"Xavier, come back to me," I set a hand on his cheek and a black as night tear rolled down his face, I inhaled sharply removing my hand. Tears of black? I thought numbly.

He shook curling up, I choked as I caressed his face, smearing the black tears.

"Think of Yancy, of Crisslia," I said gently, grabbing his hand, he can only help himself. Perhaps Aaden can actually help him, or maybe he wanted this to happen to him, he seemed fine when he saw him.

Maybe I can shock him, I leaned my face down to his and slipped my tongue through his lips. He inhaled sharply and caught my wrist, but I just flicked his tongue with mine and retracted. I examined his face and he examined mine back. He just shook his head, "Aaden," He said, I frowned, so he does know what French kissing is.

"Aaden," He said again his brows creasing together and he curled up, his dark wings cocooning around him, sealing him off from me.

Aaden Delta Lucerne


Freaking out, was one way to say how I was feeling, I couldn't even get him in my room before he disappeared, and I realized they chained him not because he was a danger, but because he could vanish from the face of the Earth.

I was pacing my room when a loud knock sounded from my door, I leaped fifty feet into the air, not going to lie, I was panicking. Though I slipped a mask of my emotions over my face and threw the door open.

Of course, it was one of Lucifer's masked men and his black sword swayed at his hips. "I need to make sure Xavier Westmore is ok, let me in." His speech was slurred and I smirked viciously internally.

"Come on in," I said smoothly stepping out of the way and opening up the door. The man stepped in his footing off, I licked my lips hunger for his blood growing in my mind.

"Where is heee?" He slurred and I shut the door, locking it, the man stumbled. "Why'd you lock the door?" I reached for my sword and unsheathed it.

"Hmm, right this way," I said and finally the drunkard caught the hint I was going to murder him.

"Oh fuck!" He said throwing himself backward and jerking the sword at his side out of its sheath. Though I was much faster than this drunk dick head.

I moved to spin around him and sinking my sword in his leg, I jerked my dagger from its sheath and jammed it into his back, I muffled his scream with my elbow and I giggled when I heard his spine snap and tear from his back. I sank the blade deeper and grabbed his spine, and ripped it out, he fell to the ground his body spazzing. I ripped off his mask yanking my dagger from his back and carved his mouth bigger, I began to jam the spine down his throat, listening to the vertebrae snap in his throat. One poked through the back of his neck and ripped the skin clean open and I shoved the blade further into his gut.

He was dead before half the spine was down his throat, but I didn't stop until it was completely back in his body, the wrong way.

I was soaked in his blood, and I grabbed his ankle then chunked him 0ff my balcony into the pit of fire circling the castle.

My heart was racing and I walked into my bathroom dropping my bloody sword and dagger before turning on the steaming hot water and stripping out of my clothes and slipped under the water. The sting burned my skin to the point it made me wince, but the pain made me shutter, made something darker roar with joy and sharpen its claws. Begging for more, more blood, more pain, more agony.

After showering I dried off my black hair plastered to my head and I cleaned off my sword and dagger in the sink, I walked out setting them in my closet before getting the stain remover and walking over to my carpet, I drenched the blood-soaked spot and walked back over to my bathroom and dumped two bottles in the tub, tossed my clothes in there and slumped against the wall.

God, how am I going to find him? I can't keep killing people that come to look for him, Lucifer will get suspicious, sure he won't come and looked for himself, but he will do something about it.

But I did it for as long as possible, I killed everyone who went to check on Xavier, sometimes he sent three at a time, but I killed them all, a few days later another knock sounded on my door, I grabbed my sword and walked toward the door, sadly this was a routine now.

I swung open the door and froze, it wasn't one of Lucifer's men, this man was a whole head taller than me a heavy black cloak draped over his shoulders, golden blonde locks escaping from the top of it, the thorn and horned hilt of his glowing golden blade bore into my memory like a hot knife.

He tilted his head his lavender eyes meeting mine, I choked on my spit. "Well well well," He purred a golden tanned hand going to rest on the hilt of his holy blade. "Look who it is, ready to kill."

I dropped my sword and it clattered to the floor, he's out of the throne room, he left his closed part of the castle, he is exposed. Everything in my body was numb with shock, he's never left his part of the castle, his whole big thing is no one knowing his identity.

"Lucifer," I choked out, my adrenaline pumping.

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