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Chapter 7- Slinthead

Chapter 7

Florence Walker

It’s actually kinda hard to help a cousin who is filthy rich (and refuses to hand some money over), and whose boyfriend who has it in for me. But me being the nice person I am, I decided to help her anyways.

I walked over to her locker right after I got all of my books, and waited. After five minutes, Susan rushed through the doors.

She looked like a mess: her blonde hair wasn’t styled as it usually was, instead wild fly-away hairs flew wildly around her head, and her eyeliner was smeared from crying. She looked like me when I woke up, and that’s really saying something.

When she spotted me, her eyes went wide, and she ran over at full speed. She jumped on me, nearly knocking me off balance and sending my books sprawling on the floor.

“Sorry I was a douche bag, a terrible jerk, a slinthead a-”

“Slinthead?” I asked her in raised eyebrows, picking up my fallen books.

Susan blushed a bit.

“I-I’ve been doing a little reading.” She said.

It was highly unlikely for Susan to read, on any circumstance, but I decided not to dwell on it.

“Whats up with your text message?” I ask her.

Susan looked as if she wished she could avoid that question.

“Oh. It’s final. Mom’s wanting me to leave after today 8th period.”


“Class turn in the projects to me please.” Miss. Rottenmeir said.

I freaked out. I was too busy collecting money for myself, I forgot that we had a project due. It was the last grade of the period, and it was worth about twenty percent of my final grade. Everyone shuffled forward and gave her their projects.

I half expected for Blake be there, judging me. He was there of course, with his hair gelled hair slicked upward, but not his usual smirk, but a frown. I walked over to him.

“Are you still upset over the erm-- rejection?” I asked him with a half-smile.

He looked at me with stony eyes.

"Get away from me. Please.” Blake said.

Blake looked away. I sat in my seat, taken aback.

“Florence Walker! No project done?” Mrs. Rottenmeir yelled at me.

The whole class stared at me, and Blake started guffawing obnoxiously. I was fuming with anger. She had chosen to humiliate me, out of half of the class who didn’t turn it in.

“Well I actually, unlike you, have a life other than school!” I blurted.

Ms.Rottenmier gave a snarling laugh.

“You think witty comments will ruin my day? We’ll see whose day will be ruined.” She said.

She began blabbing towards the chalkboard, as if nothing had happened. Every once in a while, she would catch my eye, and give me an evil glare. I can't help but think she had something in for me.


By the end of 8th period, Stacey’s vibrant blue eyes looked like someone drained the color out of them. They were clouded with tears.

“I-I’ll miss you so much, don’t ever forget to text me if anything happens around here or-”

“I know, I know, keep you updated on Blake?” I asked her teasingly.

Susan nodded smiling.

“Not even that, just, not be awkward cousins. You're the one person I can really talk to. Please, let's keep it that way.” She said.

I nodded. We gave each other a hug, full of meaning, and then parted. She walked to her Silver Volvo, and didn’t look back.

I jammed my earbuds in my ears. Susan and I had decided that she shouldn’t take me back home, because we would cry more.

I walked down the street. Sure, I was scared. Most people got jumped, their purses or book bags taken. I walked, feeling paranoid. I quickened my pace slightly.

The sidewalk had little flakes of snow- winter would come harshly, and freeze me to death. Mom barley turned up the heater, and she was due in a little less than a month. The houses down the streets started to look less fancy, and more boarded up homes, with dull color. I was coming to my home soon.

I saw a man in a corner of an alley stare at my backpack with stormy, hungry eyes. I was at a full sprint now. I saw my squat-looking house on the next corner. I ran the whole way.

When I nudged the door, it creaked open.

“Mom?” I asked.

I heard her distant laughs from the kitchen. She didn’t appear to be with anyone.

“Mom!” I asked again, stepping forward.

Mom sure was there, rocking in an old chair, looking out of the window, her back to me. She was rubbing her stomach absently.

“Mom...?” I asked, standing at her side.

Her head suddenly turned to me.

“Floo... you're here.” She said sluggishly.

“He’s coming back.” She said, smiling stupidly.

“Who?” I asked.

I was pretty scared that it was the library card manager coming after us for having forty-five dollars worth fines... and because of the fact I signed off with a fake address.

“Him.” She said again.

She gave a laugh, baring her yellow, pointed teeth.

“He’s coming back for sure. I knew he would crawl back for me. They all do.”

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