The Queen's Pearls Book 2 of The Prince Cirroc Series

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Chapter 5

The next day was the formal dinner. “I want to wear the Pearls of Anwn tonight,” Aine told her maid and chaperone.“But those are packed away,” the chaperone.“They were to be worn with your wedding finery,” she said.“Never the less,” the Princess said, “I want to wear them tonight. These people deserve a glimpse of what they are getting.” “Very well, my lady,” the chaperone said.In the meantime she dressed in a simple riding outfit and went out to the yard.

The commander of her guard, a man named Arno was exercising her horse in the main yard. She went right out into the yard.“How is he today?” she asked.“A bit fractious from all the inactivity,” Arno told her.“But I’ve taken some of it out of him now.Does your highness wish to ride.”See no one she wanted to ride with there, she said, “No, I’ll just put him through his paces here in the yard.”

Prince Cirroc came out a bit later to exercise his horse. He saw her exercising her horse and thought to exercise his in another area.Again he said to himself, “It’ll be my head and Aine’s head too if we are thought or known to be lovers.”He exercised his horse in the area usually reserved for the Rodas city guard.

In the kitchens the cooks were already preparing the dinner for that night. Since they did not have a peacock, the head table would feature a roasted turkey, with it’s head wired into position.Then all the feathers were carefully removed from the bird and the bird roasted. The tail was also wired to be up in sexual display.When finished, the feathers were carefully glued back in place, with the tail feathers spread to make a more pleasing display. The wings had also been extended so the flight feathers could be seen. There was also a roast hog for the head table complete with an apple in it’s mouth.On the side tables there were roast chickens in keeping with the turkey at the head table and roast piglets.Each bird had a nest

of cooked vegetables that it rested on while each pig was flanked with glazed fruits. There were also breads and pies planned to be served.

In the temples and the homes, guests at the dinner were preparing. Their clothing must be perfect for tonight.In the temple of the Father of Gods, the high priest was fussing and demanding that priestesses handy with a needle be brought over to finish tailoring his outfit to him.In the temple of the Mother of Gods, the high priestess was also fussing and swore that she could not spare them right now. She was having her own fitting, and it had to be perfect. After all, she was dining this evening with persons of royal blood.

In the homes of the nobility it was almost the same thing. Wives were getting their gowns just right, while the men had to make do with what they could grab on the fly by.The wives fully believed that it was there job to up hold the dignity of their husband’s holds and families.

In the citadel Prince Cirroc and Princess Aine also got ready for the dinner. Prince Cirroc was in his quarters with Jere to assist him. Jere too was dressed in his finest. Jere buttoned all of the buttons and latched all the hooks.Prince Cirroc was also wearing a ceremonial sword tonight.“I might well want to impale myself on this sword tonight,” the Prince confided to Jere.“The princesses’ beauty was unexpected,” Jere said.“But you were taught well how to be a prince.I believe you will keep to that training.”

be a prince. I believe you will keep to that training.”

At the appointed time, Prince Cirroc was in the wings where the Princess had been told he would be. He had Jere by his side, whose presence would keep him on the straight and narrow path.The Princess came in on her chaperone’s arm.Her presence would keep the Princess on the straight and narrow path.Both servants were also serving at table.

In the dining room the High Priestess was seated next to the chair the Princess would occupy. The High Priest was sitting next to Prince Cirroc. Then such trumpeters that Prince Cirroc had gave a blast on their horns. Prince Cirroc offered his arm to the Princess, who promptly took

it. They walked into the formal dining room.They took seats side by side at the center or the head table.The people collectively gasped.They too had not been expecting a beautiful princess.They had been expecting someone almost as ugly as old Cracticus himself.The Prince and Princess took their seats.Then the people bowed and took their seats.Jere began the food service, which always started with the head table first.

It was the High Priestess that noticed the pearls the Princess was wearing first. “Your highness,” she said.“I could not help but notice your pearls. Do you mind if I ask you about them?”“Not at all,” said the Princess. “What do you want to know about them?” “Unless I greatly miss my guess, yellow pearls are not considered very valuable Pearls?” “That is true,” the Princess said. “Most yellow pearls are not considered to be very valuable.But these are

special pearls. They are supposed to shine when I am in the presence of my true love.”“Hm-m” said the High Priestess.“And where is your father now.”“Off to the north,” said Princess Aine. “He is settling a difference of opinion with a northern king.” Both women knew that this is often done with men at arms fighting.They could almost hear the clash of arms and steal that had happened that day.“If he can defeat that king he will likely put one of my brothers on the throne as a client king.”

The chief priest did not offer Cirroc any conversation. He was simply too busy stuffing his paunch and enjoying the food. There was also not much entertainment that a city like Rodas had to offer. A bard sang a few songs, and then the meal was over and it was time to retire for the evening. The lords and ladies took leave of the Prince and his guest and retired to their homes.The High Priest and High Priestess returned to their respective temples, the Prince and Princess retired to their respective chambers in the citadel

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