The Queen's Pearls Book 2 of The Prince Cirroc Series

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Chapter 9

That night again there was a simple dinner. Afterwards, with all the excitement of the day finally resolved all went to bed and slept soundly. In the morning it was time for the Princess to take the boat and head down river to Dubchor. King Conleach was waiting there for the arrival of his promised bride.

Before she left, Cirroc had something to say to her. He spoke quietly to her on the dock as her people were getting on the boats to go to Dubchor. Cirroc’s face was twisted in pain. “Aine,” he said.“I love you,” he admitted.“But you are the promised wife of my brother. Our love is a forbidden love. The details of the wedding are all made. If you do not marry him now, it will be both of our heads.There will be no place that we can run to.Though it pains me terribly, I must send you on to him.I beg you to give him a chance. Give yourself a chance.He is like me, so I think you will be very happy with him.If not now, eventually and for the rest of your life.”

Princess Aine looked at Cirroc. She clearly loved him also.“I know,” she said.“I do love you, but I cannot endanger your life any more then you can endanger mine.I am promised to a king and I must marry him.But you will always be my first love.”She kissed him chastely, on his cheek.It was all they could allow themselves.“I will remember you Cirroc, always.” She said as she let go of him and stepped into the boat that would take her the rest of the way to her husband.He reached his hand out to her in a fond farewell,and almost under his breath, too low for her to hear he promised, “I will never forget you.”The boat pushed off from the shore and was gone.

When Ada’s case came up for a decision at the next court. Prince Cirroc decided to make her an acolyte in the temple of the Mother of Gods.There she would be cared for, and educated. She would remain there under the supervision of the priestesses until she became an adult.

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